iRiver AFT-100 Wireless Mobile FM Transmitter to Car Radio for MP3 Players

iRiver AFT-100 Wireless Mobile FM Transmitter to Car Radio for MP3 Players


This Item has Been Discontinued


The iRiver Mobile Transmitter enables you to listen to all your favourite MP3s over your vehicle's speaker system. It plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and broadcasts any audio source through the radio. Simply connect your MP3 player and enjoy your entire music collection. You can also listen to audio from your portable DVD player, cell phone, PDA, laptop computer, CD/Mini-Disc player, or PSP gaming console. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into your car's power socket and the headphone jack of your player, sync frequencies with the stereo, then turn the volume up.

This wireless transmitter broadcasts on the full spectrum of the FM band - just select any frequency and tune your car radio to the same frequency. The chosen frequency is displayed on the built-in LCD for easy tuning. The iRiver transmitter stores up to 3 frequency presets, allowing you to choose the clearest stations. Plus, the memory feature will retune to the last used frequency when your device is powered off and on.

The iRiver mobile transmitter features instant power on and auto power off capabilities. When audio is detected the unit will automatically power on, and it will automatically power off when no audio has been detected for 30 seconds. This device is ideal for anyone who owns an iPod or other portable audio device, and allows you to ditch the headphones while you're in your car, truck, RV, or boat.



  • Aerielle Enabled - patented wireless technology broadcasts a powerful signal
  • Easy to use, convenient, compact and lightweight - simply plug & play
  • Sends high-fidelity stereo signals within a 15 feet range
  • Plugs into your vehicle's standard lighter socket - no need for batteries
  • Wireless FM transmission - broadcasts directly onto the radio
  • Works with any audio device with a 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Selectable frequencies across the full spectrum of the FM band (transmits to any FM frequency)
  • Memory feature conveniently retunes to the last used frequency when powered on

  • Digital LCD displays the current broadcast frequency (blue backlit)
  • Instant-on feature automatically turns the unit on when audio is detected
  • Auto-off feature automatically turns off when no audio has been detected for 30 seconds
  • 3 memory presets allow you to save the 3 clearest stations in your area for interference- free listening.



UPC 821566000897
What's Included
  • FT100 transmitter with integrated 3.5mm audio plug
  • Instructions
  • Full manufacturer's direct warranty.
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