Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging

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Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging

for Smartphones, Auto Dimming, Dual Gradual Wake Alarm, Battery Backup - Black (CR63)

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Ed December 24, 2021 Ontario, Canada

I like nearly all the features of this clock except the display is way too dark. At it's brightest setting it can be seen at night but not in a brightly lit room in the daytime.

Linda B July 29, 2021

It took me two times with the alarm clock to learn how to set it. You also have to pick a day for the alarm to work, like Mon, Tues, Wed, etc. Now I'm happy with it. It also has a unique dimmer. You can choose high light, low light or no light. That's right, nothing at all will shine if you don't want to see the time at all. I kiinda want to know what time I wake up during the night sometimes. It's also smaller than all the clocks I've used, so it takes up a small space on the night stand.

betty July 25, 2021

works amazing,,,,,,,, just right

P. M July 10, 2021

Even set to the highest brightness level, the display is dim and not visible at all when viewing from some angles. I liked the features of this device, but the visibility issues render it effectively useless.

KC June 29, 2021

Great clock radio

Rachel D June 16, 2021 Michigan, United States

This is a great alarm clock. I really like the display and not have glaring red, green or blue colors staring at me in the face. I also like that the internal battery can be replaced. This wasn't so in a previous brand I used as time was being lost almost immediately after purchasing a different brand. I appreciate being able to adjust the starting volume of the alarm clock. I can't stand the ones that punch you in the face upon wake up (LOUD). I can set the alarm for just the weekdays which is convenient. Very happy with this purchase and I'm glad I went direct to manufacturer for purchasing. Very nice people at Magnasonic.

Myrddin R June 13, 2021

I'm a fan of the design aesthetic of this clock and will probably use it for a long time.I don't expect super audio from a small radio alarm clock or I'd have purchased something more along those considerations. This may only be the one I have but, it does not get very bright. Mine's not even as bright as the one pictured but, I can see it in a darkened room and unlike the last couple I've had.. I don't have to put something over it because it's dimmest is too bright to sleep by. The design is very clean and has a modern retro Black & White CRT feel to it though it's LCD. I had hoped for more dynamic dimming range from somewhat brighter down to maybe as dim as the one I have's brightest. Still, it does the job and looks good doing it. I have no real complaints with it as a bedside alarm clock radio.And, it's still pretty slick with it's clean lines and design.

Larry h May 18, 2021

Easy to read

Аmazon C May 14, 2021

This item is elegant, of excellent quality, price point, workmanship and is functional as described. I am very happy with my purchase.

WayLin April 16, 2021

I bought this clock 4 months ago, now the display is so dim you cannot see it in the daytime and can barely see it at night, even with the display set to 'Hi' Disappointed because I have missed the return window by less than a month.

B April 15, 2021

I purchased the CR63 version of the alarm clock with the black background.Mangnasonic claims the clock has automatic time set - it does not. It is set from the factory to something close to the correct time, but not the actual correct time. I assume in China they use the 'the sun is approx. overhead, so it must be noon' time standard. There is no automatic time setting feature.Frustration-free operation - Not even close. You must make sure you watch the display when turning on the alarm. It is way too easy for the slide button that turns on the alarm to go too far and go into set mode. Set mode should have been the first click on the slide button not the last.Ideal visibility - Nope, they fail on this one too. The display is tilted back. If you look at the display at an angle perpendicular to the display or above it appears okay. But when lying in bed and because the display is tilted back, the display appears to be blank.The alarm is stupid. Instead of having an assenting volume alarm, the start with a beep followed by a longer pause. About 10 seconds later it turns to beep beep followed by a shorter pause. They keep adding a beep unit there is no pause. The volume of the alarm stays constant. The alarm disable button is on top with the snooze button, so it is easy to disable the alarm instead of snooze. When setting the alarm, it defaults to M-F instead of everyday. If you aren’t paying attention when setting an alarm, you may wake up late on a weekend.Radio reception is poor even with the wire antenna stretched out.The only thing I like about this alarm clock is way the information is displayed. I really like seeing the time the alarm is set without having to push a button.With so many bad decisions in the design of this alarm clock and the dishonest claims, I would recommend never buying anything with the Mangnasonic name on it.

Peter M April 14, 2021

Love the clock, however setting the alarm and having to do it every day by changing the calendar day is a bit of a nuisance. Would not purchase again.

Amazon Customer April 2, 2021

I like that it is small and doesn't take up much room. Numbers are bright and easy to readLove the day light savings option .

Tom March 23, 2021

Very happy with the auto-dim feature that dims the display when ambient lighting is low and brightens the display when ambient lighting is bright. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the viewing angle is such that it is difficult to see the display if you are even slightly lower than the clock, such as when lying in bed with the clock on a night stand that is higher than the bed.

Spencer G March 23, 2021

My new phone didn't have 3rd party options and the ringers were not abrupt enough to wake me. This clock was an awesome solution. Very typical loud 'beep' noise which will wake anyone, as well as radio option. I use the radio as a soft wake up, and the loud beep as a failover. Comes with a battery pre-installed and works without the need of thinking. So all of your timezone settings and alarms stay set as you move the clock from power outlet to power outlet. Setting the timezone is not user friendly, but a relatively small hurdle. So it will do daylight savings for you, and you'll never sleep in.The Only con: The Auto-Dimming is completely useless on mine. Way too dark unless you are in pitch black. So you have to keep it at a medium setting or so. If you need something that dims at night via a sensor this isn't a purchase for you.

