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Levana ERA Elite 2.4" Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Zoom and Video Recording - 31103<!--31103-->
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Levana ERA Elite 2.4" Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Zoom and Video Recording - 31103

model 31103
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Item Model Number: 31103

This item has been discontinued

This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Monitor Type TFT LCD
Screen Size 2.4"
Resolution 320x240
Frame Rate up to 30 FPS
Frequency 2.4GHz
Technology Digital FHSS
No. of hop/sec 1,000
No. of hopping channels 32
Channel bandwidth 2 MHz
Data Rate 2 Mbps
Transmission Power +19 dBm
Transmission Range 500ft
Optimum Transmission Range 150ft
Record Photo Yes
Record Video Yes
Speaker Yes
Microphone Yes
Battery Operable Yes, Rechargeable Li-Ion
Battery Life 6 hrs
Battery Low Warning Yes
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Power Adapter Input DV 5V / 600mA
Power Adapter 110~230V 1A
Operating Temperature 0-50 C
Dimensions 4.75x2.25x0.75"
Weight 0.3lbs
Image sensor CMOS
Resolution 1600x1200
Night Vision 10ft
Number of IR LEDs 10
Battery Operable No
Viewing Angle 60 Degrees
Focal Length 2.8mm
Optimal Focal Distance 2-10ft
Transmission Range 500ft
Optimum Transmission Range 150ft
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Wall Mountable Yes
Power Adapter Input DV 5V / 600mA
Power Adapter 110~230V 1A
Operating Temperature 0-50 Degrees C
Dimensions 4x2.75x2.5"
Weight 0.2lbs
It’s the birth of a new ERA™
Congratulations on the very special addition to your family. Here at LEVANA® we’ve had a new addition as well. We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of ERA™, the next generation in digital video baby monitors. We know nothing is more important than your baby’s safety.

100% Private and Secure Signal
ClearVu® technology enables you to see and hear your child with outstanding precision and clarity from up to 500 feet away. Unlike many monitors that provide an analog signal which can be intercepted, this digital monitor provides a 100% private, secure and interference-free signal. No one but you will ever be able to view your baby.

Power-Saving Mode
Conserve your monitor’s battery power by selecting to use audio only. Your monitor will transmit all the sounds your baby is making while you enjoy up to 8 hours of battery life.

Record Video
Capture precious moments right as they’re happening! Record video right on the parent unit and save files directly to the included micro SD card. With ERA™ you’ll never miss a moment.

Snap Photos Instantly
Baby, you’re a star! With a click on your parent unit you can instantly capture an image. And with the micro SD card included in your package you can easily upload files to your home computer and share online with family and friends.

Digital Zoom
Want a closer look at your little one? The handy digital zoom feature allows you to sneak a closer peek with the push of a button.

Talk to Baby™ Two-Way Intercom
The Talk to Baby™ intercom is now twice as convenient! Sometimes the reassuring sound of your voice is all your baby needs to drift back to sleep. With the simple press of a button you can talk to your child at any time without entering the nursery. Or, if you’re in baby’s room and have a question, there’s no need to shout downstairs. Just speak into the intercom and your partner can answer from the parent unit.

Temperature Monitoring to Ensure Comfort
Check the temperature in the nursery at any time to ensure your child is comfortable. The camera includes a temperature sensor which feeds to the parent unit. Studies indicate your baby’s room should be between 68-71° F (20- 21° C). This feature can bring you peace of mind without waking up your child.

Three Soothing Lullabies
Sweet music helps make sweet dreams! Choose from three different lullabies to soothe your baby to sleep. With the parent unit you can turn lullabies on and off, change the song and adjust the volume from wherever you are in the house.

Night Vision
The built-in night vision allows the camera to capture an image of your child, even in complete darkness, from up to 15 feet away. As the room darkens the system automatically adjusts to the level of light. The camera can be placed anywhere in your child’s room while still displaying a precise image of your baby.

Modern Design for Your Home and Lifestyle
Sleek and lightweight, this baby monitor will fit right in with your active lifestyle. The patented design takes into account both style and comfort, with a slim profile and rubberized grip on the parent monitor and a contoured, nursery-friendly shape for the camera. The belt clip allows you to attach the video monitor to your belt for monitoring baby while on the move. Or position your parent unit anywhere you like with the retractable, stainless-steel table stand. When not in use, simply tuck it away into the back of the monitor.

Nap and Feeding Timer
Every parent knows that consistent nap and feeding times help the day run more smoothly. So grandparents and babysitters will love this custom-programmed timer to remind them when your baby should be eating or sleeping. The time is also displayed on the screen for handy referencing throughout the day.

Color-Changing Nightlight
A gentle light show can help make the nursery more relaxing and soothing for your baby. Controlled from the parent unit, you can turn it on or off without entering the nursery.

Expand Your System - Additional Cameras
As your family grows, ERA™ will grow with you. Add up to three additional cameras to expand your baby monitoring experience. Multiple cameras and a four-way split screen allow you to monitor several rooms at once. And there’s no need to limit it to the nursery. ERA™ has a sophisticated design so it’s perfect for use in any area of your home.

LED Sound Bar
The monitor includes LED lights that display up to five different levels of sound. So turn the volume down and relax, confident you’ll always know exactly how much noise your baby is making.

Wall Mountable for Best Viewing Angle
Mount the camera on the wall for easy viewing of baby in his crib. The camera can be adjusted at different angles to view other areas of the nursery as well. Always be sure to keep the camera cords at least 3 feet from the crib – well out of your curious baby’s reach.

Operates in English, French and Spanish
Your ERA™ system is designed to operate in English, French or Spanish.

Lifetime Live Customer Support
Our customer support team can be reached by phone, by email and live web chat. Our experts will be happy to assist you in English, French and Spanish.

List of Contents:

2.4" LCD video monitor, sd card, night vision camera, rechargable battery, 2 power adapters, instruction manual, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.