Ai41 Powered 5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Fluance Ai41 Powered 5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

with 90W Amplifier, Bluetooth 5, RCA, Optical and Subwoofer Out

$249.99 USD

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Birt. S May 17, 2023 Indiana, United States

I have wanted these for the last three years and finally decided to buy them. I should had bought them before trying another brand. I have been listening to these just under a month now and I have yet to crank them up. Will I ? I don’t know that I need too, these speaker are providing me with superb quality sound. I debated on these or slightly larger speakers, but for my personal setup I went with these. The bamboo white look great on my desktop too. Now I will be saving up for a subwoofer to even up the sound, just in case I decide to do so.

Pat C April 16, 2023 Michigan, United States

Been using these speakers for a while I'm very glad I took the dive. After purchasing the RT81 turntable and connecting it to a Bose SoundWave radio I didn't think these would be that much of an improvement, but they are. These old ears are enjoying every album I have with greater appreciation. Highly recommended.

G M April 12, 2023 New Hampshire, United States

I've owned four pairs of powered speakers in this price range over the past several years, the latest being the Ai41. The others were Bose, Audioengine A2+, and JBL Control 2P. They were all connected to my desktop computer. The Ai41 is clearly superior to them all. For my purposes, I haven't found the need for a subwoofer although the connection is easy on the active speaker. Simple processing software allows me to tweak the sound I want and the speakers respond flawlessly to these adjustments. Well done Fluance!

AudiophileNV March 16, 2023 Nevada, United States

I’m using these speakers as desktop speakers and with a Modi+ DAC. The sound from these speakers is fantastic, and is an upgrade from the Bose Companions I had been using for a decade before.

richard March 2, 2023 Illinois, United States

GREAT computer speakers. The AI41's create a nice soundstage. I also added an inexpensive Elac 10" sub to give a little bit more to the low end. The system is just wonderful. A bargain!

Nigel February 22, 2023 Ontario, Canada

awesome. I love supporting Canadien brands. I have the A141 5" speakers in my studio hooked up to a 10" Sub. the best sound system I have owned. i'm going to get the same set up for my TV at home.

Taylor P February 18, 2023 Ohio, United States

I've wanted a record player for years. My sweet husband accidently bought the wrongs speakers to go with my turntable, and CS assisted me in getting the correct item. It arrived sooner than expected. The whole system is WONDERFUL. Better than I could have asked for.

Haley G January 28, 2023 Texas, United States

As a first-time record player owner, the sound out of these speakers are great and I've been loving finally getting to listen to my vinyls! Fluance's free return policy has been very helpful as I accidentally sent the first speakers to the wrong location, and then I finally got the speakers sent to me only to realize that I ordered the wrong speakers, lol (I'm dumb). But I finally have the right ones in the right place and they're amazing! They fit perfectly on my dresser and get a great sound.

Bill B January 23, 2023 Arizona, United States

I needed a near-field monitor for a new performance-grade electronic keyboard. Set on stands at ear-height and turned in at 45-degrees the AI41s are all you can ask for in a keyboard monitor. They are neutral in a piano's frequency response range, imaging is realistic, and the amplifier is strong enough to play at acoustic-piano volumes without a trace of distortion. Compared to competing powered monitors in this price range, the AI41s run circles around them in terms of driver and build qualities. What's not to love?

Kira H. January 18, 2023 South Carolina, United States

Purchased for my boyfriend for Christmas and he is blown away by the sound quality. Bought 5”speakers as well. The sound is unbelievable.

Tomasz B January 13, 2023 New Brunswick, Canada

Unreal! I’ve had cheap speaker my entire life. I went down the rabbit hole one night, and must have spent a solid graveyard shift reading various reviews.
I pulled the trigger and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I cannot believe I missed out on so much good sound.

Not only does it sound amazing, they long sharp. I mean, they look absolutely sexy.

I’ve now decided to go even deeper and saving up to buy a turntable.

10/0 would buy again

Rick R. January 11, 2023 Illinois, United States

Fit perfectly on my desk. Simple setup, as you would expect. I am going to add a small sub to fill out the sound. Great for $250!

Lorne B December 31, 2022 Quebec, Canada

I bought these without too much expectation. My initial impressions were very positive. Nicely balanced sound for small speakers and loud enough to fill our 12'X16' open plan room. There was a problem with the first set of speakers where the optical cable could not be inserted but Dawn at customer service was very nice and quickly sent out another pair without issue.

