Combat Creatures Attacknid MK1 Battling Spider Toy Robot with Remote Control

Combat Creatures Attacknid MK1 Battling Spider Toy Robot with Remote Control



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It stomps across the room seeking its prey.
It fires its weapons up to thirty feet.
With a direct hit it explodes. 
Let us repeat that. It actually explodes.

This battle just got real…

With the Combat Creatures Attacknid Battling Spider Toy Robot, the word “pretend” does not apply. Your six-legged predator is a fighting, shooting, exploding machine that brings real-life battles right into your living room!

No Disappointment Included
It takes a very special mind to create “The Greatest Toy in the Universe”. Jaimie Mantzel is an inventor who began creating robots at the age of four. He lives on a mountain in Vermont in a home he built himself. One entire floor is a trampoline. While bouncing, an important step in his creative process, his vision for the ultimate toy robot was born. The result, the Combat Creatures Attacknid Battling Spider Toy Robot, has ushered in a new and exciting category that has forever changed the toy industry: Battling Robotics. 

Armed and Ready
Ten inches tall. Six legs. 360-degree rotating head. Stomps through water and mud up to three inches high. Battles last up to six hours. We called the Attacknid the greatest toy in the universe. We weren’t joking. 
Your spider soldier is controlled with an easy-to-use 2.4GHz wireless remote handset. All the electronics are inside your robot’s body, which allows for all-terrain maneuverability. There are no kiddie wheels. No lame gimmicks. No disappointment. Just a fighting mad marching soldier ready to do serious battle. Are you ready?

You blew up my robot!
Your Attacknid is capable of actual damage. China will break. Your pet will run for cover . The Combat Creatures Attacknid Battling Spider Toy Robot shoots its weapons of war (foam discs) at high speed up to thirty feet. Boom! With a direct hit, the combat armor explodes off the enemy. Your battlefield will be littered with shrapnel. It won’t be pretty. It will be epic.

This isn’t some cute little toy
We’re all about keeping it real. So you know what that means. A battle between Attacknid is a fight to the bitter end. With the Deletor Battle Brain feature, three direct hits and an Attacknid is disabled. Victory! No imagination

  • Attacknid! The Greatest Toy in the Universe!
  • BOLT 'N' BATTLETM Disc-firing weapons system fires 12 discs up to 30 feet (10 m); Three direct hits in the battle brain and Attacknid robot is disabled
  • Deletor Battle Head rotates 360o to change direction for the ultimate attack position; 6 x combat armor explodes off legs with direct hits6-legged predator, advanced all-terrain handling
  • 6-legged predator, advanced all-terrain handling
  • Full function radio-controlled hand set with combat weapon controls


Combat Creatures Attacknid MK1 Battling Spider Toy Robot with Remote Control
UPC 505539400049
What's Included
  • Attacknid Black
  • Red Skin Set 6 Top Pieces
  • 6 Leg Pieces
  • Dissector Bolt 'N' Battle Weapon
  • Deletor Combat-Armor Set 6 Pieces
  • Battle Brain
  • 2x Interchangeable Battle Brain targets (small and large)
  • Weapons Elevator
  • 20x Red Foam Dissector Discs
  • RC Handset
  • 1 year full direct warranty
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries (2 for handset, 4 for Attacknid)
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