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Nyrius Digital Wireless iPhone/iPod/iPad Audio Additional Receiver for NIAA300 (NIAA300-RX)<!--NIAA300-RX-->
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Nyrius Digital Wireless iPhone/iPod/iPad Audio Additional Receiver for NIAA300 (NIAA300-RX)

model NIAA300-RX
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Item Model Number: NIAA300-RX

This item has been discontinued

This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Color Black
Transmission 2.4G Digital
Receiver Dimensions Length: 3.0 inches
Nyrius NiAA300-RX Additional Receiver
Have multiple entertainment sources? We've got you covered. With the NIAA300-RX additional receiver you can play music from your iPhone wirelessly over speakers in different rooms, without switching any connections. Connect this additional receiver to multiple sources in your home and go from rocking out in your living room to jamming out in the garage with ease.

Get The Best of Both Worlds
Enjoy the excellent functioning of your iPod/iPhone/iPad with superb sound from your home stereo system. The Nyrius 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Audio Transmitter allows your iPod/iPhone/iPad to function like a remote control and wirelessly send audio to any sound system up to 100 feet away. The next party you throw, impress your guests by having music play right throughout your home. Simply connect the receiver to the audio system’s auxiliary or RCA-composite input and the transmitting dock to your iPod/iPhone/iPad and you’re ready for exceptional audio without any loss of sound/video synchronization. The Nyrius 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Audio Transmitter is the perfect plug n’ play solution for wireless home listening.

Take Movies and Gaming to The Next Level
Experience the best sound possible for your movies and games on your iPod/iPhone/iPad with the high-fidelity sound from your home stereo system. CD-quality sound is transmitted to the receiver, but unlike comparable Bluetooth products that compress audio and lose synchronization with your device, the audio is uncompressed and always in sync with your movies and games.

Expand System to Control Music in Every Room
With this additional receiver you can broadcast the audio from your iPod/iPhone/iPad to sound systems throughout your home. Your iPod/iPhone/iPad will function as a remote control, allowing you to control the volume and song selection right from your device, while still being able to make calls, text and surf the net. With the Nyrius 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Audio Transmitter System you’ll always be in full control.

Hassle Free Plug n’ Play Setup
Setup is extremely simple - just plug n’ play, no software or batteries required. The receiver connects to any audio system with an auxiliary or RCA-composite input. The Nyrius Wireless Audio Transmitter makes it so easy to enjoy the audio from your iPod/iPhone/iPad at its optimal level.

NOTE: The NIAA300-RX is an additional receiver unit for the NIAA300. This unit will only work with the NIAA300 wireless audio transmitter & receiver system


  • Entertain your guests at your next party by broadcasting your music throughout your home with additional receivers
  • Enjoy your movies and games with home theater sound and perfect syncing of visuals and audio
  • Utilize your iPod®/iPhone®/iPad® normally, even surf the net, while your audio streams uninterrupted
  • Conveniently answer phone calls without the hassle of disconnecting any cables or undocking and the music will continue to play once your conversation is over

List of Contents:

2.4 GHz digital additional wireless receiver, AC 100-240V adapter, 3.5mm auxiliary cable, RCA composite adapter, instruction manual, lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.