Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Fluance Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Natural Walnut (Fi70B)

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Christian K December 1, 2022

I have watched this product for a few years now and it came time to go through and consolidate/update our home audio equipment and check out the latest technologies. This unit is MASSIVE and heavy ... all of which can be seen in the manual, but seriously, have two strong people ready to unpack and move this thing into place.Why we did not give it a 5-star rating?- No pre-drilled holes or riv nuts on the bottom for mounting to the provided stand. You have to drill into a perfectly finished base to mount it to the provided stand. Did you get this measured out and centered properly??? I would expect a better mounting solution at this price point.- The provided stand was too low for our listening room (main bedroom). A Monolith stand from Monoprice, filled with sand, worked perfect and greatly enhanced the soundstage by allowing this to come up to ear level.- Onboard BT technology is older. We purchased a more modern version of a BT receiver from Monoprice and that has worked fantastic, sounds better, and has more consistent connectivity that the built-in BT.- The menu switching is laggy and the FM tuner is slow, but it works.- You can get some rear port noise at higher volume, or with more bass-heavy tracks. We eneded up having to move our unit further from the back wall to reduce this noise.- Immaging might be better if the unit had the L/R speaker arrays further apart. That is just a theory and would need to be validated.What we found impressive about the unit.- It is a stunning powered speaker system, and well built. We ordered the bamboo/white unit (which is more expen$ive now at $749) and the finish is excellent. We eventually placed a small plant inside the center hole and that adds to the aesthetics.- Using an HD streaming service (we use Amazon Music) with an external DAC and a 3.5mm stereo cable into the Aux input allows the playback quality to shine. We tested with a AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt and the Emotiva Big Ego+ ... both attach directly to our phones via the USB port and performed exceptionally well. We ended up sticking with the Big Ego+ from Emotiva as it is 1/3 the price of the Cobalt. Neither my wife or myself could distinguish a sound quality difference between the two and the Big Ego+ is a headphone pre-amp and has a line-level 3.5mm line level output as well (the Cobalt does not).- Bass response is remarkable ... actually setting up three of these for your front three home theater speakers would be a stellar implementation and would likely warrant not needing a separate home theater subwoofer as these things start to roll off at around ~40Hz according to their published frequency response chart, and that sounds apprioriate based on our experience. You would need to figure out the cable adapters to send a mono signal to the stereo input for each speaker source.- It cames packed very well in a large box with extensive foam around it.Our remote appears to be a more updated model that includes a mute button, which we used plenty while swapping DACs during our testing. If this is intended for a smaller room, you will likely need to trim the bass down a notch or two. This thing will easily fill a medium to large room with plenty of high-quality sound.If you are looking for a less is more approach to a higher end audio experience then this is your ticket. No fiddling with separate components, cable lengths, figuring out speaker placement to optimize for your room accoustics, adding a separate subwoofer to get the full frequency range, etc. Just stream your preferred High Definition audio service to an updated external BT unit (with BT 5.0 or higher) and this will sound great. Adding a $80 external DAC turns this into a phenomenal sounding unit that few will be able to compare to at that collective price ($870).

jfr60 November 27, 2022

If this thing was built better, I would give it 5 stars, but for the money, it is seriously lacking in a couple of regards. The touch panel and display are subpar, and the simulated wood finish is just contact paper. The holes to mount the base aren't even punched out. And that base....ugh. That is my major complaint. It's not structurally sound. The bottom part of the stand is attached to the post only by means of 4 small wood screws. I could not believe how flimsy this arrangement is given how top-heavy the speaker is. The base and support are doomed to fail or break after a short period of time. I will be looking for a more suitable base to put it on and removing it from the included stand before the darned thing falls over and breaks my foot or kills one of my dogs.

lemieux r November 13, 2022


Scott D October 22, 2022

Ok so assembly was an ordeal, and the main post holding the unit had a small crease in it. However it took so long to arrive and was so heavy to unbox, I just made sure the crease was to the back. Somehow one of the very tiny bags with the very tiny screws got loose amongst the voluminous packaging so we had a terrifying final few minutes of the assembly. Screws finally located we finished assembly and hoisted it into its place.Out of the box it sounded great. After the burn-in period it took our socks off and folded them for us. We have about 1700 square feet of home, and at 3/4 volume you can pretty much hear it anywhere in the house. And out on the front porch. We have a dumb tv so I purchased a high quality aux cable and connected it to the headphone jack of the tv. No sound issues at all. Hooked up the radio antennas and the tuners work great. Bluetooth has no issues unless I walk with my phone to the opposite side of the house. It will not handle multiple devices attached so be prepared to have to disconnect one source before connecting another.I'm not a true audiophile but I do know what I like. And I like this unit. A lot. From classical to rap to good old 80s dance music, this system puts out music you can feel. Literally. Bass is pounding but clear. Treble is crisp but not harsh. It's loud without hurting your ears. Most likely you will never use the max volume unless you are legally deaf.As reported elsewhere you really won't use the buttons on the unit much - stick to the remote control. Mildly annoying to have to cycle through the inputs and it pauses on each one, so when going from aux back to Bluetooth you get short blasts of FM and AM. Would have been nice to have a button for each source but I'm getting picky.The sound makes you forget all about any trivial issues. Buy it. And schedule an appointment with your chiropractor a couple days after the arrival date.

John A October 18, 2022

Wrinkled laminate.?? How could be acceptable to any QC inspector with even a cursory examination. It's such an obvious defect that should have been remedied before it was ever packed. I noticed it before it was even unwrapped completely.

Allen g October 7, 2022

Ive had the Fluance FI 70n for 3 years with no problems, granit I haven't played it a whole lot. I lover my music loud , I go to a lot of concerts and I love hard rock heavy metal, here lately when I play my speakers. they sound Busted , that's frustrating because I paid my hard earned money for them . Fluance doesn't seem as of now to care, granite it is the weekend , but something tell me because have had them for almost 4 years they will tell me I'm on my own. I Rarely play them at all, That's what has me jazzed up about this. I don't see a good solution to my problem because they don't sell individual replacement speakers that I'm aware of and my warranty is close to out of date

Swazer October 1, 2022

Stunning, eye catcher AND Sound quality is, in fact, incredible. Unit is 80lbs! Wish for a higher max volume and ability to synch with Samsung TV (had to using optical). Remote control drains battery after 2 days (seems to always be on or something). Another wish is to be able to add/synch with other Fluance speakers.

CS September 19, 2022

Great BT speaker. Full and detailed sound, albeit very sensitive to the volume setting on the device you're playing through - too much device volume = too much bass.We have had it for 4 years and then recently the BT unit in the speaker stopped working. FM/AM sound is OK but no Bluetooth, which kinda defeats the purpose. And with only 2 years of warranty we can now try and repair it ourselves or throw it out. Fluance do not have any authorized repair facilities in the U.S.We will NOT purchase another one - even if it sounds great.

Christopher D September 8, 2022

Great sound but the Bluetooth is substandard. Takes sometimes two or three attempts to establish connection. Has a tendency to "skip" for a beat or two. Pop up handles would be appreciated to make it easier to move as it is very heavy.

Sean, B August 31, 2022 Texas, United States

I have owned the Fi70 for over a year now and it still puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it. The 3-way design delivers great clarity throughout the extensive frequency response range. I bought this for the purpose of having room filling sound while entertaining and while it certainly fills that roll, I was happy to hear how well it does for near field listening. For a single cabinet design, you get surprisingly good separation when sitting in the sweet spot. I particularly enjoy listening to vinyls when connected to my Fluance RT81 turntable. If quality room filling sound and conversation worthy design are important to you, then the Fi70 will not disappoint.

Reza June 15, 2022 Tennessee, United States

The Fi70 is a spectacular creative artistic and very musical unit. I purchased two of these units and the sound quality gets better and better the more music time is played. Now I have been having an issue with a beeping sound coming during music playback and I called customer service and spoke with an amazing and so helpful customer service representative named REBECCA! She instructed me on how to resolve the problem and said the problem might be with an alarm that I unknowingly set on the unit. The quality of these units are amazing and they blow away anything else on the market. The price range is very reasonable. The best part about this company is the people and Rebecca is a stellar example of just a wonderful human being that is so helpful and kind. I usually do not leave reviews, however because of my experience here with Rebecca, as well as my satisfaction with FLUANCE, I am leaving a five star review. I would give 10 stars !!!!

Andrew E April 2, 2022

Remote sucks blue tooth range is pitiful

WRS March 30, 2022

Perhaps overpriced. Heavy as a tank. The box arrived pretty beat up and I was concerned about damage to the speaker. Out of the box was quick and easy to set up. BT connection was a breeze and I was playing music in under a minute. It works like things should in 2022. I'd buy it again. Go Canada!

Gregory A March 25, 2022

Did not use. To huge for my mancave. Had to return.

sharam March 24, 2022

This is the best sound quality speakers I have ever owned. Everything sounds awesome, classical, heavy metal just name it. The base from this speaker has rearranged my desk ornaments. Wow

Ian S February 24, 2022

Well love my music and was really after just a good BT speaker. Saw this and thought WOW what a feature piece. Canadian hand crafted. Bit expensive for a single speaker, but would look great in the living room. Well it arrived tree days ago, and i can't stop listening to my Spotify through this. Not only does it look as good as in the listing and website, the sound is amazing, sounds like i am in the front rows of a concert. So yes i am overjoyed with this speaker come focal point. There is only one niggle that by no means effect the 5 stars given, that would be the clock setting, i set it to 7.15 PM when i set it up, then started listening to my music into the early hours, noticed when it passed midnight it went to 12:01 and continued all the way to 12:59. Checked it in the morning and it was on AM. Called me picky but being ex British army, i like my clocks to read right. So Fluence, after 11:59 in PM mode, it should go to 00:00 then 00:01 lol. But the review is based on the speaker as a speaker and it has hit the ball right out of the park, awesome.

