USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio

Magnasonic USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio

for Smartphones & Tablets (EAAC470)

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Whateva September 25, 2021

Time projector in nice. Clock display can be dimmed to off. Auto tmie set worked (not sure how).

Brad September 2, 2021

I use this to tell the time and charge my cell phone.

Patrick September 2, 2021

First the positive.It is nice looking and has large display.It has a USB port for charging.The negative.USB port for charging is on the back, not easy to access.The buttons are awkward, small and badly labeled.The instructions are done poorly.It is overly complicated.No way to set alarm on/off goes off daily. (I will play with it later, but again directions are done extremely poor).No way to adjust Bell level, just the radio level.When the alarm goes off it is hard to turn off. (small button)

Terry G August 9, 2021

did not care for it

TRB August 8, 2021

white led display is easy to read

Jeannette August 6, 2021

Very attractive but the directions are hard to read. I still haven't figured it out yet, but I'm working on it.

Toby R August 1, 2021

Couldn't get radio to work correctly.

salsy July 16, 2021

Has 2 alarm settings although only alarm 1 works. Alarm 2 never goes off and was late because of this. Will not buy again

LT July 7, 2021

Radio quit working 6 months of partial use.

Josie's mom June 28, 2021

I really like this clock radio. Takes a bit to read all the instructions because there are so many features on it. I got it mostly for the clock and radio & may not need the dual alarms. Like the ability to dim the numbers so they don't have to be so bright for use in a bedroom at night. So far so good. Good price also.

jm June 19, 2021

Easy to read, but way too bright - even on lowest

ricknokc June 19, 2021

Love it. The snooze button could be better. Dual alarms that can be set on different days as well as different times. Digital tuner is why I replaced my old alarm.

StrawberryJam June 15, 2021

Looks good, works well. Alarm instructions are a bit vague, but after a couple of days of wrong settings I got the hang of it.

Mountain W June 11, 2021

This replaced a bigger model I'd used for about 10 years and is an improvement. I looked carefully online to compare features, and this is the only alarm clock I found with everything I wanted: compact size and ergonomic design, dimmer light on the readout, easy to use settings, an exterior antenna cable, a USB port, and a color and look that didn't call attention to itself on the bedside table. The ergonomic design makes it easy to reach over when it's dark and find the power and volume buttons for the radio. Radio reception with the antenna is fine, and I live in a mountainous area with spotty reception. I really like the separate buttons for up/down volume control. One reviewer mentioned the quietest setting isn't that quiet, but I found it to be fine. I don't bother with writing reviews unless something is particularly good or bad, and this warrants the time to give it a 5-star review. Very satisfied.

Melanie B June 8, 2021

Nice little alarm clock! I like that it has 2 alarms that can be set for different days and schedules. The room temperature gauge seems to be pretty spot on and the radio is pretty clear when my alarm goes off. Charges my phone quickly and is easy to dim. Great purchase!

James and Kim June 1, 2021

Would love this clock if the print wasn't so small I can't read it to set the alarm and functions. Now I need a new clock again I can read the functions on.

Jackie May 25, 2021

Easily rea numbers

Jeffrey C May 20, 2021

The clock features are difficult to use and modify settings. The clock does not stay on the proper time zone. The back-up power does not work. To return the item, i have to pay for the shipping after i already paid a premium to have them ship it to me that took a week longer than if they had not shipped the item.

Me May 20, 2021

Worked great for about 20 minutes then the radio refused to turn on. Returned....

Jayne May 19, 2021

It's difficult to use

Nancy F May 17, 2021

I like everything about this little clock it's just exactly what I wanted ,bright but can be dimmed if you like for night .

