Premium Replacement Conical-Shaped Sapphire Tipped Needle (2 Pack)

Electrohome Premium Replacement Conical-Shaped Sapphire Tipped Needle (2 Pack)

for Turntables/Record Players - EANOS300/501/502/700

$19.99 USD



Premium Replacement Conical-Shaped Sapphire Tipped Needle (2 Pack)
Unit Color Gray
UPC 061783256497
What's Included
  • 2x Premium replacement conical-shaped sapphire tipped needles
  • 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Julianne Z February 8, 2023 South Dakota, United States

    Wonderful sound! I have an older player and have never changed the needle.... the difference is amazing. I waited way to long to purchase and change the needles out.

    Dean January 6, 2023 Ontario, Canada

    Excellent. The replacement needle made a huge difference. Super fast shipping too

    Laura A May 6, 2022 California, United States

    I saved my new needle for Tom Petty and he sounds pleased!

    Sylvia W April 12, 2022 Ontario, Canada

    It works, but it’s nowhere near the quality of the one I had before (the one which came with the electro home unit I purchased just 3 years ago). It sits very low and the needle itself is so short that I’m scared my vinyls are going to get scratched. I will look for something better next time.

    Linda S January 17, 2022 Florida, United States

    Very fast, very thorough, very very good!

    Gerald L August 17, 2021 Texas, United States

    Fabulous product! Does just what I was hoping for! Highly recommended!

    Joe W June 12, 2021 Michigan, United States

    Fit easily!

    Kim D June 8, 2021 Ontario, Canada

    The Electrohome replacement needles are a perfect fit. Just the same as the original. Very easy to change out and the sound from a new needle is outstanding.

    Melissa K November 14, 2020 Indiana, United States

    I’m so happy that my electrohome replacement needles were easy to change and the sound quality is fabulous. It was very easy to order and I even saved on shipping. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

    Earl gray March 28, 2020 Ontario, Canada

    Just what we wanted. Sounds great and does what was advertised. Just wish record player came with a diamond stylus, other than that great buy. The cabinet is beautiful. I would recomend this unit to anyone.

    Austin June 20, 2016

    The needle that came with the record player lasted for a while, but as soon as I replaced it with the new stylus all of my records started skipping.

    Rebecca gohl June 5, 2016

    shipped fast- Its hard to figure out how to open the front -
    But sounds great

    Kevin April 12, 2016

    I have been having issues with my signature eanos700, since the sound started to drag. The needles were a great improvement but did not fix the overall problem. They were easy to install and will last for sometime.

    cynthia sweeney January 19, 2016

    Got the signature eanos700 record player for my daughter for christmas and the needles start skipping so I ordered 2 packs of new ones just to see if they work so I shall let you know............not like anyone from the company actually reads these reviews

    Ross McNab January 12, 2016

    I purchased the replacement needles, with the hope that it would improve the terribly tinny sound of the Electrohome Archer Turntable. The new needles did NOT improve the sound. This machine is very high pitched, tinny & not pleasant to listen to at all.

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