The sound is great at moderate listening levels with a fairly compressed soundstage and a reasonable amount of bass. The mids are clear and precise and voices are projected to the fore. Perhaps a little too forward but it makes for very good movie and tv watching. The treble set at 0 is a little bright and I find that turning it down to -5 smooths out the upper frequencies without removing all the sparkle. The sound is not fatiguing at all and it's easy to listen to them for long periods. They perform very well connected to the TV with the optical cable, clear dialogue and decent but not amazing low frequency effects.

While the bass is good pairing them with a tiny REL T/Zero MKiii changed things fantastically. This little sub has transformed the sound signature. Finding the best crossover point wasn't easy but now that I have found the optimum setting the speakers no longer compress as much at higher volumes and the soundstage has opened up beautifully. The deep bass underpinning the precise mids and highs has made these a joy to listen to.

Very satisfied both with the speakers and with Fluance's quick solution to the initial QC problem.

Mr. W December 29, 2022

We are running these speakers on a vinyl record setup and we couldn't be happier. I like to only buy quality products and for a shot in the dark with no real experience with power speakers this is one.

Tonio B. December 29, 2022 Ontario, Canada

I am no audiophile but so far very satisfied with the speakers. Those Ai41 are definitely well built and this little Canadian tag on the back is nice touch!

Only thing I should mention (reason of 4 stars instead of 5): the manual mentions 2 'AAA' batteries are included for the remote. Well, I looked everywhere in the packaging and there are none. Anyway, no big deal since the battery compartment of the remote actually requires... a flat CR2032 instead (not included either).

Barry S December 23, 2022 Georgia, United States

Bass is a bit much but still breaking in. Overall very satisfied with the sound for my bedroom set-up

Alex G December 22, 2022

Hooked these ip to my PC via a high-quality RCA cable and after a 10 hour break-in period, these sound amazing for the price! Do they sound like $1K speakers? No, but for the price, the sound is really rich and full. The imaging and sound stage are awesome if placed correctly. I listen to HD music from Tidal and it makes working at my office very enjoyable. They excel at most genres of music - rock, jazz and fusion. The bass is surprisingly deep at 35Hz. Most bookshelf speakers only go down to about 50Hz on the low end (bass), maybe 45Hz and those would cost several times more than this pair. The fact that these don't require an amplifier is another big plus - less clutter and wiring. If you're on the fence about buying these - don't! They are worth every penny.

Alyce December 21, 2022

I upgraded from some Insignia 42W speakers to these 90W Fluance speakers expecting a huge difference in how loud the music could play from my turntable. What a joke. These have good crisp sound but go absolutely NO louder then the old 42W speakers I replaced. DISAPPOINTED

Barry S December 13, 2022 Georgia, United States

Great customer service. Arrived early ad requested. Sound great so far. Still breaking in bedroom set-up.

Funky December 10, 2022

I was expecting high end cases, but I wasn't expecting such big sound from these little boxes. My only regret is not getting the larger version of these. I'll know which to get for my other room.all I have to say is, they're worth every single penny.Thoroughly impressed with the sound and build quality. Very happy with the purchase regardless.Thank you Fluance, you've made a believer out of me!

Mickey H December 10, 2022 North Carolina, United States

Here is all you need to know: I bought a second pair. I have the AI41 paired with Polk Audio subwoofers as I already had one. It has become my go to system(s). I listen to both. One set is in my sunroom and I tend not to go in there as much in the winter especially in the evening. The other pair are in the man cave. I listen thru bluetooth using my iphone and Apple Music Match. My entire iTunes catalog is available with a few touches on the iphone. And it sounds awesome. When paired with a subwoofer you will not be disappointed.

Rachel December 9, 2022 Ontario, Canada

I was looking for small speakers to replace my old ones. I don’t have a receiver so these fit the bill. I didn’t realize they also work with Bluetooth so that was an added bonus. We’ve already gotten lots of use out of them. They took no time at all to set up and use. I already have a Fluance turntable and I’m very happy with it. I found speaker shopping a daunting task, since all of the reviews were very technical. My review is less technical, these are a good price, work well and are easy to use and install. Very satisfied