TIMOTHY A May 16, 2021

I wanted a nice clock with big nice numbers I could see from a distance with a charger that I could use for my iPhone. This clock was my choice. I liked to Blue color since blue is my favorite. It seemed to be what I needed for my purposes. However, I had a hiccup with my initial purchase. When I received my order which the shipping was very fast and packaged well, the clock was defective. It never worked...nothing ever displayed. So, I went through the return process to send it back. To my pleasant surprise, the SELLER actually contacted me pronto about my issue. They asked me a few questions which I answered and then provided me return instructions. They were very helpful in the whole process and within a weeks time, I had a new clock delivered to me from them. I plugged this one in and it work perfectly. Easy to set, radio work better than I expected...totally idiot prove. I had it up and running clock and radio plus temperature setting within 3 to 4 minutes. I am pleased with the second product I received and it was so nice working with the seller to help resolve the issue. I would recommend this seller and this product to everyone.

lloyd l May 16, 2021

Right for application

Аmazon C May 14, 2021

This item is of excellent quality, price point, workmanship and is functional as described. I am very happy with my purchase.

Larry M May 13, 2021

Never got it to work completely had to purchase something else.This item is no good.Do not buy this one.

ugagnug May 12, 2021

C'était pour un cadeau. Mais la radio ne fonctionne pas.Très déçu du produit.Ne recommande pas.

Disappointed May 10, 2021

These are great....easy to use and USB charger for my phone

Barry May 9, 2021

Love it

CLUBTREMON May 7, 2021

This clock is not user friendly at all. The alarm, even at full volume, is barely audible. The controls for setting the alarm are awkward. The USB port works great but is located in the rear and the radio has to be picked up to see to insert the cable. I do like the dimmer switch for the time display and it is located on top which is easy to find. The blue time display is soft and doesn’t keep me awake. I haven’t used the sleep mode. The triangular design is very stable and doesn’t turn over when you touch a control.

Horse mom April 28, 2021

I tried to use it in my bedroom at night. It is so bright, it lights up the room. Dimming it either doesn't dim enough to sleep or it goes so dim you can't read it. There is no in between. Beware, it comes with an old fashioned (wire) antenna and thermometer that need to be dealt with.

Cecilia O April 28, 2021

Me encanta gracias

Ms. Linda L. T April 16, 2021

The light is adjustable. The numbers are readable. Just what needed.

joycefl6 April 9, 2021

I liked the size - very compact. The numbers were large and on bright setting, very bright... but the radio?? The interference was ridiculous.. Returned.

donnacohio April 9, 2021

Clock is good.. Easy to read and nice looking. Sound from radio is not as good.. Directions are not too complicated but make sure to save them.

Henry April 7, 2021

The clock brightness is sooo strong, if you prefer a dark room it is bad because the entire room will be illuminate with a blue light...but if you prefer one dim light it is my case I like a dark room when I’m sleeping....

Tyler April 6, 2021

Great alarm clock for the price. Only thing is brightness does not dim far enough. Still very bright lights up whole room

Bernard C April 6, 2021

Quotidienne et reveil matin

ROBERT H March 28, 2021

liked the ease of handling

Ray H March 24, 2021

Clock malfunctioned 1 week after support expired.

mikehouse March 24, 2021

Kinda hard to navigate at first,but with a little patience,you can tweak this clock to about right where you need it.Don"t be scared of it

Kay L March 22, 2021

I had this clock for 1 week and it no longer works! I'm going to try and get my money back, but since it did work for a week I didn't keep the packaging. Piece of junk!!

Mélanie T March 17, 2021

Le radio à une fonction sur les alarmes qui permettent de ne plus se soucier de les activer ou desactiver super !Facile à regler, Facile à comprendre grace au manuel

Jose a March 16, 2021

My daughter is happy to wake up with music. Good invest with excellent price/quality ratio.

alain l March 10, 2021

bonne achat

Georgia B March 7, 2021

This radio is ok. It's biggest drawback is its sound. The sound is "tinny". Also the alarm clock seems to remember all of the volume settings from when I tried to get it right for my needs. So it comes on very softly and gradually gets louder. I have tried to lower the volume, but so far no luck in getting that to happen. It is also somewhat complicated to set up. I have to carefully follow the directions. So far it has kept good time and comes on when it is supposed to.

