NY-GS10 5.8GHz 4 Channel Wireless Audio/Video Sender Transmitter & Receiver

Nyrius NY-GS10 5.8GHz 4 Channel Wireless Audio/Video Sender Transmitter & Receiver

with IR Remote Extender for Wirelessly Streaming to TV

$49.97 USD
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G. E September 25, 2021

Nice device that was easy to install and set up. The audio and video quality is excellent. The signal is stable even after passing through the second floor. The only complaint that I have is that I was unable to get the remote control to work. I am using another device for this purpose. If the remote feature had worked I would given this product five stars.

GUY T September 18, 2021


JW September 16, 2021

Saw a video to establish "wireless" surround to the rear speakers using these, so I bought it. The transmitter and receiver were probably no more than 8 feet apart. No matter how I tried to dial it in, the speakers crackled and popped. One day I turned it on and no sound came out of the speakers from the receiver. I made sure the speakers still worked - they did. But the surround from my receiver now emits no sound. Even sound tests hard wired to the surround speakers emit no sound. It must've blown something. I went from a 5.1 system to now a 3.1. These are worthless, and now I have a handicap theater system. Not happy.

Luis A September 14, 2021

Buzzes and pops whenever someone comes in between the 2 units. Power surged once and it made thos horrible noise because one unit went out. Pretty it blew one of my speakers

Ed R September 11, 2021

I first ordered the set that had a regular antenna that's "supposed" to go thru walls. Note: Can't remember the make/model. That hunk of junk only would go thru a window when window was open. The transmitter and receiver where about 10 feet from another.This set works a crapload better so parents can watch TV outside.No need for remote option.

Simon P September 2, 2021

I use this product to mirror my cable TV into my home office, which is in a separate room. Initially this product worked great. I've had a AV transmitter / receiver before and this worked very well out of the box initially.I've had this product for 6 years now. But after around year 3, I definitely started noticing a degradation in quality. The audio would start buzzing and the picture would lose quality. I kept changing signal channels and sometimes that would help and sometimes it wouldn't. But over the years even changing the signal channel wouldn't help. The past year it's been almost completely unusable. The problem is the receiver, the power light seems flicker and I think it's basically detonated.I debated giving this product two stars instead of three. But it did work very well the first couple of years. Also the AV format is probably going to be absolute from most TVs in a few years. Still if you have a fixed legacy setup where you need the components to be durable, this product probably isn't the best solution. This product is better if the range is only about a room or two away with minimal signal and line of sight interference and it's a setup that only needs to last less than a couple of years.

Ron W August 31, 2021

Purchased this for a customer - then she had 3 relatives/friends who died in a short time period. So never got it installed before return time ran out. Signal wouldn't go through her thick walls.

Mekhail August 28, 2021

Got this to transmit my cable TV signal from the living room cable box to the kitchen and office room TVs. Works great; even transmits through closed doors. Occassional minor static when a person walks between the receiver and tansmitter, but no big deal as that is very infrequent and ephemeral.

drewrichards2000 August 4, 2021

I hooked up th first set in 5 mins worked as advertised..opened second box and IR was in 3 pieces and didnt work not respponse from diod...tried spare IR wires from other remotes in unit and still no response...one set great second set appears used...will update if vendor ever responds.

alltech August 3, 2021

I have the transmitter set up a couple of rooms down the hall and without direct line of sight to the receiver. Nontheless, the receptions is exceptionally good. I did have to try different channels to find the one that gave excellent reception.

Catherine T July 16, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Initially, the device worked perfectly. At the moment, I have difficulty changing channels and accessing the guide on the remote TV. Although the remote control works fine with the main set-up, it does not work reliably with the remote tv and Nyrius receiver. I am investigating the possibility that the batteries in the remote control may be too weak to activate the extender. I'm hoping fresh batteries will correct the problem. This is my 3rd system of this type and the 1 difficulty I have always had with each of the systems is the extender's sporadic performance.

Stephen M June 29, 2021

Don't expect to have a high definition picture because the unit broadcast in analog not digital. It does have a dificult time going through walls. The IR extender works great.

Jeffery P June 25, 2021

I try to use these as a source for 5.1 rear channels. They sounded terrible. A lot of distortion.

John A June 16, 2021


ranz June 3, 2021

I got this to drive a set of outdoor speakers on my patio. All I get is static, and not very loud static at that. I've gone so far as to have the transmitter and receiver within a foot of each other and still nothing. I suspect it's not strong enough to drive these relatively small speakers and that I would need it to feed into some other kind of amplifier, which kind of defeats the purpose. If I need an amplifier then why not have one with it's own radio receiver. Considering returning the item.

JC H May 31, 2021

I had high hopes but there's a low frequency hum that I can't get rid of, double checked all connections and looked for any other interference, couldn't find any, tried all 4 channels still a hum, ran a hard wire instead of this wireless setup and had no hum. I'll keep trying, hope I can figure it out, for now it's unacceptable

Paul L May 31, 2021

I am sorry to say that it didn't work for me at all.I had my mother convalescing in a spare bedroom at my house and just needed to transmit the cable to her room from the cable box less the 15 feet away. No luck at all. When we did get a fuzzy picture we could not change the channels no matter what I did. I live in NJ and I think there is jut too much interference. If you live in the country this might work better for you.

Amazon Customer May 28, 2021

Excellent....Works well in Audio and Video

Amazon Customer May 27, 2021

MAN is the audio terrible. I've heard better audio quality on AM radio from the next state over. Tried every channel, fiddling with antenna position, no luck, just a constant crackle.

CP May 22, 2021

Doesn’t work.

charles c May 3, 2021 New Hampshire, United States

Going about 15 feet with signal. Sender and receiver must be perfectly aligned. Still not a "perfect" picture but pretty good. Fuzzes up with static if someone crosses the beam. I would say this will NOT work through walls. You wouldn't want this for your 75 inch theater display but perfectly acceptable for a secondary TV. However still 4 stars for performance and value for the price.

Sean G May 2, 2021

Works fine but not for me. I have a house built on 1890’s. Worked in one room but would not go through these old walls. Tried two different manufacturers and models with same problem. I will have to wire or bow to satt company.

no one April 14, 2021

does what it claims to do

Juan L April 12, 2021


WDM April 5, 2021

I am disappointed with the range. The product advertises a 250 foot range threw walls and floors, but I could not get a clear signal in the same room. To get a clear signal I had to h7put the receiver only 10 feet away from the transmitter. the only items between the transmitter and receiver is a jewelry stand and dresser drawers.

DJ April 4, 2021

I would not buy

TY March 15, 2021

2nd receiver only showed b/w. No help from customer service. Blew me off.

MC March 14, 2021

I don’t really have anything to compare it to as this is my first wireless transmitter of this kind. It works but there’s a distortion hum over the sound and there’s image lag/flickering. I’ve tried the signal extender and all the channel options. It still buzzes with distortion. If you walk between the signal it shuts off so I can’t imagine this would ever work with any obstructions. I’ll update the review after we’ve had time with it. It’s linking a game system to a projector across a room .

yves March 9, 2021

fonctionne super bien

john k March 6, 2021


Rick P March 2, 2021

Works well through 1wall with only a slight bit of occasional interference. Would definitely purchase again

desdal February 23, 2021

Pour la distance plutôt max 12m. Enlève 2m par mur intérieur en plus. La télécommande marche a diatance 1 fois sur 4. En plus il a de l'interférence lorsqu'une persone bouge près. Comme j'ai seulement 6m ça vas pour moi et l'utilisation que j'en fait, ça me convient.

Phil o February 17, 2021

Neithor works.........spent hours trying but no luck, unfortunately return window has closed so i am out of luck.this product does not work!!!!!!!!!

Collin February 15, 2021

I was looking around for something like this for a while.I tried a few Bluetooth adapters some claiming no or low latency and some not. The first 3$ transmitter/receiver pair for bluetooth I tired had a delay of ~1/2 a second, others were less but still something I could notice. The first bluetooth thing I tried also combined the left and right audio channels into 1 and retransmitted them on the left and right channel.These have NO perceivable delay and have almost no issues. When walking between the transmitter and receiver sometimes there is a little pop or crackle from the speakers. I've had no issues other than that.I needed a wireless no delay solution to allow my front speakers to be mounted somewhere that had power but no way of routing speaker wires to them so ANY delay since all the other speaker are wired in directly to the receiver would cause a lot of issues with both video and audio sync.

Nathalie R February 5, 2021

Bon rapport qualité prix

D. W February 1, 2021

My situation was trying to get a video signal to a ceiling mounted projector. I was limping along with unsightly video cord running on wall/ceiling. In my application I am fine with an analog signal and it works perfectly. It’s about a ten foot distance, nothing blocking line of site. One glitch, it does jam 5G WiFi, but for us that is of little consequence. I am a happy customer!

Melissa P January 29, 2021

I bought this to send audio only form one stereo to another. The transmitter and receiver were on separate floors, but only about 25 feet apart. I was able to get a signal, but with interference. Think that staticky '90s cordless phone. Fiddled with the antennae, moved the units around, and tried all the settings, it ranged from not good to nothing.

GEORGE N January 3, 2021

Intermittent pops/cracks. Seems to vary by channel used, but doesn’t go away.Constant distorted noise from receiver if audio signal to transmitter from sound source is shut down

MBrando September 17, 2020

I bought this to replace a set I bought about 5 years ago. The old ones worked far better and in one area that worked fine just 20 feet away with old unit wouldn’t even receive a picture. Send them back will stick with older unit at least it works.

Daniel C September 16, 2020

The TV quality on the remote tv is very good. The IR signal to change the channel from remote tv to sender tv does not work at all. I called product support they said it doesnt work on all satellite converters as there is so many out there. I told him it was a dish network converter and that should be real common and he again said it doesnt work on all of them. He also said to look on there web site they may have one that does work. So I had to use my old remote tv sending unit to change the tv channels and turn on & off and use this new one to watch tv . It works that way but have to use 2 systems to do the job this one advertises that it will do.

benoit b September 15, 2020

tres performant

J.D.Williams September 9, 2020


willyd September 7, 2020

This is the 4th or 5th video sender I've used over the years but this one acts differently. Instructions state that sender and receiver must be on the same channel. The set up works only with the sender on 2 or 3 and the receiver on 1. Drove me crazy until I stumbled on the solution.

Richard G September 4, 2020

This was used for sending cable to the the bedroom from the living room it work will and easy to setup

Julien L August 23, 2020

Dosent work too good lots of scrachy noizes, and when out outside of my camper dosent work at all

Keith voss August 21, 2020 Iowa, United States

Works good and must have line of sight

Detroit R August 16, 2020

I can watch tv in my sewing room now. I had to use a hdmd to rca converter on the transmitting tv and it worked great.

Marc-André C August 8, 2020

Mon produit fonctionne très bien et très pratique car pas de files par terre. :)

rss00 July 30, 2020

The product works great for viewing TV remotely but the remote control IR operation interferes with the satellite receiver IR sensor. When the Nyrius IR transmitter is placed in proximity of the sat receiver to allow for remote control operation at the remote TV location, it works fine. However, with no Nyrius IR transmitter position changes the remote control will not operate the sat receiver. The Nyrius IR transmitter has to be moved away from the sat receiver in order for the remote control to operate the sat receiver. There is interference between the Nyrius external remote IR transmitter and sat receiver IR sensor when operating from the physical location of the sat receiver and requires the Nyrius IR transmitter to be moved away from the sat receiver in order to allow the remote control to operate the sat receiver.

Alfredo M July 29, 2020

Antenna broke in less than a month.

Jordan July 23, 2020

I was trying to use this to extend a security camera. I am only going about 40 feet through one wall. It will not work. Mine will only work with direct line of sight and its only black and white.

Maytag D July 22, 2020

It actually works right out of the box, perfectly. Just lay out everything on a table and it makes intuitive sense before hookup. Quite literally plug and play. Works perfectly between the far corners of my house. Cant say enough good things, it really works. Remote works great also. Premium FIOS TV now anywhere including outside on the deck! with no cable, entertainment under the stars.

ulises July 18, 2020

Does not work with ARC

Dave July 17, 2020

Two words for campers. Sliced bread

quinnat8 July 15, 2020

I purchased this product to avoid running wires along the floor. The transmitter and receiver were placed 35 feet apart at about five feet in the air. There were no objects between them( clear line of sight) and no matter how I positioned them or which channel I used the audio was fuzzy and occasionally popped.

Joseph C June 30, 2020

Great product ordered two of them for a bar I work at so we can have sound inside and outside and it works flawlessly once you get the correct channels selected and antenna faced the correct direction...no static at all and not much interference from anything. Really enjoy this product and also how quick I got it.

Amazon Customer June 27, 2020

I returned this product, as I was looking to convert a pair of wired speakers to wireless.This product is better suited, I felt, to extending a audio and video signal to a remote tv, with it's own audio connections.I did set up the product to one speaker, it was easy to set up, and worked well, but just wasn't what I was looking for.