Brad R December 4, 2022

Great sound! Packaging of Fluance products is superb

Tyler B November 30, 2022

These are pretty great. I am able to use them with bluetooth with my laptop or phone, use them as additional surround sound from my tv using optical and you can add a sub which i haven't yet. Honestly, they have a pretty full sound as is. My one complaint is i think they could go louder especially if the bass is turned down but they have a clear cut off. Some sources they seem lackluster while others quite loud but still clear and full so the sound is always great. Turning down the bass doesn't allow them to push any harder though s you get what you get. I have tried them with a DAC I have laying around to pump the bass on them and they become very alive for cinematic use with this low end rumble. It's not so much a sub sound, but a very solid lower mid range that does shake the walls a bit. They don't get as loud, but this is likely due to the source being RCA in this case vs the optical. This sound is NOT attainable without an additional EQ source and its something I use as an extension to my tv's sound and not the main source, but it is impressive. Honestly, these are great quality, look great, are well built speakers with awesome sound. They are just limited a bit by the built in DSP and amp, maybe the bigger ones fair better. I will prolly get the ai61 as I want to see the diff and i'm very happy with these. I have no regrets (this is rare with sound equipment) and they literally connect to almost everything. No speaker is perfect, but pound for pound these have impressed me for the size and I would buy them again without question.

Antonio P November 21, 2022 other

Ordered and bought them from Germany. After just 5 working days (monday-monday), the speakers were at my door. I unpacked them and let them warm up a bit from the transport. Speakers were nicely packed, no damage done despite 10+k km distance :) First look was amazing, the workmankship is awesome and the speakers have a premium look to them. The black wallnut finish is absolutely beautiful.

I connected them and put them to testing. I still need to break them in, but the starting sound was great and the bass was nice, warm and fat. I do have the (new) Edifiers R1380DB and the bass is way deeper and better. Highs are on par but i still need to wait till they are fully burned ;) I use them as a PC Soundsystem (mostly music while HomeOffice-ing and gaming) and today's first few hours were great. They have an amazing bass output for such "small" speakers.

The LED (in my case, white, because of optical cable) looks absolutely minimalistic and premium. Combined with, again, black wallnut...just brilliant.

- Sound (so far, i still have many hours till they become optimal);
- Design;
- 1Bass;
- Again, design. Sorry to emphasize it again, but they're just beautifully crafted.

-Maybe the manual Bass/Treble control knob, altough not a deal-breaker.

- Since they're not "meant" for EU market (and You defo should change that), the power cable provided was for the US standard. Since i already knew that, i bought a compatible cable in advance.

Hope they will last long and bring smile to my face as they did today ! :)

Cheers from Germany :)

Madison M. November 20, 2022 Maryland, United States

Couldn't be happier with my Ai41 powered speakers. Love the build quality, and I appreciate having Bluetooth connectivity.

I'm new to the audiophile community, and I decided to go with Fluance powered bookshelf speakers as my first set. I found it informative and easy to understand, and I've sent to multiple others looking to purchase their first turntables.

Also, I greatly appreciated the length Fluance went to by making the blog post for beginners to record player setups.

Guillaume C October 26, 2022

Excellente sonorité, basses bien présentes, résolution sonore précise, belle image stéréo, on peut ajuster le niveau des basses et des aigües avec la télécommande. La connectivité Bluetooth fonctionne impeccablement aussi. Un excellent rapport qualité/prix! J'aime beaucoup ces haut-parleurs.

JC September 29, 2022

I wanted a nice pair of speakers exclusively for the turntable. These are excellent. I'd highly recommend them.

Colin D. September 22, 2022 Quebec, Canada

Very impressed with the build quality. I'm not using the speakers in a focussed listening environment, but rather as media speakers on my PC. Highly recommended.

Trace September 21, 2022 Utah, United States

Great finally am able to play my records

Amazon Customer September 13, 2022

Absolutely the best speakers I've bought. Haven't stopped listening to music for hours since i got it. Very easy setup. You can hear and feel every note. I was shocked how bad the old speakers sounded. These 2 good speakers were better than a 5.1 I had previously. I was trying to choose between Edifier and these. I'm glad i picked these, the old edifiers were nowhere near this quality. Built quality is beautiful.

Luke M August 25, 2022 Manitoba, Canada

I love how the turntable and speakers sound. The setup was very easy and I love listening to records on my setup.

Kelly G August 23, 2022 Montana, United States

Much better quality than expected. Paired with a Fluance turntable, they sound amazing with rich sound and plenty of range. The speakers are well-constructed. No issues but I suggest the foam pads if you plan to set the speakers on the same surface as the turntable, or use speaker stands.

