PHOENIX™ PRO Wireless Security Camera

Defender PHOENIX™ PRO Wireless Security Camera

with 750ft Range 520TVL Night Vision Camera (22304)

This Item has Been Discontinued


monitor video in any indoor or outdoor environment at any time with easy installation cameras included with this complete surveillance system

Defender® PHOENIX™ Pro Wireless Security System can be used to monitor video in any indoor or outdoor space at any time. This wireless plug and play system allows for easy set up in a matter of. The wireless, weather resistant camera included with this system has one wide-angled array infrared LED that allow you to see up to 100ft away in the dark. Ideal for monitoring entrances, backyards, valuables and employees, this PHOENIX™ Pro system can be used in any situation you need.

digital wireless technology allows for installation in remote locations for maximum coverage

Digital Wireless Technology

Digital Wireless Technology makes set-up hassle free. This advanced system automatically connects when turned on – no wiring required. Superior digital functionality ensures that the signals remain strong as you monitor your business or home wirelessly, up to 750ft away.

see in the dark with long range night vision 520tvl cameras up to 100ft away

Long Range Night Vision

See it all in pristine detail, day or night: 520 TVL cameras with 100ft night vision leaves nothing to the imagination. The indoor/outdoor camera provides you with a clear, secure picture, even when you monitor after-hours or in a dark location. The camera comes equipped with advanced night vision and 1 wide-angle array infrared (IR) LED that let you see clearly in the dark, up to 100ft away! This high quality array IR LED provides clear and even night vision that is able to cover the camera’s full field of vision. The LED activates automatically when it gets dark, and deactivates during the day to save energy (CDS sensor). With this system, you can rest assured, knowing that you will have 24 hour protection.

peace of mind with a do it yourself professionally installed security system

True Do-It-Yourself Security

Defender®’s wireless Phoenix™ Pro system gives you all the peace of mind of a professionally installed system with the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it all yourself. Don’t leave the safety of your property to chance – trust Defender® to help you protect what you value most.



Night vision range up to 75ft under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.

Optimum range is 150 feet when signal is passing through walls or floors. Microwave ovens (when in use) may cause signal disruption at close range. Buildings with metal frames may also cause signal disruption. Maximum transmission range is 450ft.

This product contains small parts. Exercise care when unpacking and assembling the product.

DEFENDER® does not endorse any DEFENDER® products for illegal activities. DEFENDER® is not responsible or liable in any way for any damage, vandalism, theft or any other action that may occur while a DEFENDER® product is in use by the purchaser.

We reserve the right to change models, configuration, or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown.

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What's Included?

Wireless Camera Receiver


Image Sensor CMOS
Resolution 640 x 480
Night Vision Yes
Number of IR LEDs 1
IR LED colour Black
Viewing Angle Degree 48 (Horizontal)
Focal Length 3.6mm
Optimal Focal Distance 35ft
Transmission Range 750ft
Optimum Transmission Range 200ft
Microphone No
Speaker No
IP Rating IP65
Keys Pair Button
Housing Anodized Aluminium
Wall Mountable Yes
Camera Power Input DC6V 800mA
Power Input 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.15A
Operating Temperature -10º C ~ 50ºC
Operating Humidity Less than 90% RH
Dimensions 6.18" (L) x  5.75" (W)
Resolution Wireless Receiver 640 x 480, 352 x 240
LCD Display Wireless Receiver No
Frame rate Wireless Receiver 25FPS
Audio Out Wireless Receiver No
Microphonewirelessreceiver No
Speaker Wireless Receiver No
Frequency Wireless Receiver 2.4GHz
Technology Wireless Receiver Digital FHSS
No. of hop/sec Wireless Receiver 1,000
No. of Hopping Channels Wireless Receiver 32
Channel Bandwith Wireless Receiver 2 MHz
Data Rate Wireless Receiver 4 Mbps
Transmission Power Wireless Receiver +19 dBm
Transmission Range Wireless Receiver 450ft
Optimum Transmission Range Wireless Receiver 150ft
Out of Range Alert Wireless Receiver Yes
Real Time Clock Wireless Receiver No
LEDs Wireless Receiver Power Link x 2
Keys Wireless Receiver 2 x Pair Button
Housing Material Wireless Receiver ABS Plastic
Power Input Wireless Receiver DC6V  800mA
Power Adapter Input Wireless Receiver 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.15A
Operating Temperature Wireless Receiver 0°C~50°C
Operating Humidity Wireless Receiver Less than 90% RH
Dimensions Wireless Receiver 4.80"(L) x 1.10" (W)
Weight Wireless Receiver 0.14 Kgs
UPC 061783252925
What's Included
  • 2 PHOENIX™ Wireless Cameras
  • 3 Power Adapters
  • 2 Video Cables with BNC Adapters
  • Mounting Hardware
  • IR Remote Controller with Batteries
  • 4 Window Warning Stickers
  • Instruction Manual & Software CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Kevin Stenhouse - [email protected] February 9, 2016