ACV March 13, 2021

After 3 months of use the 2nd alarm stopped working. Very poor quality

Tom March 10, 2021

The physical size of the clock is good. The size of the display is fine but the clock cannot be read in any sunny environment. I am not able to read the time in morning hours. Very disappointed, I’m looking for a replacement.

Amazon Customer March 5, 2021


Virginian March 3, 2021

Clock is a misery to set. I hate that it has days of the week because it's so easy to forget to check that. Think very carefully before you it's more an electronic gadget than a clock.

Raymond S February 24, 2021

liked the auto dim feature for night time sleep, also liked that alarm off for weekend is automatic . Dislike I have 1ST alarm set for 6 am and the 2ND set for 630 am and there is a a time delay for radio to reach the preset volume . Overall very pleased with the unit

Amazon Customer February 20, 2021

Great product

Amazon Customer February 17, 2021

Disappointed with radio reception. Not good at all, very staticy

Dee B February 4, 2021

This radio can be set very bright & can easily be seen. The radio quality is just ok and there is no sleep timer.

Amazon Customer February 1, 2021

Seems to suit my needs but wish there was a manual included. Have searched on line and found some pages that have helped. Still not sure of all functions.

Am_Still_Standin January 31, 2021

This clock was returned as I evidently mistakenly thought it was the one that projected time onto ceiling

Jim September 27, 2020

This is really nice. It sets itself. Display is the perfect night light. Date/time show. I love it.

C. A September 21, 2020

Clock is a clock after all. The radio is fine. However, it's not very bright, even at it's brightest setting. I can hardly see the time during the daytime.

Martin L September 11, 2020

Great alarm clock. I like how alarm can be set for M-F., Keeps the time and has battery backup.If I could change some things; the auto dimming is too low at night and not bright enough during the day. Also on the arm when set to radio mode, it stays on for 30 min, I personally would like to see this a stable time.

JeNean E September 9, 2020

The brightness can be adjusted and the numbers are easy to read. The clock was easy to set up. My main complaint is that the quality of the AM radio is terrible. I almost returned the product, but I’m putting up with it.

Ron September 1, 2020

Radio is easy to use, clock is easy to see.

Richard S August 27, 2020

The nighttime clock is very hard to read. Daytime is very readable

Ray M August 18, 2020

This might seem silly... but I wanted a 24 Hour time alarm clock because of this stupid thing that occasionally happens to me: When I need to get up early and it's late at night, I'm tired, and I'm setting the alarm... say for 6 AM and it never went off because a little dot in some corner of the display that was unlabeled is indicating PM? Now when I want 06:00 I know it's not 18:00 because the difference is obvious! I also like the wake up volume and the sleep volume at different levels.... This alarm clock has everything I like. The Dual alarm is great, you can set them both, one to wake to the radio and the second one 15 minutes later to the beeper in case the first alarm didn't wake you up. The only thing I wished were better, but considering all the fantastic features of this clock it is very a small complaint, but I wish that the snooze bar didn't adjust the display brightness, I press it by accident when I thought I was turning on the radio (the buttons on the top are close together and in the dark you could mistake them, I do it every time!)... but it's not a problem to adjust it back to AUTO again.

glenda August 17, 2020

Exactly what I was looking for. I wasn’t a fan of the auto dimmer at first but that can be changed manually & to my surprise it’s actually quite east to read at night.

Everett E August 16, 2020

For the cost a nice bedside clock

wspi August 13, 2020

Does the job. Simple to use.

Cynthia T August 10, 2020

I bought this item in 2019 and it worked great. It was the best clock radio I ever had and I am a senior citizen. Last week the time was not right. So I ordered another one but when it was delivered the time was 2 minutes slow. Amazon sent me a replacement and that one was 3 minutes slow. So I am sending them back and I already ordered a different brand of clock radio. Hopefully all will be well and when it arrives.

Anthony August 10, 2020

The clock was good had it for 6 months and now the alarm do not work . I set it for one alarm and tried the second alarm still do not work. Everything ,but the alarm work

Jerad H July 29, 2020

The clock works great for all purposes, except the auto-brightness feature doesn't leave the screen bright enough. During the day, it is hard to read, and even at night, it's too dim. Fortunately, the brightness is controlled using the Snooze button, so it's easy to change if it's too bright at night.

C. C July 26, 2020

Alarms didn't work after 1 day. Sent back.

Rose M July 25, 2020

8o year old found it easy to set up! Great little clock radio!

Carla H July 20, 2020

Small Radio for office. Sound quality is bad and very low and can' t catch a single channel. I have had other radios in this office and caught several cannels.

Ali Y July 18, 2020

I love it. Perfect friend of the night

Beana July 16, 2020

This alarm is so very bright, so I set it on Auto and you cannot see the time at night. So, I set it on Lo and you still cannot see the time at night. I have to buy a different alarm for my room and will put this in the spare room.

TrudySATX July 15, 2020

The sound is very "tinny" and shallow and the volume is erratic . Unable to use it in bedroom for listening to news.

