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Nyrius NY-GS3200RX 5.8GHz Wireless Audio Video Sender -  Additional Receiver<!--NY-GS3200RX-->
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Nyrius NY-GS3200RX 5.8GHz Wireless Audio Video Sender - Additional Receiver

model NY-GS3200RX
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Transmit Frequency 5.8GHz
Frequency Range 30 KHz to 60 KHz
Signal Range Up to 400 feet open space (obstacles/interference decrease transmit distance)
Connections RCA Audio/Video Composite Jacks
Remote Type Infrared (RF remotes not supported)
Infrared Remote Control Signal Range Up to 100 feet
Built-in Directional Antenna Yes
Selectable Channels 6
Dimensions 6.0 L x 4.20 W x 1.75 D inches
Weight 0.6 pounds
Receiver & Sender Operating Temperature 0 C ~ 40 C (32 F ~ 104F) Power AC 100-240V (switching adapter)
Do you want to watch your satellite/cable feed on multiple televisions but you only have one receiver? Do you have your DVD player in your living room and you want to watch a DVD on your bedroom television? This device is an additional receiver unit for the NY-GS3200 wireless audio/video sender transmitter & receiver system. It will allow you to receive your DVDs, CDs, MP3s, satellite/cable, PC, gaming console, streaming video and more on any TV or stereo system in your home or office.

Wirelessly Receive Audio and Video Signals from the NY-GS3200 System
When the NY-GS3200RX wireless additional receiver is added to the NY-GS3200 system you can easily receive high quality audio and video signals from one room to another, all without installing wires. Whether it's your cable/satellite, DVD player, game console, or any other audio/video device with standard RCA composite connections, this receiver in addition to the NY-GS3200 system uses radio frequency technology that will allow you to watch it on a number of TV’s wirelessly.

Powerful Long Range 5.8GHz Signal
Whether your other TV is in the basement or on the other end of your house, this video receiver will broadcast crystal clear sound and full motion video onto any TV in your home. The powerful 5.8GHz signal will not interfere with Bluetooth or most Wi-Fi networks, which are typically 2.4GHz. The directional antenna ensures an optimal signal and minimizes interference from other devices.

Control Your Audio/Video Device from another Room
Not only can you watch your audio/video source remotely, you can also control it. The built in IR (infrared) remote extender will send your device's remote control signals over the air. Change channels, pause your movie – any function available on your remote will work using the remote extender.

Expandable System
The NY-GS3200RX is an additional wireless receiver unit for the NY-GS3200 wireless audio/video sender transmitter & receiver system. You can easily add additional units to this system depending on your needs. Purchase any number of additional receivers to broadcast audio/video to even more TVs. You can also buy additional systems and set them to different channels to broadcast up to 6 different audio/video sources – the possibilities are endless.


  • DVD - Watch your DVD movies on your big screen wirelessly.
  • Computer - Send your computer monitors display picture to your TV using the RCA composite output jacks on your computer or laptop's video card.
  • MP3 and CD Audio Music - Send your MP3 Audio to any stereo in your home. Listen to your CD music in another room without buying another CD Player and without running cables throughout the house.
  • Satellite/Cable - Have a satellite/cable box and two TVs? Now you can send the broadcast to your other TV wirelessly!
  • Streaming Video - Download or stream movies on your PC and watch them on your TV in real time!
  • Video Gaming - Play games from your PC or videogame console and watch them on your TV wirelessly.
  • Wired Surveillance Cameras - Connect any wired camera to the sender for a wireless surveillance system.
NOTE: The NY-GS3200RX is an additional receiver unit for the NY-GS3200. This unit will only work with the NY-GS3200 wireless audio/video sender transmitter & receiver system

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Nyrius NY-GS3200RX 5.8GHz wireless receiver with built-in IR extender, 100-240V AC power adapters, audio/video composite connection cable, instruction manual, lifetime customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.