    System is exactly as advertised, and works perfect. Only issue I had upon setting the system up, was the video cable provided had the wrong end on it, in order for me to feed the video from the receiver into my monitor, so I had to go and purchase a different cable

    Bea February 6, 2016

    happy with purchase and price

    Herb November 30, 2015

    Well I bought the wireless system, however I wish I purchased the wired type of security system. I still had to run electric power to the camera's so I just would have been better off running camera cable. I have four camera's, backyard, 2 on the side and one in front of my home. They are clear and the night vision is good also. My problem is, all my camera's are within 45 ft. of my receiver's and two work as they should but one has a more than normal delay and the last one has a lot more delay and go off quite often from not getting the signal to the receiver. The two that have the delay are just across the garage, at each corner, from the receiver's. If I had purchased the wired system I don't think I would be having this problem. Example of the delay. My wife entering in our home from outside the garage and she is all the way in our home and she still showing on the camera outside.
    I'm not happy but I'm stuck with it. I had a wired system in a business and it was perfect. This one? Like I said, not happy. The neighbor is wanting to see it, but I'm embarrassed to show it with the camera delays.

    Carolyn November 30, 2015

    I added cameras to my system with on problem,very easy to configure.

    jessbff November 30, 2015

    We bought these to add to the DVR camera set that we bought

    jvar2992 November 30, 2015

    this system is good but not great the picture has no hd witch all wireless systems now have....also my main camera has to be reset every now and then or else the video will freeze ,not good

    Kenneth November 30, 2015

    Advertising & specifications indicates a wireless range of 1000ft or 750ft or 400ft or 150ft. Seems more like 100ft wireless range. Installed 2 cameras one works off and on the other not at all. The cameras are located within 5 foot of each other looking different directions. The wired system works great, seems like Defender needs to get its act together on wireless. I have already had to tell a friend not to buy the Defender Wireless system.

    Naenae November 30, 2015

    I was given these cameras as a Christmas gift. Good viewing. Range not so good. Had to run wire to connect to a source of eleu, closer to the camera. Further away the wiring from the camera, no signal at all. Also, one camera just refused to work at all. No signal from the camera at all. Overall, I like the cameras and would recommend.

    DaveP November 30, 2015

    Excellent wireless camera. Very clear and easy to install and set up

    Dooman November 30, 2015

    I currently own a garage door business and we install camera systems through another company that cost 10 times what the defender unit cost and we receive the same results with the defender for a fraction of the cost. This unit is awesome and Sarah in cust. service is great.

    Roger November 30, 2015

    CWD is very good at taking care of problems . I have had great service from them & my system is working great. I also may purchase more cameras to boost my system.
    Thank You for all f your help.

    Sad Sack November 30, 2015

    I purchased the 21145 Camera because when a recent theft occured in my neighborhood, the camera that I had at the time did not pick up the individuals that were responsible.
    The 21145 gives me the extended range I needed earlier. But now I'm ready.

    Steven November 30, 2015

    The cameras are great. They are easy to install they have fast shipping and the night vision works great

    Installer November 30, 2015

    I added this camera thinking it would cover a single room but with only 60 degree coverage I'll need another camera. Overall nice durable camera and easy to install.

    miholo November 30, 2015

    Its great to be able to view whats going on at home right from your phone!!!!!! Set up was really easy, and the picture quality is really good. Definately worth the $$$$$$.

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