LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

with HDMI, Battery, Speaker, 60” Display (PP60)

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JP B December 20, 2022

Expect to turn the lights off or have people complain that they can't see what's happening. I see it fine. Note that there's volume, 0-10, on/off and a focus dial and no other buttons. Get an external speaker, Roku stick or something similar, and you have a smart projector that makes no fan noise!

Maggie December 7, 2022

Great for cookie decorating

Sienna r November 14, 2022

Love the fact that it can be used as close as 12 inches to the surface where it projects. Would definitely buy again if needed.

Kristen H October 22, 2022

I use this for my cookie decorating and I find it is much better than more expensive units. Easy to set up and use. Great clear picture.

Syed T October 13, 2022

Wow product

Bonnie H October 6, 2022

Artist use. Blows up nicely for small scale art. Nothing beyond 4x3' I would say.

Aneeqa October 3, 2022


Eve September 27, 2022

I tried this for about 2-3 weeks and wasn't worth it. When connecting it to your phone or laptop to stream Netflix or Hulu it simply wouldn't work and I would get a cord compatibility error, even after purchasing additional cords. It works great for casting simple things on your home screen and YouTube videos worked fine, but once it was time to watch a show on YouTube it didn't work no matter how many times I reset it by unplugging and restarting my phone. Even downloaded the app & I would consider myself very experienced with tech.

Joseph E August 24, 2022

This projector works well for my current needs.

slc August 9, 2022

The product came in one day as promised. it is the tiniest projector I have ever seen. it does everything that the description said it would do. I am using it for art purposes . I am so pleased because it is extremely easy to use. you literally just plug it in and it works. it seems to be quality built; doesn't feel cheesy at all.

Laurie August 9, 2022

I bought this to trace pictures and it would not stay in focus. I never tried to play a movie on it because that is not what I bought it for

Amazon Customer June 30, 2022

I'm happy with the product. The cords are a bit short for what I am using it for (to project onto my cookies). I could use a shorter stand, I guess, but it probably would get in the way of icing...so I just put my laptop on a box and it works fine. I would prefer to use it with my phone, but it doesn't come with the right cable. That's just a minor thing. I could always go buy a cable..haha. but it works just as well with my laptop, so it's fine.

B. R April 19, 2022

I purchased the item for an art piece in an enclosed space . it is perfect. I wouldn't use it outdoor unless it is very dark. I must admit that for the size (it is very tiny and super light, and it doesn't overheat!) it is an amazing piece of technology. very happy!

Ross B April 9, 2022

I wanted to have something that would show iphone pictures larger to a small group of people and this device works well. Haven't tried it with other media.

johnandjess02 March 23, 2022

The reviews said it would work with my galaxy phone, it did not!... I charged it over night then it died after about 20 minutes

Jayne A March 3, 2022

It won't hold a charge, and won't connect to HDMII'll be contacting Magnasonic for a replacement through warranty.

Monika March 1, 2022

Using this for cake and (soon) cookie decorating. Definitely need a longer charger cable but I have lots of those lying around. I picked up a USBC HDMI cable to project my phone screen and it worked well. Watch the price on it, pretty big changes there

Patrick January 24, 2022

Probably the smallest projector I've ever seen. Ultra-lightweight and surprisingly sharp picture at the right distance. Could be a tick brighter for my taste and usage preferences, but can certainly recommend it for anyone on the go wanting to project from phone or laptop. Works best when projected onto the walls of a dark room.

Buyalot January 19, 2022

No more Camera Lucida App for me. This projector is a game changer and I should have purchased it long ago!!

Kindle Customer September 11, 2021

Cake decorating

Amazon Customer August 1, 2021

...appropriate for a sombre or dark area/room

Amazon Customer December 15, 2020

Good for family use and small, dark spaces. SOmetimes hard to focus. Product is extremely compact, the size of a iphone approximately! Overall - excellent product for the price range and size

Gary J November 30, 2020

This is a very nice little short-throw projector for transferring a sketch or outline to canvass, which is just what I purchased it for.

Cheryl May 14, 2020

This product Is the best thing I've purchased for doing sugar cookie decorations it's made my life much easier it's fabulous

andrew March 28, 2020

This item is absolutely terrible. I tried hooking my cell phone up to it via an HDMI to USB C and it was not supported....i absolutely regret not spending the extra money on a good micro projector.

Naren t March 25, 2020

Portable but it is too small for teaching. It is only for family.

James V. March 23, 2020 Ontario, Canada

I love this little projector - I was hesitant at first- looking at the specs, but when I turned it on, I was shocked - very clear image ! Now, I don't intend to use it to watch movies or games, my intention is to use it as an art projecor.

Barbara w March 13, 2020

So convenient!

Davebraun March 8, 2020

Unbelievable value, I believe the price for this product is now triple what I paid

Meghan E February 26, 2020

Does a wonderful job, and holds a great charge. Charge it from the time you open it like it recommends. I did have to purchase the apple HDMI adaptor (did not work with an off brand one), but the picture is super clear and its a great projector.

Ronald R February 10, 2020

Gave it 3 stars because it didn't come with a charging adaptor.