Jane C June 24, 2020


Calvin E June 18, 2020

I was very surprised how well it works! Saves on installation

JDB-NH June 1, 2020

This application was to transmit audio from an amplifier near the front of our church to an a/v console at the back of the building. We have several wireless devices at several frequencies (and strengths) where setting the Nyrius transmitter amidst the antenna array didn't work. Ready to return it yesterday, I decided to try it at home and discovered that there were no issues. Tonight I repositioned the transmitter to a "quieter" part of the closet, and like magic, the sound was crystal clear through two walls and about 80 feet distance to the receiver... the set now has a permanent home. The important features we needed were instant power on (no buttons to press), no fuss automatic pairing, alternate channels, RCA connections to our Bogden amp, and a small footprint... that counts up to five stars.

CJ May 23, 2020

Ive had many wireless systems over years and all had idiosyncrasies including requiring additional upscaling devices etc. and required their own power adaptors.... I was hoping this brand Nyrius GS-10 would simplify my needs further!No way, i spent hours trying to get this system to operate using known working HDMi source and connections and many variations of cables/connectors to no avail..... even with 6 foot distance between transmitter and receiver... extremely frustrating and definitely not plug and play as claimed! Scrutinized their website for possible solutions but never solved my dilemma. Never got receiving monitor to see a signal (neither VGA or HDMI) configuration and having tried all channels etc. Lights never "locked" on front panel of modules to indicate success. Complete utter waste of time and money since i never tried to install this product within guarantee/return window. Never again and will keep looking for what should be a simple solution to wirelessly send a known signal under 20 feet through air...no walls or obstructions! Sadly, would not recommend this product at all!

Heggie May 22, 2020

Perfect for the intended use (sound only). I use this set to wirelessly pipe music to other parts of my house (kitchen and exercise room). Recommend you connect them to a quality speaker set.

Douglas D May 18, 2020

It is wonderful! So glad I purchased it!

Grace's m April 29, 2020

Needed a replacement for a staticky unit, and this product exceeded expectations! If I'd known it would be this easy, I'd have given it a try a long time ago. It creates no interference with other devices nor is it impacted by other frequencies!

JohnGalt April 26, 2020

I bought this to solve a problem and it solved it great. I have a safe room in my rec room for tornado warnings. My SAT box is about 24 ft away from my safe and I really didn't want to drill through a solid concrete wall with rebar to run a wire just so I could monitor storms on tv. Plus, sometimes I'm stuck in there for hours and just getting one TV channel from a wired solution wouldn't be as nice as accessing my DVRs and other channels which would require a remote.With some of the reviews, I was skeptical that I'd get a decent signal. The door to the safe weighs 3400 lbs, is two layers of quarter inch steel, filled with concrete and has thirteen 1 1/4 inch round deadbolts.The 8 inch thick solid concrete with rebar (not concrete block) wall also has a finished, insulated stud wall on the rec room side of the safe. The ceiling of the safe has two layers of 1/4 inch steel sandwiched in layers of 3/4 inch plywood.All I can say is I'M IMPRESSED!!!Set up was easy, the remote works great and sound and picture are good.One tip, the antennas are directional so if you have any fuzziness in picture or sound, get the antennas so they are facing each other.

Amazon Customer April 1, 2020

friend needed it

ABronxTale213 March 30, 2020

It didn't work AT ALL from 30 feet away! Returned it and am still on the hunt for a TV transmitter that will work!

RAC March 16, 2020

I bought this because I don't want to hard wire my TV to the Satellite Box in the living room but sadly there's some static in both the video and audio. I would be ok with video but the audio is quite noticeable and it is so annoying. It might be that there is too much interference going on in my house and I need to find a sweet spot for it to work but the included a/v cord is not that long.I will be returning this and I will just do the hard wiring which is more reliable and cheaper.

M. F March 6, 2020

Didn't work and waiting for return label.

David L. February 27, 2020 California, United States

Nyrius NY-GS10RX Audio/Video Link Review

I have been using for years to get stereo audio around my home. I have 3 receivers, all in straight line from single transmitter. Goes through 1,2,3 residential walls 15,20,35 feet distances. My comments:
- highly sensitive to channel selection, pick carefully.
- signal is easily blocked by a hand or human body passing between.
- high audio quality. Better than FM transmitters I have tried.
-I have not found anything easier to set and forget. Chromecast Audio is better quality, but much harder to select audio sources. (I have not figured out how to use my Yamaha receiver as the source device.)

Watles February 27, 2020

Worked exactly as advertised, did not use a remote or tech support. Was not needed

Bronx J February 14, 2020

Unit works with tv that has audio/visual out jacks. None of my 3 tv's have those jacks.

B. J February 12, 2020

Works great. Easy setup. I'm only going 20 feet through 1 wall but the picture is perfect. Only complaint is the IR remote is pretty flaky. Need to put remote inches from unit to make it work.UPDATE: increased to 5 stars because switching the A/B channel switch fixed the IR remote problem. Works great.

Simi S February 5, 2020

50% snow with the loud white noise that goes with it. Reminds me of the old days trying to tune in a channel. Really, really bad and doesn't work nearly as far as they say. Wouldn't even go through one hollow interior wall! JUNK! Don't waste your money on this one. Get something better.

L. M January 30, 2020

From the kitchen cable box, to the 3-Season porch, perfectly.

Amador R January 27, 2020

Really works. Easy to install.

Abstract C January 24, 2020

Good standard definition picture and good stereo sound. Transmitter sending from living room to adjacent family room 50 ft+-.

Amazon Customer January 24, 2020

I was trying to move my tv to other side of room but did not want use cables. Nyrius provided low reception range and poor video quality.

Doug S January 23, 2020

Thing did not work as advertised. Tried it with several different components, but it just wasn't happening. I returned it and got my money back.

Jerry K January 16, 2020

Great product. Great seller

ljennif January 10, 2020

I bought this to transmit from the satellite receiver in the living room to the tv in the bedroom. It is easy to install, basically plug and play and it works great. The transmission goes through one wall but the picture looks good and the sound is just as good as on the original tv. Wish I has gotten this sooner!

Vikki L January 3, 2020

The directions could be a little easier to understand as it is difficult to operate

Brent E September 20, 2019

Product works ok. If left on for any time it seems when it’s hot the sound and picture quality diminishes.But over allGive it a few minutes off to cool down and it’s back working good

clarence September 15, 2019

Directions could be better...The device works as advertised

Garrison B September 4, 2019

This is the second one of this model I've purchased. The receiver worked fine as a 'second receiver' with the original pair. And the transmitter tested fine also. I'm using mine over relatively short distances, but the audio/video quality is fine for my needs. The 5.8 Gig freq means no competition for band space!

Janet September 2, 2019

Watching tv while I’m cooking. Great companion!a wonderful toyNow I have a lovely TV in my kitchen ,while I cook and dine! ..and it was so easy to set up

dasbiber007 August 29, 2019

Easy to set up and use!

T August 20, 2019

This product works pretty good, it saved me from having to pay for another cable box from my cable company

Valarie F August 16, 2019

From reading the other reviews, this device is exactly what I wanted. We just had Dish Network installed and the installer said that I would not be able to use my small 9' television that is on my nightstand. The back of the Dish Hopper in my bedroom has the 3 RCA jacks so all I needed to do was purchase this transmitter/receiver device. It took me longer to unpack and take the twist-ties off of cables than it did to set up the T/R. Works great. Although it is only transmitting across my bedroom, and I have only used it once since receiving it yesterday - this device is perfect.

Lewis G August 14, 2019

Could not get it to connect.

Anonymous August 13, 2019

I wanted to have TV in a bathroom where I did not have access to an antenna or cable connection. I was able to set this up and get a good connection--only a little static but the receivers are not far from each other--one on either side of a wall. I was not sure how to use the ir remote extender, but after downloading the manual and seeing what the actual placement was, it works perfectly with my dvr.

C. F August 10, 2019

Trying to send the signal from a cable box to bedroom which has no cabling. Tried all 4 channels with significant interference each time. The bedroom is on the same floor, one room over, no more than 20’. I tried placing the receiver less than 8’ away in my kitchen with no appliances turned on (such as microwave). Still annoying interference in both picture quality and static in sound. I’m not confident that any of these transmit and receive very well.

L J August 1, 2019

Need more operator remote control infared information and use.

gerald s July 26, 2019

Can't get any sound to play

Wiinger19 July 17, 2019

I could not get these to work on my subwoofer. I didn't try them with any other signal.No matter what channel I used I could not get the subwoofer to stop rumbling and popping randomly. Zero signal from the source. Only noise.

Amazon Customer July 17, 2019

They do not work if they are more than 5' apart. Not only that, but any lack of a perfect connection causes a loud, HORRIFIC electronic noise that will likely blow your speakers, even at low volume. These things are garbage. Stay away!

John A July 12, 2019

Wanted to send the signal to a second floor TV from my basement source. Total distance was maybe 75 feet away. Signal was totally unacceptable. Then tried to send the signal to a first floor TV that was 1 floor and maybe 25 feet away. The only way the signal was good was if I balanced the receiver unit on the top corner of the receiving TV. In my opinion, the signal strength as listed in the product description is not accurate.

Michelle S July 10, 2019

I could not ever get this product to work. Directions provided are not useful. Disappointed that I am unable to return.

Mike N July 8, 2019

Receiver and transmitter were 4 feet away. One was behind a door. Music was skipping. Tried the antenna everyway possible. Could not make it any better.

scraig July 3, 2019

Good product to add a TV on the screened porch. The TV will be only on the channel of the transmitting TV

Sidewinder June 27, 2019

Ease to hook up with my system.

sage a June 18, 2019

I can't really rate this item because it was not the right choice for what I needed.

Antonio Z June 16, 2019

No good

KC562 June 6, 2019

No matter how we hooked this up it would not work... tried emailing for support and got the same exact answers as the troubleshooting guide.... useless!! Don’t wast your money

Trish May 26, 2019

The ir for channels does not work,

Pam May 23, 2019

Works great sometimes changes image colorsAnd for Intallador this you need a lot of other things is no mentioned

Pablo T May 12, 2019

The A/V transmision worked well, even trough a couple of walls and abot 50'distance, but the IR extender doesn,t work at all; I have tried with several configurations and switching the frecuency and positions and still don.t works; Not return the product because of the cost/benefit of the process for me (In time and money, because i'm in Mexico), but it's a shame that doesn.t works this feature; Hope the seller could help in this issue.

Will S May 7, 2019

I want to return this unit.

Real P May 2, 2019

Working great to add my 2nd TV to my Orby Satellite DVR - Now I can watch in 2 places without buying the extra receiver, so a savings of 60.00 over the cost of the extra receiver. SIgnal is strong - and better if you do put it so it is facing in a line of sight. It did transmit through a wall - but I didn't want to be in the line of 5G radiation, so I placed it so the transmitter and receiver are pretty lined up. I have it hooked into my RCA connections on an old VCR-DVD recorder, and have a HDMI out on that unit to my TV. Works great! Signal is strong, and looks just like the main sat. DVR. Happy with this item!

Okie g April 26, 2019

Bought wrong item. No review since it does not work with our cable company

Amazon Customer April 23, 2019

Works as advertised easy to install

Charles R April 20, 2019

Works great on a TV across my driveway in my worship.

Muzaffer E April 17, 2019

It is not working properly has a very low video quality even on a transmittion range of 15 feetI am not using it it is a complete disappointment.

Amazon Customer April 4, 2019

Nyrius 5.8GHz 4 Channel Wireless Video & Audio Sender Transmitter & Receiver works okay, but a hdmi version would be better quality. It does the job and the picture and sound is adequate.

Mohammed A March 31, 2019

this product is so bad in transiting audio from one floor to another where both were placed near an open stair case with no walls in between i dont recommend anyone to buy it if he is looking for a reliable distance coverage .

August W March 28, 2019

Despite the claimed range of 225 feet, I found that the transceiver pair won't transmit 35 feet through two panes of glass with a direct line of sight. I got a very faint signal with lots of static and dropouts every time I walked around. I tried a couple of different channels. Looks like more of my time wasted by cheap Chinese products with grossly exaggerated advertising claims.

Roy L March 19, 2019 Massachusetts, United States

Hooked up very easy nice picture

Good D March 18, 2019

I highly recommend this device to anyone with a spare TV for which you don't want to pay a box rental fee from your cable or satellite company. I like it so well I later purchased a second receiver for another Infrequently used TV. Now I can use the TV in my upstairs guest room and/or the garage when needed. I have a 2,500 sq ft. home and get no video or audio static or disruption in the signal. Just remembed, the signal is not in high definition. For my purposes, SD is great.

oliversoe March 18, 2019

Great product

DAVID L March 14, 2019

I already had a similar RF-Link Unit from Radio Shack, that had Problems / Failed after Several Years of Good Use. It was basically the same unit as this Nyrius 5.8 Ghz unit ( Doesn't get interference from 2.4Ghz Phone/etc.), But this unit is a Fraction of the Cost (1/3) . So this Setup was a Snap Replacement - Took about 35-40 min., and I was up and running again !! What is nice about this type of unit is, I can Unplug it from Kitchen and carry 19' TV and this RF Link out to my Screened in Porch and adjust the Links Trans / Rec Ant and watch stuff there too. All within 75-80 ft of the Main TV that I'm using !! works great !