TerryG July 8, 2020

I really like the features such as changing alarm times, alarm volume, day set, etc.What I do not like is the display. At night I like my room to be dark, which is not possible if I choose to leave the clocks display on. The contrast between the time and screen itself is poor. In order to see the time you need to set the display on high, which emits way too much light. If the display is set on low the time cannot be seen due to poor contrast.

Deborah S June 3, 2020

We were very pleased with Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio. We like everything about until 2 days ago. I purchased this clock radio as a birthday present for my husband. We have only been using it for 3 weeks. 2 days ago the radio just stopped working. We have tired everything that we can think of why it no longer works. It's 3 days past the time we can return. I guess we will get out the 40 year old alarm clock radio and start using again. I do wish I could get a replacement or a refund.

Amazon Customer May 20, 2020

Good alarm clock has all the features I wanted

Tom April 11, 2020

The display dims well enough for sleeping but brightens up in the daylight to be easily read. The USB port is a plus and the radio gets great reception and sounds very good for a clock radio.

Amy April 5, 2020

We used this to replace our radio alarm clock that quit working.

EMM March 10, 2020

This clock is set by choosing your time zone from a list built into the device which sounds like a great thing except the time is not accurate! Granted it's only two minutes slow but it's extremely irritating. Also, the back light set at the lowest setting is still very bright at night especially considering that you need to have the clock face straight on your face to read the time at night. I would not buy this clock radio again.

Epicbloodline March 10, 2020


j4dorski March 2, 2020

great product , easy to set up .

Hisign February 19, 2020

I enjoy this clock because I can dim the light down at night, and I can charge my phone from the port. It's great when the power goes out and comes back on that it automatically goes to the correct settings. I don't have to fool with anything. Just relax and enjoy the time.

Amazon Customer February 19, 2020

Best features are dimming brightness at night and the USB port to charge your phone. Easy to read.

manuel r February 10, 2020


Kathleen February 9, 2020

I really like this Alarm Clock Radio! It's compact with nice sound quality!

June B February 6, 2020

The sound and brightness are great but there's not enough contrast on the display for me to read the time without my glasses or contacts.

Buffalo L February 4, 2020

Cannot read display

John G January 27, 2020

To set the time could be easier.

Charles E January 23, 2020

Sound quality is good. Volume loudness is too low.

Susan V January 20, 2020

It seemed a little complicated to use at first, but we were able to set the alarms pretty quickly. My son likes that he can change the volume of the alarm, because he sometimes has a hard time waking up in the morning.

M. B January 5, 2020

Satisfied with product.

Tina V September 27, 2019

Works great.

Bob M September 14, 2019

I got this clock radio as a replacement for a Sony unit that got knocked off the nightstand one too many times, and I'm happy with the purchase. The footprint of this unit is a bit narrower, so it's less likely to be bumped in the night while reaching for a kleenex, and it has a bit more heft to it compared to the late Sony.I'm no expert, but I don't think the Magnasonc clock radio will win any awards for 'Best Sound Quality' or 'Most Sensitive Tuner'. But for my purposes, the sound quality and tuner sensitivity are more than adequate for the purposes of waking me up every morning and whatever occasional more extended listening I might do. Actually, both are quite good, in my opinion, given the price point.I find the larger digital display clear and easy to read without my glasses, and there's enough adjustability of display brightness to avoid an overwhelming 'beacon' effect in a darkened room.The unit arrive with the correct time already set, and the rest of the setup was easy enough, after a quick read through the included directions.If you need a compact, reasonably-priced clock radio with some useful 'extra' features thrown in, this unit deserves your consideration.

R. P September 11, 2019

Easy to set time and alarms. Choice of brightness and able to charge cell phone via USB connection. Highly recommend this alarm clock.

K. A September 5, 2019

I was hoping that the clock radio had a sleep function but unfortunately this one does not.

Joseph R September 4, 2019

For my purposes this is the perfect alarm clock.

M. T September 4, 2019

It’s everything I wanted in an alarm clocks; it works like a charm!

Richard B August 31, 2019

This is a great clock radio. Good reception in marginal conditions. Lots of features.

Lisa August 22, 2019

This is probably one of the easiest alarm clocks I have ever had. Just plug it in & select your time zone & it sets itself for the correct time. Easy to set the alarm for the same time every weekday! I like that I do not have to remember to turn on the alarm every night - it goes off Mon-Fri morning right on time & stays quiet on the weekend! The dimmable display is nice - I use it on Hi while I read my kindle before bed then tap it down to Low for sleeping.

Neil S August 19, 2019 Massachusetts, United States

My radio arrived with one of the buttons defective. Not a big problem, but I asked for a refund instead of a replacement because I didn't like the way the unit slid around on my nightstand. This made any adjustment a two-handed operation. They need to make the "feet" on the bottom of a "stickier" material or add some more weight to the unit. BTW, excellent customer service in handling the return.

Joan A August 18, 2019

The alarms don't work...

Caprice B August 17, 2019

This alarm clock is perfect. I love that the brightness can be completely turned off during the night. I also love that it can be programmed to not go off on the weekends! So glad I bought this!

