SXBP High Definition Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers - Black Ash

Fluance SXBP High Definition Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers - Black Ash

Black Ash (SXBP-BK)

$99.99 USD

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Eric July 19, 2018

These are beautiful speakers and the sound is great!!! - Verified Store

maf l June 10, 2018

nice - Verified Store

JLG April 30, 2018

Excellent build quality. Great sound! - Verified Store

joe f March 1, 2018

Awesome surround speakers luv this with price it’s worth.... - Verified Store

Client d March 1, 2018

Pour 128.$ c'est correct. Il ne faut pas s'attendre à de la haute fidélité. - Verified Store

Li M February 26, 2018

Play significantly lower than my old AVBP2 due to the ports. The sound quality is mediocre overall but imaging is excellent. Highs can be a little shrill and clarity/separation isn't great but they work very well for surround speakers.

My old AVBP2s couldn't play much lower than about 150 Hz while test dig down to about 70 - 110 Hz depending on positioning in the room. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 22, 2018

Fluance speakers are amazing. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 22, 2018

Sound is so crisp. Bought two pairs. - Verified Store

Zo February 18, 2018

These speakers are AWESOME...! I have never experienced such sound in my home system I also purchased the center channel speaker and I am thrilled at the quality of the speakers and the sounds that they produce. Absolutely 5 Stars PLUS the best speakers I've ever heard in any home theater system...! - Verified Store

Ravi T February 17, 2018

The best surround speakers you can find in the market for the price. Glad I bought them. Bipolar speakers well suited for surround or wide speakers. Best price - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 13, 2018

sound great thanks - Verified Store

James February 3, 2018

Great addition! - Verified Store

Highspeedplay January 30, 2018

great price on nice surround speakers better than just bookshelf. - Verified Store

Eric L November 19, 2017 Massachusetts, United States

These speakers are an incredible value! They handle the wattage of the vintage audio components I collect, and the price is simply phenomenal. I bought 2 sets for the 4-channel surround system in my living room & words can't explain how well they perform. The realism of movies is the finest I've ever heard, even from speakers costing twice as much! Sounds come from every direction even if you're not sitting directly in the center of these fine speakers. But listening pleasure doesn't stop there, crank up the tunes & these speakers deliver! You'll find yourself staring at the small drivers in disbelief at the incredible volume & bass issuing from them, yet your music is clean & free of distortion. Fluance has made a customer for life with me.

fury October 3, 2017

At $79 for the pair?
It's an unbeatable offer!
These Bipole surround speakers
use neodymium magnets on
the tweeters.
Absolutely Outstanding!
Then if that wasn't enough, Fluance
uses 2, 4 inch mid/woofers per box
to compliment the 2 neodymium mag
tweeters it sports in each.
I just dunno how any speaker maker
can beat that or even rival it?
I also like that they're front ported
and relatively flat so they don't
use up too much wall space
which means they can be used in
tight spaces.
Only real question is...
"will they hold up over time?"
Oops..I forgot..they're guarantee
is just as amazing as the speakers.
~ peace

Southern O September 28, 2017

Need to read the description better, I guess. For the price, I was expecting a speaker half this size. Extremely pleasantly surprised. Terrific sound, great form factor, a real no-brainer. - Verified Store

O d September 10, 2017

The good: these speakers are amazing. The sound is clear, bass is perfect and to be honest these speakers are definitely worth more than the asking price.The bad: I was expecting them to last a few years but one of the speakers has started making a rattling sound at certain frequencies and I've only had these speakers for less than 2 months, which sucks because I'm now, barely, outside the return/exchange window. - Verified Store

HDpalooza August 26, 2017

The price totally belies the quality and sound produced by these speakers. To call these speakers very good is an understatement, they are excellent. I've owned several surround speakers from mid-fi to high end and these Fluance speakers hold their own and in some cases sound considerably better against all I've personally owned. Takes everything my Pioneer Elite Receiver has thrown at them and continues to amaze. Looking forward to a full break in on these bad boys. With the support and warranty I highly recommend trying a set. What could go wrong? - Verified Store

Kindcookies August 25, 2017

This speakers are awesome! I have a pair of klipch that are $1000 and these can hang all day. Very good product. Made in Canada too:) - Verified Store

david August 20, 2017

Fluance make nice products, I had a 5.0 slick aluminum set from them in the past and bought these as back surround speakers to complement my new high end setup. Beautifuly balanced sound equivalent to speakers costing $$$ more.As last time, these speakers came very well packed and functioned beyond expectation out of the box. - Verified Store

Steve M August 7, 2017

Nice set of rear speakers. Ambient sound works well while watching action movies and others that require surround sound. I hung them on my wall with 2 sets of picture hooks. - Verified Store

Rex P August 1, 2017

For the price outstanding sound ,very pleased - Verified Store

Ric July 24, 2017

i purchased this item directly from Fluance @ a sale price of $79.97 and that was a steal!!!! Fluance says that a 10 hour break in period is recommended but right out of the box these sounded incredible Most sourrounds are front firing and that's ok,but these are bipolar meaning that the sound is more dispersed,and fills the room,not just aiming the sound in one direction.If your searching for rear surrounds these will put a smile on your face for sure! Well built,nice finish,and wall mountable.The packaging from Fluance is 2nd to none,neatly packed. The sound....high end is crisp,and clear,low end and mids are tight and well balanced......would I buy these again if I needed surrounds?? ABSOLUTELY!! my purchase was for the Walnut instead of the black and they are rich looking. - Verified Store