Captain B February 5, 2022

Fluance sold these with an MSRP of $499 from Day 1 until recently. Now they've raised the price to $699. One might think, ok, well, is this an improved version with newer technology or any new features that add value to it. Nope. Same model, same version, nothing changed, nothing new. Bluetooth codec is still aptX; no aptX HD, no LDAC, no Scalable. Still no Chromecast streaming option built. You get the point. It's the same product now as it was on Day 1. The only thing different is Fluance deciding to gouge the consumer for $200 more without bringing any value added product improvements to the table like the ability to natively stream HD quality music. Don't get me wrong, the speaker sounds great, but this kind of shameless greed gets factored into my rating for the product. When you're paying more for the same at a rate that far exceeds inflation, which is the case here, it becomes less well regarded. While I'd give this Fluance bluetooth speaker a 5 star rating at $499 it decreases to a less favorable review of 3 stars at $699 due to the 40% increase in cost which affects my enjoyment of the product. Also, I have a distaste for blatant greed.

Povilas M January 17, 2022

Bought this unit as a gift. It is very nice, it's like a peace of furniture and it sounds really nice. By saying it sounds nice I mean for what it is, it is excellent.It will not replace floor standing speakers, if you have the right set up. Good addition to a bedroom or an office or even a living room, if no other sound sistem available.

Sean January 2, 2022

The sound quality is excellent and it has surprisingly good bass. I doubt you'll find a better stereo at this price point. We love ours!

Wu December 23, 2021 Pennsylvania, United States

This is a EXCELLENT speaker system! The acoustic range and musical output of the Fi70 is so incredibly pleasing to the ears no matter the volume or type of music being played. The BASS delivery is THUNDEROUS, SMOOTH, yet TIGHT. MID and TREBLE frequencies are crystal clear and trumpet from this speaker effortlessly. Separation of instruments is excellent considering a single speaker unit. It delivers as advertised...concert hall sound from a Bluetooth speaker (on steroids). Did I mention the BASS? Obviously superior engineering went into the design - amplifier, speaker components and housing, controls (touch capacitive), and remote. It looks as handsome as it sounds. Setup is quick and simple. Did I mention the BASS?
P.S. Do not forget the 10-15 hr break-in time for this unit as outlined in the manual before rendering your thoughts
P.P.S. On a reviewer expressing how "dated" the Fi70 is: My friend, when something sounds and works as flawlessly as the Fi70, you too might be loathe to alter it in any way. Perceived design flaws and version of Bluetooth fade away when replaced by the grin on your face as your chest and feet and ears delight in the rumble and thunder this unit bestows.

L&A September 15, 2021

this is a powerhouse blasting speaker system that doesn't go into distortion. amazing base and beautiful look. anyone who enter my room asked me where did I get it and took a photo. my only downside comment is that while it gives a full house very loud and rich sound, it is directional. the sound comes from only one spot and I miss the wholeness of room music, at least stereo. If you can bridge L and R two units it would make the most amazing speaker system in the world. I feel that as far as cost the system is incredibly inexpensive for what you get.

THE P September 11, 2021

Just liked the look,not weight but worth it,WOW WHAT SOUND,soo worth it love you canada

darren August 31, 2021

great sound , lots of bass

LC August 13, 2021

This speaker is awesome. The sound is unbelievable. Set up was a breeze. This speaker sounds great with any type of music. Definitely worth the money. It is heavy so moving it could be a problem for some and the distance for the remote is just ok. But overall this is a great speaker to purchase. Can't wait to buy another.

IMKRH August 6, 2021

Easy to assemble. Simpler to connect to multiple source.

Scott M August 6, 2021

I absolutely love this speaker. Good quality. And great volume. This is a good purchase

Amazon Customer July 29, 2021

This is an amazing sounding speaker that is worth every penny! Loud & Clear, and looks

Darla P July 28, 2021

Excellent sounding product when used with a direct connection like the Andover Songbird. Highly recommend! Of course, it's not portable.

Robert L July 8, 2021

The speaker sounds good, but the bluetooth is absolutely horrible. I literally can't move more than half a foot away with my connected phone without static from the speaker and its spotty even when my phone is laying on the speaker at times. If I pick up the phone and try changing the music it begins to sound like a skipping record until I put the phone down and sometimes I will have to go through the connection process again and that is a nightmare, just getting connected in the first place. I love the look and sound when its operating correctly, but the whole point of bluetooth speaker is not have to half the player device in the vicinity of the speaker. I have reached out to Fluance for assistance and they have yet to respond.

Eric L June 11, 2021

Love it the sound quality is excellent!

Straight Truth Only June 7, 2021

This speaker has been produced for nearly 7 years or so give it take now.We will discuss design flaws and shortcomings in a 2021 world of expectations. This thing in so 2010.It has a design flaw. And is missing modern day basic standards in functionality.Lower left speaker area, is an easy crush point. The area is thin, perhaps to let bass resonate through or perhaps cost savings or perhaps a bit of both but MDF is so cheap compared to other materials it might just be plain too thin and better assembly issues.This is where these items crush in shipping. I’m not writing this to point out shipping issues. I’m writing this to point out a major design flaw.This otherwise good speaker belongs in a dumpster. The ares is so thin, so weak, so easily crushed in transit, that 7 years is plenty of time for them to have seen the issue with this more than just with me GUARANTEED.That’s 7 years it could have been improved in its structureAlso,7 years to get ready to advance Bluetooth connectivity and connectionsThis thing should have more than an earphone type Jack connector and should be up to 5.2 Bluetooth by nowInstead, just like this crushed thin corner that lacked in structural strength - they are lacking in taking the time to add on up to date featurures and functionalityHow about a USB-C? Bluetooth 5.2? How about ability to pair 2-5 of these seamlessly through SKAA connection or otherwise with assigning left and right and center speakers in an application? Oh wait, there is no application - you need to use the remote to adjust bass and treble and can’t connect more than 1 of these together unless you use the headphone style Jack with a splitterThis thing is 7 years old but has 2010 feel.The design looks nice, but it’s flimsy and thin in the lower left asking for problems like mine was crushed in on arrival.This company needs to show pride in this product by implementing the suggestions here... they aren’t just suggestions - they are standards. When a no-name $30 speaker can pair 4 of them and have an app... this $600 one definitely should.Guys.... your customer base isn’t staying in 2010. You shouldn’t either.And fix the weak corners.

Billy April 21, 2021

All I can say is damn. This thing kicks a**. I love the idea of a single speaker to do all this and I find the sound amazing. I believe there is sufficient separation between the left and right channels. I don't think it's even a weakness.The most important thing is the sound that comes out of a speaker and I've had various speakers over well over 30 years. Before I bought this I had been using a fairly expensive pair of Canton speakers, which I find to have a grating sound, tinny. I am sensitive to the specifics of speakers and look for a speaker that can make me simply relax, breathe, and take in great music.I'm sorry to all the purists, but this one accomplishes that, and it accomplishes it even on ordinary Bluetooth.So to me, frankly this is a dream come true.I intend to likely use it with digital connections and components as well, but for now the Bluetooth I find completely sufficient. The fact that this thing has no wires going into it other than a power cable makes the whole situation just sparkling. This is like hifi for this century, not the last. Yet, the fact that this can do a digital connection is also *critical* and I never would have purchased this without that capability, which I intend to use.Actually I am buying multiple of these for different rooms in the house. This thing is fantastic and everyone can use it.

Jose R April 11, 2021

It sound good and looks good!

Christopher T April 10, 2021

Definitely recommend, great sound quality and gets plenty loud

Kevin April 2, 2021

First things first I've been shopping with Amazon for years and this is my first review. This juggernaut of a speaker is the greatest sound I've ever heard, seen or have. From Bose, HK, B&K etc they dont come close, the house shakes, the room is filled with heart, mind and soulful bass. With all that being said I would still prefer a little more on the mids but i can definitely live with it. Let's just say its bigger than it looks lol, yes it's big but beautiful. The only complaints you'll receive is for the sound (loud af) not the looks. I bought this thing to experience and send right back because of the price tag lol but from the first sounds I was hooked. I'm keeping this baby forever. I'm very pleased and you will be also, f the bad reviews this this is all you need especially if you are a simple person. Bye bye bye!!!

Kirk c March 29, 2021 California, United States

I love everything about this unit sound, look. I wish it had an out so I could buy another one and link together through the auxiliary.

ElChaparro March 15, 2021

Great design and easy set up. It does sound good, little heavy on bass if you place it on a small room but perfect on a mid big size room. The EQ will fit your tastes. It is loud, and I really mean it, but only after the break down period (read the instructions!!!!). Left it at mid volume for 10 hours and after that time blasted like hell. Impressed indeed. It is VERY loud. Now this is why can't be a five stars: at this price point I would expect a line out to daisy chain two. Lack also HDMI that would be helpful if you want this "monster" replace your TV sound system. Disappointed that they didn't think to use the bluetooth function to connect two or more of these at the same time. I would have purchased two indeed, one for the left channel and one for the right and the bluetooth function and some factory settings would have taken this piece of art to the very next level. I do recommend it, after all I am satisfied. If you want to connect 2+ of these use the Avantree bluetooth hub, will do a (decent) job. Side note - it is heavy, so if you plan to move it upstairs you better ask for help unless you are a weight lifter. Packaging was top notch and product finishing flawless. Good job Fluance. Keep it up! Purchased today their subwoofer as well (which I hope could have been linked via bluetooth as well).Ps - didn’t like the original pedestal, replaced with others legs lol

Sam R March 14, 2021

The speaker sound quality and volume are good. However I bought it to connect it to my TV (Samsung The Frame 2020) but the Bluetooth is not compatible. I called Fluance and Samsung Customer Support to get help, but after a few tries they agreed both systems don't work with each other since they are different types of Bluetooth. I tested the speaker with a second Samsung TV (2020 model too) just in case but it also didn't work.I was able to connect the speaker with an Optical cable, however you always need to operate the speaker separately from the TV. Samsung was not able to recognize the Fluance speaker and allow you to operate the speaker through the TV remote control. This is very disappointing in 2021. Additionally, the speaker doesn't have HDMI port.To summarize sound is good but the options to connect your speaker are very poor. I explored returning the speaker, but since I have to cover the shipping expenses and it is very heavy, It is nor really worth doing so. I hope this is useful if you are trying to connect this to your TV, not a good choice.I was using a Kanto speaker before, and I had no problem connecting it to the TV. Disappointing.

