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Advent AW823C 900MHz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor HiFi Stereo Speaker System with Transmitter and Receiver<!--AW823C-->
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Advent AW823C 900MHz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor HiFi Stereo Speaker System with Transmitter and Receiver

model AW823C
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Item Model Number: AW823C

This item has been discontinued

This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Push Button, auto-lock tuning Yes
Speaker Technology 2-way acoustic design
Tweeter Size 2"
Woofer Size 5"
Amplifier Technology 7.5 Watt RMS
Sound Output Omni-directional
Frequency Response 40Hz - 15kHz
Speaker Output Left/Mono/Right switch
Power AC adapter or eight (8) C-cell batteries
Dimensions 11" H x 6 1/2" W x 6 1/2" D
Wireless Technology Omni-directional 900MHz broadcast
Effective Transmitting Range up to 80 m (250ft)
Phase-lock-loop Circuitry (PLL) Yes
Automatic Level Control (ALC) Yes
Selectable Broadcast Frequencies 3
Stereo Audio Input Yes
Dimensions 4" H x 4 ¾" W x 2 ¾" D
Experience high quality outdoor sound! For those who want to enjoy quality music outdoors, you can't beat the combination of sound quality and the appearance of this wireless speaker. Advent’s wireless indoor/outdoor speaker delivers quality sound for a wide variety of listening needs. The Left/Mono/Right switch offers versatility and convenience when listening to music in a room where running speaker wire is not an option. Advents’s wireless speakers provide options that go beyond the limits of wired connections. Advents’s patented 900MHz technology allows clear, accurate sound transmission over long distances. Unlike IR (infrared) units that require a “line of sight” between the transmitter and speakers, Advent’s 900MHZ technology provides complete portability. The signal travels through walls, floors and ceilings up to 80 m (250ft) from the transmitter.

PLL Technology
Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) guarantees crystal clear audio from the speaker by locking onto the transmitter’s signal for more precise, accurate tuning.

Automatic Level Controls (ALC)
Automatic Level Controls (ALC) prevents sudden drastic changes in volume by limiting peaks and boosting low-level signals - no need to readjust for different source volumes.

Acoustic Suspension Design for High Quality Sound
Enjoy listening to music in any location without sacrificing high quality sound. The omni-directional speaker design allows for optimal listening 360 degrees around the speaker/receiver.

Superior Performance with 900MHz Wireless Advantage
The AW823C transmits an uninterrupted 900MHz wireless signal up to 80 m (250ft). Simply place the speaker anywhere and the AW823C will transmit through walls, floors, windows and ceilings up to 250ft away.

3-in-1 Controls
The 3-in-1 Power/Volume/Tuning button puts the essential controls in one place. One push turns the speaker on and automatically tunes to the transmitter.

Built-in Carrying Handle
The built-in handle makes it easy to carry to the garden, patio, kitchen…virtually anywhere you want.

Water Resistant Design
Tripod feet and water-resistant design makes the speaker natural for outdoor settings.

Expand Your System
Left/Mono/Right speaker switch lets you expand to stereo operation with the use of another AW823C- just set one speaker to the left and the other to right for wireless stereo sound.

List of Contents:

Outdoor speaker, transmitter, 2 AC adapters, user manual, mini plug to 1/4 inch adapter, mini jack to stereo lead adapter, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.