H. D August 13, 2019

Purchased as bedside clock, set up was very easy & battery back up when electricity goes off is great. Only issue I find is the brightness selections Hi is good for daytime however nighttime the Low1 level much light & Low2 level is too dim, possibly a Set Level where only the Time Digits light up and not the background would be better for night time use. All in all a nice clock.

Amazon Customer August 12, 2019


Karla C August 11, 2019

Looks great

patricia m August 6, 2019

This clock is horrible. You can't see the numbers in the day or night unless you get really close to it. I don't like the light at night so I thought this would be good but you can't see it at all.The alarm is like a ticking... just not good.

Mary B August 1, 2019

The buzz alarm is not loud enough.

Leigh C July 23, 2019

Will not pick up my favorite station, although all the other radios in my house do.

Katherine T July 14, 2019

This is a nice clock with good readability from across the room The auto-dimming seems to work well, though I haven't been in the room with it with all lights off. Nor have I used the gradual wake-up feature (but I like the idea!)

steve s July 8, 2019

Indeed, the display is odd as many of the other comments said, but what I can't stand the DAY (MON TUE, etc.) info is very tiny, and unacceptable a for bedside clock, when you're not wearing glasses.Big plus: time/date is set just plugging it in. But still returned it.

Charles S June 25, 2019

This could be a nice alarm clock/radio. I fond the display brightness to be a serious problem. It provides settings for Off, Auto Brightness and Full-On. When the room is dark, the display is much too bright, lights the whole room. When in Dim, it's barely readable. The Alarm sound is not adjustable and is too low. Wouldn't wake a sleeping cat. All is not lost, I use the radio setting. The FM radio seems to be good. Retrieves all the local stations.

Bonsaial June 22, 2019

VERY disappointed! From the very beginning, the Auto Time Set never worked. The other day, the alarm rang 15 minutes late. Today, the alarm did not work at all! It will be replaced with another product by another manufacturer.

Ed M June 20, 2019

Little dim and not very loud but still wakes me up. Auto display isn’t for me so I just use a low setting.

Robert M June 10, 2019

Nice looking, nice adjustment on brightness and radio is as good as you can expect from an alarm clock. Alarm goes off with enough to wake you but not enough to make you fall out of bed. Only thing I would change is add one more brightness level between dim and low.

Quality S May 30, 2019

The numbers are large and easy to read even from across the room. We like that it is bright at night but can be dimmed if less light is preferred. We don’t usually get good radio reception at our location but with this radio, even the little local station comes through loud and clear. We’re very pleased with our purchase.

ShelleeGee May 29, 2019

I like everything about this clock

Sandy May 25, 2019

I never could set the time zone so had to set manually. Really dim at night, but ok. Radio is what you would expect at this price, I didn’t buy it for the radio.

E. W May 21, 2019

I bought this alarm clock to replace a very old dual alarm clock for myhusband and I. The dual alarm is a must, and I thought the large display would be beneficial for him, since he has trouble seeing the clock from where he sleeps.Well. The clock is decent. The display is a little bright- if it's turned down to a lower setting it's difficult to read the numbers. Setting the clock and alarm is very easy, and I appreciate that I can see with a glance at the screen that both of our alarms are set. HOWEVER, and this is a big one, when you set your alarm, you're not just choosing a time to wake, but also a DAY to wake. You can set the alarm to work daily, during the work week only, or during the weekend only. This day selection cannot be disabled and I greatly dislike it. We want an alarm clock in our room to keep our phones out of the bedroom, and now after having missed an alarm once or twice because it was accidentally set to the wrong day, we find ourselves taking our phones as back-ups. Kind of defeats the purpose of the alarm clock!I doubt I'll send it back, but I'm looking for one without the day setting feature. It makes this alarm clock unreliable.

susie May 19, 2019

bedside clock radio usb port

WJ K May 19, 2019

Night stand clock radio works good

esp3louis May 18, 2019

It’s just what I was looking for, for the money spent that is. Sure, there are far better alarms out there with way more features but this little thing has plenty of toys and whistles for the buck. If the featured features are enough for you, you can’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Dennis, L May 15, 2019 Colorado, United States

Easy to setup. Easy to purchase. Reasonable price. Nice large display. I have no need for the USB charging so I cannot comment on that function.

Melanie J May 15, 2019

Came today, and I'm so excited to use it... BUT it's not WORKING!!!! Pls send me a new one!

Darryl M May 12, 2019

Overall I love the clock. It is super easy to set everything. My only negative is the brightness at night. The dimmer settings dim the whole display however the numbers seem to get dimmer than the rest of the back ground making it difficult to read even at night. The auto dimming setting doesn’t seem to work at all. When I set it to auto it’s always hard to read.

Lisa B May 9, 2019

Very pleased with this clock radio alarm! The sound is much better than I hoped for. The 2 alarm feature is very nice; most days I need to be at work at 6:45am, but two days I go in for 8:00. Having 2 alarms really facilitates that -my old clock radio I would need to change the alarm by day. I've had it for 4 days, have not read the manual yet, so have not played with the brightness - there might be something there that I have not seen. Overall couldn't be happier!!

