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RCA DT5CS Composite Video to S-Video Converter Bi-Directional Adapter<!--DT5CS-->
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RCA DT5CS Composite Video to S-Video Converter Bi-Directional Adapter

model DT5CS
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Item Model Number: DT5CS

This item has been discontinued

This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. We apologize for any inconvenience.
This cable converts any S-video signal to a composite video signal. It can also work the other way and convert any composite video signal to a S-video signal (bidirectional). This S-video to RCA converter plugs directly into your video equipment. A tiny converter filtering circuit is built inside the adapter. It is great for solving video connection problems when not all components have composite and S-video inputs or outputs. Its low signal loss circuitry allows two-way conversion from composite to S-video. Use this cable to connect video sources to a TV, VCR, projector, notebook computer, video capture card or any device with S-video or composite RCA connections! When you have components using composite and S-video outputs hooked up to the same A/V receiver, switching between sources can be a challenge. But not with this composite to S-video converter, which will get your connectors all on the same video signal. The simple device hooks onto the end of a composite video connection and splits the signal into luminance and chrominance elements for output as S-video (bidirectional).


  • Converts composite video to S-video (also converts in the opposite direction)
  • Connects composite video output from a VCR or other device through an S-video input
  • High-performance conversion for components & systems
  • Best possible signal conversion for the brightest, sharpest, most colorful picture
  • Bi-directional design for easy integration into your system
  • Plays VCR, camcorder & gaming devices through S-video input
  • 100% multi-shielding connector construction
  • Universally compatible with all brands of components
  • 4-pin male S-video connector and female composite RCA connector
  • 24K gold plated finish ensures high-performance and superior connectivity
  • Completely passive requiring no external power
  • Best possible conversion of signal without AC power
  • Factory-set calibration requires no user adjustments
  • Comfort-grip connectors
  • 2-inch adapter length.
Note: this item will convert the composite signal to be viewed on a S-Video input, the signal will only be as good as the original signal.

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RCA DT5CS Composite Video to S-Video Converter Bi-Directional Adapter, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.