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MiraFone Bone Conducter Hearing Impaired Phone DirectVibe Telephone

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A Revolutionary Phone for the Hard of Hearing! Mirafone's patented DirectVibe Pulsator transduces sound waves via bone conduction, bypassing the conventional auditory process. By placing the handset's DirectVibe pulsator at strategic locations on your head, sound vibrations travel from the pulsator to the speech recognition center in your brain. Unlike amplified phones that simply make the sound louder, the Mirafone works in conjunction with the bone rather than the ear. The sound bypasses where the hearing impairment has occurred and works directly through the bone for maximum efficiency and you are able to "hear" through your bone rather than your ear. Mirafone is effective for a wide range of hearing impairments and is designed for people with no hearing to severe hearing loss. If you are not hard of hearing, your auditory system will override the vibrations of the DirectVibe Pulsator and the phone will work in the conventional manner.

Commercial Use The Mirafone is not strictly intended for the hard of hearing. It is a revolutionary phone that can be utilized by various people in assorted environments. It allows for a clear, safe and efficient mode of communication to those industries with loud background noise. The mirafone provides an alternative method of delivering sound that makes the conventional means of telephone communication obsolete. Construction sites, power plants and manufacturing sites are just a few areas in which the Mirafone can truly live up to its name.
Feel your callers voice: Patented DirectVibe pulsator delivers sound vibrations directly to the brain's speech recognition center. Effective for wide range hearing impairments.
See the phone ring: Visual Ringer flashes when there is an incoming call.


  • Redial, hold & flash function buttons
  • Ringer and sound volume controls
  • Hands-free dialing
  • Large keypad for dialing ease
  • Also functions as a conventional phone
  • Speakerphone for listening
  • Mirafone instructional video included.

    List of Contents: MiraFone, AC Adapter, Telephone Cord, Instructional Video, Product Registration Card, Users Guide, 1 Year Warranty.

    Is the Mirafone hearing aid compatible? Yes, the Mirafone can be used both with and without a hearing aid.
    How can someone that is hard of hearing hear the Mirafone ring? The Mirafone has one of the loudest ringers in the industry, as well as a visual ringer that flashes when the phone rings.
    Where should the phone be placed for maximum efficiency? The Mirafone works best on your temple, in front of and slightly below your ear, or behind your ear.
    What is DirectVibe? DirectVibe is the patented technology of OPENTECH that allows the Mirafone to work. It is a dime-sized vibrating knob located on the handset that allows you to hear when placed on the bone.
    How can I use the Mirafone if you are not hearing impaired? If your hearing is not impaired, you will probably not be able to "hear" through the DirectVibe pulsator in the same manner as a hearing impaired person. Your auditory system will override the vibrations of the DirectVibe pulsator and the phone will work like any other normal telephone. If you would like to experience the sound vibrations as a hearing impaired individual would, do the following: Cover both ears with the palms of your hand. Have someone hold the Mirafone's Directvibe pulsator to your temple while someone speaks to you on the phone.