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High Performance 5 Speaker Surround Sound Home Theater System - Dark Walnut (XLHTB-DW)<!--XLHTB-DW-->
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High Performance 5 Speaker Surround Sound Home Theater System - Dark Walnut (XLHTB-DW)

model XLHTB-DW
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What do you expect from your home theater system? How about the emotion and intensity of a live performance in the comfort of your own home? The Fluance XLHTB High Performance 5 Speaker Home Theater System is engineered with premium components that fully cater to your home audio needs. A full-bodied harmonious blend of two floorstanding speakers with down-firing subwoofers, and surround & center channel speakers that will encapsulate you with every nuance from the greatest soundtracks that define your life. These aren't just speakers. They're a lifestyle. The soundtrack of your life is ambitious. So is the Fluance® XLHTB Home Theater System. Each speaker provides superior performance at every volume level with outstanding precision and clarity, allowing you to soak up all the dramatic impact your movies and music can deliver. Thrilling Highs Stand center to exhilarating sound effects that soar high and bright with the XLHTB Home Theater System.  Neodymium tweeters accurately reproduce high-frequencies with captivating clarity at even the highest volume levels. From the drop of a pin to the screech of a halting locomotive, controlled, smooth and never too aggressive, your XLHTB Home Theater System will deliver the high notes perfectly. Richness in the middle Eloquent speeches and crystal-clear sound effects will radiate from the midrange drivers of the XLHTB Home Theater System. An essential component of any high-performing speaker system are the midrange drivers. They are responsible for the sounds that are most easily recognized by the human ear, making every detail come to life. With the XLHTB the dramatic epitome of your favorite movie will resonate to your very core. Deep and lowdown bass Bring the cinema home with profound, rumbling effects that will shake up the way you feel sound. From the roar of an engine to the wildest explosions the thrilling and dynamic 8” down-firing subwoofers of the XLHTB’s floorstanding speakers have been meticulously designed for a heart-pounding low-frequency effect Made for you Your relationship with the XLHTB Home Theater System was built to last. From the audio-grade MDF wood to the internal bracing throughout, the Fluance XLHTB has been expertly crafted for smooth, distortion-free sound. Combining the striking exterior features of the dark walnut wood grain finish and glossy piano-black front baffles with the premium components will mesmerize listeners for a holistic surround sound experience.


  • Down-firing 8" long-throw subwoofer for longer excursion, better linearity and deep, undistorted bass
  • Tuned rear bass port reflex cabinet designed for improved efficiency and controlled low-frequency response
  • Butyl rubber surrounds suppress unwanted cone resonances, ensuring durability and performance reliability
  • The copper sound-isolation floor spikes eliminate vibration absorption to aid in eradicating distortion
  • List Of Contents:

    Two mahogany floorstanding main speakers, one mahogany center channel speaker, two mahogany rear surround satellite speakers, eight 1" isolation floor spikes for use on hardwood or carpeted areas, full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer's direct warranty.