Andrew July 20, 2017

Got these in the mail about two hours ago. Have been auditioning them since. All I have to say is wow. If you are on a budget and want a customized home Theatre then look no further. Will be using these as surround left and rights; been using just my future surrounds and rear surrounds as mains to test out some tracks that has got me pretty excited for the finished room. Can't wait to get the signature towers as well and a Fluance turntable!

ric July 19, 2017

I ordered these Bipolar surrounds on a whim because I wasn't really happy with what I have been using,plus the reviews I've read were very favorable,not ever hearing Bipolar surrounds before I was alittle hesitant not knowing what I would be getting myself into?I ordered them on a Friday and by Wednesday they were at my front door.Tremendous packaging for one,and great service was making me feel better about my purchase.So...I hooked these up and re-calibrated the system,put in " Starwars" for the surround effect.and I know Fluance says their breakin period is about 10hrs,however......right out of the box these speakers started singing!!! I honestly heard things in this movie clearer,cleaner,and a crazy amount of dispersion.I consider myself to be somewhat of an audioholic from being a DJ and know what sounds good and what doesn't.......These are incredible Bipolar surrounds.Extremely pleased with the whole experience from start....... to listen!

Amazon Customer July 11, 2017

i like them ok...but they are smaller than i'd expected - Verified Store

Jay Underwood July 3, 2017

This is for the brand, not speaker specific. I first noticed Fluance almost 20 years ago. Now I have 10 Fluance speakers, Towers, Bipolar and Bookshelf, in 2 setups in my home. Each one of my speakers still sound like I just bought it. For the great sound, Durability and looks, Fluance has remained cost effective. Why spend 10 grand when you can spend 2-3 thousand for the same great performance. And they still look good in my house. Thank You Fluance

Ronald June 26, 2017

Excellent performance for the price. No wall mounting issues...think it through and measure twice! These are my back surrounds in a 7.1 set-up pushed by a Denon receiver.

Old D June 21, 2017

Great so far. would purchase them again. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 11, 2017


Dale M May 29, 2017

Nice speakers delivered quickly. - Verified Store

Herb W May 25, 2017

We mounted these in a room at our VFW and they sound fantastic. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 18, 2017

I thought they would be bigger but like my other speakers they put out a lot of sound. great speakers for the price. - Verified Store

Chris W. May 10, 2017

Just received them a few hours ago. I'm using them in an Atmos set-up. They sound wonderful! Im glad I made the right choice with these. Even though they're not "broken in" yet, the mids and highs are crisp and clean. Every movie I've tried so far I can definitely tell the difference of how they sound compared to my higher priced speakers that these replaced. Well worth the money!

Amazon Customer March 30, 2017

Sound great!!!! - Verified Store

Damien C March 9, 2017

Awesome speakers!! Make great rear channels! - Verified Store

chris s March 5, 2017

Awesome sound, great price, lifetime warranty, WOW!! These speakers sound amazing. The detail and depth are stunning, don't hesitate you will not regret purchasing these speakers. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 9, 2017

these FLUANCE SXBP BIPOLAR SRRND particular bipolar speaker sets kick the Wheels off of other bipolar speaker set I have audition in the past 4 months.. The price for a pair of these is an incredible deal.. Save a lot of money don't spend more.. These will work wonderfully in a room that is 25 feet long Buy 20 feet wide with 9 foot ceilings..albums I auditioned for these were one of these three ....Quadrophenia original release The Who...Tubular Bells 1 Buy Mike Oldfield... And the third.. Welcome to the pleasuredome.. These three particular albums has an extremely high end and bass in audio as well as being recorded and played back in original quadraphonic.. These speakers pass with flying colors.. On a scale of 10of10 being the best I would give these speakers the XSBP - ,8.5 out of 10..the current price is perfect for what you will receive in what these speakers are capable of reproducing sonically..these particular speakers will handle easily measured 175 watts per Channel at 8 ohms.. Without working too hard.. Of course these speakers should be paired with floor standing Tower speakers and subwoofers.f or the ultimate sound experience. My review is strictly the way these speakers sound by themselves.. Running through the power of an earlier model B & K 5000 series amplifier..150 watts per channel X 5. And controlled with the best preamplifier ever made.. The Sony TAE 2000 ESD digital preamplifier Circa 1998..may I please have everything louder than everything else... And let your ears enjoy.. - Verified Store

E. P January 8, 2017

Unbelievable soundstage and audio dispersion. Incredible value and performance. Well done Fluance!!! - Verified Store

J. L November 15, 2016

These speakers supply amazing sound for the size. They bring a good range of sounds from the high sounds to the deep bass rumbles. Very pleased with the quality for the reasonable price. The only difficulty was finding wall mounts that would fit the speakers with their extra wide features. This wall mount worked really well for the Fluance speakers. - Verified Store

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