Alexa™ Fixed Camera

Levana Alexa™ Fixed Camera

with 12ft of Night Vision, Temperature Sensor and Two Way Intercom (32204)

$79.99 USD

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Alexa Additional Cam

Alexa (a-LEK-sa) | Meaning: Helper

Alexa will quickly become part of your family with 12 hour battery life, temperature sensors, feeding/nap timers, real-time clock and an easy to use menu. When your baby is peacefully sleeping, we believe you should be able to do more while worrying less. Use Alexa to check in on your little one and use that valuable time, even if you can’t help but look at your precious bundle of joy.


This camera is compatible with our Alexa video baby monitor only. These systems are expandable up to 4 cameras.

Invisible LED Night Vision

Invisible infrared LEDs provide a clear image your child up to 12ft away in complete darkness. Your baby will sleep more soundly without the distracting red LED lights found on traditional baby video monitors. Rest assured knowing you can see your baby clearly, any time of day or night.

Private Digital Signal

Unlike some monitors, Alexa uses a completely private digital signal, delivering your display up to 500ft away for your eyes only. Feel confident knowing that you can check in from anywhere on your property.

Talk to Baby or Parent Two-Way Communication

There is nothing more comforting to your baby than the sound of your voice. Our Talk to Baby feature lets you talk, listen and soothe from afar. Parents love this feature for communicating to each other and babies love this feature because they know Mom and Dad are near.


Image Sensor CMOS
Resolution 640 x 480
Viewing Angle 40 Degrees
Focal Length 2.8 mm
Optimal Focal Distance 2-10 ft.
PTZ Control No
Frequency 2.4GHz
Private Signal Yes
Night Vision Yes
Night Vision Distance 12ft
Technology Digital FHSS
Max Transmission Range 500 ft.
Optimum Transmission Range 150 ft.
Number of IR LEDs 8
IR Wave Length 940nm
Microphone Yes
Speaker Yes
Temperature Sensor Yes
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Wall Mountable Yes
Power Adapter 3.5mm, 6VDC, 800mA
Power Input 100~240VAC
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 Degree Celsius
Dimensions 3”x3”x3.5”
Weight 0.25 lbs
UPC 061783263723
What's Included
  • 1 x Night Vision Camera
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lifetime Customer Support


Strangulation Hazard: Children can become entangled in cords. Power cords should be kept at least 3ft away from the crib and baby’s reach at all times. Failure to do so could be fatal. Baby monitors/cameras with power cords should never be hung on or near the crib.
This product is not a toy.
Product intended for indoor use only.
This product contains small parts. Exercise care when unpacking and assembling the product. Failure to do so can result in choking or death.
This product does not replace responsible adult supervision. Check on your child at regular intervals and make sure your monitor is always adequately charged. Failure to do so can be fatal.
This is not a medical product. If there is a problem with the child/baby, please call 911 immediately.
Levana highly recommends the use of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection when plugging in the camera and monitor.
We reserve the right to change models, configuration, or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown.
This product does not have a Pan/Tilt/Zoom function and is not compatible with systems that support that feature. This camera is only compatible with Alexa™ systems.
Optimum range is 150ft when signal is passing through walls or floors. Microwave ovens (when in use) may cause signal disruption at close range. Buildings with metal frames may also cause signal disruption. Maximum transmission range is 500ft.
Night vision range up to 12ft under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
Battery life of 12 hours based on Power Save mode. Battery lasts an average of 8 hours with continuous audio/video usage.
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