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Levana LV-TW500 Interference Free Digital Wireless Night Vision Video Baby Monitor with Online Camera Viewing and Customizable Email Alerts<!--LV-TW500-->
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Levana LV-TW500 Interference Free Digital Wireless Night Vision Video Baby Monitor with Online Camera Viewing and Customizable Email Alerts

model LV-TW500
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Item Model Number: LV-TW500

This item has been discontinued

This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Digital Wireless Camera
Image sensor 1/6" color CMOS
Outdoor use No
Maximum Wireless Range (Line of Sight) 300 ft
Optimum Wireless Range (Line of Sight) 100 ft
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz
Wireless Channel Frequencies 2408.6~2470.5MHz
Resolution 640x480
Night Vision Yes
Number of IR LEDs 9 LEDs
Night Vision Distance up to 8 feet
IR LED control Manual
Min. Illumination 0 lux, with IR function
Battery Operable Yes, AAAx4 alkaline battery (not included)
Battery Life (average) 2 hours with night vision
4.5hours without night vision on
Viewing Angle 42 degrees
Focal Length 3.0 mm
Focus Type Fixed Focus
Microphone Yes
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Housing Color Cherry Red
Electronic shutter speed up to 510:1
Signal/Noise Ratio 46dB
Power LED Indicator Yes
Camera Mount Yes (sold seperately)
Operating temperature 32F ~ 104F
Camera Power Input DC 9V 800mA adapter
Power Adapter Input AC 100~ 240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 3.5in x 4in x 3.2 in (without magnetic base)
Weight 0.3 lbs (without magnetic base)
Wireless USB Receiver
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz
Channel Frequencies 2408.6~2470.5MHz
Motion Activated Alert Yes (Through software)
Audio Activated Alert Yes (Through software)
Output terminal NA
Auto-Scanning No
Housing Material ABS plastic
Housing Color White
Operating temperature 32F ~ 104F
Operating Humidity Less than 90%
Receiver Power Input USB 5V power
Dimensions 3.25 in x 1.25 in x 0.25 in
Weight 0.05 lbs

The LV-TW500 is a wireless baby camera that allows you to keep an eye on your child from many different locations using the Internet. Simply mount the camera on your baby's crib or place it in the play room and you can watch from any computer in the world. Interference free digital technology ensures you will always see a clear picture and never experience static or interception. This TWINKLE series monitor from Levana offers practical features such as online viewing, video recording, email alerts and password protection. Watch your baby at any time with night vision, and soothe them to sleep with the built-in night light. Feel confident using this digital wireless camera that also comes with an ENERGY STAR® qualified power adapter. Enjoy the convenience of being able to check in on your little one from work or the downstairs computer. With the LV-TW500 you will always be able to keep an eye on your precious loved one. (Note:This system is not Mac Compatible)  Watch Your Child Online—Anywhere
Your fast paced lifestyle demands convenience and this baby camera provides it. Feel comforted knowing you can check on your child or caregiver from the office or your hotel suite. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can watch live video of your baby on any Internet-accessible computer or smart phone. Grant access to long distance relatives so they can log on and watch your little one grow. It's the perfect way to keep in touch.  Interference Free Digital Technology
The digital signal sends clear and secure video of your baby to your computer, wherever you are. Your privacy is completely protected because Clear Signal Technology ensures that other wireless signals do not affect the great quality of your video. This TWINKLE series monitor provides reliability and security so you never have to worry about static or interception. As you multitask, you can ensure that your baby is safe in their crib.  Record Video of Your Baby and Review at Any Time
Now you can record footage of your baby on your computer and access it whenever you want. Advanced recording options preserve your child's special moments for a lifetime. All the necessary software is included and easy to setup so you can start recording in no time. You can even set different recording schedules so that the camera only records when motion is detected. Then you can review the video at any time on the computer you used to record. Setting the motion detection is easy since there are different levels of sensitivity to choose from.  Soothing Night Light
Now you can scare the monsters away with the touch of a button. The baby camera has a built-in night light that will soothe your child to sleep. Shining stars provide a comforting glow, so there is no need for your child to be afraid of the dark. This adorable feature will help your little one doze off and provide a soft light for them.  Stay Notified with Email Alerts
This is an exciting new feature that lets you receive email alerts when certain events occur at home. The camera can be setup to automatically send you an email when movement is detected in your baby's crib or room, or when the camera loses power - it's your choice. You will always be aware of what is happening with your child and ensure that whoever is watching over them is doing it properly.  Monitor Day and Night
Built-in night vision allows you to see your baby at all times, even in complete darkness! Infrared LEDs on the baby camera provide a clear image that shows up on-screen but they do not disturb your child since they are undetectable to the human eye. Ensure your child is sleeping soundly without having to go into the nursery and risk waking them up. See clearly up to 10ft away.  Password Protection
Watching your child on the computer is completely safe and private because of the password protection feature. It ensures that only authorized users are able to view your baby online. Create one password for you and up to three relatives or friends to use when watching your baby on the computer. That way, only Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa will be able to see what your little one is doing.  A System That Grows With You
This multipurpose safety product can be used long after your baby has grown. With the ability to record, view online, and send yourself email alerts, you have many features that are found in expensive home security systems. The LV-TW500 can be used to monitor elderly relatives, pets or even valuable possessions. Your options are endless.  Protecting Your Children and the Planet
This product is compliant with RoHS standards and has an ENERGY STAR® qualified adapter. RoHS stands for the "restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances" and is a European initiative that aims to control the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment. Levana is dedicated to developing products that are safe for children and the environment.


  • Watch your child online, anywhere on your Internet-accessible computer or smart phone
  • Interference free digital technology means you'll never lose picture of your child
  • Record video of your baby and review at any time with built-in advanced recording options
  • Soothing night light will scare the monsters away and soothe your child to sleep with the touch of a button
  • Stay notified with email alerts - know exactly when movement is detected or the camera loses power
  • Built-in night vision allows you to see your baby at all times - even in complete darkness!
  • Password protection allows only authorized users to view your baby online
  • Multipurpose safety product can be used to monitor elderly relatives, pets, valuable posessions and more
  • Compliant with the RoHS standards and has an ENERGY STAR® qualified adapter
  • lifetime live customer support and assistance.

List of Contents:

Levana LV-TW500 Wireless Camera, wireless USB receiver, power adapter for camera, magnetic camera base, 3ft USB extension cord, software and instructional CD manual, quick start guide, lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.