John G. May 8, 2019 Ontario, Canada

Well so far so good! But I must admit I bought the clock radio mainly for the display so I could see what time it was in the middle of the night. I haven't even tried the clock radio but I'm sure it works. Unfortunately I didn't realize that some of the radios offer the temperature as well so in that respect I regret I didn't do an upgrade.

jeepe May 8, 2019

The dimmer works, but is still too bright in its dimmest setting (display off works) - I like my room very dark when I sleep. Having some issues with setting the alarm day and having it stay. It set okay the fist time, but now seems to be stuck in that single day and will not let me change, add multiple days, etc. I think this is going to have to go back to Amazon.

Marcos May 6, 2019


MQSTL May 4, 2019

Easy to use. I definitely recommend.

Leon T April 30, 2019 North Carolina, United States

From the advertising pictures I was expecting a larger clock radio. Although the sound could be a little louder and better it still works well.

Nick L April 25, 2019

Great alarm clock. Met all expectations. Cool features.

Jennifer April 22, 2019

I ordered this alarm clock and within a few weeks the alarms (both of them) stopped working. I see t it back and ordered a replacement. The replacement was losing time. Over the course of a few weeks the clock ended up 7 minutes slow. I sent the replacement back as well.

Richard L April 16, 2019

looking for a clock that sets its, this one works pretty well

John C April 15, 2019

Was hoping for something loud and strident to wake up our teenage son. This ain't it. The beeping alarm is tinny; music playback quality is trash.

Jade April 9, 2019

No more sleeping in and shutting off my alarm. I love the gradual alarm. I wake much better now!

KeithM April 1, 2019

Great basic alarm clock radio. If you are looking for great sound, this is not for you but if you want a good looking non overbearing display, this is for you

Amazon Customer April 1, 2019

The red numbers to display time are too light. I could not see what time it was unless I turned a light on in the room.

Shishibeach March 31, 2019

Automatically knows the correct time from the first time you plug it in. Daylight savings time - auto change. Power outage? auto correct when power comes back on. Two alarms; one you can leave set for Monday thru Friday and it automatically goes off those days and NOT on the weekend which is perfect for me. The alarm (or radio) starts quiet and gradually gets louder which is great. The second can be used for other days/times as needed.The quality of the sound: Holy moly it's bad. Like SUPER bad. Weak and tinny sounding. Don't plan on using this as the radio part of a clock/radio. I have the alarm on radio and starts out really quiet, so I can shut it off or snooze it before it gets loud enough to annoy me.

Y H March 30, 2019


Lauren G March 30, 2019

I read all the reviews, and took that into consideration when ordering this clock radio. I'm very easily disturbed by light during the night, so the low light factor on the automatic setting is fine for me. I was also expecting problems with the set up according to the reviews, but it basically sets up itself. It's already set for the Eastern Time zone and you just press through the buttons to select the time, and the date, which was already in there. I just had to keep pressing set until I got through the whole thing. Very easy setup. The alarm is easy to set and to use as well. I wake to music, and it just gradually gets a little louder, which I think is great as well. Glad I made this purchase.

J. C March 28, 2019

The Magnasonic Alarm Clock delivers just the level of performance I expected. It's nice to have a digital tuner for the radio at this price, along with a wire antenna that works fine in giving placement options where the antenna position is the difference in what station you're going to hear in a crowded signal band area.I also like the gradual wake up alarm as it doesn't ping your startle senses first thing in the morning. The USB charging port is a nice to have add-on... this radio is a tremendous bargain it its current price!

Amazon Customer March 27, 2019

all the features are good and what I was looking for.

Raleightom March 23, 2019 North Carolina, United States

Just received. Early review!
Mine came pre-setup with battery active.
Went through setup procedure, just to be certain all worked. It did !
I am autistic & chronic complainer ! I have searched & searched and have found nothing to complain about.
The shipping was fast. The packaging was superb. The item was just as described on the Magnasonic web site. I got a good price at less than $15 (Guessing with discount and battery active; that it has been used - tested pre-sale to me).
I found all the details I needed pre-sale via the Manual pdf file on this web site.
This replaces a 20 year old alarm clock with fading sound, along with a very old, beat up many band (TV no longer functional) radio that has troubles with my favorite FM station Friday until Monday at during nighttime. Guessing they cut back power at station during those hours. Think it requires 6 type C batteries when power is off. That power outage radio function I will miss. Otherwise this Magnasonic replaces the functions of that pair that I used most and provides some new functions..

Time will tell; but, out of the box, I am very pleased with price, quality and functionality.

MysteryPoodle March 16, 2019

Don't buy this clock. When there's light, it's perfectly possible to see the time, but at night, when most of us choose to have an alarm clock nearby, it is impossible to read the time since the light-colored numbers are displayed on an excessively illuminated face. I have to get about 3' away from the display to be able to make out the time, so, as soon as I can find a different dual alarm clock, this one is going in the trash.Otherwise, it's very full-featured and very programmable. The radio seems to work well even though we live way out in the boonies and often have reception issues. It was easy to set up and easy to learn to turn off. If it only told time...!

Michael J March 13, 2019

Mostly a good clock radio, only gripe is the auto dimming setting is still too bright at night, sits on night stand and I could almost read a book by the light. Tried darkening sticky contact paper but now its too dim and cant see the clock at all.

