Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging for Smartphones & Tablets

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Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging for Smartphones & Tablets


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Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging for Smartphones & Tablets
Display Size 1.2” LED
Dimensions 7.4 (L) x 3.2 (H) x 1.0 (W)”
Automatic Time Set No
Sure Alarm Yes
Wake Up No
Battery Back-up for Time Yes
USB Charging Yes
PLL Digital Radio Tuner FM only
Radio Station Pre-sets 10 Pre-sets
Dual Alarm Yes
Calendar Display Yes
Indoor Temperature Reading No
Adjustable Brightness HI, LO1, LO2, LO3, OFF
Sleep Timer Yes
Daylight Savings No
Time Zones No
USB Charging Power Single, 1.0A (5.0W)
Speaker Size 1.6"
Volume Indicator LED Yes
Power Input AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Audio Inputs None
Frequency Range (AM) AM - None
Frequency Range (FM) FM - 87.5 – 108 MHz
Power DC 5V 1.5A
Battery Backup Yes
Projection Swivel Tilt 180 degrees
Number of Alarms 2 (week, weekday, weekend)
Alarm Options Radio, Buzzer
Projection Flip Yes
Projection Focus No
Time/Date Restore 1 x 3V, CR2032 Lithium Battery (included)
Unit Weight 0.9 lbs
Unit Colour Black
Certifications FCC, ICES, cUL/UL, NRcan
What's Included
  • Magnasonic CR20 Clock Radio
  • 5ft AC Power Adapter
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Hazel J March 26, 2021 Florida, United States

This is the best clock I have ever purchased. I like the white. Radio is clear and the features are great. It’s small too.

Shadi December 30, 2020

I only use this clock for the projection feature, so I can not comment on other functions. But for the price, this was exactly what I was looking for. I love the fact that you can change the projection angle by 180 degree, so you can put the clock anywhere and still be able to read the projected time. The other nice feature is that you can dim the LED display. I was happy with the product and bought a second one for my son's room.

Crystal A December 25, 2020

This Alarm Clock Radio is perfect for my bird room. The clock is easy to set (even without directions), and the numbers are bright enough to see across the room.The Volume is nice, and the radio reception is perfect.There's also a handy USB charging port, so my phone can charge while the music plats.Overall, a decent priced radio clock that's modern looking and easy to set up.

Amazon Customer December 22, 2020

hard to figure out instructions but good little clock love the digital display on ceiling at night

ricc0 December 14, 2020

. . . that has a time projection feature that works - in dark rooms. The functions are easy to set and the radio is very slim . . . slim enough that it requires s power block to take up room on your wall or power bar. :(The large display brightness is adjustable all the way down to zero which is a good feature when using the projector.FM radio quality is acceptable - for a cheap clock radio - but doesn't have AM radio. I like to listen to talk radio to put myself to sleep while blessing the fact I'm not addled enough to be calling in to talk about UFO's. :) so this will be used in my living room - and looks just fine.All in all, a decent inexpensive nice looking clock radio.

James W December 8, 2020

3-6 feet away at max and only visible in the dark for the projector. Past that it's a working clock.

TA December 5, 2020

I have been needing a clock radio, so was thrilled to see this.Thank you to the manufacturer for making this clorck radio so easy to program. This has been my achille talon in that electronics are becoming so compliated to program and use. I hate programming stuff and when I saw that the instruction booklet was only a few pages, I was so grateful.Having said this, yes, it is easy to program. However, the quality of this clock is debatable. It is relatively small, which is not a problem, but if I drop this once, it is dead. It is cheaply made, unfortunately.The good:There is a button that adjusts the brightness of the numbers, which means you can put it to the lowest at night.You do have access to FM radioThe bad:Cheaply made.

R. U December 5, 2020

Received for unbiased review...Full disclosure is required from Amazon Vine reviewers, so I have to indicate that I am a former employee of the owners of this brand name.First impressions: This is a really pleasing modernistic design. The face has a slight concave horizontal curve to its vertically flat face. The casing has a mostly screwless design (only one Philips screw for the backup battery compartment). The numbers are pleasantly large and easy to read. I like the white LED 7 segment display. The clock also has features for dual alarm and radio. And also radio pre-sets. It also has a time projector with invertible display so that you can project the time on the wall or ceiling. You can also turn the projection off if desired. It also has a USB charging port. Note that the USB charging port is a lower current rating (at 1.0A) than the more recent standard and may charge your device more slowly. Unfortunately, the unit I received was defective right out of the box. The first two digits have shorted segments, causing them to be brighter than the others and causing other segment to not light up (or stay lit) when certain numbers are displayed. This could be a defect in the 7 segment display panel or a defect in the BCD chip or even a soldering issue (I can't say for sure without breaking it open). The backup battery was also dead when I received it. If you receive one of these in this condition, be sure to return it as soon as possible for replacement or refund.I'm reducing three stars for quality control.

cornfedpig December 4, 2020

I am using this in my media room to replace a much brighter clock that was very distracting while trying to watch TV. It's bright enough to be easily visible and readable but not so bright as to be a distraction. I could see this being a good addition to the nightstand of a person who likes it to be as dark as possible when they sleep.The projection of the time is fine too, but it's not really a feature I use. It can project onto the ceiling and the projected numbers are large, so there's no trouble seeing them.Overall, this is a pretty good quality and modern-looking clock that would fit in well in any room.

WoodWacker December 4, 2020

I can't believe so much value is offered for such a low price. The controls are easy to see and read. The one I am replacing was beyond difficult and the confusing assortment of key combination required to do anything easily. This one is so nice and way better than I expected.

Ma?gorzata K December 2, 2020

The "Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging for Smartphones & Tablets, 180 Degree Time Projection, Dual Alarms, 1.2" Curved LED Display with Dimmer, Snooze Function, and Sleep Timer (CR20)" is sleek looking and the time projection feature is awesome to have at night (rather than checking your phone). It is handy to have the usb port in the back of the clock and the radio works acceptably. Overall, a good product.

Suxiaoma December 1, 2020

An alarm clock radio is not only a thing in the past. Actually, I re-discovered its merits. This device is a clock with alarm function. The LCD screen has dimmer. The time projection function is pretty cool.You can also listen to radio with it. The sound quality is not too bad. There is even a USB charging port. The back-up battery feature is extra handy when there is power outage.I like it quite a bit due to its functions and simplicity.

Friscokid December 1, 2020

I got this for my 13 Year old. He absolutely loves it.ProDual alarm setupSleek lookBig numbers so you can read from across the room.Projection at night. very clear. and can flip the display 180 for easier view.USB chargingDecent snooze spottons of alarm choicesConsBattery is cr2032. not commonly used around the house.Snooze button could be larger.USB charger is slow charge not fast charge.I would recommend this alarm clock. I still give it a five even with 3 Cons because they are not impacting to the enjoyment of this item.

PROBE November 30, 2020

The radio/alarm clock works as expected. Very slim minimalistic design. What attracted me from this clock is the projection. When I wake up it the middle of the night I am always to lazy to turn my head to look at the time. Now with the projection that projects on the wall in front of me I dont have to think about moving anymore. The projections cannot be seen when the lights are on in the room, but as soon as it is completely dark you eyes can easily see the time posted on the wall. For the price I think that the quality of the radio is above par. My only slight complaint is that the time on the radio itself should have been in red instead of white, the red makes it less flashy when the room is dark

Sue K November 29, 2020

Sound quality is bad. I love the projection of the time on the ceiling.

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