José P March 8, 2019


C. C March 7, 2019

I had a different brand for several years but started having issues with it so I needed a new one. works great

Amazon Customer March 3, 2019

Using this product to transmit through an interior wall to a unit only about 12' away. the video is very poor and often cuts out.

Justin D February 21, 2019

This product is probably very good for streaming a signal from one TV to the next, but it's not so great for use with surround sound.It connects seamlessly, and never dropped the connection. It turned off when the input was turned off, and turned back on when the input was turned back on.I, however, wanted to use it to worriedly connect a subwoofer to my surround sound. The problem with using them for audio is that it produces random popping noises. So imagine a subwoofer randomly producing a loud booming noise randomly every minute or so. I read other reviews of people mentioning a popping noise when using with surround sound, but I didn't realize how loud it would be.I'd keep them I had a use for their wireless picture transmission, but everything I watch is in HD now.

Phil B February 20, 2019

I had a similar product for the past 5-6 years but found with the addition of WiFi Hot spots I was picking up more and more interference with the picture and sound quality.... Until I threw one against the wall.In my search for a replacement, this paid from Nyrius looked like a direct replacement. It was a perfect direct replacement and better than anything else - the picture and sound quality were simply Awesome! I can see the received next to a hot spot device and absolutely zero interference. I didn't even need to tinker with the available channels to find one with less interference.I highly recommend this purchase.

Marilyn D February 19, 2019

I could not use my remote with this device. When I contacted the manufacturer they said it won't work on HD tv's

Rob February 17, 2019

I bought this to use with a subwoofer. I have very limited space near my TV, and the subwoofer sitting under the TV looked ridiculous. I have tons of space at the back of my living room for the subwoofer, but running a wire back there would also look ridiculous, so I figured I'd try a wireless setup first.After setting it up, the subwoofer does sound great when the volume is turned up to a pretty loud level. At high volumes, there's no static, no lag, it sounds like it's wired. However, I rarely listen to my TV with it loud, unless I'm watching a concert. Most content I watch on my TV has quiet moments (example: movies and talk shows). The quiet moments are what fail completely on this device. When the volume is decreased to what I'd call a medium level, you can hear pops every couple seconds, and faint static. Once the volume decreases further, to what I'd call low-but-watchable level (for example, if you are talking to someone while watching something), the static becomes VERY noticeable.Even worse, once you turn the TV off, the static is all you can hear in the room, with included pops every couple seconds, unless you reach behind the subwoofer and turn off the wireless receiver. So with that said, I can't recommend this for sending audio wirelessly, the quality is just too poor. As a side note, yes I did try all 4 channels to see if it would resolve the issue. No channels were without this static and popping, some were better than others though (channel 3 for example was constant popping and very loud static). Also, my TV is a mere 15 feet from where I was trying to relocate the subwoofer to, so not very far at all.I ended up returning this and buying the BIC America wireless transmitter/receiver setup, which actually works perfectly fine for me! I have not yet heard static or popping with the BIC.

Larry E February 16, 2019

Love it

tyler f February 13, 2019

I am using this to power a subwoofer on the other side of the room. Sound quality is decent, I had to turn the gain way up on the receiver to match what signal a RCA cord can produce but it's better than a wire running across the room.

Tommy February 9, 2019

Got this to replace an older Terk model that was being overwhelmed by interference (it was at least 7-8 years old so presume it was a lower Ghz model). We have a TV in the kitchen with no easy way to run cable to it. This works great. Crystal clear picture almost all of the time. Can even run the microwave now without causing issues! Very happy so far.

Socorro A January 23, 2019

The IR no working

TRG January 21, 2019

Easy set up and works great for me.

Pedro A January 16, 2019

Got it from a third party seller that didn’t include the second RCA cable, so I had to get another one for it. But as far as the actual product it works very well! I live in an apartment and just wanted to be able to watch TV in the other room, which is directly down the hall from where the other TV is in the living room. The picture doesn’t seem exactly the same as the primary TV but it’s pretty good and works well! Definitely worth the buy to avoid having to get another cable box.

cibaltimore January 16, 2019

So far this wireless sender receiver works as advertised. It was easy to install and is able to send a good signal through a wall and a refrigerator, from a STB to another TV. The IR sensor also works and allows us to use the STB remote with the TV located in a separate room. My only criticism is that the quick set up instructions do not describe how to connect and position the IR sensor. This required a little assistance from an online source. Overall I am very satisfied with this product.

Clemmie P January 15, 2019

Works well in my non cable room.

Amazon Customer January 7, 2019

Very plug and play, surprisingly good sound with no noise. Didn't use the picture, just moved the audio from the TV source to the base sound system.

ibukun a January 7, 2019

The receiver is outputting black and white instead of colour. I need urgent step to be taken or any technical advice from your end.

Andrew S January 7, 2019

Works very well. Much better than the 5.8 mhz sender-reciever I was replacing

RS January 2, 2019

Works well for 12 feet and 2 walls. Used it to replace an SVAT GigaXTreme 310 that marginally worked but had audio crackle.

Pissed o December 24, 2018

Doesn’t work

GOSkylar December 23, 2018

Great video transmitter until today. Worked well without issue, but will not work. Can anyone tell me how to get a replacement product under warranty?

Kenneth December 16, 2018

I found it a simple install, I had an old (5+yrs) set of Radio Shack units. Much interference. These are all I can ask for. It passes through 2 walls with a clear picture & good sound. The receiver is in the kitchen without a problem. Micro. ops. etc. SMILES!

Justin M December 12, 2018

Works pretty well. Of course it is not HD which was to be expected. My shop is about 200' from the house. I have the transmitter set up in the house going through a cabinet and a wall. The receiver is set up in a steel building. It will not work through the steel building, but with the door open or the receiver outside it works excellent. If someone walks in between the two it does briefly go static, but as long as there is clear sight between the two it works great, especially for the price. (Note: with my directv box being HD and this broadcasting in SD, I do get a message on my tv in the shop saying to switch to a HD connection, the guide will not work, but I am able to switch channels and watch all channels, the message goes away after a minute of being up.)

Lynn C December 12, 2018


Phbug December 11, 2018

Tried a number of remote TV units but this one really works! Great picture, sound, and reliability. Stop looking. you'vefound a really good one!

Jeremy December 9, 2018

The use of this had promise alas with the AUX connection it lacks serious clarity. My transmitter/receiver are only about 8 ft from each other and still I get a blurry picture. Words have “halos” around them as well. The sound is good but that’s about all I can say is good about this product. You get what you pay for. The idea is great but that’s all...I will be returning this and upgrading.

CTCraftBrew December 2, 2018

Background: Network Engineer, IT Support, Professional Musician, Audiophile.Setup between 2 rooms, one wall in between, about 35 feet total. I tried hooking this up to every input and various devices. I swapped the receiver and transmitter boxes and tried it from the other source. Tried every channel. I did everything possible and could not get anything to play. You can tell when it is receiving a signal and successfully making it to the other device- no issues there. It just would NOT work past that.I've wired up 24 channel mixers with multiple amplifiers and inputs- stuff beyond what most people have done and I couldn't get this to function. Back to Amazon it goes!

Cathy A December 2, 2018

No tv cable in your Kitchen - This will solve that problem without running wires and picture is awesome!

Rett P December 1, 2018

I was unable to get the product to work sending a picture no more than 25 feet away in the same room.

Aqua L November 19, 2018

While we have only have these installed for 1 week, it has helped immensely to liberate us from all of the (ugly) black cables from DISH running across the bedroom floors. Now we can hide the bulk of the ugliness under the bed.

Gemini November 10, 2018

Our old, cheapo Radio Shack TV to TV connector died, and my son recommended this as a replacement. It was extremely easy to install, and it works very, very well. Sharp picture, good sound, no static. Don't know about durabiity. It helps that there is direct line of sight between the 2 TVs through a doorway (the 2 tvs are in adjoining rooms), and the distance is only about 15 or 20 feet. I do have to be careful that the transmitter and receiver are actually facing each other, and that the cleaning lady hasn't accidentally rotated one of them so that they are no longer in a direct line with each other through the doorway between the 2 rooms.

Amazon Customer November 10, 2018

This is the second one I've purchased because it's easy to set up & works great.

KIMBERLY November 10, 2018

Works perfectly

Vicente November 1, 2018

It seems that there must be direct line of sight between the transmitter and receiver, because inside the house, with 2 or 3 walls between them, the signal is lost.

john October 17, 2018

I cannot get a decent picture from 30 ft away. I don’t know if it is the cables or the overall item but it does not work. I have tried it on two different TVs.

Stag S October 16, 2018

Tried unit as instructions specified several times with different sets. Unit apparently defective so I have returned it for refund.

Tom October 9, 2018

This model works much better than the 2.4 GHz one that it replaces. Great picture and sound.

Jon C October 9, 2018

It fitted my needs perfectly... mum has her film night and I have my own without problems.

J October 7, 2018

I have a small TV in my workshop. Broadcasts through 3 walls about 80 feet the picture and sound are good. Takes a moment to line it up for the best signal.

alex October 6, 2018

Great product for a low cost to mirror a TV is not HD quality but works great

Chad C October 1, 2018

Outdoor TV

Rodolfo September 28, 2018

The quality of audio and video is acceptable for an RCA transmitter, it is easy to install, the shipping of my order was efficient. Fully met my expectations.

Amazon Customer September 28, 2018

Pretty neat gadget. Works really good. Reasonable price.

ellie September 25, 2018

This is better than paying directv 200$ to get another receiver. The connection is AV, so, dont expect to get HD quality picture. Picture quality looks like back in the old antenna days, however, I am not complaining, since , I only use this in our TV in basement everytime I am doing laundry and watching football or basketball.I rated it 3 stars because I thought picture was going to be atleast a little bit better than expected.

Amazon Customer September 25, 2018

Works great easy setup

Alice P September 24, 2018

I bought this as a replacement for a similar product. I bought it used. The power supply on the receiver was broken, and had actually separated. I used the power supply from my old set and got it to work. The remote extender on this unit worked better than my older set. The reception is more finicky but functioned for my intended use.

Amazon Customer September 20, 2018

Tried using it with my subwoofer. White noise and interference coming from the system meant that the sub was constantly active and popping throughout the day.

Neal B September 18, 2018

Could not get them to work, Very poor Instuctions on set up May be the reason I had trying to get them set up

Lisa H September 17, 2018

I really had my hopes up that this would work for my small kitchen TV. The transmitter is on my main TV, virtually feet away (on the other side of the drywall wall). Both devices powered up and the antennas are pointed towards each other. I triple checked that the AV plugs are in correct spots. I tried each channel twice and yes, they were on the same channel. All I get on kitchen TV is snow and 'no signal'. I tried changing the channels on this TV and changing the input from cable to AV. I also tried plugging the transmitter into the TV instead of the Comcast DVR. I switched the A/B switch back and forth (although I have no idea what this switch does). I spent two hours trying to get this to work...to no avail. Don't know if these are defective or just not compatible with my TVs which are both Samsung flat screens. I am beyond disappointed but guess the thought of this working was too good to be true. I rarely write reviews and when I do they are mostly positive. I never did a return/exchange on Amazon but think this will be the first time. For those of you that got this to work...I am soooo jealous:)

Allan M September 15, 2018

I bought this GS10 to replace an older GS3200. I found that the picture quality was nowhere near as good as it had been with the GS3200, and I could not get the IR extender to work at all, even after to speaking with the Nyrius customer service. I ended up returning it.

Fred K September 13, 2018

Easy set up.

Andrew R September 12, 2018

Just does not seem to work from upstairs to downstairs.

James September 5, 2018

So far so good! Took a while to figure out why the picture was black and white. Trouble shot every piece of equipment only to realize I didn't have the tv on the correct input. User error. Had it on composite instead of video. Pic is decent and in color. Wanted HD but the wireless HDMI receiver and transmitter was junk. I have this set up approx 75ft away in s cabinet through a door to my tv on the patio. Haven't tested the ir yet, but don't care cuz my cable remote is RF. One of the speakers isn't working but I'm sure it's a bad RCA ir something I am doing. I installed it high so there is no interference when walking through the path of the antennas. When down low if you break the path it cuts out for a second. Otherwise this thing is awesome!

john v September 5, 2018

Didn't work for me at all, the room was 35 feet from the box and it couldn't send a signal. For direct line of sight they may work better but I had to upgrade to another model.The picture and sound cuts in and out.

CB September 5, 2018

Picture and sound working good.