Thomas Z March 9, 2021

AMAZING PIECE!!! Art & amazing sound .Make sure you play it at a low moderate volume for at least 10 hours to let the speakers break in properly

charlotte h March 4, 2021

LOVE IT! It's beautiful and sound very good for the price. MY hudband picked this out, and is VERY pleased with the quality ( And he is a very tough critic)

jame r February 20, 2021

I am not impressed at all sound quality is great will you can't put this thing past 24 with a volume that goes 240 I don't understand it just clicks in and out 240 watts of power is not very impressive there must be some kind of protective device in there just keeps shutting the speakers down or something I don't get it no power in my opinion great sound no power

hiramdavid February 17, 2021

Love this speaker system!!!! Wish could be a little louder!!!

Duc January 26, 2021 Florida, United States

Mind blowing speaker.

Oran B December 25, 2020 New York, United States

After reading the reviews i decided to purchase one and man i am so glad i did.

Amazon Customer December 23, 2020

I have purchased many speakers. Bose, Harman/Kardon, Sonos, just to name a few. This is simply the nicest looking, nicest sounding speaker I have ever owned. That's honestly all you need to know, right? It's REALLY heavy, and the FM reception isn't quite up to the standard set by Sangean, but those are minor nitpicks.

Neil December 15, 2020

Great job Fluance, you guys have a weird name but you sure know how to make a killer BT system. Bass levels are killer good and super clean sounds. It cranks. I have it in an 1000sq ft open main room and it fills perfectly. Packaged well , clean design. Noticed the remote doesnt work from far end of room and seriously dont care due to sound quality. Going to purchase more of your products. best buy of 2020 for me !

Liam C December 1, 2020

This speaker is amazing! I placed it in my hardwood living room to intensify the music. Strong bass and great sound audio. I would recommend if you have the money to anybody.

Rohit G November 16, 2020

With the kind of price. This is an excellent speaker. I loved it.

Don November 6, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Ordered on a Wednesday delivered on the Friday. 15 minutes from opening box to playing music. Wow is all I can say. Full rich room filling sound. Clarity of voice, instruments - all the layers of sound. They say needs 10 hours of playing to break in. If the sound is this good on opening I can hardly wait until they are fully broken in. Easy to operate. Connected to phone instantly. Did I mention the sound? Looks great in a big room....Thank you Fluance.

Layne V October 11, 2020

I have had this speaker for just over 2 years. I bought it specifically for one purpose. And not one they intended. I use it solely for my gaming rig. I buckled it to a Sound Blaster Z Series with a Polk 12" sub. Let's just say explosions are realistic. Even without the sub this speaker produced prodigious bass. The highs are as clear as day and the mids do not over power.On a whim I decided to listen to that other noisy stuff. You know, "music"? I am very picky and have near pitch perfect hearing. Again, this speaker did not disappoint. Was it as solid and tonally pure as extremely high end speakers? No. Does it out perform anything in it's price and size range I have heard? Yes.The lone drawback this speaker suffers from is due to its design. That drawback is the stereo sounds stage could be more open and expansive. But keep in mind, you are listening to an array of speakers in a single cabinet.If the price tag does not scare you off, this is a solid buy from a solid company. Good listening to all.

Robert E October 10, 2020

The sound is amazing altho it lacks just a little bit in midrange ..the bass is incredible..when its cranked up my hoyse moves byt its completely distortion free

Joseph F September 6, 2020

Bought it for My sound for My 4k projector but mostly use it to play My Amazon Music from My Phone and it sounds superb!

Alec F September 2, 2020 Kansas, United States

So far I'm very pleased with this speaker. It's beautiful and the sound quality is damn good. After the break in period I was expecting to be blown away by the volume and bass. I was slightly let down but overall ,for the money, it's a quality product and I would buy it again.

Amazon Customer August 31, 2020

Damn... just saw the price $449.. I bought two last month at $599... Amazon or fluance should toss me a biscuit or something.. oh well...that being said, they are worth every penny.. I have 2 linked to my old Samsung j3 which supports dual bluetooth. The bass is strong and definitely feel it. Highs and mids crisp and clean.. at $449 , if I could figure it out how to connect 4 at once I would buy 2 more..Dont hesitate... if you are on the fence buy them now..

Wes G August 17, 2020

At first, I was annoyed that the pre-drilled holes were there and I wondered how I would be able to attach the speaker to the included stand. But after calling Fluance regarding this, I found that the holes were in fact there, but covered by a thin, rubbery veneer and if you REALLY looked, you could see little divots where the bolt holes were. No problems after that.Amazing sound. Deeper and harder hitting bass than I thought two 8” subs could put out. Full, rich mids and crispy treble with no distortion whatsoever.Excellent value for the cost.Pull the trigger, get this speaker.

ragnar August 7, 2020

After 3years of planning to buy this finally come true. Highly recommend. So tired of traditional big stereo speakers that eat a lot of space buy luck of sound quality. This one is the holy grail of all speakers (:

Amazon Customer July 13, 2020

Awesome and beautiful

NOFATCHICK1 July 12, 2020

Like several other reviewers have already mentioned you absolutely need Chromecast audio to get the best sound. The 2.1 Bluetooh provided with APTx just does not do this speaker justice. The volume noticeably increases, deeper/cleaner bass, and much much better overall sound with Chromecast audio. I understand this speaker when released was priced at $499, but is now priced at $599. For the $100 increase theirs no reason why Fluance did not included a better Bluetooth/ APTHD & possibly wifi streaming.I've owned a pair of Fluance ai60 bookshelf speakers, and I can tell you straight up the ai60 sound better. The vocals from the ai60 simply gave me chills. However it is not the better speaker for my use. What the ai60 lacked in overall bass the fi70 easily makes up with it. This is such a gorgeous/fun speaker to look at & a crowd pleaser thanks to it's overwhelming bass. I have my bass set usually to -2/-4.I currently own a pair of Jamos s807, previously owned a pair of Fluance ai60, and also have an edifier s350B at my disposable. The Fluance fi70 is simply my favorite speaker. If you have half the budget at $300 I recommend you get the edifier S350B. With that being said you will not find a all in one music system this unique, or as good sounding as this speaker for $600.

Clifton July 11, 2020 Alberta, Canada

This is a beautiful looking system with a great sound. Have it In my living room and it looks fantastic. It’s big and it’s sound is big

Ian Y June 28, 2020 Quebec, Canada

Ten years ago, I paid almost the same price for a Harmon Kardon receiver and Mission tower speakers thinking at the time that was quality sound. At 61 years old, I am not too experienced on Bluetooth and online music apps but I will get help from my daughters. It was pure luck to stumble across the Fluance Fi70 and as I always do before spending, listened and read many reviews and all were extremely good.
Very easy for me to connect the speaker with my iPhone, but had a few problems setting the 6 FM stations (my inexperience more the reason). I like a wide range of music but have not cared for what is on FM for quite some time, thus the reason for Bluetooth. I put on Armin Van Buren, 2018 Tomorrowland live concert, in particular the first track (our origin). How pronounced can I say WOW? Sure, try to limit yourself to mid volume for the first 12 hours as per the manufacturer recommendation. Then I put some jazz on because one can hear every instrument very clearly depending on the group and soundtrack. I chose Fourplay accompanied by Chaka Kahn. This was extremely impressive. This is where a strong amplifier plays its role, the impact from each instrument on my ear was, sorry for the expression, music to my ears.
For looks, sound, ease of removing the magnetic grill and a non complicated remote, top marks. I will be spending hours in the near future listening to this speaker, hence the reason for purchasing a comfortable chair to recline back in.

guy t June 23, 2020

The product sounded good but was defective (Bluetooth didn't work). It took almost a month to get my refund and I had to pay the $159.35 shipping to return the defective product.

Curt C June 19, 2020

So first off I had to track this down my own as the tracking info was incorrect..So got it the next day and no big deal I was still excited..Until I heard the muddy sound and my bt dropped off every 5 or 10 min. So let me return but I have to pay shipping on 80lb large box so will cost hundreds to return ..Dont buy

Alberto LL June 4, 2020 Texas, United States

After receiving the sound system and installing it I can tell the sound is exellent rich and powerful and the design is a piece of modern Art. every visitor to my place ask about it

Tom B March 11, 2020

I have one of the earlier Fluance bluetooth speakers that worked very well, it wasn't loud but I used it in my office to listen to music stored on my computer. After the change over to Windows 10 I couldn't use it anymore via bluetooth. It was recognized by my computer but there were no driver updates available to re-link to my computer. I tried to get info from Fluance but without any luck. I really like the product but would not buy one again. The same thing happened with our Canon printers regarding lack of long term support for drivers. Not buying Canon anymore either, have found Epson to be a better bet. Cheers

Jonas s March 7, 2020

It was simple to set up sounds great!

25 W March 2, 2020

This thing is great. The veneer finish is quality and the sound is impressive. I have it hooked up to my record player via aux cables and also listen extensively via Bluetooth from my Macbook Pro. The range is decent on the Bluetooth, no complaints. Quite frankly, I can't think of a single person who's come over and not been impressed. It's gone up in price about $100 since I bought it and it's one of the few things I would be willing to pay more for than I did. Quite frankly, I think $699-$749 would even be appropriate for this.The ONLY drawback, and it is a minor one, is that the remote doesn't have a mute button on it. First World Problems, I know. There are occasions where the convenience to immediately cut sound without turning the speakers off would be desired.

alan January 24, 2020

A must buy check it out

JP January 17, 2020

THE BEST Bluetooth speaker available, and the price reflects it. This type of sound quality would normally would require a person to piece things together. Separate amp, box speakers and sub etc.. This is an all in one easy peezy plug and play, but with ridiculous sound. Bass that can shake your intestines and bother the neighbors with Crystal clear highs and mids that could challenge Bose at its own game. If you can budget it or find a cheaper open box, go for it and never look back.