KTbookworm March 6, 2021

Just received today. Unboxing and setup was a breeze. I have one recommendation. Go directly to the book of instructions and read each step as you set it up. Don’t even open the quick start guide paper. If you follow the directions in order, setup takes 5 minutes or less.Looks well made and has a small footprint. I’m using it in my den in the tv cabinet. The large numbers help me to easily read the time.Pleased so far and great price.

FORTIN G March 5, 2021

Remplacement d'un autre appareil.

Sherry March 5, 2021

Fantastic radio./alarm clock. Even charges my cell phone

Kevin R March 4, 2021

I place tinted film on it to reduced night light.

Krittermedic March 4, 2021

Keeps adding time. Right now, it's 20 mins fast. Have to keep resetting. But for that, nice clock.

Karen March 2, 2021

Like it.

Dan F February 28, 2021

Noisy AM reception as no external antenna, FM acceptable as has antenna. Clear adjustable display for brightness. Busser loudness acceptable but low, but radio alarm loudness is adjustable. If you need good AM radio reception and sound look for a different alarm clock. Can't expect too much on such a small unit but well designed and good looking.

nouveau c February 28, 2021

on vois très bien l'heure, c'est pour ça qu'on là acheter

Rose W February 25, 2021

I used this alarm clock for just over three years. It worked as it was supposed to. My favorite feature was the multiple levels of brightness. I turned it down at night, so it didn't light up my bedroom. Then I turned it back up to full bright so I could see it during the day. Then one morning when I pressed the button to turn off the alarm, there was a bit of static electricity and it zapped the clock. It read all zeroes. When I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it reverted to midnight. I unplugged it and waited 8 hours; then it said it was 8:00. It's as if the internal timekeeper got permanently reset to the wrong time. It won't automatically set the time anymore and I couldn't get it to let me set the correct time.

Donna M February 25, 2021

Very pleased, purchased 2 for kitchen and bathroom. Perfect size. Numbers large and bright.

D. W February 23, 2021

I don't think you could design a less intuitive alarm clock than this. The icons on the buttons make no sense, and adjusting anything takes a ridiculous series of long presses, short presses, and button combinations that just aren't obvious. This is an ALARM CLOCK. I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to read the manual to set an alarm clock. Please don't buy.

Blue S February 20, 2021

Very bright display on lowest setting. Tinny sound quality. Overall disappointing purchase.

Dan M February 16, 2021

As advertised. Radio speaker could be better

Kevin February 14, 2021

Bright and light and easy to read. Great sound as well from radio.

Amazon Customer February 12, 2021

It has a bright blue display which I like. Seems easy enough to use. The only thing I’m not impressed with is the sound. Very tinny!

Shari V February 12, 2021

Even with the clock on the dimmest setting, it lit up my room like a lighthouse!!! Other than that, its fine

Paul B February 12, 2021

Sound for radio is average but other than that its excellent.Nice u can turn display off

Isadora February 11, 2021

If I had an injury that made it impossible for me to open my eyes, so that I needed a clock that was so bright I could see it through my closed eyelids, this would be perfect. Who on earth needs even the dimmest setting to be this bright? If I wanted my room at night to be eerily illuminated in blue glow then I'd....well I don't know what except that I'd probably be really happy with this clock.Because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to go to the post office, I didn't return it. But every night when I hide the display before going to bed, I grumble bitterly. Blue light is just too bright for alarm clocks. I miss the dim, demonic red glow of my old clock...One star because I ordered a clock and it is clock so at least it did that right. Another star for the radio

CHaden February 10, 2021

The numbers are way too bright, even on lesser setting. I have to turn display off at night completely. Its a good size though.

