SB41 Home Theater Soundbase

SB41 Home Theater Soundbase

with Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, AUX, 60W Output, 2.1 CH Full Digital Sound for Movies (SB41)

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Debbie (Rick) F December 30, 2020 Alberta, Canada

Good sound theatre system for the price. Thank you very much for making it affordable at $94.00! I got it for Christmas and pleased. It is as advertised. I have my TV on top of it, fit perfect. I like very much the wood grain finish and thought it was to be made of wood. It is black and so is my TV monitor so all is well. Best of all is the sound which is very good for a small condo big room, I can hear it well in the kitchen and living room and love the ability to change it to movie sound which is slightly different from vocal or music.

S September 25, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Excellent value. A significant upgrade to my tv’s audio and I’m pleased with the sound when I use Bluetooth to stream music. Well worth the purchase if the audio on your tv is lacking.

Patrick F. June 30, 2020 California, United States

The unit is nice ! fits right under our Samsung Q 60, 60in tv, "not sitting on unit" sound is pretty good ! a bit light on base but far better sound than the stock TV speakers, could use a bit more power, some movies are just not quite loud enough but still waaay better than TV speakers !! the remote is a bit of a hassle though, at 8 feet away, you have to be pointing directly at the center of the unit, not high or low or off to one side, but pretty dead center, for it to function, and at times must push the remotes buttons a couple times to change volume or sound profile, put in a new battery but no help, still finiky, but overall, quite happy with the unit! and for the money and warranty, it would be hard to find a comparable sound, I researched many before my purchase, this unit was by far the best overall deal. buy and enjoy !! P.F.

Jean Claude B March 21, 2020 Quebec, Canada

Inexpensive and pratical solution to tinny flat tv sound. Although I am hard of hearing, the dialogue is clear and the equalisations are a nice feature. At this price, there is nothing close to it in the marketplace so we bought a 2nd one !

KB June 22, 2019

Awesome sound and works great with my LG smart tv

Claire M May 16, 2019 Oregon, United States

This product is as advertised. It definitely improves our ability to understand spoken dialogic, which is you main reason for purchasing it. It fits neatly on the shelf below our TV.