La J January 12, 2020

Big Boys toys... Too many speakers in my house but this one stands out.. on top.Forget Bose only European high end speakers competes with this one... It is from Canada.. if the tags says right..

John R. December 10, 2019 New York, United States

Product is amazing, however I was sorely disappointed with customer relations....I informed them that I saw the item I purchased advertised for $100 cheaper, and was told “nothing they could do about it”...THEN the DAY it was delivered it was advertised ON THEIR SITE @ the $100 cheaper price..!!! I asked to be refunded the $100 and was again told “there was nothing they could do”....just thought it was a terrible way to treat a customer....Product, however, is fantastic...

Stanislav, B August 17, 2019 Florida, United States

I've tested several Bluetooth enabled speakers recently but had a hard time to find something playing to my taste. Finally, I found the one that satisfy the tonality and the overall ability to play music. I've tested it with many music styles and can't be more happy. The representation is just right, the vocals are crystal clear, the image is great and opposed to any other Bluetooth speaker I've listened so far, the clarity and dynamics are simply amazing! Despite the elements proximity you can still hear a very good stereo if sitting relatively close to the speaker - 2-3 meters away.

Initially I've used the available Bluetooth connection and wasn't impressed that much, while switching to APTX-HD capable receiver which is connected using optical cable made a huge change!

Another point to mention, the speaker isn't playing too well in the corner or close to walls, it has to be positioned away from walls and preferably in an open space.

Overall impressions - well built, great looking speaker producing excellent sound!

Jason G August 13, 2019 Texas, United States

I was looking for a sound system for a large back porch and pool area and gave it a shot. Couldn't be happier with it. Over three years of flawless performance and excellent sound. And it stays outdoors in a very humid environment.

Dave P July 14, 2019 Massachusetts, United States

After reading another review, I ordered the Chromecast
Audio WIFI adapter and utilizing the AUX mode the column and sound quality is the difference between night and day! I can’t play it over “20” (out of 40) on the volume display without complaints from the family to “please turn it down!” from the family

joe g July 12, 2019


Sunny July 5, 2019

I have had this product for over 3 years. Still works with no issues. I use it as a TV speaker. So daily, heavy use is an accurate description. Do I wish it was louder? Of course. I also want a faster car, (would need more money for faster car) but at this price point, it is plenty loud. The thing doesn't move as it is the TVs main speaker. So I don't care about portability. But with 1000s of hours of use over the last 3 years, I can report this thing is reliable.I cannot find and correct frequency to clone the remote, so that is my drawback. Needing a remote just for volume is annoying, as it is not very big. Overall, great product.

john g July 2, 2019


David P June 30, 2019 Massachusetts, United States

I can’t stop listening to this speaker! I was able to find one used on Craigslist for half of what the sell for new and even at $499 full price this is a bargain! The Bose Accoustic Wave system is more than twice the price of this and the sound is second to none! I haven’t listened to my high end home system since I picked this up one week ago. I also recently purchased the RT 81 Fluance turntable and I am very happy with it as well! BUY THIS SYSYEM-YOU WONT REGRET IT FOR ONE MINUTE!!!!

Dave P June 29, 2019

So, you have been reading about how big it is? When picking this up by myself already out of the box and carrying it I was blown away at how heavy it was! Carrying it like a tire with my hands in the middle was the easiest way but unfortunately had an asthma attack and was lucky enough to have a rescue inhaler in my car! Once I got it home it was tough carrying it in but once it was plugged in it just took a few minutes to plug the antenna in and sync up the Bluetooth connection on my Apple XR. The sound is fantastic! The remote with its separate bass and treble keep my happy because of the simplistic design and ease of operation in the dark. I am constantly adjusting them due to my personal preference and the led display although seems a little outdated is big enough to read accros the room with no difficulties. The magnetic cover (mine is black ash btw) is easily removed to show the smartly placed speakers in the cabinet. I like the cover on and off! My wife has not complained although i think after all the equipment i bring in and out ofthe house she has just given up! It sound beautiful and although it wont shake the windows like some reviewers said, it is still plenty loud. I was lucky enough to purchace for just 1/2 of the retail price for only $250 and I drove from Mass to RI to pick it up. I have had it for almost 1 week and i cant stop listening to it! I just ordered Chromecast Audio as requested by others to make the sound quality enhanced via a WiFi connection. I truly cant imagine it getting better. I have currently a pair of Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1s along with a pair of Sonus Faber Concertino bookshelf speakers powered by a 250wpc Carver amp and i havent turned them on but for only a few times in the last week of owning the Fi70. I jusg recently purchased a Fluance RT81 turntable and i am going to next try feeding the turntable into the unit via the AUX input and see how it sounds. Thanks for reading this review and if you have the room, spend the $500 and buy this unit.You wont be dissapointed, that i can promise you!Thanks Dave

D. C June 19, 2019

First time I didn't buy a Bose system and couldn't be happier with this unit.

david June 19, 2019

Amazing speaker to a audio freak like me quality durability and also style amazing peace of art

Jim J June 17, 2019

My friend bought these and I bought Rockville speakers....I was robbed and these are the ones I should bought. These are crisp and great low end. The Rockville have static and noise. Buy these instead you'll love them

Lance B June 17, 2019

Very impressed with the sound quality of this speaker. It is stylish and a conversation starter for sure. It has plenty of volume and bass fo fill several large rooms.

Mikro S June 2, 2019

I like my music to hit me in the face, I can say it does that! Amazing what a pair of 8inch subs can put out when engineered properly, and the mids and hi's cut right through. Love this speaker, if I had to knock anything it would be that I can't pair 3 more and bring down the house!

William E May 20, 2019

I'd recommend that Fluance go after the soundbar market b/c the Fi70 blows away my Harmon Kardon SB16 that I have hooked up in another room. I've seen reviews suggest a 10-hour burn in for the bass to evolve but my unit was sounding really solid for the low end right outta the box. Would purchase another one if I had a place to put it. Also, the design is slick enough to house the remotes in the cut-out middle section - smart actually.

Johann W May 5, 2019

One thing is certain... Fluance doe's not believe in ripping off the consumer, they're giving you more than what you pay for. I'm not a company shill, just a hard working sob that hit the jackpot on a $500 gamble. This speaker will melt your face, warm your heart and get the cops called on you, depending on how you roll. Follow the instructions and do the proper 'break-in' period. They should've named it 'young Mike Tyson', because you'll be floored in an instant. Ultra high quality sound system, priced for poor working schlep's to enjoy. Get off the fence and get your plastic out right now, if you're looking for an insane deal, on a ridiculously sick speaker system. ¥ou gotta hear this thing!!

Brandan April 28, 2019

Ive had a lot of sound systems & home theater systems in my day. I was already familiar with the fluance sound as for I use their bookshelf speakers for my in home DJ set up.Tired of all the wires from a home theater system. I decided to downsize and grab this. I will tell you $500 may seem steep, but I haven't looked back after owning six months now. Worth every penny.The sound quality is utterly immaculate! We tested it out over a party with our DJ controller connected to it to try to push it to it's limits and we were unable to hear any distortion at 75-85%. I will note... It's not for apartments. It shaked the entire house when we fully tested it. In our apartment me have it tuned way down out of courtesy to our neighbors.Portability is terrible! It's super heavy! So if you're trying to take this thing everywhere frequently I highly advise against.Design is very modern you'll either love it or hate it. It absolutely suites my decor.Bluetooth is acceptable there is a slight delay and quality/static is not near as good as other inputs. I rarely use Bluetooth on it and have everything hardwired in via aux or optial. I advise a dual shielded aux cable. It'll eliminate all interference.Cons: Touch capacitive buttons on top are garbage. I've resorted to sliding my finger across them to ensure it registers the touch. Aside from power... I just don't use them anymore.All in all, after the speakers are broken in... By far the best speaker investment I've ever purchases. Once we move to our house next year I will be buying a second on to pair!

Dean P April 12, 2019

This thing is NO JOKE.I dont write many reviews but I felt the need to here. First things first, I was a sound engineer for many years as well as a very active musician. In short, I know sound pretty well. I am also a gear and gadget freak who is always looking for a fix so this speaker checked all the boxes for a closer look. And..well.. I must say I am extremely happy with it. It is a bold and beautiful piece of equipment that sounds as good as it looks. The sound, actually is Incredible. I have used it as a bluetooth speaker and also gone direct from a record player and it is astounding. There is nothing else like this on the market in the price range.The closest thing is the Aiwa exos-9. which I have 2 of them they are also great but this thing has it's own Vibe that cant be compared. I really wanted to get the Devialet Phantom when shopping for this but 3k was just not going to happen. The Fluance looks and sounds like it is much more expensive than sold for. It is insanely loud (especially after the break in period) the bass literally shakes the whole house, you can feel it in your chest. The highs are pretty crisp and the mids are thick. It is a statement piece. It is art, I even used the cut out on the center to put a mini zen garden in it (see pic). Overall Love it. ..get it..

Tushar T April 2, 2019

Great product.Great sound, great build quality.Looks and feels amazing.

Dusty F March 27, 2019

If you want a full on stereo system instead of just Bluetooth speakers, but you don't want to buy the components, this is what you want. I was considering getting two Bluetooth speakers for my living room but I miss having big ol' speakers that you can watch fill the room with sound. I want something to rock out or dance in front of. :)This delivers what I want. I haven't even turned it up to full volume because I'm afraid I'll disturb the neighbors and I live in a house. It gets loud. It will vibrate my hardwood floors and still sound crystal clear. Love it and it's easy to use.I would highly, highly recommend getting Chromecast Audio for this system. It works fine off Bluetooth, but Chromecast let's it stream from WiFi. This difference between the two is very substantial. You just plug it in the back and set it up once. Then you can use it with any streaming service or device and it blows doors.I had to give it a 1 on portability because it weighs 82 pounds. You won't be moving it from room to room. You can hear it from another room, but you won't be moving it. :)

Marshal h March 9, 2019

Remind me of a cerwin Vega speacker very good sound only problem is the wood you used some kind of wood grain paper over the wood for wood grain instead of real wood grain in the wood which is not good it scratch easily. I guess you used it to cut cost other than that its the best sounding blue tooth speacker out there

Mathew lopez March 5, 2019 North Carolina, United States

Awesome sound compared to my HK, B&O, POLK
(1.) Super clear and stylish.
(2.) Easy to set up and adjust.
(3.) Build quality and materials.... PREMIUM!!
Just some simple obvious points you will notice out of the box and plugged in.
(4.) Inputs such as the USB charging port/ AUX jack and Optical port, makes this speaker a great versatile entertainment speaker.
(5.) The Bluetooth feature makes it easy to connect to any device with Bluetooth streaming for playing music and media.
(6.) The receiver has AM and FM. ***HD antenna not included***.
Keep in mind this is a little over 80lbsin weight but, well worth the Price at $499.