Thor L August 19, 2022

This little speaker has been given a bad rap by some reviewers. This speaker was designed for high shelf placement. The tweeter is almost an inch ahead of the woofer, which gives a lot of high-end attack when listened to straight on. If the speaker is at eye level, recommend tilting it way back or upside down on the floor. (This is the only reason it didn't get a 5 for sound.) As for amp reliability, a class D amp willrun forever as long as you don't exceed nominal. If you want more bass, turn the volume down. Considering how far these little guys have to travel to reach you, casualties should be understandable. I was lucky, thank you, Fluance. Pic - A simple solution for rear port negative acoustics. If yours is on all fours, tuck something up and under the cloth. Do not constrict the port.

Highzee August 19, 2022

This is my 2nd set of Fluance speakers and they did not disappoint. Paired 'em with a sub but even without a sub they have good bass. The only thing I don't like are no grills. This company makes nice quality stuff, I'm glad I stumbled upon them.

D_Baggy July 31, 2022

Excellent sound quality. Surprisingly strong bass. Use for near field listening.

Jason M July 21, 2022 South Carolina, United States

When they first arrived I thought they were a bit thin and harsh sounding, but after a proper breaking in, they’re now punchy and smooth. My only complaint is the length of the satellite cable.

Enrique G July 15, 2022

Easy set up and very compatible with IPhone.

Stephen D July 1, 2022 Nova Scotia, Canada

For the price, they cannot be beat. Run out and buy them now!

JackM June 25, 2022 California, United States

After breaking in this speaker, I compared it to my existing Klipsch The One II Phono. I was hoping for better bass response in the Fluance, but I didn't hear it. I preferred the Klipsch overall because of the way that it brought the vocals forward. Compared to the Klipsch, the vocals were a bit veiled in the Fluance. The Fluance had a bit more sparkle (extreme treble) than the Klipsch.

Karlina C June 23, 2022 New York, United States

First of all, the instructions for assembly were very simple so it made getting them ready painless. And they're powerful speakers for such a nicely presented package! Quality listening for a decent price. I love that I can switch from my record player to bluetooth streaming at the click of a button

John June 9, 2022

These are terrific for this price point. I have not tried the ones with the larger driver to see if they give a better quality sound. I found that putting them on speaker stands makes a big difference (I know for some of you this is terribly obvious) The people at Fluance also seemed very nice when I've had questions. So far, happy with this product

Mark F May 18, 2022

I planned to build myself a nice set of speakers and get a decent, compact amp. That wasn't happening so I saw the review from Steve Huff and decided this was worth a try given the cost and convenience. This is for my home office so it is a very small space. The volume is more than adequate, but don't be fooled my the high wattage claimed. It does fine for what it is, but it is a small system. I haven't fully broken in the system, but it is definitely good at about 1 hr of playing. It wasn't as good right out of the box so do let the speakers break in before judging the quality. It is really amazing for the price. It is hard to imagine being better for the price. The bluetooth is really seamless also. Highly recommended. The only reason I gave it four for the sound quality is simply using bluetooth into a small speaker can only do so much!

Barry L May 18, 2022 Nova Scotia, Canada

Killer speakers and shipping was fast.

JoeSixPack May 9, 2022

Already have passive Fluance speakers but was looking for powered speakers for my son's turntable. The Ai41 is $100 less than the popular "gaming" powered speaker yet still has better specs & components like the cooled tweeters & high quality woofers - PLUS a future subwoofer out option. These things don't truly NEED a subwoofer though - like all Fluance the highs are crystal clear and the bass sounds good and full at ALL volumes - soft and loud alike. Get these at 100 less than the competition & maybe put the $ towards a small sub & you'll have your speaker needs covered for the next 30 years

Some G May 4, 2022

JUNK that you "CAN NOT RETURN" because of dangerous gas fumes. You will be stuck with very bad sounding speakers that you can't get rid of. When you could have spend the same 300 on some very nice KEF 150's that sound amazing and not bad for you health.

C. B May 3, 2022

These are really great powered speakers. I use them with my turntable and since they have an on-board amp, I didn't need to buy an external one. The sound quality is great, and they even have Bluetooth which is always a plus. Overall if you are looking for great powered speakers with Bluetooth then these are, and excellent option and I highly recommend them.

Archibaldo C April 22, 2022

I don't get it. I was excited to get them. Set-up was easy although I had to buy an additional usb cord to connect them to computer. They definitely are powerful, but the audio is muddled and nasally. Sound was especially weird on classical music. They were ok for tv shows and such, ok with pop music, but classical music just sounded really bad. I've replaced these with a pair of klipsch speakers, which render extremely clear audio.

Unit April 20, 2022

Yes they have less power but my a61 speakers had a problemWhite the sun connection. Every time I connect a subwoofer to it I got music out of the subwoofer but I also got a lot of hum too. To much interference. The a41 just didn't have enough power that's the reason why I sent back. In hindsight I should of kept them.

