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Nyrius ARIES Home+ HDMI Digital Wireless Additional Transmitter - NAVS501-TX<!--NAVS501-TX-->
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Nyrius ARIES Home+ HDMI Digital Wireless Additional Transmitter - NAVS501-TX

model NAVS501-TX
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Item Model Number: NAVS501-TX

This item has been discontinued

This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Dimensions Length: 5.75 inches (146 mm)
Width: 3.6 inches (93 mm)
Height: 1 inch (25 mm)
Wireless Technology GigaXtreme Technology
System Requirements Any Audio/Video source containing an HDMI® port including any 3D capable device
Environmental Requirements Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C
Storage temperature 0° C to 70° C
Relative humidity: 15 ~ 80% RH
Power 5V DC
Video Formats TV: 1080p, 1080i,720p, 576p, 480p
PC : 1024x768, 1280x1024, 640x480, 800x600
Audio Formats Supported Uncompressed 7.1 PCM , DTS , Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Wireless Range 100 feet open space (clear line of sight)
Transmission Frequency 4.9 - 5.9GHz
Bandwidth 40 MHz
Standard Protocol HDMI® 1.4a, HDCP 2.0
System Latency ≤1 ms
TX/RX Channel 1RX / 8 TX
Expandable System
With the Nyrius ARIES™ Home+ additional transmitter you can always have multiple sources ready to enjoy. An additional transmitter is ideal if you are running a robust entertainment system and do not want to compromise performance efficiency or ease of use. If you regularilly cycle between HD sources and do not have the ability to frequently switch connections, the Nyrius ARIES™ Home+ additional transmitter is the perfect solution for you. This transmitter is also compatible with the Nyrius ARIES Pro wireless HDMI system.

Wirelessly Send 3D HD Video & Digital Audio to any HDTV
Now you can easily stream uncompressed high definition audio and video without running messy cables. There is no reduction in picture quality allowing you to experience full 1080p resolution. The ARIES™ Home+ will allow you to watch any device with HDMI® connections on any HDTV wirelessly. And with 3D compatibility, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite media on any 3D display.

Powerful Long Range Digital Signal
This system broadcasts HDMI® audio and video up to 100ft, and also sends signals through walls, floors and ceilings without skipping a beat. Whether your HDTV is hanging over the fireplace or at the other end of your house, the ARIES™ Home+ transmits up to 1080p HD video and crystal clear digital audio in real-time with zero latency. The powerful digital signal will not interfere with Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, or any other wireless network.

Control Your HD Device Remotely
Not only can you watch your HDMI® video source remotely, you can also control it. The IR (infrared) remote extender will transfer your device's remote control signal to the ARIES™ Home+ receiver. Simply point your remote control at the receiver to change channels, pause your movie, or perform any other function available on your remote. Keep your home entertainment setup clean and simple by relocating your HD devices to an optimal location on the other side of your living room and stay in control. The ARIES Home+ receiver’s USB port allows you to connect your wireless keyboard and mouse so you have full control over your laptop or desktop computer from the comfort of your living room.

Easy Plug and Play
You’re forced to wait for enough in life; the ARIES™ Home+ features simple plug ‘n play setup that gets you watching fast. There’s no software required – all you have to do is plug the transmitter and receiver directly into your devices’ HDMI® ports and you’re immediately connected. You also have the option of connecting up to 8 additional transmitters to one receiver, so you can organize your home entertainment setup and stream all your HD devices with ease.


  • Watch 1080p movies from your Blu-ray™ player wirelessly on your LED, LCD or Plasma HDTV, with 3D compatibility
  • Transmit live sporting events from your satellite receiver or digital cable box to your HDTV in real-time with zero latency
  • Conveniently browse the Internet, shop online, stream media and play games from your laptop or desktop computer on your HDTV
  • Wirelessly play high definition video games from your PC, PS3®, or Xbox 360®
  • Mount your HDTV above the fireplace or your projector on the ceiling for a full HD experience without the hassle of dangling wires or running your HDMI® cable through walls

Works with the following HD Devices:

  • HDTV, Blu-ray™ player, DVD player, HD satellite/cable set top box, HD projector, desktop PC (Windows/Mac®), laptop, Playstation® 3, Xbox 360®, HD camcorder, DVR, or any other HDMI® compatible device.

List of Contents:

Digital Wireless HD Transmitter, External IR Remote Extender, 6ft HDMI Cable, 100-240V AC Power Adapter, Stand, Lifetime Live Customer Support, 1 Year Manufacturer's Direct Warranty.