***All in time to hook up from taking out of box to placing the stand on ...17min***
Appearance. ***** 5 /5
Build Quality. ***** 5/5
Sound. ***** 5/5
Functional use. ***** 5/5
Ease-of-use. ***** 5/5

David M February 26, 2019

The speaker performs perfectly, however the stand that was included cannot be mounted because my specific unit did not come with holes in the bottom for the bolts to connect to. I understand that this is not a problem for everyone but it did unfortunately happen to me.

Deb February 19, 2019

Amazing!! Very stylish...But the base doesnt bolt to the speaker for some reason. Bolts are included but holes are not drilled

Dan February 13, 2019

Great sound, attractive looking, and easily connected.It weighs considerably more than I had anticipated, but does a good job on filling room with sound.

Mike B February 4, 2019

I purchased this primarily to replace a Bose Wave Radio/CD that I have been using as a sound bar for my TV.I would first like to comment on the UPS delivery. When the truck stopped in front of my house, I watched the delivery guy remove it from the back; it was upside down! In all fairness to UPS, the box has no 'This End Up' arrows. Is was concerned that the speaker would be damaged. However, when I opened the box, I noticed the packing material was about the same on top and bottom.Now for my first impression: I was initially disappointed by the volume level. I had read a few negative reviews saying the sound level was way less than they expected. I was feeling the same way. I played my two favorite bass & sound level YouTube videos: Britney Spears - Big Fat Bass and Katy Perry - Dark Horse. Even at the maximum 40 sound level, the volume was not much more than the dual 3' Bose Wave Radio sound system.Now I was hoping the sound would improve some after 10 hours of break in, but given the out-of-box sound level, I was not expecting much.Well, like I do every day, I left the TV on at a low level for my pets. I figured the low-volume on time would not contribute to the break in period. However, when I came home from work (10+ hours later) and started the real break-in, I was shocked by how suddenly the sound level had jumped. I could barely stand the pain from the heavy bass from those two videos at volume level 30. I didn't even bother to go any higher, as I was afraid something would vibrate off the walls or book shelf and crash to the floor; not to mention what effect it would have on the pets. In comparison to the Bose Wave Radio, the bass of the Fi70 was over the top (even at the 0 setting). And finally I could hear the high frequencies that the Bose radio lacked.I'm beginning to believe one of the reviewers who thinks the speaker system has a built in ten-hour timer. It seems like the volume and bass are scaled back until the 10 hour timer has expired.So with ~ 30 minutes of real break in sound levels and 10 hours of just being on, I can say that these speakers exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday the speaker grill pops off while playing Britney’s Big Fat Bass; lol.So my advice is hold off on your judgement and writing reviews until after ten hours of use. You won't be disappointed.

spoony January 24, 2019

Overall, somewhat satisfied. Great sound. Build quality is pretty good, too.Quite often, a beeping noise goes off during playback and the only way to turn it off is to restart the unit. Super annoying.I'd recommend you find a different brand because apparently, Fluance considers the beeping sounds 'normal'.

Larry C. January 12, 2019 Washington, United States

OK.............first things first.
I emailed Andy at Fluance at least three times asking questions about the Fi70.
He responded within 12 hours each time and explained everything I was concerned about. He was a lot of help.
I am not using this as a blue tooth speaker. I have the Fi70 plugged into the pre-out on my home receiver.
That way I can use that for access to CD's, tapes, phono etc. We listen to classical music and slow jazz.

OK.............second things second.
Just got it up and running 30 minutes ago. It sounds great.
Crisp clear highs and excellent bass with a nice midrange
and they say it will sound better after the speakers break in.
It looks good. Unusual, but my wife and I really like it.

Third things, well, third.
I am 75 years old.
If anyone out there my age wants to buy one, hire a forklift and two professional wrestlers.
This thing is heavy. It's a bit larger than I pictured and built solidly.
Using alternative methods of lifting my wife and I got it up on it's pedestal
with not much extra effort. We just had to be careful and take our time.

We live on the west coast and it took one week to get here. I am happy with that.
It was packed very well. Double boxed and lots of foam to protect it.
It arrived in perfect condition.

So.........we are very happy with this system.
Andy was extremely patient and helpful with my inquiries.
And sounds great.

James January 12, 2019

Sound is awesome, bass rocks

Steve K December 25, 2018

Superior product. Superior sound. Exceeds expectations.

L. C December 24, 2018

Simply amazing.

Goppa December 20, 2018

Overall I like the speaker and the look of it, however I wish the volume would be higher especially off Spotify etc. The quality of the remote is pure as well.

Jeffrey D December 18, 2018


Dakota December 18, 2018

Here's my story with this thing:Fluance was brave and tried something most haven't, push the envelope and be the biggest bluetooth speaker ever. When I first got the speaker, I struggled getting it out of the box, plus its slippery covered in plastic, i almost hurt my back lifting this thing. Its very large and heavy, too large to ever have the desire to move it again after placement. As soon as i got it out, i found multiple cracks in the wood finish (i got the white version), as much as that was disappointing to see i almost didn't care since i was more excited to see how loud it could get. Then I turned it on, connected easily, and turned it up about 75%. Seemed loud, went up some more, was loud but it didnt really sounnd like I expected. Then i realized half the speakers were defective, i was only getting sound out of 3 of the 6. To be fair, only those 3 were really loud, so i imagine a normal working unit would really BANG..... so i had to send it back for a refund, lift the heavy speaker back into the box and ..... well its just such a headache and bad experience....So in conclusion, is it loud YES, but its just not practical at all. At this weight and size, you really are better off either getting a full home stereo system, or a bluetooth speakers easier to lift, move, and settle into place in your home. The fluance is so big its hard to find a proper place for it.So save yourself the headache, and pick one of the other top 3 speakers on your list instead. take care.

Sean December 17, 2018

12/17/18Wife ordered this for me and after putting together with the stand and starting up... no sound. Bluetooth won't play after connecting, so tried connecting through the provided aux cord and STILL no sound. Extremely disappointed and wondered if the newly lowered price units would have issues. I sincerely hope these aren't refurbished or returned units. Will be returning ASAP!***Going to give company a second chance and wait on a replacement. I will update my review upon receiving and setup. I advise all to keep everything and tear nothing until you've tested product for at least a month!

JF December 11, 2018

Mine did not come with pre drilled holes to mount stand to- the instructions do not even specify weather or how to do so only states the obvious of how the cabinet and stand must come together- I’m hesitant to drill my own holes to accommodate the stand

KayBee December 8, 2018

I own a bose soundtouch 30. This shames the bose in every way. The build quality is awesome and the sound is out of this world. You can feel the bass in your stomach. I have this in a very large living room. I cant even open the volume past 60%. It will blow my roof off. Love this speaker. One warning, please have a friend on standby to lift the box. It is HEAVY. Not a 1 person job unless you lift 100 lbs on the regular at the gym

assler v November 16, 2018

Fixing our new house this was a must have item for me. Doesn't feel big in a house. Great design. I'm beginning enjoying this after a lot work.

J. G October 9, 2018

Looks really good. The Natural Walnut is much darker in person than it looks online. Assembly of stand was super easy. Sound quality is good for stereo sound where the left and right sides are very close together. There is zero surround sound effect. System is bass heavy and relatively loud. This is a retro piece of furniture that sounds better than a 60s radio would. If sound is your first concern for the money, buy something else. If furniture and styling is your first priority then this may be perfect for you. I will keep this because it fits my decor and it's good enough in sound.

Jose September 11, 2018

The more I hear it, the sound is getting better. Break in period! I made a good choice. Big time.

Jack L. September 9, 2018 Missouri, United States

Inferior to none. The sound is amazing and if abused, will shake your entire house! I use it every night when watching my favorite tv shows or movies connected to my Apple TV via bluetooth. I have had this system for about 2 years and have absolutely no complaints! Thank you Fluance!

spencer August 31, 2018

The sound quality and bass are fantastic! It's worth the price.

Rangerod August 27, 2018

Exactly as advertised! Would buy again!

Amazon Customer August 17, 2018

all around audio bass and treble is amazing. Perfect for dancehall reggae response yet adapt to fine audio like a kenny g instrumental. my house sounds like a studio or night club

Mike C July 23, 2018

Simplicity. One if the biggest initial take away from the Fluance Fi70 is that if you chose to one can literally pull it out of the box place it onto the floor (it has small rubber feet on the bottom) plug the power cable into the back Bluetooth your phone & play music within 2 minutes of it ticking the floor. It is probably the most idiot proof piece of amazing sounding HiFi I've ever dealt with. The must difficult thing is program FM stations into it which is still easy if you can read a sentence....
First songs? Bassnectar sounds fantastic! - Verified Store

norm r June 20, 2018

Superb sound quality.unique looks and more than sufficient power. - Verified Store

Hamza May 22, 2018

Bass is amazing but I feel not loud enough - Verified Store

Sangyimyoun May 18, 2018

best speaker system I ever purchased and proud to be made by Canadian Co.
fulfilled my wife's Yoga studio 800sq with rich sound & Bass.
got white one and my wife loves the look .

i would recommend anyone who wants serious sound blue tooth system.