Enderall August 31, 2018

Know first how it works. The transmitter and the receiver must face each other, and it's better that the transmitter is located free of other audio visual equipment since these cause a lot of interference. The receiver works fine and requires some adjustment to get rid of the static sound. Overall much better than paying $20 per month for another SD basic programming Sky box...

john p August 29, 2018

I use them to send a signal from a TV receiving a Fios signal to a small screen in what ever room I want. The signal is also great when I'm working in the garage. Great product at a reasonable price. I just got them so i can't rate durability. They do appear to be good quality.

New h August 28, 2018

Works great, Set up was a little dicey but figured it out.

Amazon Customer August 17, 2018

Need to be an engineer to install! returned it ASAP

Peter S August 16, 2018

I purchased this to originally run my outdoor tv in the Lanai from my cable-box using line of site. I was pleased to discover it also worked through walls and so use it for our bedroom TV and have returned the additional cable box saving me $10 per month.Only sad I didn't purchase the set with an additional receiver. Now I have to pay the extra to buy just the single receiver:-).Would recommend this product.

oldgrizzly August 14, 2018

I had a different set of wireless transmitter/receivers and they worked poorly. These set up quickly (from computer to stereo) and the sound was much clearer, and I don't receive interference from other equipment that is running.

kimberly a August 13, 2018

I couldn't get this to work - had to send back

T.L.B. August 12, 2018

Used to hop a DirecTv signal about 30-feet but through two walls and the HVAC furnace stack too.Once I figured out how to turn the little dudes on, voila. Worked as described and as I hoped.Picture quality is remarkably good, despite being standard definition. Haven't tried the IR repeater and don't believe it will work but will update this further if I check it out... Update 10 Sept 2018... infrared repeater freaking works too!

Nick July 23, 2018

Great product and support by Nyrius fast shipping still works great after 6-7 mth of use. It goes through the walls and fridges distance about 30 feet. - Verified Store

Viktor V July 20, 2018

Overlooked good reviews and decided to buy this product. Came on an open package. Had lil hard tome to get this units to work even though i am good with any type of electronics. Receiver part seems to have some troubles gets powered on its own may not power up once in a while at all. Channel switch appears to have only 3 positions on the receiver part despite should have 4 positions same as on the transmitter (just a faulty switch). I have surround speakers that are not powered so when i had everything to work the sound wasn't even close to what i have when they hooked up by wire to the audio amp. Now i am not sure if it is the product itself or just a defective receiver unit. And the last but not least important and for most of us probably the most important thing IT IS JAMMING 5Ghz home WI-FI which is just disappears from the wi-fi list and stops working. Wonder if on the prolong use it may damage your router.
Sad that i cannot return this item cause i threw the box. Hopefully my review will help the next purchaser. I would say keep looking. - Verified Store

Nancy S July 19, 2018

Works great once you figure the 'simple' connection guidelines. Certainly simple to connect but to get it to work some changes had to be made to the cable box input which were never discussed in the 1 page quick connect directions. - Verified Store

larry July 17, 2018

I tried to use it to transmit an audio signal across the room to my audio receiver instead of using a audio cable laying on the floor....the signal was so weak I had to turn my amplifier volume to nearly max Had I used my audio cable laying on the floor it would have blown the windows out! I tried all four channels and they were all the same...... BTW my amp is a 100 watts RMS per channel and I had to have it at nearly full volume to hear the transmitted weak distorted signal.....
Returning item needless to say! - Verified Store

S. N July 15, 2018

After investing more than a little time I finally got this device working. But the receiving TV was only displaying black and white. The transmitter and receiver antennas are roughly 10-12 feet apart with only a single wall between them. I'd be leery of trying to run this at the advertised distance. I was never able to get the range extender to work properly so I could control the cable box remotely. I guess if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. I won't be using it and can't recommend it. - Verified Store

Cougar July 11, 2018

This is a great piece of electronics. I had another one of a different brand- it sort of worked. This wireless video performs flawlessly in my application. Would highly recommend this. - Verified Store

Larryboy July 8, 2018

This a plug and play product nothing to even read to install. The picture is very clear from a tested 100ft away I haven’t tried the sound yet because how I have it set up I have no need for audio. Oh this product is Canadian so it’s very user-friendly. - Verified Store

Jacques L July 7, 2018

fonctionne a merveille.. - Verified Store

Carlos B July 6, 2018

Bien - Verified Store

Christie A July 6, 2018

They work great. - Verified Store

Donella W July 1, 2018

Its a nifty little gadget but it just didn't work for me. The support staff were wonderful in trying to get it connected properly to give me the proper signal. They were very patient and positively suggestive of solutions. - Verified Store

MarkZ06 June 29, 2018

This unit was ordered to replace an older failing Terk unit that functioned adequately for many years.
An occasionally used guest bedroom required A link to the cable box about 15 feet away in another room and the transmitter/receiver option always seemed to be in adequate solution . This set up provides a nice clear picture with a little evidence of interference but unfortunately even with the properly installed IR extender it was not able to change channels from the other room. This is not a unusual set up simply a Samsung SMT/c5320 Cable box which worked perfectly with the older Terk unit.
Vendor did respond to my inquiry and sent a new IR extender But this did not work either. So I’ll be sending the whole thing back. - Verified Store

Charles B June 29, 2018

Product works as stated but occasionally loses sound and picture do to signal interference. Changing channel and transmitter/receiver alignment does not seem to solve problem. - Verified Store

DAP June 29, 2018

This works great for the second TV. I love it. - Verified Store

don l June 29, 2018

good - Verified Store

Lee E June 28, 2018

The receiver never worked. Transmitter light came on but never got a light on the receiver when plugged in. - Verified Store

Les June 28, 2018

This item did not work at all. - Verified Store

Anthony A June 27, 2018

I guess these devices work great for some and not as great for others. In my case it worked great. I bought this in order to avoid having to pay for an additional set top box for my bedroom from Verizon. The main box is in the living room so I am transmitting the signal through 2 walls with a distance of about 20 ft from my bedroom. It sends the signal perfectly right from the start. If thats what your looking to do then roll the dice and see if it works for your situation.It worked for mine - Verified Store

Bob June 25, 2018

This unit it was absolutely horrible! I have been in the electronics business for nearly 30 years. I should have paid attention to the other reviews. It just barely works for the picture. The remote however does not work at all. I am intimately familiar with setting up wireless transmitters and I are transmitters. I spent nearly a week working on it. Unfortunately I was taken ill when it was first delivered and was unable to test it prior to the return period so I'm stuck with it. If I could give it negative stars I would have. - Verified Store

Aaron J June 22, 2018

This is by far the best wireless upgrade i've done. My old wireless coaxial was 9 yrs ago and had a 2.4 Ghz Frequency which was the same as my wireless router frequency so there was conflict with static in the receiver while viewing TV also there was a conflict with the microwave while heating stuff up. But with this 5.8Ghz frequency i have no conflicts and the picture is crystal clear. - Verified Store

Ron T June 19, 2018

Very nice product simple to set up and it works flawlessly. - Verified Store

Kristie June 17, 2018

They work okay. Not really worth the cost. - Verified Store

Barbara W June 11, 2018

No instructions and still can’t get it to work on a Samsung TV! - Verified Store

Rajeshwar K June 10, 2018

Baseline noise interference in transmission within 20 feet distance without going through to another room or wall. Tried changing the angle of the transmitting and receiving antenna with no improvement. - Verified Store

Rob G June 7, 2018

Works well - Verified Store

Jill K June 7, 2018

Took me less than 10 minutes to read directions (I did have to access them here only a quick start with pictures was in the package) and set this up. Using it for a screened in porch signal did not have to go far but is going through an exterior wall with no problem. Great solution! - Verified Store

Mike B June 6, 2018

Doesn't work with a furon TV. Had line of sight between tx & rec with NO obstructions no walls nothing. Tried all 4 channels.
It may be the TV because my brother-in-law got one and it worked fine with direct line of sight in his RV.

UPDATE: finally got it working....took all day. Instructions are nonexistent. Be sure you fiddle with the channels & the A/B switch. That was just on of the things I found to make it work. Also on the damn furon TV you have to use the source AV rather than component.
I'm using it in a 27 ft travel trailer. - Verified Store

Andrew J May 31, 2018

The transmission of audio and video is acceptable going about 25 feet through one floor. Good enough for grandpa's spare tube TV. I'm irked though because the IR/Remote repeater portion does not work at all. I am an electronics guy so I spent some time pissing with it and checking that the emitter worked and that the wire had continuity. The LEDs on the boxes themselves pulse when the remote buttons are pressed but the line out to the emitter does nothing. Hence he can turn the TV on upstairs and see whats playing but he cannot change the channel which was half of the reason to buy this kit it is SUPPOSED to have working IR repeater functionality but it doesn't work. This was supposed to save me the effort of running wires between floors but now I am having to run a hard-wired repeater anyways so I might as well of just ran the extra strand of coax too. This is way overpriced for its quality capabilities and range. - Verified Store

Anthony May 28, 2018

I am unfortunately returning this item as it simply did not work for me.
I was trying to have a common audio-source for my inside and outside audio system so I had a receiver in my living room and another receiver on the patio. If I had the transmitter outside the exterior music worked fine and I just got static inside and vice-versa. I tried all four channels with the same result. It seems if you have line-of-sight these work fine.
The final straw for me was reading that you must rotate the antenna so that they face each other. Really? How does that work when you have one transmitter and two receivers? So now they must a) be placed in a perfectly straight line and b) the transmitter cannot be the unit in the middle? - Verified Store

Shari May 27, 2018

Once you find the best channel to set it on to avoid static it works great. Since there are only four channels this won’t be a hard task. I would recommend this product. - Verified Store

MICHAEL J May 26, 2018

Great product if you don’t want to pay for another set top box. I use it in two rooms I don’t use the tv much.... - Verified Store

Private C May 26, 2018

East to use. Performed flawlessly. No reservations recommending it. - Verified Store

Kenton S May 24, 2018

Excellent product-does what I needed it to do which was to act like a 9242 Bell PVR in allowing me to watch my recorded programs on another tv - Verified Store

Kenneth May 18, 2018

hook up to complexted - Verified Store

ENrique G May 16, 2018

Good - Verified Store

John May 10, 2018

I can only say that the audio part works fine as I used this to transmit the signals from my AV receiver's surround output to 2 active rear speakers and it did the job. The transmitter and receiver are approximately 9-10 ft apart and partial line of sight. Once in a rare while I'll get a click other than that it works very nice for my needs. - Verified Store

John May 10, 2018

I can only say that the audio part works fine as I used this to transmit the signals from my AV receiver's surround output to 2 active rear speakers and it did the job. The transmitter and receiver are approximately 9-10 ft apart and partial line of sight. Once in a rare while I'll get a click other than that it works very nice for my needs. - Verified Store

Roy M May 3, 2018

Sending the signal through 3 walls over 60 feet. Picture and sound are great. I don't use the ir repeater as the cable remote is rf but I am very pleased with audio video performance. Highly recommend. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 26, 2018

I'm sure there are other buyers that got this kit to work. Unfortunately in my setup it didn't work at all. I attempted to use it only for my subwoofer.

- there was a constant rumble (background noise) even when there was not any audio signal
- line of sight is really preferred
- if I walked in between the 2 units I could hear the audio signal stop/reduce
- at no point did it ever transmit the subwoofer/LFE signal
- the units are large especially when you have to flip-up the antennas

I had to return it. - Verified Store

ESAM M April 26, 2018

Very good - Verified Store

David M April 25, 2018

good signal - Verified Store

mike April 24, 2018

These work great from a short distance and the picture is not bad.
Good price as well - Verified Store

PETER M April 21, 2018

Great - Verified Store

Kenneth H April 20, 2018

works good - Verified Store

Denise C April 14, 2018

These seemed like a good buy until I re-read the instructions and found out this wouldn't work in my situation so I returned them. - Verified Store

BJ F April 9, 2018

I have a tv in the master bath and in my master bedroom and the signal works great. There’s a door in the way so it’s not direct line of site but it still transmit a great picture. There’s an occasional disturbance but nothing to complain about. - Verified Store

Brenda B April 8, 2018

I could not get this to work except with two TVs in the same room facing each other which defeats the point. Even two TVs back to back in different rooms didn't work. Had to return product. Maybe I'm just an idiot. - Verified Store

Ivan March 31, 2018

Does the Job! Works Perfect! Does what it says! Perfect option with only 1 DVR Set top Box! - Verified Store

Henry L March 28, 2018

Works pretty good I like this product. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 27, 2018

Worked ok at first but after return time expired it began not working. Freezing up and unable to get signal. Not worth the money. - Verified Store

Troy March 20, 2018

They only work on the same floor I needed the device to be on the first and second floors. - Verified Store

hope c March 19, 2018

Does not work. I followed the instructions and had only 18 feet and one plaster board wall between the 2 TVs. Never sync'ed up the signals. Returned this for credit. - Verified Store

l f March 15, 2018

works as advertised and fast delivery - Verified Store

Lisa H March 11, 2018

It works exactly how we needed it to. I would recommend this product. - Verified Store

Marilyn D March 11, 2018

Outstanding product Would buy again. - Verified Store

ryryfinn March 10, 2018

Ok so far hating this. Bought it so that could use in basement for daughters bedroom. Can’t get it to sync even sit them facing one another to try to link and won’t do it. They are only one wall apart which in information says that it shouldn’t be problem
Customer support not open to help with real person and little to no directions on set up at all. If can’t get help with it and working by Monday will be returning. Waste of money and one upset Girl as it was her birthday present - Verified Store

mark r March 8, 2018

works great right out of the box. The ability to point the VCR remote at the TV and have Nyrius forward the signal to the VCR was an added bonus. - Verified Store

Bertha G March 7, 2018

The Nyrius wireless audio/video came on time. Packaged well. I just have to figure out where to put the little extra plug in that has the tape on the end. Instructions are not clear. Picture shows it in front of tv receiver I guess but looks as if it is free standing. Thought it had a remote. - Verified Store

Lee S March 3, 2018

Easy to install great quality of tone at receiving end. - Verified Store

Russ W March 1, 2018

Poorly designed beginning with the antenna a large flat plate that resides on a poorly supported swiveling mast. It's easily broken.

