Ai81 Elite Powered Floorstanding Tower Speakers   

Ai81 Elite Powered Floorstanding Tower Speakers   

with 150W Amplifier, Bluetooth 5, 2x RCA, Optical and Subwoofer Out

$674.99 CAD

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natalie r May 11, 2023 Ontario, Canada

super happy with this purchase. they look and sound great. the white vibes well with my living room. connection to blue tooth is easy. only wish i could link more speakers in different rooms.

Andrew M April 22, 2023 Nova Scotia, Canada

Easy out of the box set up with great sound for the price point. If you are looking for great listening with little trouble these are for you!

Mathieu L February 21, 2023 Quebec, Canada

Amazing quality for the price. They look beautiful, easy to use, the base is good and overall volume is definitely high enough for a normal house. The blue-tooth is a great asset too. I'm just loving them. :)

David P January 16, 2023 New York, United States

I bought the speakers because I wanted affordable powered tower speakers with bluetooth, subwoofer connections, and the ability to connect multiple devices. It fit my requirements plus the sound was very good . the 75 watts per channel provided more than enough power. Using thee controls and remote were tricky at first but within a short time I was able to switch sources seamlessly

Ron L December 11, 2022 Alberta, Canada

Sound reproduction fidelity is quite good especially at this price point. I would caution against planning them for a larger room. Mine is only 10 x 14 feet and the max volume is barely acceptable. I may try adding a subwoofer as well. Customer service: no response for nearly 10 days now to my questions. Really disappointing.

Peter H September 28, 2022 Indiana, United States

Let me start by saying that I have a very critical hearing. I can't stand non-natural-sounding speakers. There isn't a soundbar, HTIB, or any shelf system that even comes close to the sound quality, staging, and mid-bass response of this system. Pair this with any 150+W subwoofer and you a 2.1 system that will rival systems costing $2-3k.

How do I know? My main 7.1 HT system has $1500 each main front speakers and $500 surround speakers matched to a 1000W dual 12" sub all powered by top-of-the-line Marantz AVR.

And for stereo content at moderate volume; I can hear very subtle differences between both setups. I honestly cannot justify the difference between both setups given the cost. And these towers do get plenty loud to fill most living rooms so the output is not an issue and they don't distort either.

Lastly, the customer service by Fluance has been top-notch; Julie in particular has been very understanding and patient and resolved all my concerns (small shipping damage; damaged leg --> send a new one-- no questions asked)

Alec, F September 7, 2022 Kansas, United States

I'm very happy with the Ai81 speakers so far. I've got about 15 hours of listening and they aren't quite broken in fully. They sound great in the high and mid frequencies and have surprisingly good bass response for 6 inch speakers. They are lacking in the lower frequencies but paired with my two Fi70's it sounds incredible and the full range is well represented. I was looking to fill in the middle and higher range to let the four 8 inch subs really shine while maintaining a balanced sound and I got exactly what I was looking for. Great sounding product and beautifully constructed.

Pascal August 28, 2022 Quebec, Canada

simple to use, deep bass from 6inch speaker.
enough power...

Greg S. July 27, 2022 California, United States

I have been living with these speakers for a few months now. They feature a rich, full sound. Paired with a Sony HAPZ1ES Hi Res player, with each CD downloaded as a Wave file rather than compressed MP3, the music and vocals always feel fully accurate, with all the instruments and voices revealing their contributions in every song as intended.

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