Best Jin - Verified Store

ice May 17, 2018

Best Bluetooth speaker I have ever heard. I put this in my back seat of my 04 Chevy Malibu and it vibrates my whole car with awesome bass. - Verified Store

troy s April 22, 2018

POUNDS SO GOOD !!! - Verified Store

Cole C March 23, 2018

Unreal sound quality. Highly recommend for the price. Might get the diamond boxx next for the portability - Verified Store

Ryan March 15, 2018

Solid design & impressive highs & lows! Worth 3 or 4 times what I paid. Even though it was damaged during shipping ;( - Verified Store

Kamil R February 23, 2018

You will not get a better speaker for this price sounds incredible. - Verified Store

jon February 16, 2018

I love my speaker box it flat out kicks some serious ace for sure I can’t come up with anything negative to say about my fulance
Fi70b bad boy. Thanks guys - Verified Store

MGB February 4, 2018

I paired this speaker with an iPad mini through bluetooth and an Akai Professional BT500 turntable through the AUX input ( The iPad mini fits perfectly in the opening on a stand and the turntable rests on top of the speaker. Altogether this makes for a fantastic setup! Only complaint I have is the USB charging port requires that the speaker/amplifier be on as well. I would prefer the USB be powered at all times without keeping the speaker powered. - Verified Store

Real R January 31, 2018

I have reviewed a great many bluetooth speakers in the ultra-portable (Bose Soundlink Mini Bang and Olufsen A1) semi-portable (Klipsch KMC-3 Aiwa Exos 9 Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200) and tabletop (Klipsch The Three Polk Woodbourne) ranges. What you expect them to be able to do is proportional to their size portability and ostensible use cases. I have tried a good many of each size/form factor and so although I wouldn't claim to have an audiophile's ear I do appreciate good sound - all the time everywhere headphones home work car. And trying enough different ones lets me at least claim to give a reasonable degree of input with A/B testing.

I ordered this at the same time as the Fi50. I received the Fi50 first tested it and regurgitated it along with panning it in an unapologetically negative review that somehow never saw the light of day after I submitted it. It arrived today and I unboxed it with some trepidation worried about wrestling it back into the packaging if it underperformed as much as the Fi50 did.

First impression: it's big. I don't mean a tabletop bluetooth speaker I mean it's BIG. I knew it was 8' 3-ways but it's still bigger than I expected it by a few inches in every dimension. I mean this is the honkin' big mamma jamma bluetooth speaker. My first thought was: when my wife sees this she's going to say 'What the bleep is that?!' My first thought turned out to be an exact precisely correct prediction. She said are you building a space ship in here? Then she said: oh that's a speaker. Then she told the 5-year-old that the way it works is you light the outside on fire then small trained circus animals like cats and rabbits leap through the ring in the center. So there's the aesthetic: it's well made very neat so big that your wife - and probably visitors as well - will say 'What the bleep is that?!'. Oh and it's heavy. It's over 80 pounds... plus the pedestal accessories and packaging. I also didn't expect to nearly break my back picking it off the porch but I nearly did so there's that too.

There is no battery. The touch controls on top work very precisely crisply as they did on the Fi50 - very well implemented controls. The remote control works very well. Everything is well executed. The grille snaps into place with magnets precisely and accurately. It has an AM/FM antenna optical and analog line in a clock and apparently an alarm. I'm not sure I'd use this as an alarm clock on my nightstand but maybe other people have much much larger nightstands than I do. Or giant trolls... golems... stone giants could use it as an alarm clock?

So far so good. It's a very big very heavy very well-executed object.

The next worry: sound performance. If I have to spend the next month icing my back in order to get it positioned under the TV is it worth it?

The title of my review says it all: more is just more. It's a LOT of kit. A lot of drivers big ones with a lot of power. The bass is undefeatable - it claims usable frequency response down to 30Hz and it sounds exactly right. Initially I thought the bass was while deep and tight understated compared to especially midrange. Then... the remote control has bass and treble buttons! I cranked up the bass - and there you go - it has bass. The soundstage is great the treble is sparkling and while it seems the response curve isn't completely even it does sound really nice - big wide musical.

Now this isn't the most boosted inky bass you'll hear. But it's deep and pronounced. What IS spectacular about it is the bass scales up right to 100% volume. The Fi50 distorted horribly at high volumes. This one goes to 100% volume on the speaker and the phone and it is indeed using all 280 watts RMS loud enough to be rude to the neighbors with all of our doors and windows closed and all of their doors and windows closed... two doors down. And the bass is absolutely smooth and controlled even while it's rattling your windows and shaking nails out of the rafters in the roof. That's what a well-tuned ported 8' enclosure can do for you.

Where's the 5th star? This speaker sat on it. You can get comparable power with comparably controlled but window-rattling bass out of a Klipsch The Three Aiwa Exos-9 Polk Woodbourne Marhsall Woburn or Peachtree Audio Deepblue. Each sporting a single long-excursion bass driver in the 5.5' to 6.5' range. This is a very good speaker seems to be done well but you don't need something this big to make sound this big. So it's good - but you have other options. Much smaller ones that make crazy big controlled boom with a quarter of the size.

Happy listening! - Verified Store

Bruce October 9, 2017

This speaker system is amazing. The depth of the bass to the clarity of the mid to high tones is brilliant.

David I September 20, 2017

We got this after moving as our previous large-ish setup was not going to work in the new space. Really striking design, with the grill on it looks like a piece of midcentury furniture. Simple to set up. After a break-in period sounds really good just streaming Pandora via Bluetooth - not high-end audiophile but as good as my fairly nice previous multi-component setup with tower speakers. Easily fills the large room with sound without breaking a sweat. Crisp highs, plenty of bass without being boomy. Mid-range is solid but I would not call it exceptional. All of this is just using Bluetooth, which is not exactly a high fidelity source - wireless should be even better. I did not notice the lack of true stereo separation at all. Overall I'd call this a high-performing bargain. - Verified Store

Brian ATL September 13, 2017

Hate to be the first to not rate the Fi70 5 stars, but I have had my speaker for about 20 days now and here are my thoughts.

It is for the most part a great product. The delivery was about 3 business days and it actually arrived on a Saturday. It is a beautiful product. The lows on this speaker blow you away. Almost overwhelming the mids and highs. The clarity however is excellent.

I have two issues, one is very minor and one is a concern. The remote is very basic and I think should have a mute button. Again, very minor.

My issue with the speaker is the bluetooth volume. After my research and reading lots of reviews I figured I would not be close to hitting the max volume while listening. Unfortunately using my bluetooth the volume is not much louder than my samsung airtrack speaker bar that I was replacing with the Fi70. In bluetooth mode off of my phone, reaching 20 on the volume feels like it is just coming on. It was to the point that I have tried to download volume booster apps for my phone to get me more volume.

I have found out that this speaker actually meets my volume expectations if I cast my spotify to my television and play music via the tv and optical audio connection. The volume difference is easily 10% more, but closer to 15% to 20% louder. A major difference. This is sold as a bluetooth speaker, that volume difference is disappointing.

If there is some way that I can get my bluetooth (my preferred way to listen to music) connection volume to be as robust as the optical connection I would be a very happy customer. Right now I am disappointed. Yes, I made sure my phone and spotify app volume was maxed out. I also connected my phone via the Aux cable and the volume was the same as with bluetooth.

If anyone from Fluance has any suggestions please contact me.

Kindle C September 10, 2017

Speaker just died 7 months after receiving it. Only got used a handful of times. Fluance customer service really sucked but Amazon let me return it for a reduced refund. - Verified Store

Chris H September 8, 2017

This speaker is amazing. I would eventually like to get another or explore their surround sound options. I actually have bass while listening to NPR! Used a optical cable for the TV and PlayStation and gaming/movies are incredible. Everyone needs one of these in their living room!!! - Verified Store

chad r September 3, 2017

Amazing!!! If you are looking for loud then this is not the speaker for you but if you are looking for a speaker to give you unbelievable quality at an affordable price then this is the way to go. The highs are high and the lows make my walls shake. There is absolutely no distortion! This is a great purchase. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 31, 2017

Worth the money. More than enough bass. Could be a little better in the highs, but still has a great sound. Very loud and looks great as an addition to furniture. When in by mode, you can use the remote to forward through tracks in your spirit, Pandora, etc. - Verified Store

Jefferson F August 30, 2017

This speaker is the new boss, the cabinet design is solid, so is the sound. No matter what kind of music you listen to, this will satisfy. The Fluance FI70 is the way to go!! - Verified Store

XV-Man August 3, 2017

The Fi70 is a solid speaker system - I've only used it for a few days and so far it has met my expectations. My one concern is the the way the large and heavy is attached to the stand. Four small screws anchor the mounting bracket which is attached to the stand. It seems to me you need to position the speaker gently to avoid the bracket from breaking away from the stand. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 2, 2017

By the time I purchased this beast, I had already read lots of reviews, and seen practically all of the videos on it. Still, it didn't prepare me for the quality of sound that rolled out! It was so crisp, even at the highest level. Now that it's broken in, it sounds even better! Because of its design, my living room is the perfect place to maximize its output, too...the acoustics are top-notch! Now, I'm not an over-the-top audiophile, by any stretch, and I realize you give up certain things by not having separate speakers around the room, but the way this thing hits the highs, mids and lows can't be beaten! This is simply one person's opinion on what I believe is the best Bluetooth speaker, ever! - Verified Store

Sebastian K August 2, 2017

It sounds really good, the bass is thick and has some serious kick, sound is clear. It's a bit on the expensive side but i recomend it - Verified Store

lostleo July 28, 2017

I received my package on time everything was great. My remote didn't work. I text them and they send me a text back stating they would send me one. They asked a few questions to help me to see if my remote would work. They send me a new remote control with no hassle soon as possible.Thank you Fluance!!!!!!!!!!! The sound is fantastic!!!!!!!! - Verified Store

Willy foo foo July 28, 2017

I absolutely love my fi70, the shipping was normal, took about 4 days to get here. The package was very well made, double boxed, and didn't waste any space. Putting the speaker was also very easy, all except the weight of it made it a bit hard to move it around, but as soon as I played a song it blew my mind and even at max volume it I still hear any distortion even though it made my room shake a bit. Overall it's an amazing speaker and truly recommend it.