Victoria A March 7, 2019

The clock is easy to use, attractive, takes up very little space. I love the 2 alarms and the fact that I can adjust the sound to my liking not preset volumes.

NATHANIEL M February 27, 2019

The picture makes it look way better than it is. It's practically impossible to read even while close up, and when you adjust the brightness to fix that, it quickly reverts because of the auto dimming. Also automatically set itself 2 minutes fast. Not necessarily a problem if you are a consistently late person, but...I am not.

Amazon Customer February 23, 2019

This was exactly what I wanted and I love it. I read the bad reviews so I knew about the possible pitfalls. Yes, there is an external antenna but it's on my night table so it just hangs down the back. If you are putting it on a counter or such with no place to hide the antenna and it will bother you, be aware. It might work OK with the antenna twisted together behind the unit but that probably depends on the reception in your area. This is something the manufacturer and vendor should list on the description. The radio sound quality is not the greatest but is more than just OK, especially for a relatively inexpensive unit like this. Reception, by the way, is perfect - I get all my stations with no problem. On the other hand, I live in an urban area so I can't tell how it would work if it had to strain to reach a station. The time setting couldn't be easier, just set the time zone and everything else is automatic. Setting the station presets is a little more complicated but once you get the idea you can knock them off easily. As for the brightness, I just picked the setting that I can read in any light and it's fine, didn't bother with auto. Alarm setting is no problem, there are 2 of them with enough options for all but the pickiest people. Being able to set the alarm for weekdays only is a plus for me. The USB charger port is also good if like me you are limited with only two electric plugs nearby for lamp and clock. So for me it's really great, but there's always room for improvement. Manufacturer, are you reading the reviews? How about more gradings on the brightness setting? Tell us why an external antenna; does it improve reception? If not, how about making it internal. Can you display the station the radio is tuned to when it's on?

Uncle J February 17, 2019

A compact, convenient radio with a large easy to read display. AM/FM digital tuned radio with 10 presets and good sound quality. Alarms are easy to set and convenient to use.

John C February 9, 2019

Very inexpensive and the sound quality is poor. Got our money's worth I guess.

Lola February 7, 2019

I purchased this mainly for clock and alarm which are very satisfactory. I have not tried the radio. Pleased with the compact size. Very easy to set up. I would recommend.

C N February 1, 2019

Extremely happy with purchase of the Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio. The USB Charger is a plus which allows me to plug in my phone, and awaken w/it fully charged. Has a quality AM/FM stereo radio, and I prefer to wake-up by music rather than a harsh buzz or beeping sound of an alarm. The clear, auto dimming display with current mo/day/yr is a nice touch. In my opinion, this Magnasonic product has it ALL, and I would highly recommend it.

Jennifer E January 18, 2019

Slim, sleek design; radio quality is very clear; easy to use & set; always up to date with daylight savings time, power outages, etc. Best feature is the radio volume slowly increases to wake you comfortably. Automatic dimmer when lights go out.

Bob January 16, 2019

Having read other reviews, here is my experience and response to the others. Some complaints about hard to set. If you have set a digital clock before where you have to progress through the month, day, hour, minute, this is the same as any other. Not a big deal once you figure out where the buttons are - they're big & on the top so no problem. The radio is as good as a tiny radio with a tiny speaker can be I guess. Don't buy this for the radio. OK, but only good enough to wake up to. The brightness of the display could be an issue. If set on AUTO, then as the room brightens, the display does the same and vice versa. If the room is dim, then so is the display and can be hard to read from a distance. The HI is bright! The Low is OK during the day but can actually give a blue hue to the entire bedroom at night. Have settled on Low during the day and AUTO at night. If wasn't for the display brightness, it would get 5 stars.

Ken f January 15, 2019

Not very useful as an alarm clock, and the sound quality is so bad that it doesn't even make a good radio. It's just a clock at this point.

jeff January 13, 2019

Could have used a little more detailed user manual.

Isay Y January 13, 2019

On AUTO brightness Low brightness is too LOW

Julie P January 3, 2019

I was looking for an alarm clock to replace my phone. This alarm clock is perfect! The display makes it easy to tell what alarm is set. The auto dim and display off make the room dark for sleeping, but easy to adjust to see the time. Simple, intuitive, and a great replacement for my phone’s alarm clock.

DenAlex89 January 2, 2019

I like the auto dimmer on the display. It creates a soft light to see the time. Then during the day the display is brighter to see. The radio works well. I like the fact that it has 2 alarm settings. A bonus is that it has a USB slot so I can charge my phone next to the bed. You never have enough outlets to plug devices into.

Fred D January 1, 2019

Love it.

M. T December 27, 2018

Great clock for the price

ZeT December 20, 2018

It does what it needs to do also very fancy for the price!

Clell H December 19, 2018

Great clock. sets itself after you tell it the time zone you're in, two independent alarms, great light sensor to dim the clock to match ambient light. I just love it.

Amazon Customer December 19, 2018

The booklet is a bit overwhelming at first glance but it was easy to set up.