Justin F April 20, 2022 Ontario, Canada

Very good small speakers. Nice stereo spread and very articulate. They are a little bright but that can be toned down with the treble adjustment. These work great in my secondary media room for watching tv and music, as well as the occasional movie

CI March 25, 2022 British Columbia, Canada

Overall, incredibly pleased with this purchase. Bass is great, treble is great, they look fantastic.

My only nit-picky problem. When no music is playing, but the speakers are powered on, there is the slightest hissing sound coming from the speakers. They're sitting on my desk right next to my work monitors, so I notice it if they're powered on. The handy remote allows me to power them off when I'm not using them, so not a bit deal.
Again, overall super impressed!

Dale O March 13, 2022 Wisconsin, United States

Updated review. My speakers no longer work after less than 3 months of occasional use. They will not power up :( Customer service was good to deal with and will be issuing a pick up for replacement. Im hoping this is the last timw i have to call for support. All three items i have purchased from fluance have had a defect.

Theofilos D March 13, 2022

Purchased two sets of speakers in hopes to use them in two rooms, Fluance Ai41/TV and Klipsch R-15PM/studio room. The Fluance Ai41 are an excellent set of speakers for bumping up you TV/movie watching experience. They have a full well rounded sound for a large room and dialog comes through clear. They're even better when listening to music. They were much clearer and up front than the Klipsch R-15PM, the Klipsch R-15PM's were also excellent but had a hollow almost metallic sound quality but still excellent, my house hold chose clearity over hollow. The Fluance also had a better, adjustable, base response. The Klipsch would probably shine in a larger speaker arrangement as middle speakers, they also came with better audio cabling, we returned them though.The only con for the Fluance is the lowest audible volume setting is still a bit to loud to listen to while someone else is asleep next to you, so maybe not the best for a bedroom setup but then again maybe the adjustable treble could change that for some.All said they are an awesome purchase and really do increase our TV/Movie experience, we also listen to music more often now.

Michael S March 4, 2022 Iowa, United States

What a great set of speakers at an awesome price. The break-in period stated is right on. After 10 hours of listening the speakers open up. Great for music and television. I will be telling all my friends about these gems.

John F March 2, 2022 Texas, United States

Overall very impressed with performance after initial break-in period as recommended. The AI41's are a great value in terms of price to performance. I would give 5 stars except there was a small cosmetic blemish on the front the right speaker and shipping took longer than the 3-5 business days expectation.

Normand February 25, 2022 Quebec, Canada

I use these speakers with wy electric piano - organ - synth at home and just love them. Great sound, easy to use.

Eddie E February 24, 2022 Kentucky, United States

I had the same issue as another reviewer. I really liked the speakers but when listening to records sound volume would drop as if being muted. I purchased the RT85, PA10 and Ai41and had to return as the problem was never figured out or resolved. Previously I had much cheaper RT81 with Edifier speakers and they worked great. I wanted to upgrade. Thoroughly frustrating result.

Frank February 11, 2022 Ontario, Canada

Great sounding speakers. I connected them to an RT81 and the sound is incredible. I may purchase a sub-woofer to further enhance the experience. I would highly recommend.

Carl P February 10, 2022 Saskatchewan, Canada

Good speakers for the price. First pair had a cosmetic defect which Fluance replaced free of charge. Two remaining nits to pick. First is the remote control turns my LG tv on with every button press. The second is the distance to the outside edges of the rubber surround is barely 4.5” not the exaggerated 5” as described.

Gramma R February 10, 2022

We had an issue with our first set, but Fluance was great to work with . We have a lot of old vinyl records and wanted a good set up. This is it!

Donald R February 9, 2022 New Hampshire, United States

Wow! I have had these for just a day and I can honestly say that the Ai41's are absolutely the best sounding speakers that I have ever owned!
The highs are distinctive and have a clarity that is astounding. The piano strikes at the end of Purple Rain by Prince sounded like heavenly bells.
The bass is punchy and digs deep without being overpowering while the mids are detailed and ultra smooth.
And the soundstage and separation?
Let's just say that there is no need for a center channel whatsoever.
One thing though: The volume doesn't seem to go so high when listening through the optical port. This really wasn't an issue for me as the dialogue was guite clear and didn't really need a volume boost anyway.
With the sound and build quality, as well as the beautiful aesthetics, these speakers with the built in amp, fit the bill for me quite nicely, and have cemented my decision that when I upgrade to a new turntable later on this year I am definitely going with the Fluance RT85 in lucky bamboo to compliment these fine beauties!