Birwe July 14, 2017

this is the best Bluetooth speaker sounding i ever heard the design is an eye catcher i will definitely recommend the fi70 to anyone who want to experience a true audio sound

Amazon Customer July 4, 2017

Great sound quality not as loud as expected. Base was damage during shipping and replaced very fast, no hassle. Thank you - Verified Store

Jeff June 22, 2017

Sound quality is mediocre at best. Everytime you power it down it loses its settings (bass and treble). My bluetooth is faulty and cuts out. Now to return it I have to pay the shipping to get a repaired speaker back. There are much better speakers out there for the money. I would not purchase another Fluance product.

Jose June 21, 2017

Good quality and perfect sound and really loud. - Verified Store

Brett M May 14, 2017

I wasn't sure if it was going to sound as good as the reviews said. But I was completely amazed!!It shakes the whole house. It's very loud and clear at max volume. - Verified Store

J. G May 13, 2017

I have the unit setup in the lower level of a decently large town house with bamboo floors. Just about all speaker setups I've setup struggle with the acoustics. Even the warmest sounding speaker/amplifier combos sound more on the side of bright and 'echoy'...even with large area rugs. The Fluance Fi70 is no different, but I've come to appreciate it. It's really a beautiful looking piece of furniture. With the grill on, most people ask, 'what is that?' I custom made a laptop stand to raise up the laptop over the touch buttons.Even though this is a large unit (giggity) it doesn't really have the same spatial intrusiveness as a pair of large floor speakers, but still puts out an identical amount of output. It's confusing actually how Fluance sound engineers have managed to create such a large sound stage, and bass output, with such a compact (BUT HEAVY) system. Other reviewers who say ,'this unit lacks base' <-- notice they misspelled 'bass', must have it setup incorrectly, have a faulty unit, or have a terrible source connected to the unit. I run (2) 12' subwoofers in my daily driver so I am accustomed to heavy bass. Point being, the output, even when the bass is set at '0' (goes up to '8' I think) is too much. I often leave the bass at -2. The mid-range frequencies are going to take some time to get used to, some burn in period not only with the drivers, but with our ears learning to recognize and properly process the sound 'the burn in period'. Once some decent listening time is invested, the unit becomes alive. Mids articulate, highs are clean with plenty of sparkle. Minimal listener fatigue once broken in.Usability:Quirks: An effort needs to made to have the remote work within the appropriate range. As others have mentioned, the touch button features on top of the unit are not great. It takes learning and finesse to master the top buttons, but I still find myself disappointed with the lack of intuitiveness, HOWEVER, this unit is only $500, so it will not be perfect. Most guest estimate the unit is above $1,000. - Verified Store

Phillip May 12, 2017

Unbelievable sound, the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I've heard. - Verified Store

Vincent d May 9, 2017

Sounds great! Easy to connect. It's heavy though, try to have two people to unpack it, the shape is a little awkward. Once you mount the stand it moves around easily. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 4, 2017

Just as advertised, great sound, highs and lows. LOUD! Couldn't be happier. Will buy another! - Verified Store

George April 21, 2017

Bought this speaker based on reviews in January and I am very happy with it. Sound is sensational, pairing is easy, touch controls are sensitive enough, size is according to quality sounds and design very modern. Only thing is a wish you could pair your phone or Bluetooth device to two or more simultaneously. - Verified Store

bscheck April 14, 2017

I had to downsize from a full 5.1 system when I moved into an apartment. Honestly I don't even miss the 5.1. Some people say the size is awkward, but it's probably the best arrangement for the amount of floor space it actually takes up. The eq is pretty simplistic, but the response is fantastic. The only negative is the curve on the cabinet and the curve on the face don't line up perfectly.I've bought probably 5 sound bars and other fiber optic tv devices in the past - wish I could just go back and buy this and be done with it. The Fluance Fi70 is the best bang for the buck in home audio I've ever purchased. - Verified Store

Timothy C April 13, 2017

NOT AN EXAGGERATION...I have, and now own just about every kind of popular Bluetooth speaker there is...Aiwa Exos-9, Ion Road Warrior, JBL Extreme, JBL Charge 3, Sony SRS-XB3, Sony GTKXB7BC, the new Sony XB40, and the UE Megaboom. I've even had the 'Famous' 'Diamondboxx', and promptly returned that piece of bass. I also currently own the 'Bumpboxx' as well. To be clear...NONE OF THESE SPEAKERS HAVE THE BASS AND CLARITY THAT THE Fluance Fi70 has! This Bluetooth speaker sounds simply ASTONISHING! This speaker is not portable. It has no battery or carry strap. You couldn't carry it anyway, not for long that weighs about 80 pounds. In my opinion, this is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker that is now available on the market...HANDS DOWN!! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 11, 2017

Great sound quality. An awesome bluetooth speaker; probably the best one out there. Probably would not work as well for surround sound or home theater applications but it is perfect for music. Very sturdy construction and it is VERY heavy. This thing is like a piece of furniture. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 8, 2017

Beats my $500 Marshall speaker. Also sounds better than my beats speaker too. - Verified Store

Christopher a April 4, 2017

Im giving it 5 stars because is very noisy and the sound quality is awesome, but the Down bottom volume isn't working anymore so. - Verified Store

Charolette G March 26, 2017

Been very happy with this product great sound - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 23, 2017

Absolutely fire, this speaker shakes my house and sounds crystal clear. Was completely worth the investment and it will be a great living room piece in my upcoming apartment. This is as good as it gets without being a complete home audio system. - Verified Store

Tilted B March 3, 2017

Stop reading the reviews and buy it now! This is the absolute best speaker that I've heard and I consider myself an audiophile. I challenge anyone to produce a better sounding bluetooth speaker. Incredible highs and great bass which is perfect for both my preferred genres of hip hop and R&B. I absolutely love this thing and wish I could add another to give me full stereo from two speakers. Great product Fluance... 5 stars from me. - Verified Store

Kolton S February 22, 2017

This unit is incredible, even for its price! Having a dedicated speaker for lows, mids, and highs really helps give a clear and clean sound. The Fi70 can handle pretty much any genre of music without any problems, even podcasts. With a built in amp, this thing really kills it when it comes to bass, if you want it to that is. For 8' subwoofers, those things thump hard! The remote features an on-board EQ adjustment so you can fix your treble and bass to your liking. The only con is the weight. Roughly 80 lbs. It sure was quite the task carrying this speaker up a flight of stairs. But considering that this isnt a mobile speaker in any way, I wont pin that against the product. Overall, great buy! - Verified Store

James M January 20, 2017

This fits unique niche. It's not a smart product, it can't directly stream online content (like Sonos). It's not portable, no where close at 80+ pounds. And it's huge; even knowing the dimensions before ordering it, when I pulled it from it's box, it is really BIG. Consider it a piece of furniture.But most importantly, it sounds great, especially for the price. I am using a Chromecast Audio set at high dynamic range and it presents very full rish sound. I haven't tried Bluetooth, so I can't speak to how that sounds.If you're looking for a standalone self-powered speaker and don't need it to stream content directly (you have another source), and if you have the room for it, this is a great speaker. - Verified Store

Delores R January 18, 2017

The sound is amazing! - Verified Store

John M December 30, 2016

I have bought two of these now. One for a daughter in college and one for my wife's home office. Both worked great out of the box. Both were easy to assembly and get connected. Both sound great for their size. Very clear with great bass performance. Both arrived promptly. I definitely recommend this for a room filling (and apartment filling) speaker system. The design looks so unique that it will grab your attention every time you see it. I guess the only down-side is the digital display it has. It is not representative of the design quality of the rest of the speaker unit. I look forward to purchasing some of the other Fluance speaker system products soon. - Verified Store

Menatti December 13, 2016

Heavy and well constructed but very limited volume and base. - Verified Store

lisa g November 17, 2016

I absolutely love this speaker! It comes with a black speaker cover than can be left on if your looking for a less contemporary feel. - Verified Store

Sunit S November 7, 2016

These speakers are great! The sound is very very good.The touch sensitive buttons on top of the unit are not the best, but rest is excellent. - Verified Store

Chuck R November 5, 2016

Exactly what i was looking for! Awesome sound, easy to use and cool to look at. - Verified Store

This s October 30, 2016

-Verified Store

Great l October 19, 2016

-Verified Store

BUY T October 19, 2016

-Verified Store

William G August 25, 2016

I saw a quick review of and recommendation for this product in a friend's Facebook post and decided to order myself a Father's Day present through Amazon.

Until I bought this, I always used my little, Bose BT speaker when in the kitchen and doing things around the house -- great sound for what it is, but not "house-filling". Well, this product fixed that in a big way. I put it in the corner of our living room in our open-plan house and can now have my own little concert when cooking or just hanging out.

In the review I read, it mentioned "hearing your music in a whole new way" -- and they were right. This thing produces great sound at everything from "background music" level all the way up to "get a call from the neighbors" level. Set-up was super-easy and the with the great quality sound, I find myself using it more often than I did my older speakers.

I wasn't sure at first given the price, but as soon as I opened the box and set it up, I realized this was no toy. It's kind of a speaker, piece of furniture and art piece all rolled into one. You won't be disappointed. -Verified Store

Tim Burcham August 25, 2016

Absolutely Love my Fi70!

Pen N August 18, 2016

Best standalone bluetooth speaker that I've experienced. -Verified Store

Gary p August 13, 2016

I am very happy with this product. The sound is great, it met all my expectations. -Verified Store

Patricia August 2, 2016

Love this speaker! -Verified Store

Matthew J July 6, 2016

We wanted a nice room-filling stereo for a 15x22 ft living room. It had to be reasonably priced, offer great sound and importantly, minimize the opportunities for renters/guests to interfere or damage the system. The Fi70 was the perfect choice.