Debbie B December 8, 2018

So, first off, this came in a banged up box, with a crack in the bottom and the battery cover askew. Plugged it in, and it worked so decided to not mess with returning.I think the design of everything is great with this clock. I didn't need to read the instructions to figure out how to use it - super user friendly. My main complaint is for the volume of the radio. I have it turned down to 1, and it's still ridiculously loud. I'm going to try to muffle the sound by taping something over the speaker.The other issue I have is the USB is not a fast charging one. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice if it was.

BeverlyT R November 28, 2018

Complex set up. Sound quality was bad about 15 minutes of playing. Returned.

Kindle C November 8, 2018

Love the clock. Easy to use. The one thing I would change is the clock itself is backlit and even in the dim setting it’s too bright. There is an option to shut it off but then you cannot see the time at all.

Anne G November 7, 2018

A dear friend is mid-80's. A change of health status led to a change in living status. His life changed from structured, to unscripted, leading him to lose a sense of date and time, specifically after md-morning & afternoon naps. This item has allowed him to be re-oriented, with its hourly chimes and notification as to day, afternoon, evening. He can now glance at the clock for the answers instead of calling friends or feeling lost. It is an excellent tool!

reading.rainbow October 28, 2018

Works great. Easy to set up. Love the dim options. Has good retention.

Michael D October 19, 2018

Nice radio but too cheap and light weight.Can be pulled off night stand way to easy..just not worth the money.I do however like the usb charging port.

vn September 26, 2018

Really like it. Easy to use. Very good quality. I highly recommend this.

Susan S September 20, 2018

I purchased this clock radio, and I really liked the looks of it; however, the alarms flashed, but there was no sound. I am returning it and will buy a different brand.

Lee September 19, 2018

I really like this alarm clock with charging port. I’m now able to charge my iPhone and have my alarm clock together. It was easy to setup and it works well so far with no problems. Thanks!

Ben H September 1, 2018

Was advertised as having good AM reception. Did not perform as stated. Returned

Richard S August 17, 2018

I have received the RADIO,but have not used it yet. I thought the volume control switch was defective on my 15 year old clock radio. I was able to trouble shoot the problem and fix it. The radio is sounding GOOD now. Your radio is still sealed in the box. I guess I'll keep it as a spare or give it away as a gift. I would like to open it and see what it really looks like. THANK YOU. RICHARD SCOTT

Amigalander August 2, 2018

I think I checked every alarm clock made on earth until I found this one. I really like the design, the size, the button layout, the AM (thank you) and FM radio, and most importantly an ambient light-sensing auto-dimming / auto-brightness feature. Exactly what I wanted!! All those features are great! (Radio reception is another story).However, the display is HORRIBLE. It looks fine in the photos above, but that image must be fake. The backlight is a terrible idea. Why would you want a backlight that is so close in color to the text? There is virtually no contrast. Imagine reading dull gray-blue text on a dull blue background. Or don't imagine it, check out the photo. With the auto-dimming feature enabled (which has instantaneous response), the backlight is still too bright at night, but the text is too dim during either day or night. I have to stare at the display for a few seconds to make out the numbers. I just stopped looking at it because it's really not readable day or night.Great design, as long as you don't need to ever read the screen, this is a fine clock.

J. W July 6, 2018

Great overall alarm clock. - Verified Store

Chelsea M June 24, 2018

Works awesome! The only problem i had with it was that even the dimmest setting was still to bright. We cut and stuck a privacy screen over it to make it dimmer. I love the 2 diffrent alarms that can be set at the same time. - Verified Store

Tinagwen June 1, 2018

Nice alarm clock. The low setting for the visual display does make it a little difficult to see because the background contrast is not dark enough. The hi setting is too bright. I like the graduated alarm but I thought it would be sound increases. Instead it goes from one beep to two three four and a constant beep. - Verified Store

Some G May 9, 2018

FINALLY a nightstand clock that I can see in the dark but doesn't light up the whole room. I've been really frustrated by my options in the digital clock market. I've been searching for 'Dimmable' when I should have searched for 'Auto-dimming'.

Anyway end result is I can see what time it is in the middle of the night but I don't have any trouble sleeping because it's not lighting up my bedroom which is exactly what I was looking for. The display is large and easy to read the background light is just enough and as the room brightens so does the clock. Excellent visibility at all times. - Verified Store

Sylvie N May 4, 2018

Parfait sur toute la ligne. Luminosité qui s'ajuste selon la lumiere de la pièce. Très facile à programmer et bien plus encore ! - Verified Store

reset April 28, 2018

jle suis très content de mon achat - Verified Store

just m March 13, 2018

The clock looks nice and seems to keep time well. The alarm does work although having the alarm on/off button also be the set alarm button is a bit strange. I have always been able to move the alarm switch all the way one way for off and the opposite to turn it on. This one has off on one end and set on the opposite. When the alarm goes off it's not very loud (even on the loudest setting). My old alarm could've woke the neighborhood this one wouldn't wake the people in the next room. If your a heavy sleeper you could sleep thru it pretty easily. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 10, 2018

Excellent - Verified Store

Nelson March 6, 2018

Brisé après deux semaine. - Verified Store

harley k March 3, 2018

well built but
alarm stopped working after 2 tries - Verified Store

Bernie February 27, 2018

Lots of hype about features but it's literally useless. The dimmer function has settings for HI LOW and AUTO. LOW is so dim I cannot read the time. HI is so bright it lights the entire room and keeps my partner awake. If I had wanted a flashlight or lantern I would have ordered one. Since I can't keep it in the bedroom to use for its alarm functions and see the time it's useless to me.. - Verified Store