Pete February 6, 2022

Overall I am happy that I bought these speakers (which I use on my desk in a small home office) but do suggest that if you are planning to use them in a room of any significant size, consider the Ai61s for the extra oomph they offer.

Daniel E January 21, 2022

These fit perfectly in my bookshelf setup, and sound and function great!

Daleo January 14, 2022 Wisconsin, United States

Would not recommend using with a Flueance PA10 preamp and turntable. Speakers have some sort of compression circuit that causes the volume to drop out when playing records that have any type of click or pop. However when paired with a different preamp issue seems resolved. Was told my other preamp has a lower output which is why I'm probably not having the issues. Speakers overall sound great and have good build quality overall. Have had no issues when using the Bluetooth feature. The pops and clicks on vinyl records must be causing clipping that puts the speaker into a safe mode. This is what I understand from speaking with customer service and was told it's normal. This really should be noted in the product literature. It's a strange issue as I can stream via Bluetooth at high volume with no issues.

Nicolas January 14, 2022 Quebec, Canada

Really good set of bookshelf speakers for home office. Excellent sound. Just waiting for the AI61 to come back in stock to replace living room sound system as to say how much the sound is great.

Ken H January 14, 2022 Alberta, Canada

Received in the last week. Very impressed with the quality of sound and appearance. Looking forward to many hours of music from vinyl, CD, and Bluetooth from phone.

Greg P. January 13, 2022 Saskatchewan, Canada

Exceptional sound quality that is almost hard to believe. These are our second set.

David R December 31, 2021


Mits V December 30, 2021 Illinois, United States

Great bookshelf speakers

Punkbirdr December 21, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

Picked up an RT85 turntable and decided to splurge on a better set of speakers. Very happy with this purchade.

Kyle M. December 14, 2021 New Jersey, United States

Some of the best powered speakers you can get at an extremely agreeable price. Great sound overall, decent bass without being too overpowering; they really open up a lot of songs, bringing out little things that weren't as prominent on my lower grade speakers. Also some of the best looking speakers I've seen, really like the white to brighten up my setup. Highly Recommend!

Thomas E December 8, 2021 New Brunswick, Canada

I received the Ai41 today, after unboxing they are beautiful, ported and after a sound check I was delighted. they are perfect. A really really nice speaker ....beyond my expectations....very high value for the price.

Bob C December 8, 2021 Ohio, United States

I was extremely impressed with the finish and look when I opened up the box. Then I started using it and was just as impressed. Very happy!

Jack C December 7, 2021 Vermont, United States

Great sound for small powered speakers!

Mauro November 30, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Very nice range and a crisp sound. It's assuring to buy a product that actually dose what is advertised. Thank you Fluance.

Peter F November 12, 2021 Florida, United States

Great speakers

Bill R November 11, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Enjoying these speakers very much easy install right out of the box
I don't think you can get a better bang for your buck with these beauties especially if you can get them for a sale price. Thank you Rebecca from Fluance customer service. Yay!

Joel October 30, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Sounds great and very simple to set up. It’s my first pair of powered speakers and I’m using them as a 2.1 home theatre setup. Less cables, les complicated.

David B October 27, 2021 Nova Scotia, Canada

Awesome sound. Use for music and for my movies via TV
Great work

Excellent October 27, 2021 Nova Scotia, Canada

Great addition to my A41 powered speakers. Great sound for my music and my movies .
And Canadian made.

Starcraft2WOOT October 11, 2021

The work and finish on the speakers are pretty good. The sound is really good for small bookshelf speakers. I have this hooked up to my computer through SPDIF from a SoundBlaster Z card. Even without a sub (I do have one added to this as a 2.1 setup) the base is good for classical and rock music. The Sub for me is for movies and gaming. Overall I am very happy with this speaker for the price and I am glad I got it. It replaced my infinity speakers I was using and sounds better.

tyler October 11, 2021

These can get very loud and the sound quality, especially for the price is just amazing

Ned K October 7, 2021 New York, United States

Excellent speakers (this reviews the Ai41). I've been around high end audio for many years but this time I just wanted simple powered speakers that didn't take up much space -- no amplifier, pre-amp, numerous cables etc etc., for a smaller to medium sized room. And the Ai41 does the job admirably. Very clear with lots of detail, solid punchy bass, big enough sound to fill up the room, enough inputs for a variety of sources, very good build quality for a low priced $250 item. I was very very happy with this purchase. In the month I've had them I've only used the RCA inputs and do wish there was another set. But there are enough inputs overall to please most people. Love the remote with the ability to adjust the treble and bass. (Hint: initially it's hard to tell where you are on the adjustments. But there are ten setting for treble, bass and volume with a red double LED flash when you hit the max or min. So just turn off the source, adjust until you reach the max or min and click back 5 clicks and you're in the middle (neutral) setting. (I would think the Ai61 would be the same just with a bigger sound, deeper bass and an additional usb input.) Recommended!