Compact, it sits in the corner of the room but still commands attention and garners compliments for its striking looks. Only one wire runs from the back, powering the unit from the wall. With the bluetooth interface, there is virtually no reason to approach the unit and fiddle with buttons or a complicated remote. Users just connect and play.

The sound is killer. Really carries a range of music well, with even bass and solid mids.

I would recommend this system to anyone spec'ing a room that isn't TV-centric, who is looking for an alternative to separates requiring messy cabling and stacks of remotes. -Verified Store

Marc C May 25, 2016

Beautiful looking and sounds good when it's working. The right tweeter, mid and woofer cut out intermittently. Works for awhile and then the right speakers shut down. This happens with Bluetooth and aux stage. Am returning the item. -Verified Store

jason May 21, 2016

This is a large speaker that did not have a lot of reviews when I purchased it--so I was skeptical. Turns out--it is a great speaker and sounds fantastic. I will probably buy another. -Verified Store

eagle May 4, 2016

Great BIG Bluetooth speaker that is clear and relatively loud. I expected it to be a bit louder at MAX volume for 140 2x. But it "is" loud and CLEAR! Beautiful sound. Even now that it has been playing music for about 2 hours it is starting to sound real good. It does 'take breaking-in' as many others have mentioned. But even a couple hours into it it rivals my little Bose for clarity and sound quality. She is a BEAST! I love it!! See photos.

OMG!! After a couple of weeks of listening to this BEAST, I am ADDICTED! As a lot of folks have mentioned "THIS" is the way to listen to music! My only question is why only $700 Retail. I see it going higher than a $1000 if folks KNEW the sound quality of this "piece of art"!!!

THANK YOU FLUANCE! Keep up the good work (and value)!! -Verified Store

Wayne April 24, 2016

Talk about WOW Factor!! This is not for every room with its rather large design and form factor but as a bedroom system for Bluetooth music or connected to my TV its amazing- powerful, never distorts - unbelievable low low bass that rarely shows any kind of bass booming unless its in the material, rather it surprises by going an octave lower when the program material is there. Ive shown it to 5 friends and 4 have made a purchase. Amazing Im sure as a main speaker for a TV or to fill a room and party vs all these silly minim devices with no sound quality - I own a 25K plus home theater and as a lifelong audiophile and former AV business owner I can t say enough good things - Bravo Fluance! PS - would love to see a Wireless Play Fi Version compatible model for a few$$ more - you would crush the competition again

Josh S April 21, 2016

Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Clear, full sound with bright highs and warm mids and deep bass that fills the entire room without a struggle. Build quality is outstanding. Looks amazing sitting in the living room. Connectivity is simple and works right out of the box with any device that is bluetooth enabled. If you're looking for something that can fill a standard room in your home with big sound than this is what you're looking for. -Verified Store

Jerry April 19, 2016

Very impressive specifications in a compact form factor--brilliant systems engineering.

USC T April 15, 2016

For the price and convenience, it is great. Room filling sound with good highs and lows. What shake a room with bass, but very balanced. Didn't miss the stereo separation everyone was talking about. Didn't even notice it. -Verified Store

Chris April 8, 2016

I bought this speaker on Amazon in used (Like New) condition and it came very well packaged and in excellent condition. Was very heavy but was relatively simple to assemble and setup. This speaker has a very large amount of features and has incredible value. No other single unit speaker system can compare even at higher prices. 10/10 would recommend!

les March 31, 2016

The speaker unit weighs a ton and at first the stand seems a little on the light side however it performs well. Had a slight issue with the digital display being unstable but it is easy to turn it off and does not detract from the performance. ( Fluance customer support is excellent). I also have a Bose 30 soundlink and the Fi70 out performs the Bose especially at bass frequencies - the Bose of course is also an excellent performer but if you value bass over portability then go with the Fi70.
The Fi70 is Incredible value for money with outstanding performance -Verified Store

dart March 29, 2016

Bluetooth is a little weak, and WILL NOT connect to Amazon Echo -Verified Store

Dannypa91 March 15, 2016

So far so good! I bought a used "like new" lucky bamboo. It was in great shape, everything in brand new packaging and sounds....absolutely amazing. I'm a novice audiophile, I wanted something to make my TV, movies, video games and most importantly, music sound great, loud, and clear. I didn't want to deal with wires running though my living room and getting separate receivers for standalone speakers. Definitely replaces a stereo system and sound bar in my opinion. I'll be using these to host neighborhood summer lawn movies! -Verified Store

ruben948 March 14, 2016


Amazon Customer March 12, 2016

I recently purchased a hunting farm with a little house and wanted to set up a simple one stop music system to sit in a corner of the living room. My music collection continues to live in my main house and transporting things back and forth would be a pain. I also listen to the BBC a lot over TuneIn Radio, so I decided that digitization and Bluetooth would be the way forward. As if at my command, out comes the Fluance Fi70. Given the good reviews of other Fluance products (too soon for proper reviews of the Fi70 I found) I decided it was worth a try. I couldn't be more glad that I did. It was a breeze to set up, looks striking (I have the bamboo with white) and is very nicely finished. My wife likes it with the baffle, I like it without, but with the magnetic attachment it's easy to pop it on and off.
After a couple of weeks break-in, the initially slightly tipped up treble is smoothing down nicely and the base is tight despite the less than ideal placement. The midrange is pleasing and the sound altogether well-integrated.
OK it's not as good as my $30K main stereo system, but it only cost one sixtieth as much! And there would be no room for a person in the sweet spot (if I could find one) if it were in this room. My biggest question is "How can so much goodness cost only $500?" If a UE Megaboom costs $300 (which it does, I have one and I think it's a great product), how come the Fi70 costs only 66% more, with all it's heft, good looks, amplification and six drivers? This is easily the best audio bargain I have ever bought and I started being interested in good value "hi-fi" when I went to college in England in 1973. My advice...get one before Fluance realizes what a fabulous bargain they're offering and raise the price. -Verified Store

medri March 9, 2016

Wow, is what I said when I played my first song, which was Blured Lines by Robin Thick, you can definitely feel the music. The bottom end is there for sure, vocals are smooth and the high end silky smooth, no shrills at all, and I'm very sensitive to high end distortion.
Now Blured Lines is not the only song I reviewed, I'm a old rock fan but I do listen to all types of music from classic to rap, and I have to say this speaker did not disappoint on any of the music I listen to, and I was using the Bluetooth input. I did listen to the FM and had excellent results from the sound and the stations it was pulling in with just the supplied antenna. My only complaint, please add pre-select stations on the remote, really miss that option...
I have the Speaker set-up in my Master Bedroom, 20 X 19, and it fills the room with full sound with no problems at all.
Fluance recommends 10 hours of burn in time for the speakers to reach their full sound break in. I've only had less than 7 hours on them at this writing, but I can't see or hear how they will improve as they sounded great right out of the box...
Great job Fluance, you did your homework on this one, and you got it right, just get those presets in there, and goto the head of the -Verified Store

Richard N March 8, 2016

Bought it. Love it.....
Its BIG, so get ready. after the 10 hour break-in period, it really livens up
Bluetooth is seamless and works well. Has appearance and sound of a unit costing A LOT MORE
Buy and enjoy!! -Verified Store

Thors Hammer March 5, 2016

I was looking to purchase a TV stand and a sound bar for my television. Instead I went with the Fluance Fi70. I set my flatscreen television on top and used a fiber optic cable and pluged it into the back and I know have amazing sound. This is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I have ever heard! It is extremely well-built and absolutely beautiful to look at.It has so many purposes, I can charge my phone, stream Bluetooth music wirelessly, listen to the radio and watch movies with the best sound imaginable. This crushes every sound bar ever made on the market. This three-way speaker system plays down to 30 Hz so absolutely no subwoofer is needed. This speaker totally rocks the house and any party you could throw at it. I highly recommend this product. I have owned many expensive speakers in my life and this one blows me away every time I listen to it. Don't hesitate, buy this speaker!

Kinst February 19, 2016

Setup & Initial Impressions:
The speaker was well-protected and double-boxed upon arrival. There is a warning on the box that one should retain it for warranty purposes. Assembly instructions (picture drawings) were simple and straightforward. The single speaker (though it basically contains 2 merged speakers into one single / unique design) is much heavier and larger than I expected, as based on Fluance's web pictures. The mesh cover is magnetically attached to the speaker face and the overall build quality is very pleasing to the eye. Once assembled, the pedestal stand is very simple and elegant. Assembly required the use of four very skinny (questionable) bolts that are used to attach the end of the round base < tube > square bottom speaker-plate. Once assembled, the base is rock-solid for the amount of weight that it is supporting.

BT Connection and Remote Control:
There were no issues with my bluetooth connection (iPhone5), even at 15-20 feet away (as my prior BT would cut-out at around 10-15 feet). My daughter's Samsung S6 found the device even quicker than my iPhone. A minor disappointment is that the quality of the remote control, as it does not mirror that of the speaker. It requires a direct-point and control at the speaker. It is made out of very light plastic with black brushed metal-like surface. A black aluminum remote that had a similar design to that of the speaker would have been a classy touch.

Sound Quality (The Most Important Part):
For a $500 BT speaker, the bass was unexpected and impressive, coming form the two set of woofers. The mid-range speakers and tweeters are all positioned on each side of the donut design (circa 1960's). With all audio settings set to default (including the phone EQ set to "none"), the "highs" seem a little metallic, though this may be due to the quality of my ripped music + streaming over bluetooth. It would have been nice if Fluance offered more tuning options than just bass and treble control (i.e. addition of mid-range). However, when the speaker settings are adjusted in addition to my phone's equalizer, I could fine tune the sound (especially the high-end) exactly to my liking.

Overall, I am very-very pleased with my purchase, especially for the price + free shipping, as I definitely feel like I'm receiving more value than the price tag reflects.


gw February 6, 2016

Amazing sound - took a chance on this newer line and it does not disappoint. Absolutely love listening to my music - across all genres. Use this system to cover my living room previously covered by a smaller set of harman/kardon speakers. The range is incredible at this price. Would definitely recommend!

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