RHK February 9, 2020

Got this for sales trips, where mounted projectors are not always available. This is smaller than a cell phone and simple to use. Turn the switch "on" and connect into an HMDI port. It'll project within seconds. You can connect to an iPhone with an adapter. Only a few limitations: (1) Adjusting projection size is limited to how far it is from the projection screen/wall. (2) Not as bright as larger projectors, but adequate with lights off.Your going to be disappointed if you expect the same quality and performance as a $500 projector that's the size of a 90's phone book.

J E January 18, 2020

Great for family movie night while traveling

Francisco g January 7, 2020

on personal note:it's a nice toy i love how small and lightweight it really isthe picture is adequate for moviesThe only flaw to buying this is:no USB port to connect External hard drive directlyOverall I give this projector 3 starsPS: if your upgrade includes USB port and remains as small i would purchase it againbut for now i must return this unit for it has no use without USB sorry

Lorra570 August 27, 2019

Terrible never worked from day one out of the box would not even take a charge

Ryan L August 23, 2019

Very good compact protector with good battery life.

Shirley A August 12, 2019

This is a very compact projector with good battery life and fair picture quality. It works best in a completely dark room.

Virginia d August 3, 2019

Es u. Super artículo lo recomiendo fácil de usar y una super potente imagen de calidad.

Allen R July 26, 2019

This overpriced piece of crap is only compatible with Apple phones. If you are an Android person like I am you should look into the apeman mini projector. Similar in design and size, it cost more. But unlike this worthless piece of crap it is compatible with Android devices.

Fong y July 18, 2019

It says that it’s chargeable but doesn’t work unless it’s plugged in. Had plugged in overnight and doesn’t change.

Kellie P July 18, 2019

Easy to use and perfect for camping!!

linda p July 11, 2019

Great little projector. A bit difficult to set up with the cords necessary to make it work. Overall, i love it.

Jim K June 27, 2019

This is a waste of money used once and returned

dC May 13, 2019

Fácil de usar y conecta, con buena calidad de imagen y muy practico para el transporte. Se puede utilizar conectando la energía a la PC, sin necesidad de la batería.

Amazon Customer May 3, 2019

I love this. It had made my cookie decorating look professionally done!!!

Chaim L March 6, 2019

Not enough lumens to be able to project a clear picture! Too bad it looked good size wise

Lindsey b January 26, 2019

This is s great little projector! It hooks up easily to our iPhone to play videos. The pictur is very clear.

Dr P December 24, 2018

I like it small compact great for traveling

Zeotrope December 10, 2018

Provides enjoyment for our family movie night!

Amazon Customer December 5, 2018

I see a bunch of negative reviews on here around picture quality and connectivity. I’m pretty much scratching my head at these because this projector far exceeded my expectations. I thought that this would be a nice item to have when traveling in order to show training materials and such to remote employees and vendors, which it worked great for as long as you remembered that this is a $150 projector and that the room needs to be dark for finite details to show. Upon receiving it I got everything hooked up to my iPhone and threw Netflix up on a wall.... I was astonished at the picture quality, even though I was WAY over the max recommended size! The wall I used is a good 16 feet long and 8 feet tall! Movie night at the house is much better now!! Make sure you use an external speaker as the onboard one just isn’t loud enough, for me anyway...

ROBERTO J December 1, 2018

muy compacto y practico para transportarlo, se mira muy bien y el sonido muy claro y fuertey si lorecomiendo

James November 19, 2018

Perfect for travel. It small, rechargeable, and really cool. I used this while i was visiting my mother. There wasn't a TV in her guest room, and i gotta stream my shows. So i set this up on the floor and projected it to the wall.

Brianna B November 16, 2018

Works exactly how I want it to. Needs to be in a darker room, but most projectors do. Works just fine with my Chromecast, Xbox and laptop computer. Admittedly I haven't tried it with my phone because my phone doesn't have micro HDMI or MHL function. It says the max is 60' but I've found it works just fine at larger sizes as well. Highly recommend!

D. L October 8, 2018

The detail product says “up to 1080p resolution”, wrong, barely does 720p, tried to use it with a PS4, can’t get more than 720p, is not a bad product considering the price, i’m surprise about the battery life, sound is what you can expect from a small device like this, if you want it to use here and there is ok, definitely not for daily use, performs better in a dark room, even indirect light can affect it. If you have some extra $$ go for somethinf with more cache

Brenda C October 6, 2018

The projector is so tiny and awesome! It is so easy to carry in a pocket. The pictures are so clear. It looks good with point power. It works very well with MacBook Air as long as it has HMDI. I have two MacBook Air. One doesn't have HMDI and another does. Also it is necessary to buy HDMI Adaptor if you want to use iPhone or iPad. It also works great with iPhone and iPad. The pictures are very beautiful.The disadvantage is that a room has to be absolutely dark in order to see the picture clearly. Also the bigger picture becomes, it becomes more blurry.The projector is still new to me and I am still experimenting it.

Tyler L September 18, 2018

Worked literally 5 mins shut off and wouldn’t turn back on

Sadie J September 18, 2018

Neat compact and very portable.

Amazon Customer September 16, 2018

Works very well and as advertised. Brought it to a house party over the weekend and displayed a nice HD picture with its little tripod, adequate sound and very intuitive/easy set up. Only downside was it didn’t seem like it could charge at the same rate as it worked so it ran out of battery occasionally even while plugged in and projecting but this is only after hours of use.

Daniel P September 4, 2018

Very good, the size is amazing, and very clear picture, is perfect for camping or any outside activity, totally recommend

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