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Heavy Duty Pro Gold Plated Dual Banana Plug Connectors

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These Heavy Duty Pro Gold Plated Dual Banana Plugs are a premium quality professional design for people who will accept only the best. These heavy-duty banana plugs were designed with the audiophile in mind. It uses a thumbscrew design that results in maximum surface-to-wire contact, ensuring the best signal transfer possible and eliminates the tiny easy-to-lose set screws used by other makers. Absolutely first-class construction. Dual plug design has industry-standard spacing, and fits "binding posts" on many speaker systems, wall plates, amplifiers and receivers. Much better than trying to attach bare wires. Compatible with bare speaker wire, speaker terminal binding posts, speaker wire spades, other banana plugs, speaker wire connectors and forks. Gold plated for maximum signal transfer, minimal loss and corrosion. Body of plug is black non-conductive plastic, and individual connections have black and red bands to indicate polarity.

Features & Specifications:

  • 24k Gold Plated assures highest signal transfer & resists corrosion
  • Connect to speaker wire for easy hookup
  • Side entry ports accept up to 8 gauge speaker wire
  • Four wide contact beryllium-copper leaf springs
  • Color coded to indicate polarity with 19mm spacing
  • One piece machined compression screw for tight fit
  • Provides greater contact and pressure to speaker cable
  • Sold by the piece (to connect 1 speaker).

List of Contents:

1 Heavy Duty Pro Gold Plated Dual Banana Plug Connector, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.