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I-Pen Digital Pen Writer Ipen Optical USB Mouse Input Device<!--IPEN-->
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I-Pen Digital Pen Writer Ipen Optical USB Mouse Input Device

model IPEN
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Item Model Number: IPEN

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This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.
IPENMOUSE Instruction Manual (2.94MB) IPENMOUSE Instruction Manual (2.94MB)

Frequently Asked Questions for the IPEN

Does the IPEN work with the Pencil and Pen tools in image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?
Yes! Since the IPEN operates exactly as a regular mouse would, you can use the Pencil or Pen tools just as you would normally. However, due to the pen-like design of the IPEN, you'll have a much greater precision and range of control when compared to using a standard mouse.
Can the IPEN be used to convert handwriting into editable text in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word?
Yes! The IPEN comes packaged with a number of software applications to help you get the most out of your IPEN. One of these programs - ritePen - allows you to transform dynamically created handwriting into editable text in any word processing program, including Microsoft Word. Simply enable ritePen from within your system tray, place your cursor within a word processing program, and start writing!
Is the IPEN handwriting recognition software compatible with Windows Vista?
Unfortunately, ritePen - the IPEN handwriting recognition software - is not compatible with Windows Vista.
Is the IPEN compatible with Macintosh computers?
Yes! As a mouse input device, the IPEN can be used on a Macintosh computer. However, the bundled software is not Mac compatible.
I-pen Mouse is a pen-shaped mouse for PCs that allows natural writing just like using a real pen. Utilizing the latest optical navigation technology, I-pen is lightweight, durable, and accurate. With I-pen Mouse, the user can perform natural handwriting to do more creative work or special tasks that were previously impossible with a mouse. I-pen Mouse is designed to work in "mouse mode" for fast point-and-click action and also in "pen mode" for writing and drawing actions. Two modes can be changed manually with the switch of a button. Because it requires a very small surface to write on, it is ideal for laptop users and perfect for places where limited workspace is available.


  • Write a note on your presentation just like a paper with Finger White™. The traditional way of showing a presentation used a laser pointer to mark the point of importance which leaves no marks for later references. Now you can write a note, mark, draw, and keep it until you erase it.
  • Browse your favorite website and write a note when there is something of interest as if you were marking the newspaper. Your notes will be saved even after you've visited other pages until you erase it.
  • Draw and write on your desktop like a drawing board. Leave an important message on your desktop for reminder. You can even save your inputs and e-mail them later.
  • Will work even when your regular mouse is connected (you can still use your regular PC mouse like normal)
  • Write a letter using the I-pen Mouse like a pen and the OCR converts your handwriting into typewriting text. Too lazy or slow to type letters? Then grab the I-pen Mouse and simply write like a pen. You can also input your signature.


  • Write notes directly on web pages
  • Send and receive handwritten notes
  • Create memos and highlight over any program
  • Create professional drawings and designs
  • Convert handwriting to text (next generation recognition)
  • Optical navigation & mouse-hover technology
  • Pen-on-paper feeling, natural handwriting by sensing contact pressure
  • Compact and light, perfect for laptop users
  • No special pad required, free to use on almost any surface (pen has a plastic pointer tip)
  • Easy transformation between mouse mode and pen mode
  • Ergonomic design, fits comfortably in your hand
  • Standard mouse driver and USB connection, just plug & play
  • Included application software: Finger IE Memo™ (Web-Memo™), Finger White, ritePen™, riteMail™.
  • Works with Microsoft Office.

    Specifications: connection USB, resolution 800 dpi, power 5V (using PC power via USB port), body color blue, pen tip soft micro switch, size 142(L) x 15(W) x 21(H), weight 25g.

    System Requirements: Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP, Mac, CD-ROM drive, an available USB port.

    List of Contents: I-pen Mouse, complimentary mouse pad, driver and software CD, 2 extra pen tips, user's guide, quick usage guide, warranty information, registration card, 1 year warranty.