The claims made concerning range are inflated. I've used the product at ranges not exceeding 30 feet and the reception quality is like a throw back to a television with rabbit ear antennae. - Verified Store

Lynda G February 25, 2018

Excellent. - Verified Store

Dave F February 24, 2018

Did not give me the range I wanted - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 21, 2018

Works okay. Whenever I walk pass the antenna there is interference noise on the receiving end. I tried all possible ways repositioning both units antenna adjustments etc it only improves the transmission quality but never stop the interference noise problem. - Verified Store

Nathan A February 20, 2018

Easiest way to get your satellite TV to show on a 'remote' TV without wires!
Works perfectly no way to mess this up as there is nothing to configure. Just plug and play! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 11, 2018

These are a great way to include a monitor without wires. - Verified Store

Juan S February 11, 2018

Excelente producto... - Verified Store

Robert S February 10, 2018

Performs well. - Verified Store

Ronald T February 8, 2018

Not recommended.
Piss poor signal to noise ratio from one floor up and 15 away.
Reverted back to the old discontinued model which still has interference and electrical noise problem but still far better than this unit.
Bought used but hard to tell from original packaging.. - Verified Store

Jama E February 6, 2018

work very well line of site but not 20 feet away through a wall - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 6, 2018

At first I wasn't sure that I would keep it as it's clarity for the upstairs tv was very snowy however you do need two people if tv's are on different floors for the fact that you need to find exactly the proper and precise direction of the transmitters. Once that was achieved I absolutely Love it!!! - Verified Store

Charles F February 6, 2018

Works like advertised. Great unit - Verified Store

Gillco E February 5, 2018

Comes with everything you need easy setup clear and stable picture. Unit worked as expected even through a drywall wall.
Would highly recommend this product. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 2, 2018

Works great fast delivery - Verified Store

BRUCE January 31, 2018

Crisp clear transmission through one wall! My SHARP Carousel Microwave my Verizon FIOS Wireless Router and my Panasonic Digital Cordless Telephones do not interfere with the transmission. I'm very pleased with the performance! - Verified Store

Pamela W January 30, 2018

It works - Verified Store

Peter B January 30, 2018

Works great this is the 2nd one for another tv.. - Verified Store

Chris January 27, 2018

Works OK but must change channels from main TV. - Verified Store

Lynn F January 25, 2018

I needed this to tie my directv to an out of room tv. Worked perfectly out of the box. I did need to order a 10 pin connector for the genie mini to transmitter link but that was pretty straight forward. - Verified Store

Nicole o January 25, 2018

just didn't work for my tvs - Verified Store

ridinspurs January 24, 2018

Works great for me! - Verified Store

Jes January 19, 2018

I've had this for awhile now and waited to review it because I really didn't think it was going to work very well.

I was kind of correct - it worked sort of but if you got in the way of the antenna it would shut off

Now it has stopped working suddenly and completely.

Not sure of any of the other wireless video set ups but this one did not last very long at all and now it's garbage. - Verified Store

M.Pardhasaradhi January 17, 2018

Nice product. - Verified Store

Jayne M January 14, 2018

Returned this product. There were very limited directions and I couldn't get it to work with my equipment. I had to research online not with this company to figure out the issues and even then it was challenging. - Verified Store

K. F January 12, 2018

Received this product today & cannot say enough about how great it works! This replaces another similar product that had a lot of interference in the TV signal. We just always assumed there were too many obstructions between the transmitter & receiver that was causing the inferior signal reception. Upon receiving thus product today I installed it & was immediately rewarded with an almost flawless picture on the receiving TV. Yeah!! Great product!!! Used to transmit satellite signal from living room to a bedroom to avoid having to run coax & additional receiver. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 9, 2018

Works like a charm! Very impressed. - Verified Store

Peter P January 7, 2018

Got this just recently. It seems to work exactly as advertised. Not as good with transmitting HD quality as I would like....but hey I don't have to pay for another cable box for a room where less TV is watched. I would buy it again if needed. - Verified Store

ACMA January 5, 2018

This is unusable. I bought t based on it advertised as usable with cable tv. New cable tv boxes are HDMI or coaxial only. None have red-yellow-white plug in fittings.
There are no new cable tv boxes with those three plug configurations of red-white-yellow. This is therefore obsolete. My fault. I should have checked my cable tv boxes first. - Verified Store

Ed January 4, 2018

Worked right out of box: 2 sheet rock walls: went from first floor SE corner to second floor SW corner had to pass through walls and floor rise up about 15 ft. and go over about 30 ft. So far so good. Not best picture but acceptable for video with no hard wire connection. - Verified Store

Donald J December 30, 2017

It doesn’t explain clearly that it works only with RCA connections - Verified Store

SilverRose December 28, 2017

To much static - Verified Store

Marc K December 27, 2017

I have an earlier generation (2.4 ghz) that I wanted to upgrade so I ordered this. While the picture was fine and the audio had minimal latency the remote function did not work. I am returning this unit and I will continue using the older model. It has full functionality. - Verified Store

roberto December 27, 2017

I received this same day delivery. It took me around 10 mins (probably less) to install. I connected the transmitter to the cable box in the upstairs bedroom and the receiver to a small TV downstairs in the kitchen. The picture and sound is clear and sharp. The remote transmitter also works without any problems. So far this product is functioning as advertised. - Verified Store

realreview1234567890 December 22, 2017

works - Verified Store

Barbara J November 24, 2017 Maryland, United States

The transmitter and receiver work great. I had another brand for several years that only gave mediocre performance. Nyrius gives me super-clear, static-free picture and sound in both the kitchen and bedroom. (The kitchen receiver is about 20 feet from the transmitter, and the bedroom is about 40 feet, going through three walls and other obstructions.). This is a great alternative to running cable or installing additional cable boxes. The setup only took a few minutes.

Anthony R. November 14, 2017 South Dakota, United States

I was very pleased to be able to use a RCA out video camera, this product, and the RCA in on our screen to enable our congregation to view our church service between two rooms on two different floors. The Nyrius GS10 was the perfect solution. Being able to adjust the receiver and transmitter antennas helped with removing video noise on the screen. Thanks for a great product.

Annee K November 2, 2017 Colorado, United States

Best item I purchased in years. Worst manual to try to set up item. Thankfully, Daniela was able to walk me through the set up process. She was terrific. I am very pleased with item.

Dieter Hofherr November 2, 2017 California, United States

We have an area where we do not have connection to Direct TV and we did not want to drill holes to put in a connection to our receiver. We had used before a similar product from Radio Shack for some years but the
Quakity of audio and video was less than perfect. With your product no matter if we put the sender downstairs or in a room next door we get super video and audio even if we walk around. This is a major improvement,

Lance Emerson September 28, 2017

Worked okay. Had some difficulty getting it to work through wall. Still gets a little grainy sometimes. Worst thing is one of the power adapters stopped working. I called Nyrius to get a replacement and it will cost almost $30 which is over almost 50 percent of what a whole new set goes for. Seems kind of overpriced.

Jay Wigginton September 13, 2017

Bought to extend m satellite receiver on my boat from main salon to master stateroom. Running cabled between these two areas is nearly impossible. The boat is steel construction so was concerned about signal transmitting through steel bulkheads, ceilings and floors. It does work... not a perfectly sharp picture as when I tested it in the same room... but provides a more than acceptable picture for the conditions. If it had more power it would be better,, but I am happy with the results.

Alberto Duchovny August 16, 2017

It works as expected.

Bob M July 28, 2017

Transmitter & receiver works great. IR extender not working yet working with customer service to resolve.

Len June 14, 2017

The Nyrius NY-gs10 works very good. My second TV is in another part of the house and I get a flawless picture with this unit. Buy it.

Paul Mailman May 24, 2017

This product was spot on to meet our need. We have a 2nd TV that we watch only occasionally from our dining room. It was absurd to be paying our provider a monthly fee for a second set top box that we used maybe a few hours a month.

Reasonable price, simple setup. Picture is fine. Sound was somewhat temperamental and took some twiddling with positions and antenna angles. (Our transmission goes through walls.)

David April 17, 2017

Would not even go 30 feet and through 1 wall

floyd February 15, 2017

Video is a little grainy. Big problem the remote extender does not work with my dish receiver and that is the reason I purchased this. I was able to control the tv with the extender. Using the phone camera I could see the I'd out of the remote but nothing out of the extender at the transmitter. 2 times I saw a bright flash thru the camera but no control. I would think you would make it compatable with dish network as they are a major tv provider.

Irv Gendel February 15, 2017

I had a problem with a remote antenna. Donna in customer service gave me superb service and resolved my problem in short order and with a fair conclusion. Her telephone personality, is a rarity these days. I deem her a superb employee.

Joseph January 20, 2017

Had to relocate my cable box and this allowed me to keep my TV in the same spot. Picture is good and I honestly can't tell I am even using the transmitter.

KA January 11, 2017

This works like a charm - I added a second Nyruis receiver for my office where I did not have a connection for cable (and did not want top pay for an additional box!). The only issue is all the TV's connected have to watch the same channel - and not really an issue, just something to be aware of. Works fine for our household, but others might find this more of an issue.

David October 31, 2016

This wireless video unit will not even transmit reliably through 30 ft of clear air space and one drywall wall reliably. Sometimes you get a fairly good picture, most times the picture is less than satisfactory. If you walk across the transmission path, bad distortion and audio noise is present until you move out of the path. Antenna orientation seems to have virtually no effect. Poor performance all around. Don't buy, save your money and install video/audio composite cable instead. -Verified Store

Terry R October 27, 2016

Work fine for what I need. Better quality signal than others I've tried. Still has issues when going through multiple walls. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 26, 2016

I totally lucked into this one. New roommate wanting TV in her bedroom, bought this and just like magic she's all set no wires to run to service calls to pay. She's not into tech or gadgets and thinks I'm a genius. Ha! Yes, this is older technology (red/white/yellow cables not composite or HDMI). But you can't go wrong for the price of this solution. Picture looks fine to me and most importantly looks great to the end-user. -Verified Store

Pink H October 25, 2016

These did not work well for us. Terrible picture quality and no sound. -Verified Store

Lainey October 24, 2016

This does a decent job transmitting. It's pretty crucial to make sure they are facing each other, regardless of where they're situated. We are using this to watch the World Series on our deck! -Verified Store

Terry B October 22, 2016

Works great for what I needed it for watching a small TV in the kitchen. I was paying 7/ month for direct TV box so this will pay for itself. I bought a second receiver for the bedroom saving another $7 -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 19, 2016

Works great beams the signal right through the wall. Clear picture. Using on Dishnet receiver for a second TV in the next room. -Verified Store

Manolo October 16, 2016

signal distorts very easily. The manual says to aim the antennas, but even when they seem to be aiming at each other, the signal gets lost randomly. -Verified Store

Nancy October 16, 2016

Does not work as well as it claims! -Verified Store

J. L October 15, 2016

This system is the best electronic item I've purchased for a long time. I have for years run A/V cables from my living room to the bedroom plus a remote extender so I could watch my cable in bed. I dislike paying for one cable box, so no way I'm paying for a second to use an hour or so once in a while. The Nyrius allows me to move the TV around the living room without having to re-route and hide the cable to the bedroom. The picture and sound are just as good as with the cable plus the remote extender portion of the system works much better than the one I had. I would recommend to my friends and purchase another if needed. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 14, 2016

I bought this because I wanted to be able to watch football from my kitchen. I did not want to go through the trouble of spilling the signal from my dish and having cords to either run under my house or through it. I set this up in minutes and it is working great! I do not have interference issues. I am very happy with this product. -Verified Store

Geomap October 13, 2016

I got this to use in our camper, and let me tell you all that I was very impressed with it. It had no problems in the camper even with metal walls. I took it outside to watch a football game and it never messed up not one time. I have told a lot of people about this product. I would buy again if I ever needed too. -Verified Store

murphy b October 10, 2016

Does what it's supposed to do and that is prevents me from getting another cable box and paying the high monthly payment! Works great and I have no complaints! -Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 9, 2016

