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Pure Therapy PT500 Reclining Shiatsu Massage Chair with Remote Control and Elite Shoulder, Back and Calf Therapy<!--PT500-->
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Pure Therapy PT500 Reclining Shiatsu Massage Chair with Remote Control and Elite Shoulder, Back and Calf Therapy

model PT500
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Item Model Number: PT500

This item has been discontinued

This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Full Recline Yes
Massage Methods Knead (Shiatsu)
Knead & Tap
Back Area Isolation Yes
Calf Massage Yes
Full Function Remote Control Yes
PT500 Instruction Manual (2.5MB PDF) PT500 Instruction Manual (2.5MB PDF)
Pure Therapy's 500 Series massage chair is like having a personal massage therapist at your fingertips 24/7. Designed to suit any home décor, the PT500 was engineered to be an elite massage chair that will make you feel mentally and physically relaxed after each use. Four powerful motors can provide you with a deep tissue massage or a soothing light massage. You can also get an invigorating foot rub with a slight adjustment of your leg rest. Choose from a variety of pre-programmed massages or customize your own and enjoy all the benefits of massage therapy. Select from several massage techniques like kneading, tapping, pressing and knocking. Massage your upper body and enjoy a lower body massage of your calves simultaneously. Sit upright or recline completely and prepare for a massage that normally could only be provided by a trained massage therapist. The cost of visiting a massage therapist every day could be over $20,000 in just one year. Your body is an investment that you cannot ignore. Live a better life with a relaxed body and mind. PT500 Massage ChairReap the Health Benefits of Massage
Massage has been proven to improve and maintain the body and mind. Doctors say a daily dose of massage - like eating a healthy meal - causes positive activity within your body. With the PT500 you will benefit from improved blood and lymphatic circulation, flexibility, quality of sleep and body awareness. Enjoy increased range of motion, enhanced relaxation and elevated mood. Reduce stress, pain and severity of injuries with regular massage therapy. Multiple Engineered Programs to Elevate Your Mood
While you have complete manual control of your massage chair at all times, you can also choose from one of three auto-massage programs: Upper Body, Neck & Shoulders and Back & Waist. These targeted programs isolate your trouble areas and remove the stress you’ve built up. Massage has been proven to elevate mood and reduce stress and now you have the ability to keep your body healthy 24/7. 528 Personal Massage Combinations
When you need to target a specific area of your body, switch over to manual mode. Customize your massage and choose from several programs to suit your needs for both upper and lower body. The upper body massage techniques that are available include: Knead, Tap, Knead & Tap, Press, and Knock. There are 528 different possible combinations you can create!
Knead (Shiatsu) Knead (Shiatsu): Originating in Eastern Asia and perfected by Pure Therapy, this is a gentle circular, squeezing technique that relieves stress and improves circulation to your back. This technique is especially helpful in the neck and shoulder area.
Tap Tap: Massage heads will rapidly tap your back in alternating motions which stimulate the muscles along your spine. This relieves tension in your spinal column area to aid in avoiding/reducing back spasms.
Knead & Tap Knead & Tap: Use this combination for an invigorating massage that uses kneading and tapping to attack the stress areas that human hands cannot alleviate.
Press Press: Also known as compression massage, this technique applies constant pressure while rolling gently up and down your back. This massage is generally used to prepare muscles for a deeper massage and also works well on the lower back.
Knock Knock: Prompts the massage heads to knock on different sections of your back every second and stimulate your muscles to release any toxins through increased circulation.
Back Isolation Back Isolation: You can choose to isolate specific areas of your back, target a partial area or massage your entire back and shoulders.
Treat Your Back to a Restorative Massage
The back gathers stress like no other part of the body. Relax as internal rollers move up and down your back with an impressive 24 inch massage stroke that works like real hands.The rollers can be adjusted to suit your size and you can also isolate specific areas with the touch of a button on your remote control. Press the back stretch button to experience a full body stretch that will make you feel rejuvenated. Relieve Lower Back Pressure
While your calves or neck get the massage they need, you can use the lower body program to decompress your lower back and increase the circulation to your vertebrae. When you are finished your massage, your back, hips and thighs will feel revitalized. Soothe your Lower Legs with the Deep Calf Massager
Eight airbags in the leg rest massager work in synergy with one another to massage your calves and increase circulation. Choose from a variety of comfort levels to energize or relax your lower legs. When you are finished with your calves, place your feet in the leg rest and get a foot massage that your whole body will feel. Your feet have over fifty reflexology pressure points that can aid in the health of other important body parts like the heart, kidneys, liver, brain, and stomach. Remote ControlRecline to Relax and Intensify Your Massage
With the touch of a button you can change your position and recline completely. Ease your body into a weightless position that relieves stress from your spine and enjoy a restful massage. By reclining at up to 160 degrees, you put your body into an optimal position for maximum relaxation and effective massage. Adjust the chair and leg rest angles easily by pressing the button on the remote control. As you lie comfortably, the PT500 will ease soreness, tension and fatigue. Easy to Use Remote Control
Personalize your massage to your liking with the remote control. You have the power to make your massage work for you. The remote controls the chair's reclining and leg rest angles in smooth incremental motions. You can adjust the position of the rollers that massage your back to their optimum position. Move between auto and manual modes and alter the strength and speed of your massage with the touch of a button. Stylish, Durable Design
The chair's high-quality stretchable synthetic leather is extremely durable, easy to clean and resists cracking and wear. The PT500 design is modern and stylish and will look great in any living room. It is so comfortable, you can enjoy it as an everyday lounger and place it out in the open with confidence. Enjoy the benefits of massage and be the envy of your neighbors. Just be prepared to find your friends and relatives visiting more often. Lifetime Live Customer Support
When you invest in a lifestyle product like this, you want to be sure that you choose a company that stands behind its products. Our customer support team can be reached by phone or by email and live web chat services so that you will always have access to an expert.


  • Soothing massage improves circulation and enhances relaxation
  • Automated massage programs take the guess work out of your massage experience
  • Offers a wide range of massage techniques - shiatsu, tap, knead & tap, press and knock
  • Lower leg and calf massager can energize or relax your calves, as well as increase circulation
  • Reclines up to 160°, assisting in stress relief from your spine while enjoying your massage
  • High-quality stretchable synthetic leather design is easy to clean and resists cracking and wear
  • Easy to use remote control allows you to fully customize your massage experience
  • lifetime live customer support through phone, email and live web chat
  • Free shipping.

List of Contents:

Pure Therapy PT500 Reclining Shiatsu Massage Chair, remote control, 3 removable cushions, instruction manual, quick start guide, lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.