Tom October 5, 2021 Utah, United States

I ordered these to evaluate against my existing Bluetooth speakers. The bass response is amazing and as tight and powerful as a subwoofer. It's absolutely amazing coming from a 5 inch driver. I am a 40 year audiophile and don't use my system anymore. If l were to move, these would be the last thing packed and the first thing unpacked. Find out what you have been missing from the music. I give them my highest recommendation.

Réjean P. October 2, 2021 Quebec, Canada

Très satisfait. Un son équilibré, une bonne connectivité, une belle esthétique…

Delbert G September 25, 2021

I read a report that this speaker's bass was poor but I found that to be untrue, in fact the sound range is excellent for a book shelf speaker it sounds great in my family room. I am very happy with this product.

OCTony September 24, 2021

I really love our Fluance Ai41 speakers!!! They were a cinch to hook up, multiple ways to connect to them and blue tooth connection was a snap, and they sound just amazing. I have read where some folks feel the bass is a bit weak, but for me they are perfect from the high end to the low end in sound. By-the-way, these speakers are well built and solid. Our Ai41s are connected to our TV via a fiber optic cable (not included). It's a whole new experience watching TV now with these babies! The remote is a huge plus!

Amazon Customer September 20, 2021

Bottom Line: I've spent several weeks with these so far, and I will attest that these are excellent speakers for my application (computer desk). Great sound quality, classy looking, and the perfect size. The advertised 32 Hz low end is probably optimistic, but I had realistic expectations so I'm OK with that. The midrange for vocals and certain instruments (e.g., cello) sounds particularly warm and immersive. 100% would buy these again.Background: This is my second set of these speakers. The original set arrived damaged from shipping. One of the drivers was physically damaged and the front fascia on one of the speakers was crunched on one corner. The speakers produced a very audible hiss when turned on, regardless of volume level or input selected. The hiss would have been a deal-breaker by itself had there been no physical damage.I submitted a return request to Amazon and within approximately a week I had a new set of speakers on my doorstep. During the process, Fluance customer service also contacted me several times to ask a few things and inform me things were moving along. With bated breath I opened the second shipping box to find the replacement set was pristine in every way. No physical damage, and best yet, there's no audible hiss even when the gain is cranked up. This is when using the analog RCA input. I have not tried using the wireless connectivity yet.

Dreamer September 17, 2021

These are good speakers . They are not perfect , but -- they are far better than other "E" type or even "K" type of speakers commonly seen in reviews and here at Amazon.Build quality is excellent , size is perfect , so why not 5 stars ???The truth is NO speaker in this price range should ever get 5 stars . It is acoustically impossible to get full range sound from a 5" driver and a 1" tweeter .However , these are amazing at making you think they can !! So what am I saying ???? Simple --the Fluance Ai41 is , for the money , one little power house of a speaker {`s } .They image very well and are as close to full range upper mid band and upper band frequency response that you can get for their size .Also having the ability to trim the bass or treble is also very handy , although once the speakers have been 'run-in' and your ears become accustomed to their sound , you will find a flat response is more than adequate .I nice feature is the high quality remote , very nice . Also nice to have both digital and analog inputs .Bluetooth is there if you need it and works rather well considering the limitations of bluetooth .The volume range is 0 _ to _ 30 blinks on the right LED indicator .Personally I have found with a high quality sound source anywhere between 15 and 20 blinks is plenty loud enough .Good speakers for the money !!This should be considered a " Dreamer _ Must Buy "

Jo W September 6, 2021 North Carolina, United States

These speakers are the perfect addition to our Fluance Turntable. They are well made & the sound is incredible. We are truly loving hearing our vinyls again. Thank you Fluance for making quality goods for us all.

TPennavaria August 24, 2021

Absolutely the best speaker purchase in years. I was struggling to find new computer speakers for my new mac/windows gaming setup. As soon as I plugged them in, I said these are the best-tuned speakers for today's produced music I have ever heard. Vocals, bass, and mid's all sound warm and seem to be coming from an independant source. Also, the functionality of these speakers is amazing. Bluetooth and sub out all in one package! If this is an example of your quality, count me in on a future turntable purchase. Hey Fluance engineers and assembly guys on the line....Amazing Job! You have earned a big fan!