Thank You -Verified Store

Dylan October 1, 2016

Item arrived defective and would not work. Tried everything to get it to work. Called tech. We deemed defective. returned to amazon for full credit so no hard feelings. Just a minor hassle. Ended up buying the Navs500 by them. Works great. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 27, 2016

Great range. Much better than other devices I have used. It is transmitting well through a couple of walls. Easy setup. -Verified Store

Nina L September 23, 2016

Works as described. Picture was bright and clear. Love watching TV outside on the patio without having to run coax or purchase another box. -Verified Store

alex m September 22, 2016

Every time I walk 'through' the 'beam' (from my AV rack to my subwoofer amplifier in closet), there's large signal noise sent downstream: subwoofer sounds like I hit the wall with a hammer! -Verified Store

voltron September 21, 2016

I have dish and the package includes only three boxes, but i have four rooms. I didnt want to pay an extra mo thly charge for another box, since i seldom watch tv there. I found this product and it works well, its a lot cheaper than a monthly feel and works well. its not a signal splitter but a witeless tv splitter. What i mean is that your main tv and the tv in another room will watch the same channel. You cant watch seperate channels. But you can change channels from either room. and power off the sat box from either room.
-Verified Store

J B September 21, 2016

What can i say, it works better than expected and was simple to set up. Right now i have it set up downstairs and it beams a signal through 2 walls and the floor perfectly. -Verified Store

Knutella September 19, 2016

This has enabled us to remove a wire we had hooked up to the dish extra video port. It's just a little picky sometimes if you walk in front of it but otherwise a clear signal from upstairs to downstairs. -Verified Store

Steve C September 17, 2016

Works well from my bedroom to my detached garage. The remote comtrol function also works well!!
Happy with my purchase
-Verified Store

mountainvalley September 16, 2016

In a motor home I needed a way to send video and audio signals without wires. This does a good job after playing with the channels. Sending a signal 40 feet through walls and a refrigerator. Getting a good picture. -Verified Store

Laurie September 15, 2016

We ordered this device to give us wireless capability for our TV headphones. By hanging the transmitter behind the TV we were able to hide all cords and the headphone receiver/charger could be placed in a convenient location. It is doing the job, working just fine in the week or so since we received it. -Verified Store

Aaronm September 15, 2016

Plenty of range. Good sound qualiy. Does make a hum through subwoofer when tuner is off for some reason. -Verified Store

sunny September 15, 2016

this is my second purchase. The first failed and i was refunded the full amount. the second one was originally providing a clear transfer picture but that too is noe fading with much interference. i did not have such a problem with my 2.4 earlier transfer agents. i would not buy again. -Verified Store

Rosemary W September 12, 2016

We love it! Only complaint is the setup instructions is visual only so I had to go to their site to get a better understanding about how to connect the unit to my cable box. -Verified Store

Jeff i September 12, 2016

These do pretty much what they advertise - I do have to say I don't have them very far away from each other, maybe 25 feet and clear line of sight so I can't speak to how they work through walls. For what I wanted to do, shoot the TV picture and signal from the living room to a TV in the kitchen they work fine. Set was very easy, just plug them in and they work. They got here promptly too even without any expedited shipping.

I did get the remote mouse working, but when I put it in place it blocks enough of the receiver that it makes using the primary remote direct to the set top box a hassle so I took it off. Maybe there's a way to affix it so it doesn't do that and still works but I didn't find it.

Be aware that you are moving only standard definition here even if the signal you're sending is HDTV. The picture looks fine on the small TV I'm using but if you send HDTV this way you may find times the picture doesn't quite fit on the TV and you lose the edges. We solve this by setting the channel to the standard def instead of the HDTV if watching the small TV -Verified Store

Ghost H September 11, 2016

Amazing product, more flexible than the old Windows Media Center Extenders. The only significant gripe is that I wish it had HDMI ports. The transmitter does not like moving objects its path as it creates signal disturbance, otherwise, it can transmit through a floor and walls well. The transmitter signal seems pretty strong in that I can feel tingles on its path, hope the RF radiation is not a concern, but better to move it out of people's way or minimize how often it is on. -Verified Store

Debbie September 9, 2016

This wireless 4 channel nyrius worked just like we hoped it would. Hooked it up on the tv in living room, and the one on the back porch. Love to watch tv on our closed in porch. -Verified Store

P R September 6, 2016

Unusable on modern TV's that don't have the old YBW output for TV signals. -Verified Store

Carlos R September 5, 2016

This product does not meet the expectations to buy it , the signal travels from one room to another and on the same floor of my house -Verified Store

Laurie H September 4, 2016

This product expanded one satellite DVR to 2 more rooms with the purchase of an additional receiver. It's a real money saver. -Verified Store

Joe C September 3, 2016

works great for my outdoor TV but I have to leave my metal door open for a clear picture. -Verified Store

Pacific T September 2, 2016

I tried this device in a variety of applications, and found it best for "floor to floor". Meaning, getting from basement (transmitter), directly above to the main floor (receiver). In this situation, it was just like a wire connection. -Verified Store

K. H August 31, 2016

Works great. I've had a cheaper model that stopped working, they sent me another and that one was DOA. We use it on a patio tv that receives from our living room. Nice option for watching sports outside when working in the yard and no running cables. -Verified Store

GI c August 31, 2016

Had to return. Not compatible with my TV. All the connections that came with the TV were RGV cables. I was expecting HDMI cables at least. I never go it to work. It looks like it may work for and older TV. -Verified Store

John August 30, 2016

Works like a charm. Not HD but still. -Verified Store

Samantha August 27, 2016

I was Surprised it work as good as Cable box for the HDTV, well worth the money and was so easy to setup, highly recommended.
Please buy this if you want cable in rooms that are not wired for cable, This does the job very nicely and without the Monthly fee for added Box. It also works well to set up wireless rear speakers for surround sound. I am very pleased with this product -Verified Store

warren g August 24, 2016

this thing is amazing, i put it in my bathroom 25 feet and works perfect, no wiring needed. comes with av cables too -Verified Store

Elizabeth D August 24, 2016

This an excellent product -Verified Store

JeffryDon1953 August 24, 2016

I have to play with it some more. For a small TV on the wall in my bathroom. Want the same station that's I get on my master bedroom TV in the morning. This came fast and well packaged. I get the station, but it's in B/W. Like I say, I have to play with it some more. -Verified Store

chuck August 23, 2016

Awesome. Fast Shipping -Verified Store

stacie c August 23, 2016

too much static. Reminds me of the old days with Rabbit Ears. -Verified Store

Ruff August 22, 2016

Works from in my house, 60' out to shed, 2 walls, super clear! Had to purchase RCA cord splicers cause I already had my surround sound plugged into RCA jacks needed on back of cable box. -Verified Store

Gregory A August 21, 2016

Doesn't work very good reception is very poor transmiter is only 25' from receiver tried all Chanel's and adjusting both antennas to fine tune picture. Would not recommend this item for purchase. Very unhappy with mfg. pitch for this product. -Verified Store

Carsan August 19, 2016

I bought this for my grandma as Comcast is a monopoly on set top boxes. I refuse to get another box and pay $130 more a year just to have cable downstairs. That being said, this is how it looks like when hooked about 1 story maybe a 20 ft distance from the upstairs living room smart TV to downstairs television. It's the clearest signal I can get, there's some static noise and as you can see the picture isn't that clear, so not sure if I'll keep it as I'll like to try wireless HDMI but that's $200.

I did hook it up and tested it on the kitchen TV which is on the same floor as the living room TV and that was very clear so it works if you're not transferring through floors.

One thing I want to note is that when I got this, There was no instructions so I didn't realize that one of the RCA cable they gave me only had one end of the video (red white yellow output) and the other end was a black male output that I didn't know where to plug into. It turns out I needed the regular RCA cable with red white yellow output on both ends to connect to my cable box so I had to buy another cable, minus a star for that. -Verified Store

busterwilly August 19, 2016

I didn't know what to expect buying a piece of technology I never thought existed let alone at such a reasonable price. Works surprisingly well. Having used Bluetooth headsets and other wireless products, I expected lag time between the broadcast sound/image and the receiving end. The sound and images are virtually simultaneous. Highly recommend for those places where running cables, poking holes are not an option or just for temporary viewing (the bathroom when the game is on). -Verified Store

C C August 18, 2016

I have Comcast Xfinity and now I can watch tv in my room without running a cable line! -Verified Store

clyde August 16, 2016

excellent product -Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 15, 2016

It perfectly works. -Verified Store

Storminprotection August 15, 2016

I have used it often on my Sat. Dish set up, and it works great. -Verified Store

Great-Grandpa August 15, 2016

This is a 5-star product, and I would have given 5 if it were fully compatible with our equipment. Setup was easy. Units connected immediately, and began streaming video and sound flawlessly, as advertised. However, in our application, the IF remote control was not compatible with our Time Warner Cable TV equipment. I exchanged several emails with Nyrius technical support, and received excellent service. I can't say enough about the great service. It was with regret that I had to return the item to Amazon. -Verified Store

Dick a August 13, 2016

Did not work thru walls as advertised, Would not from 20 feet a way. -Verified Store

Richard T August 11, 2016


captconch August 11, 2016

It works! There was no setup. It just worked when I plugged it in. Now I can watch cable in my living room where there is no cable box. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 10, 2016

Dynamite system. Have purchase two additional receiver for this system. I have a TV in the basement, one in the loft and one in the master bedroom that are receiving transmission from the main TV and Satellite/DVR in the living room that the Nyrius 5.8 is hooked up to. Picture and sound are excellent. Great price and a more powerful system than my old Radio Shack system was. -Verified Store

sami h August 8, 2016

It does not work efficiently for not picking up the signal from near -Verified Store

gator August 7, 2016

Item as described. Arrived promptly. -Verified Store

eddy6053 August 7, 2016

Going about 20 ft....barely watchable..... -Verified Store

William B August 5, 2016

Device works per description. Had to work with cable company to get AV outputs on box to work. Overall a good buy to extend tv's in the house. -Verified Store

Ibsen August 4, 2016

Bought it to be use in an apartment with masonary walls from my bedroom to the kitchen, at least 9.6 mts or 32 ft apart, two brick walls of 7 inches wide each in between and it works just fine, wich I really didn't expected.
I have Directv and now I can use all the menu settings on the remote control in the kitchen. There is some interference as you walk through the signal but not a major issue.
I am very pleased with Nyrus 5.8Ghz now I can watch cable tv with just a small box and without the annoyance of running cables all over my apartment.
I do recommend it......... -Verified Store

David C August 4, 2016

great item saves you the cable fees hooked to VCR sent to
TV on porch everything works as stated. the remote extender is a bonus. -Verified Store

Albert R August 1, 2016

it did not quite work as well as i had hoped. as others had said the set up information leaves a lot to be desired, took a lot longer to set up than i thought it should. also customer support was not open on the day i did the setup.
the only reason i gave it the 3 is it did work but not as well as i had expected.
-Verified Store

Trish July 31, 2016

After building an addition to our home, we wanted a tv but did not want to run cables or get another satellite receiver. The Nyrius does the job, no messy wires or cables. -Verified Store

Joe L July 29, 2016

Very easy setup, let's me mirror output from the cable box to a portable 7" TV in the bathroom so my wife can watch while she's getting ready. The transmission is virtually real time because both streams look and sound perfectly in sync, no lag at all. -Verified Store

Larry D July 28, 2016

The item did not work with my equipment. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 23, 2016

wouldn't read remote signal worthless -Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 22, 2016

works just like the reviews said. No need to run extra wires and the hd picture quality is clear. Would order it again. -Verified Store

Chad W July 22, 2016

Never could get this dang thing to work. I'm a fairly literate computer guy and still couldn't get it to work. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 21, 2016

When I first bought it worked like a charm out of the box., however, the first time my 2-year-old moved the antenna it stopped working for a day. I got it working again only to have it go out 2 more times and this last time I have not been able to it to work, its been out over a week.