Quaker February 9, 2021

PROS- Cheap- Attractive- Compact- Dual alarms- Dimmable display (including dark mode that turns off display until alarm sounds)- Good radio reception- Choice of white or blue display- USB charging port- Day-of-week programming- Station presets- ThermometerCONS- Dimmer doesn't dim enough. It's still too bright.- Dark mode (turning off the display) is a great idea but when you snooze in dark mode, you can't get the display back to turn off the alarm until the snooze period ends!- Thermometer would be a great feature except it's not accurate and doesn't respond quickly to changes in room temperature.- Clean footprint is ruined by the long antenna wire that extends out of the back of the clock

Cooper's M February 8, 2021

An excellent product with many extra features that I didn't expect.

Randy B February 6, 2021

Nice compact size, easy to read and brightness is adjustable.

Shopper4206 September 18, 2020

I am a deep sleeper and this radio does not wake me up. It is also very difficult to set up and I could not lower the brightness function, I managed to get to 0 and it was still bright. I tried calling the company but the recorded message said to use the CHAT function on line. What if I didn't have a computer very impersonal? The whole thing made me very angary about this purchase. SENDING BACK immediately

honey81 September 17, 2020

simple easy to use. I plugged it in and selected my channel. The only negative is the volume. The volume is not loud enough for me. Even turned all the way up its not really loud.

norrie September 9, 2020

clock radio works as advertised

Amazon Customer September 8, 2020

The only thing I don't like is the sound of the radio. It's tinny.

pleasure r September 4, 2020

I don't write many reviews but took the time to write this one. I looked at MANY clocks online before choosing this one. I'm glad I waited and found it! This clock has many features for the low cost. I love that it does have 2 separate alarms with flexible settings, adjustable brightness levels, adjustable alarm volumes, a temperature read-out, and a radio. I chose this particular clock, though, because the description says it will not only keep time in a power outage but will also still alarm. I haven't had to test that yet, but everything I read about this alarm clock has proven true, so I have faith that will be also. The only thing I wish were different is that even on the dimmest setting, the light is too bright for me. However, you can literally hit the button one more time and turn the display itself completely off. Easily comes back on with just the touch of one large, easy to find, button. Set up instructions included in the box were easy and quick, and I was super impressed that after my purchase the company sent me a thank you email which included setup instructions within the email itself! I would definitely recommend this item.

Jameson C September 2, 2020

Radio alarm function isn’t loud enough, Bell alarm is startling and the only sound option (volume can’t be changed). Unsure of how to turn off alarms. You get what you pay for!

Thomas E September 1, 2020

Just make sure to read instructions carefully.

PILRBNQ August 31, 2020

It does have 3 brightness settings but I still felt the dimmest setting was too bright, however, I bought a product called Dim It Light Dimming Sheets and that did the trick. I like all the options, it's not too big but still big enough to see. Really like this clock, buying a 2nd one for myself (first was for my son).

JMAN August 21, 2020

I purchased this clock about a year ago and only recently opened the box. I discovered that the power cord was missing. After contacting the seller, they directed me to the manufacturer. The manufacturer responded that the power cord would cost $19.99. Since I only paid $24.99 for the entire clock, I thanked them kindly for the laugh.Today, I received an email offering to replace the power cord at no charge. Excellence in customer service.

Karli V August 16, 2020

My husband likeS the clock

Linda August 5, 2020

More than just a radio & alarm clock! Enjoying the extra features!

Jdhill August 4, 2020

Love the features but even on dim this is way to bright!

Cliff R August 3, 2020

I found it too bright even dimmed 3 times, 4th dim was blacked out .

Shawn D July 16, 2020

I've been using this for a couple of months now with no problems. It wakes me up easily, and I like the ability to adjust the brightness of the display for nighttime. I don't use it for it's other features though. I will say one thing that's a minor downside: the automatic time setting is off by 5 or 6 minutes. I had that problem with a Sony clock as well, so just something to be aware of. I would buy again and/or recommend this.