HEYOOO August 9, 2021

I absolutely love these speakers. I was torn to give them 4.5 stars because the input switching isn't as ideal, but that's a minor annoyance. The sound quality and build quality is absolutely top tier. I was going to pair one of my subs with these, but they honestly don't need it. That's how good they are. I may do that in the long term, but I'm currently in the honeymoon phase and I think they sound perfect. The remote is a little odd and almost unnecessary unless if you plan to tweak the audio or change songs with bluetooth. I wish the 5" version also had the USB DAC found on the larger version, but it honestly doesn't need it. Pair it with your own DAC for the best sound. But I'm running it with RCA and it's stellar.

Steve S July 26, 2021

Beautiful, warm sound. Great with a desktop computer using Bluetooth. Bass is improving as it breaks in. - definitely not bass heavy as the Ai60/i61's as I have these also. Would not hesitant to purchase. This is my fourth purchase from Fluance and every one has exceeded my expectations. Great company and great value.

Michael C July 15, 2021 Massachusetts, United States

Great bookshelf speakers without spending a fortune. They compliments my Fluamce turntable perfectly.

T D July 14, 2021 Ohio, United States

Very great performing speakers. I went in with the expectation that they would simply be just okay, however I was pleasantly surprised by both the audio quality and the product quality. The bass is robust, and the mids and highs are crisp and clean.

Amazon Customer July 13, 2021

SET-UPBe aware that the right speaker gets plugged into the wall via a power cable, and you must run a speaker wire to the left speaker, which is a passive speaker. For first use, I plugged a CD player into the powered speaker via the RCA cables. Using the remote, I pressed the Source button until I heard the CD playing. I hadn't yet cracked the manual, so I'd say set-up is pretty intuitive. Be careful unboxing them, as they have no speaker grilles, and you could accidentally grab the tweeter pulling them out of the box. They have four rubber feet on the base to protect surfaces.IN USE, SOUNDSince they're rear ported, I placed them on stands about 18" from the rear wall. In this position, I found they sounded best with the bass set to +2 on the remote (bass & treble are adjustable to +5/-5; the LED flashes twice when you return them to zero). After a little break-in, I hooked them to my main turntable/preamp and put on a 45RPM audiophile record. The bass was impressive, especially considering their size, and the overall sound was quite good, though a tad "forward." There's just a hint of harshness in the treble compared to my KEF Q100s. Speakers often mellow out a bit, however, with more break-in. Connecting them via bluetooth to my iPhone was quick & easy. The LED on the right speaker turns blue/green/white depending on your input source.LOOKS, BUILD QUALITYThey look terrific in Walnut. The build quality seems very good, but only time will tell how they hold up. I'll update this review if I have any problems with them by leaving a comment in the comments section. The tweeter is unprotected, which worries me a bit, though they are silk, so they should bounce back from most bumps. CONCLUSIONThis is a lot of product at the current price ($249). You get a pair of speakers, a 45w/ch amp, and bluetooth connectivity. The warranty, from the Fluance website: "Powered Speakers: Two Year Warranty"

Kingston D July 12, 2021 Ontario, Canada

I had the edifier r1700bts initially but still within the return window on Amazon… and to be honest it sounded great but I had nothing to compare to … when I saw the Canadian flag on these speakers, I had to give it a try (they seemed confident given their return policy) ... I was going to give it a few weeks of testing before making my choice but after 1 day of comparison, I was sold ... grant it the edifiers we’re good and louder than the ai41 but the clarity on the ai41 won me over … I was hearing frequencies on the ai41 that weren’t present on the edifiers … they just sounded better for the music I was listening to, but I also liked the detachable power cord, the ability to turn off or dim the LED, the changing of treble/bass on the remote, and the looks … I’ve never heard of fluance brand before, but I’m now a fan! Thanks for some amazing speakers, it’s taking listening to music to another level!

Michael E July 10, 2021 New York, United States

The sound quality is perfect. The ease of utilizing Bluetooth is quite acceptable and the look is quite appealing

Kirby June 11, 2021

Bought as a Christmas gift so I cannot provide a review.

Raymond N June 8, 2021 Quebec, Canada

I am very satisfied with my new speakers. A huge leap from my previous standalone bluetooth speaker.

Dan P. May 10, 2021 New Jersey, United States

Great sound. Also, first.

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