Like i said when it works it works great no lag picture and sound quality were great, and the remote extender worked well

Would be 5 stars if it still worked -Verified Store

Daniel W July 20, 2016

It works great no lag in image to audio. Great system -Verified Store

ads July 20, 2016

Good, sometime I get static. -Verified Store

Javier V July 18, 2016

Easy to install and use. It offers good functions and quality according to its price. The best of all, no more cables needed. -Verified Store

Radio M July 18, 2016

Seems like pretty old technology, and if there are people walking around in your home, the signal fades/drops out. Probably not a good solution for television, maybe OK for other applications. -Verified Store

Francis C July 16, 2016

Didn't work as advertised -- wouldn't transmit audio signal through our house as promised. And the signal caused the home theater receiver to make a popping nose and shut off. Replaced by running new CAT5 cable and now things are functioning well. -Verified Store

RICHARD E July 10, 2016

I thought it would not work, But I was Surprised it work as good as Cable for the HD TV, Well worth the money and was so easy to setup, Highly recommended.
Please buy this if you have other TV company's that require you to purchase a separate box for each room, This does the job very nicely and without the Monthly fee for added Box. -Verified Store

mokuska July 9, 2016

great little gizmo when you need an extra TV in a place that has no TV connectivity -Verified Store

Michael G July 8, 2016

Good product. Performs just as promised. -Verified Store

gary l July 7, 2016

I needed something to send a signal to a second tv it works great.Im ordering a second one for my sister. -Verified Store

Nicks2048 June 30, 2016

Works through two walls, where Bluetooth cuts out completely. Slight bit of static if you move the antennae, or if anything moves between them during transmission. For what you pay this is a great solution -Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 29, 2016

These were originally offered by a company called X10. Those components finally wore out and these were the replacements. I'm sold on the technology and they are a low-cost answer to extending audio/video into area without a hardwire alternative. Good product. -Verified Store

Jeremy D June 29, 2016

bad products, don't buy, made from china -Verified Store

Queen B June 29, 2016

Very versatile product. I was searching for something exactly like this so I did not have to mar my walls running cable wire and puncturing holes in the wall. Will be buying another one for other rooms too -Verified Store

Kanu E June 29, 2016

I have the units about 12 meters apart crossing 2 walls. The video is poor and I have a drop in sound every time anyone passes its line of sight.

But I can understand that for 60US, it might be ok. I doubt I would find anything cheaper to give this performance...even if its just so so! -Verified Store

Darryl B June 28, 2016

I have this set up to go from my living room into my basement - about 20 feet through a floor and a wall. After fiddling with different channels, I was able to get a passable signal. It's not perfect - there's some static in the picture - but the audio is good and the IR remote extender actually works surprisingly well.

Better reception would get it another star, but I'm happy with how it works overall -Verified Store

DK June 27, 2016

This device can send a good signal through two interior walls with minimal loss. I replaced a unit from 5 years ago and improvements are clearly there. Have not tried the IR device -Verified Store

Maria F June 21, 2016

I know that you can not expect too much for this product judging its price, but honestly, it was more disappointing than expected.
They promise to work in small areas, but the truth is that it just worked in a very very small room with no people inside. I tried it in another small room but "crowded" (no more than 20 people... tops!) and it didn't work at all. The sound kept cutting and having interference... Very annoying and frustrating.
I returned it asap with no problem, and had my refund immediately, that was the good side of my experience -Verified Store

R. R June 18, 2016

Works great right out of the box, on a 17 inch on the patio who can tell its not HD -Verified Store

James M June 16, 2016

Video & sound are pretty good. The remote sensor on the receiver is too weak to pick up the Dish 5.0 IR remote signal. When I put the remote about 6 inches from the sensor it will operate the source device. Any further away and it won't work -Verified Store

BookClub J June 15, 2016

Works great. I couldn't get it all hooked up, but my husband got it going. I think the instructions were made for people who intuitively know what to do, which leaves me out. But if you know some one that can help you, it's a good thing. Now I have a TV in the kitchen that shows what's on in the living room. Seems miraculous to me. -Verified Store

Joel R June 15, 2016

good reception -Verified Store

Ron June 14, 2016

Quality product. Purchased because son has same in VA. Functioning great but unfortunately I have two older TVs and my Comcast box does not have RCA connections.. Used old RFconverter on receiving end and jumpered Transmitter thru DVD Player.
Minimal instructions provided in box. Instructions on web site are difficult to find a fix to my kind of problem.
Recommend product and would buy again -Verified Store

TwoTees June 13, 2016

Works really great but doesn't use an HDMI cable. Image still looks quite good! and transmitting about 30 feet away from the transmitter. Definitely recommend. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 12, 2016

Works as advertised. Saved me lots of headaches from running cable. -Verified Store

Sidney S June 9, 2016

RGB cables , old school -Verified Store

B.P. June 8, 2016

I like these but I still get a bit of interference from time to time. Going from 2.4 to 5.8GHz I thought that would be eliminated. -Verified Store

Paul D June 8, 2016

It didn't work!!!! -Verified Store

GJT June 7, 2016

works great for playing tv outside on our back patio -Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 6, 2016

Worked perfectly for what I needed(had an outdoor BBQ and wanted to watch the mets game) -Verified Store

Manni June 6, 2016

All I have to say is NOPE. Stay away if you want high quality sound. This is more useful for outdoor rally music or some crap. -Verified Store

Carlos A June 6, 2016

Very disappointed with this item. Video and sound signal very poor. Video and sound quality not as expected and reviewed in the description. I used in a room to room connection with only one wall in the middle and 25 fts. between the transmitter and the receiver. I tried using every channel in the device with no success. I'm returning this item to Amazon. -Verified Store

J. V June 5, 2016

Worked like advertised. I love it. -Verified Store

ACTION M June 4, 2016

Great reception and picture quality, however the IR remote extender does not work with my Cox TV Cisco receiver. When my cox TV contract is up I am going back to Dish TV where I understand it will work with my Dish receiver that I currently own. -Verified Store

MartyM June 3, 2016

Works Great. No more 3rd cable box. -Verified Store

Robert T June 3, 2016

This product eliminated the need for me to pay for an extra cable box. -Verified Store

Jeffery Y May 31, 2016

Works great through 3 walls -Verified Store

John J May 31, 2016

Works so well that I have 3 of them. 2 as tv extenders for my Dish receiver and 1 as a link for my outdoor camera. Much better then its 2.4g predecessors. No interference from wi-fi or cordless phones -Verified Store

R. M May 31, 2016

This device is incredibly useful and extremely simple to set up - I am using it to send the audio from my TV on one wall to an audio receiver across the room that is hooked up to outdoor speakers. Works perfectly (provided that no one is standing between the transmitter and receiver). -Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 30, 2016


Max W May 30, 2016

Work great, we can see TV on our patio with these wireless equipment. -Verified Store

lankkit May 30, 2016

Does exactly as advertised. Simple to install. Excellent results. -Verified Store

K. S May 26, 2016

Does not work well in walked situation -Verified Store

The R May 24, 2016

Happy camper -Verified Store

DAB2 May 24, 2016

Instructions were basic and didn't cover a cable box connected to the tv and the distance for the signal is limited especially with walls or doors in the signal path -Verified Store

Doug P May 21, 2016

Transmitter works great to broadcast from our Dish Joey to the TV on our deck outside. Signal is clear unless someone walks between the transmitter and receiver. It's great having the remote control extender to be able to change channels from the deck. -Verified Store

OnlyGal16 May 20, 2016

This works brilliantly. We have an outdoor TV and didn't want the hassle or cost of another cable box outside. So we connected this to our living room TV. The receivers are about 25 ft apart and no problems changing the channels. We did have to play around with the positioning of the two items - to ensure they "talked" to each other. As the receivers are light and small, we hooked them to the back of the TV. No need to build a special shelf or bracket. We got an extra cable box remote - so we can keep the remote with the outdoor TV - rather than borrowing the one from the living room. The quality of the picture is good - we do not notice any deterioration and viewing the shows outside on 32" TV, it is pretty much the same as indoor. -Verified Store

Dion A May 17, 2016

Very short range. Sending back -Verified Store

Emerther May 16, 2016

The products work perfect! Distance of about 15 yards, half level higher receiver and two walls, signal is strong. Best of all is the chance to be switching channels. Visual quality is crisp clear and so is audio. Its almost crucial to position the antennas to face each other. But with greater distance the greater offset without any loss. I wish I knew about this earlier though as there are plenty of wires running around the house from room to room, coax, 2x cinch, ethernet. This saves the hassle though and the best is, you can switch the channels and so much more. Huge thx for making these! -Verified Store

John F. May 15, 2016

We did not want to get another cable box for the workout room.
We did not want to run a cable from the bedroom box to the workout room TV. This GS10 was a perfect solution. Shipped quick and packaged very well with easy to read instructions - however the product was labelled clear enough to install without instructions. Both the transmitter (Master bedroom) and receiver (Bonus/workout room) are upstairs with one room between them. So units are 20 feet apart, going through 2 walls and the picture & sound quality are as good or better than the quality with the coax I ran as a temp fix.

HE May 12, 2016

Great product (good picture & volume from two rooms next to each other but separated by a wall). The directions need to be more explanatory. For example I am still unable to get the IF extender to work As such I am unable to change channels remotely. I tried hooking up as written in the reviews but for some reason it still will not work. -Verified Store

Donald A May 12, 2016

This product is great. Very easy to install and quick delivery. Would recommend this to anyone. -Verified Store

Jonathan W May 11, 2016

I am very pleased with my purchase! This device does exactly what I wanted it to do. I am single with a living room tv and a bedroom tv. I didn't want to pay extra for a second DirecTV receiver and the additional $7/month fee, so I thought I would give this a try. I have HDMI cables installed from my receiver to my living room TV, and I use the RCA cables included with this device to connect the DirecTV receiver to the transmitter. In the bedroom, I have RCA cables connecting the wireless receiver to my other TV.

There are a couple of quirks which I attribute to DirecTV:

#1 - When both TVs are on, I have no problem. But when I turn off the living room TV, I also have to disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV or I get a security warning on the bedroom TV from my DirecTV box.

#2 - When I watch tv in the bedroom, I have to change my DirecTV receiver from HD to SD by holding down the Exit button the remote control. If I don't do this, I get a message on my screen that says "Your cables are not HD cables!"

I can live with these issues to save $7 a month. I am extremely pleased. -Verified Store

sterling d May 11, 2016

don't work great, people interfere with it. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 9, 2016

Worked as described. Hooked it up without problems and clear picture. Will buy a second Tivo remote so do not have to move this from one place to the other. One note though, if you stand close to the receiver in the path of the signal, it will be disturbed so you have to place it properly -Verified Store

mtg May 9, 2016

This is the second pair that I have purchased. They work extremely well and are easy to set up. The picture is so much clearer than using a cable to achieve the same purpose. Well worth buying. -Verified Store

bruce C May 8, 2016

Using this for an outside tv on my rv. Makes running any cables obsolete. Picture and sound are great -Verified Store

S L May 7, 2016

Okay signal but limited by the RCA wires. Would be much better to have HDMI connection since we have a 1080 signal. -Verified Store

Carlos J May 7, 2016

Working fine. No interference with my WIFI. I can watch what ever I connect through it. Excellent. I'm think of buying maybe a couple of receivers. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 6, 2016

Did not work. It was returned. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 6, 2016

Works perfect -Verified Store

elsie c April 29, 2016

Worked for about two weeks. The the remote stopped working. My TV stopped working. Tried it on another TV and then it completely stopped working. The circuit must be faulty. I'm going to send my flat screen for repair it better not be broken cause of this crap. -Verified Store

Charles C April 29, 2016

Great product. -Verified Store

Juliana M April 29, 2016

Works fine for me. -Verified Store

Ernest J April 27, 2016

Decent picture quality; sometimes the picture is wavy -Verified Store

Keith April 27, 2016

Works great, even from our 2nd floor, across two rooms to the first floor! -Verified Store

Jeremy April 25, 2016

I bought this to shoot AV to my back bedroom in an RV from my solo Dish receiver up front. The Audio and Video work fine, however the IR extender does not work with Dish IR remotes. I verified this with an infrared camera to see if the extender was actually transmitting IR. It would pulse fine for a TV remote, but not for the Dish. One thing to note, I noticed the Dish remote is a much higher frequency pulse than say the TV, I'm guessing the IR extender is just not programmed to handle this high of a pulse frequency that Dish remotes emit for the receivers.
If it was not for the remote extender not able to handle Dish I would have given it 5 stars as of now I need to find a remote extender solution that will work. -Verified Store

Rafael J April 24, 2016

Works great. -Verified Store

Allen M April 23, 2016

Video & Audio cut out randomly at about 6 feet apart. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 22, 2016

Easy hook up. Very good picture -Verified Store

Jeff V April 22, 2016

Had to return it. Kept making these "burp" sounds through the sub.
Bought a similar kit from BestBuy and it worked perfectly, so something is messed up with these. -Verified Store

Lauren April 22, 2016

This is a great product! I live in an old house without cable through the walls and it works perfectly for this situation. I can now watch TV in my living room, which otherwise has no means of having cable. The picture isn't perfect, but it's good and gets the job done! -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 21, 2016

Good video sound was broken. -Verified Store

Cheryl M April 21, 2016

Works well -Verified Store

C. E April 20, 2016

5 Minutes to set it up and everything works perfect. Great picture, clear sound, remote control operation all work great. Couldn't be happier. Used this to extend cable box signal to outside enclosed patio by the pool. Cable box remote works great with the extender and now we can watch tv while outside hanging at the pool or bbq. Saved me hours of time because I didn't have to run cables and drill holes through the house. It also doesn't degrade your cable signal because you are not splitting it out like you might have to if you wanted to run a coaxial. I plan on buying more of these for other rooms like the garage and bathroom because it is so easy. -Verified Store