Vera February 21, 2018

Does what it is supposed to and is better than most in this price range. Easy to set up and reliable. Radio sound is bit tinny but I've heard worse. - Verified Store

Dorothy B February 19, 2018

I love the color of the numbers and it can be made very dim so it doesn't disturb my sleep. - Verified Store

Jim R February 19, 2018

The buttons and programming are very easy to figure out. The radio is nice and clear. The auto programming is nice as well. I have terrible eyes so I wanted something with big digits and the size is fine. The problem is it is almost impossible to read because the background and the digits are so close in color and contrast. You can read it if you turn that auto dim option off but then you have a beacon of light blasting the room when you are trying to sleep. - Verified Store

Force-1 February 18, 2018

Works as advertised. I like that I can leave the M-F alarm on all the time without having to turn it on each night. I wish I could default the sleep mode to 15 minutes instead of having to select it every night. Radio works fine. - Verified Store

David F February 4, 2018

Nice clock. Small and easy to use. Alarm Gradually gets louder which is a nice touch. Cord crapped out and stppoed working after a month though. - Verified Store

MsAdinah February 4, 2018

The ease of operating the radio. The small size doesn’t take up room on a small bedside table. - Verified Store

Keith B February 2, 2018

This Radio has some nice features and several drawbacks. It seems to suffer the fate of so many electronic devices these days in that it offers a slew of technical features without much thought for how or if users will actually use them.

One surprise when I received it was to find it had a 3’ FM antenna wire in addition to the electrical cord. This isn’t shown in the pictures above and doesn’t improve the reception over internal antennas. I’ve owned several clock radios in my 60+ years and they all had internal antennas. It’s a disadvantage IMO and just more clutter on your nightstand.

It has 20 preset stations (10AM 10FM). In my opinion this is overkill. This isn't your living room stereo (as the sound quality makes clear). Whether sleeping or waking it’s more likely you’ll have one or two stations you like. Two to 4 presets would be sufficient. I'd prefer jazz or classical music to go to sleep by and a news station to wake up to. It would be nice if you could program the sleep timer with one station and the wake alarms to another but that’s not an option. The station you go to sleep to is the one you wake up with.

The sleep timer gives you 4 options for the length of time the radio runs before shutting off (90 60 30 or 15 minutes). You have to make this choice each time you use it. It doesn’t allow you to make a default choice and save it for repeated use. If the manufacturer reads these customer reviews maybe this will be an added feature in the future. The wake-up alarms when set to music run for 30 minutes and this is not adjustable. I would prefer if they ran for an hour which seems like the default in previous radios I’ve owned.

The biggest drawback is the display itself and that’s the reason for the low rating. This is mentioned in earlier reviews and though I'll wait until I give it a reasonable time to get used to it I may return the unit because of this. The calendar and alarm readouts are very practical and convenient but the legibility of the display is terrible. The problem is that the numbers are all in a light gray color against a light blue background. Of the 4 intensity options (Auto Hi Lo Off) the display is only easily readable in Hi mode. At night with no other light source you really have to squint and strain to read the time in auto or lo mode. If by chance you take your glasses off when you go to sleep it’s even more difficult. The numbers should be in high contrast to the background color preferably jet black. To anyone trying to read this clock on their nightstand it’s an obvious problem.

This last complaint is admittedly rather picky but remember the context of how this product is used. In the morning when your eyes are closed and you just want to go back to sleep you fumble for the snooze button or at night when you want to turn the radio on or off change the station or adjust the volume you reach over to find the right button to push only to find they all feel the same and you can't tell which is which. I would love it if someone would make a clock radio with different shaped buttons that you could differentiate by touch (round square triangular or pointed etc). Alas that technology eludes us and doesn’t seem to be in the mindset of engineers intent on perfecting an internet toilet that you can flush from anywhere in the world. Oh well it’s something to dream about.

This may not matter to some readers but another minor disappointment was learning that while I could access a web-page pdf of the owners manual I couldn’t download a copy to my iPad. This is important to me in case the manufacturer decides to delete or move it or my internet service is down at that time. It’s often easier to read a pdf and it has the added benefit of a search function.

On the plus side there are several features I think most users will appreciate. When setting the alarms (to either music or alarm) you can choose the volume the alarm uses (1 to 10). This gives both light and heavy sleepers more control over their wake-up experience.

Also as mentioned above the display shows the time both alarms are set for and whether they’re set to music or alarm. This is very handy. The model I bought (CR63) also displays the month and day which is useful as opposed to the CR64 which displays the temperature in your bedroom (whaaaat?).

Another nice feature is the automatic daylight savings time adjustment. I haven’t had the unit long enough to see it work yet but it’s a nice little labor saver (especially since everything from your toaster to your toothbrush now has a clock in it).

Although I don’t use it now I appreciate the inclusion of the USB charging function. For those addicted to their cell phones this should be a must have as both a de-cluttering device on your nightstand and one less outlet needed for a separate charger.

One last thing that’s neither here nor there. The photo-sensor on the bac - Verified Store