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Levana® Ayden™ 3.5" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Camera, Temperature Monitoring, Talk to Baby™ Two-way Intercom and Zoom - 32115<!--32115-->
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Levana® Ayden™ 3.5" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Camera, Temperature Monitoring, Talk to Baby™ Two-way Intercom and Zoom - 32115

model 32115
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Ayden (AY-den)
Meaning: Enduring


  • 3.5" LCD screen
  • 48 hour battery life in voice-activated, power saving PEEP mode
  • Temperature monitoring to ensure comfort
  • Private, secure ClearVu® digital signal with 750ft range
  • Talk to Baby™ two-way intercom
  • Invisible LEDs keep the nursery dark
  • 15ft automatic night vision
  • Gentle nightlight
  • 3 Lullabies to ease your child
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras

Monitor Type TFT LCD
Screen Size 3.5"
Resolution 320x240
Frame Rate 25 FPS
Brightness Adjustable: 0,1,2,3,4
Frequency 2.4GHz
Private Signal Yes
Technology Digital FHSS
No. of hop/sec 300
No. of hopping channels 19
Channel bandwidth 3.375 MHz
Data Rate 3 Mbps
Transmission Power +19 dBm
Max Transmission Range 750ft
Optimum Transmission Range 200ft
Expandable Up to 4 Cameras
Quad Screen No
Zoom 2X
Scan View Yes
Speaker Yes
Microphone Yes
Talk to Baby Yes
Lullabies Yes
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Capacity 1700 mAH
Battery Connection Charge Contact
Battery Life (Video/Audio On) 8 hrs
Battery Life (LCD Off) 10 hrs
Battery Life (Power Save) Up to 48 hours
Battery Low - Audible Warning Yes
Battery Low - Audible Warning Yes
Volume Indicator LED Yes
Key Lock Yes
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Power Adapter Input 100~240VAC
Power Adapter 6V 800mA DC
Operating Temperature 32 to 122 Degrees F
Dimensions 4 ½" x 1 x 3 ¼"
Weight 0.25 lbs
Image sensor CMOS
Maximum Wireless Range (Line of Sight) 750ft
Optimum Wireless Range (Line of Sight) 200ft
Resolution 640x480
Night Vision 15ft
Number of IR LEDs 4
NIghtlight Yes
Battery Operable Yes (4 x AAA, not included)
Battery Life 3 hrs
Battery Low Warning Yes
Viewing Angle 73 degrees
Focal Length 4.95mm
Focus Type 2G2P
Optimal Focal Distance 2-10ft
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Housing Color White
Wall Mountable Yes
Power Adapter Input 6 V DC
Dimensions 5.5" x 3.3" x 3"
Weight 0.30 lbs
Your baby will grow up before you know it: rest assured knowing they are safe with the Ayden Digital Video Baby Monitor. This device has been designed with parent-friendly controls and features in mind, including 48 hour battery life in power saving PEEP mode, temperature monitoring, 15ft night vision, and 750ft ClearVu® digital signal. Babies love the Talk to Baby™ two-way intercom, invisible night vision LEDs and 3 relaxing lullabies. With Ayden, you’ll never miss a moment.

48 hour battery life in PEEP mode
When you find yourself multitasking you won’t need to stop and recharge this monitor for up to 48 hours. PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) sets your monitor and your camera to “sleep” when there is no sound in the nursery saving hours of valuable battery life. The second your baby makes a “peep”, the camera and the monitor will activate so you can see and hear exactly what is going on.

See More on a 3.5” Screen
Your little star deserves center stage; see it all on a large 3.5” screen. You will be amazed at the quality of the image in both day and night vision. Ayden provides a video image that is the next best thing to being in the same room as your baby.

Temperature Monitoring to Ensure Comfort
Check the temperature in the nursery at any time to ensure your child is comfortable. The camera includes a temperature sensor which feeds to the parent unit. Studies indicate your baby’s room should be between 68-71° F (20- 21° C). This feature can bring you peace of mind without waking up your child.

Private ClearVu® Digital Signal
ClearVu® technology provides outstanding precision and clarity of a digital signal from up to 750ft away. Ayden has a private, secure and interference-free digital signal that no one but you can view.

Talk to Baby™ Two-way Intercom
Calm your baby with the sound of your own voice with the two-way Talk to Baby™ intercom. Parents love this feature for communicating to each other when they need some help in the nursery. Babies love this feature because they know when you are on your way to the rescue.

Invisible LED Night Vision
Invisible infrared LEDs provide a clear image of your child in the dark up to 15ft away. Your baby will sleep more soundly without the distracting red LED lights found on traditional video baby monitors. Rest assured knowing you can see your baby clearly, any time of day or night.

Three Soothing Lullabies
Does your baby love the sound of lullabies before bed and cry out for more when the music stops? Ayden has three lullabies that can be remotely activated and changed by your parent unit.

Gentle Nightlight
A gentle light show can help make the nursery more relaxing and soothing for your baby. Controlled from the parent unit, you can turn it on or off without entering the nursery.

Smart LED Indicator Ring
Sound indicator ring changes color with the sound of your baby’s voice alerting you if she is crying out when you have the volume turned down and features adjustable sensitivity.

Pink - Disconnected
Blue – Low volume/Whispers
Green – Low-Medium volume/Murmurs
Yellow – Medium volume/Cooing
Orange –Medium-High volume/Chatter
Red – High volume/Yelling

Expandable up to 4 Cameras
The Ayden monitor’s expandable system grows with your family. Add up to three additional cameras to conveniently view up to four areas of your home on one monitor in scan sequence. Compact and sophisticated, these wall-mountable cameras look great in any area of the home inside or outside of the nursery.

What's Included:

Night vision camera, video baby monitor, rechargeable battery, power adapters, quick start guide, 1 year warranty, lifetime customer support.