Lech April 20, 2016

Excellent product. The transmitter/receiver pair function flawlessly. We use the pair to send the audio output of a TV to an amplifier across the room connected to earbuds. This setup is excellent for diminishing the effects of tinnitus (ringing or noise in the ears) during the night. The sound distracts the brain enough to allow my wife to sleep at night without the TV regular volume output set to high.
This combination of transmitter/receiver and amplifier can be purchased for +/- $100.00. Similar products made specifically for the hearing impaired can cost a $1000.00. -Verified Store

don j April 19, 2016

Worked as advertised, no complaints -Verified Store

StereoGen April 19, 2016

Received in plain box with all accessories. Easy set up and works great! Very happy with purchase. -Verified Store

J. S April 18, 2016

It did not work! I tried it out on three different TVs and receivers. Returned it and called DIRECT to add another receiver. -Verified Store

Kindle C April 17, 2016

Plugged it all together and it worked right off. Audio input to the transmitter comes from a TOSlink splitter at the TV through a TOSlink to audio decoder.Output from the receiver direct into a headset proved too soft (totally expected for a line level signal) but this was easily fixed using a tiny headset audio amplifier. Excellent audio quality. Not interested in and didn't use the video part, so can not give it a rating. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 15, 2016

Good product, works wherever I put it. -Verified Store

Kenneth G April 15, 2016

This is a great piece of equipment. It is used by my church to broadcast a signal from the video booth at the rear of the Sanctuary to the choir loft at the front end, a distance of about 90 feet. In the choir loft, the signal is amplified and distributed to three monitors. It works like a charm. The only drawback is that it is standard res, but I couldn't find an HD version and the cost probably would have been out of our budget anyway. -Verified Store

James Marks April 14, 2016

This is one of the best purchase I ever had. Thank you Nrius.

joseph April 14, 2016

not useful -Verified Store

CliffordG April 14, 2016

Very easy to install. Transmits a clear picture to an upstairs TV. No problem with interference from other electronic devices such as cellphones or tablets. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 12, 2016

Installs easily. Works as described. Very satisfied. -Verified Store

Delta K April 12, 2016

Works great. Our living room is over our garage. The back of our garage has a small TV where we have a treadmill. It's probably a distance of 25 or 30 feet through a floor. Once you get the antennas aligned the picture looks great for what we are using it for. We are also able to change channels on our cable box in the living room while in the garage with the cable box remote. The receiver in the basement transmits the remote control signal to the living room transmitter box, which then send sends the remote control signal to the cable box. It's like having the main cable box right in our garage. Really happy with this. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 11, 2016

Crystal clear picture and I haven't had any interference as anyone walks between the transmitter and receiver (as others have reported). My only concern is that I hooked the transmitter up to the cable box, but now I can only get one TV to work at a time. Gonna try hooking the cable box to the video in on the living room tv and then connecting the transmitter to the video out and see if that works. I will figure it out, but I can't complain about the picture and sound on the receiving set. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 7, 2016

Let's see how far the connection can reach as the receiver is in the garbage truck driving down my street. This will be my first review of any amazon product. NOT GOOD! In fact, it's so bad, that it has forced me to sit down and review it. I rushed delivered this to my house for my home theatre anxious to get it plugged in and ready to go! For the first 10 minutes it was working great, although the volume was EXTREMELY low, and when I turned up the speaker system, a terrible hiss was making the video feed inaudible. So, can't listen to movies loud. Okay, I'll have to try and deal with it for a week or two, until I get so frustrated and actually decide to tare through my ceilings to do it properly with a WIRED connection. Well, that all went away when in the same first night, every time I walk past the screen, the audio makes a terrible popping noise. Mind you, the two pieces are in PERFECT eye sight of eachother. NO going through walls or anything. And now ever since (it's not even been 24 hours) it randomly starts to pop and create static. The fact that the audio can't be loud, makes this a 3 star product at best. But now that it barley works without cutting out and popping every 3 minutes, makes it a NEGATIVE 3 stars. Let's see how far the connection can reach as the receiver is in the garbage truck driving down my street. -Verified Store

Irina Z April 5, 2016

No interference, specially compare to 2.4 GHz device I use for the same purpose, easy to set up, works as advertised. No regrets so far. I am planing to buy additional sets for other rooms.

Nickdeck April 5, 2016

Does just what it says it will, pretty much. It gets audio and video from one TV to another wirelessly. I wouldn't count on the remote extender thing to work, so just be aware that you'll probably be limited to watching only the same channel on both TVs. For me, that's not a problem.
I'm using it to send a signal through one wall, with wood studs, to a TV in the garage that sits about 10 feet away. For me, aiming the transmitter and receiver antennas toward each other hasn't really even been necessary. Probably because they're physically pretty close to each other.
Also, no high def picture on the receiving TV, but I knew that going in. If you need high def, you'll need to spend a couple hundred bucks on one that has HDMI capability. I'd definitely recommend it for what it is. -Verified Store

Eons April 4, 2016

Got your Video & Audio transmitter quickly. Set up for the two units was a snap and had no problem. Turned on TV receiving the signal and WOW what a great picture. Couldn't ask for more. Very clear. Didn't have any luck getting the IR channel changer to work though. But other than that very satisfied. -Verified Store

Marcie K April 4, 2016

I got this to avoid running the cable wire across the room. Works like a charm. I haven't noticed any interference or break in display/sound yet. -Verified Store

Greg F April 1, 2016

Works like a charm! Easy to set up, it only took 5 minutes. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 30, 2016

I had hoped that the other 1 star reviews were wrong, but alas this product is not suitable for the purpose advertised. In my case I had a 30' clear line of site to the remote TV. No setting could alleviate the bad picture. Many stops, starts, flickers, sound pops. No interference sources in the house. This is a bad product and should be taken off the market. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 28, 2016

Excellent purchase. Worked as advertised right out of the box, required minimal adjustment to line up the antenna; through a floor and wall. Have recommended to family and friends to avoid the cost of extra cable boxes. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 26, 2016

Great product - I had a radio shack 2.4 which became obsolete with all the electronics in my home-- the Nyrius solved my problem - GREAT PICTURE AND SOUND - no more static - I have one transmitter and multiple receivers- the antenna on the receiver must be adjusted towards each room- I would recommend it -Verified Store

Yvonne B March 26, 2016

I needed a device to send a signal to the television in my kitchen where I do not have a cable outlet. After searching online for a device that worked at a reasonable price, I found the Nyrius 5.8GHz. I had difficulty at first with getting this device to work. Then I figured out that I needed to connect to my cable box instead of directly to the television. Works as promised. I have the transmitter connected to the television in my living room and the receiver to a smaller television in the kitchen. The signal goes through one wall easily and the picture and the sound are great on the receiving end. I am considering purchasing another receiver to use in the bedroom so I won't have to pay the cable company's fees for an additional cable box. I can certainly recommend this device -Verified Store

James W March 26, 2016

The extender works nicely but has 2 drawbacks. The unit does send the TV remote commands back to the head end but does not work with Time Warner cable set top units. The video and sound come through nicely but only at 480i resolution and will not change channels. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 25, 2016

Bought this unit after reading the reviews. My requirement is to get wireless video from my livestock barn to the house which is right about 100 feet away. The video sender will /not/ shoot through the metal barn material. I mounted it on a piece of plywood up high in the gable end facing the house which is opaque material to let light through (plastic). This allowed a signal to shoot to the house. On the receiving end, the house material is very difficult to get reception through=concrete siding/plywood/studs/insulation/drywall. It took quite a bit of effort to find a spot to get usable video. I ended up with the receiver sitting on top of an older analog TV, with the receiver facing a glass window at about a 45 degree angle. So, in the end the video is "passable" but it is very grainy. I cannot imagine this unit working very well through multiple walls of a house or between a main floor and a basement, but it may be worth trying. For applications similar to mine that may be for a permanent basis (mine is not, I will hardwire) I would look into a more expensive unit with a directional yagi type antenna, the difference being the old mantra "you get what you pay for." So, try it. If it works, great, if it doesn't, return it. EDIT: okay, so today had to reset the camera to look at 2 critter stalls instead of one--to watch babies in one, and pregnant critter in another. I am running the 50 foot Cmple cable with BNC connectors...which the camera takes, but the Nyrius is RCA.....I guess I was so tired originally I didn't notice I used a Motorola adapter---which looks like a BNC-RCA but longer.......I switched to the correct adapter and the picture is darn near perfect from over 100 feet away....grainy picture is virtually gone. I did move both receiver and transmitter a tad but not much. Still, won't shoot through my 1 wall (cement siding/plywood/fiberglass insulation/drywall) at this distance so I won't give it 4 stars---if it did I'd bump it up. Highly suggest Nyrius think of engineering a port for an external antenna....so those of us using these outdoors/between buildings can use a remote antenna. :) -Verified Store

Jeffrey B March 24, 2016

It works, but I can't change the channel on the monitor the reciever is connected to. -Verified Store

Irina Z March 23, 2016

No interference, specially compare to 2.4 Ghz device I use for the same purpose, easy to set up, works as advertised. No regrets so far. I am planing to buy additional sets for other rooms.

Bruno D March 23, 2016

I have to say I had my doubts, especially doubting the remote channel changing feature. I am extremely happy, easy installation and all promises came true. Yes if you get in the way/interfere with the transmission path, you will get brief static but for me that is a minor issue. My signal is being transmitted through some walls and over a distance of about 30 feet, straight through these walls and open doorways. For $60, couldn't be happier that I have circumvented my cable company extra monthly charges for extra digital boxes. -Verified Store

Skip E March 23, 2016

I bought this product to get audio to a room without cable access. A little interference when walking near transmitter but not noticeable at most times. -Verified Store

Neal C March 21, 2016

Put this in my sisters condo so she could watch TV in the kitchen. Once you have them lined up they work great for a 480i picture and stereo sound. -Verified Store

Steven W March 21, 2016

Could not get it to work. -Verified Store

Edanalog March 20, 2016

I purchased this item to send an audio signal from my pc to my stereo receiver. I was using a cable that ran from my headphone jack in my pc that split into 2 rca jacks that I connected to the phono input in my receiver. The cable signal has a very low frequency hum. This item was very easy to install but does have a high frequency hiss that was much more audible and annoying than the cable hum. The other deficiency of the Nyrius is that it did not seem to transmit the entire frequency range. I had to boost the bass frequencies on the receiver a lot to match what the cable was sending. I returned the item. -Verified Store

Jenna L March 20, 2016

I purchased this setup for a bathroom tv. I wasn't too worried about the quality so that's why I never purchased anything with HD capabilities. I was very surprised that the quality was good, as I was expecting worse! The setup was extremely easy, plug and play. I would've given this product 5 stars because of the simplicity and quality vs price, but the small IR device that plugs in for your remote did not work. -Verified Store

Alexander March 18, 2016

great product -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 14, 2016

Did not work at all. Only reason for two stars is that money was refunded without question immediately. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 9, 2016

At 20 feet in line of sight with no obstructions, i get a low humm on all 4 channels, and if you stand between the units it starts popping. I am using this for audio only and do not believe it will work through walls although I have not tested it. -Verified Store

Alicia M March 9, 2016

Works all the way across my house through many walls with no problems. -Verified Store

Thais P March 9, 2016

There is a lot of interference if people walk by. In our house, there is no walls between the TVs, just 30 feet open space, but it does not work well. -Verified Store

lsb March 6, 2016

The Nyrius wireless product works great, I use it to add another video feed from my Dish Network receiver to my den, clear and sharp picture. It was also a very easy to set up just plug it in, plug the RCA plugs in and that's it. Love it!!! -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 3, 2016

best buy for the money -Verified Store

Eugene E March 3, 2016

easy setup and works great. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 2, 2016

Works Good -Verified Store

Gloria R March 1, 2016

So far so good. Easy to install and is working fine! -Verified Store

Courtney A March 1, 2016

Unfortunately this product did not work for me because it kept making popping and snapping noises although I try tinging the channels. When it wasn't doing this, I do think the sound quality was superior to Bluetooth. If they could fix this issue, it would be a better product -Verified Store

Albert Jaccoma February 28, 2016

Exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price. The unit performed flawlessly right out of the box.

John Powell December 20, 2015

I had been looking for something like this for a long time. When I saw the advertisement for the NY-GS10 I made the purchase and have not regretted it. Our cable allows us extra channels on one box and now I can get them at another tv. The unit works great and I intend to buy additional units for other tv's.

Harvey Romanek November 16, 2015

Purchased additional receivers for whole house broadcast.
Great reception in every room,
Thank you Nyrius!!!!

Cec Dorman February 8, 2015

The Nyrius audio/video is wonderful. We live in a RV and I have a tv in the kitchen area and using these audio/video lets me watch what he watches in the living room. I had another system but it was so bad. Then I got this system and what a difference. I will never go back to this other brand. You are a winner and mad this woman a happy camper. Well done Nyrius!! You will always get five stars from me

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