Amazon Customer July 14, 2020

Clock is awesome. The ONLY downside is the speaker sounds pretty bad for the radio feature. Other than that, the clock is incredible.

tramborder June 28, 2020

It works and is functional. The speaker is weak for music and seems to distort talk radio to the point that understanding what is said is a bit of a challenge.

STP June 22, 2020

I really like this clock. I got it to replace my old one because I could not figure out how to change the time or the alarms. This is much easier and takes up less room. It also lets you plug in USB cords.

daniel June 8, 2020

I like that it has AM/FM, good sound.Everything is great.

douglas June 2, 2020

This is what I think of this product. Zero AM reception.

James A April 29, 2020

This works as expected. I just needed something visible near the TV and the blue color of the digits is nice.

Jme April 24, 2020

I purchased this to replace an old Clock Radio and really wanted AM/FM Radio - AM in the morning and FM in the afternoon. This is smaller than I thought. Radio is very clear and I Love that I can also charge my phone

Lawrence v April 19, 2020

This clock worked fine for about a year, after that the time moved forward by a few minutes a day and I had to readjust the time over and over again. By default it's 45-50min ahead of the actual time. Now the clock decides to run the alarm at random times not set. I bought two of these clocks at the time. The one my wife has is not as bad but is in average 15 minutes ahead. I would not recommend this product.

Tadeu April 5, 2020

In my country i didn't find the equipment same this.

Amazon Customer April 4, 2020

Like having it charge my iPhone while I sleep!

Jessica Z March 19, 2020

Love this alarm! Very clear reception! Love all the different alarm options for days of the week. Thinking I will replace the old alarms with these.

Bookseller80 March 12, 2020

This clock does everything as advertised. The only problem is that the sound quality is tinny and less than satisfactory. That's why I give it four stars instead of five.

Kelsey G February 19, 2020

As described

courtney c February 9, 2020

I purchased this for my child's room just for listening to music while playing so I didn't really have crazy high expectations.. Luckily.Like others have said, it's definitely bright. He doesn't even need a separate night light.Also, yes, the volume is quite loud on its lowest setting. I can hear the radio on "1" from the other room. The antenna is useless. Every station is static. The sound itself is AWFUL. Luckily he doesn't care/notice but had I purchased for myself I would have returned.Alarms work fine, super easy to set up - literally just set the time zone and it auto set - the look of it is nice.So, as an alarm : great!As a radio : terrible

Carolina February 4, 2020

I bought this alarm clock for my kids. I hate it. The volume starts as it is set and then goes up automatically unless you shut it off. It wakes me up every time the kids are gone and not there to shut off. It is maddening. I am now looking for one that doesn't do that. When n why did alarm clocks start raising the volume by themselves?

Corin January 29, 2020

The alarms won't go off.

Shannon G January 26, 2020


Amazon Customer January 23, 2020

It's not too big.

FAM1234 January 10, 2020

It was exactly what I expected. USB port is perfect

Charles S January 7, 2020

Alarm 1 has no bell volume. Alarm 2 has bell volume but very little.

Pioneer70 January 1, 2020

We purchased two of these and have found they keep great time and we can listen to the radio without having a radio that takes up a large amount of space. We are very pleased with this purchase.

Charles V September 17, 2019

Could not turn down the light enough, to bright.

Britny September 11, 2019

Liked it at first but no longer works after 1 year

Tam S September 9, 2019

This item is a good idea however doesn't work. It's supposed to be set for every work day and at least five separate times the alarm has not gone off.

Eric D July 23, 2019

Very good product overall, but would like to have a more reasonable easily readable time, without being bright enough to light up the room. However, would buy again.

PJ July 12, 2019

It's not self adjustment, and it's not accurate at all.

Amazon Customer June 30, 2019

So far so good, purchased for my dad who is 71 and likes to listen to AM talk radio. He is old school and wanted something easy to setup and use. Had trouble finding an alarm clock radio with both AM and FM, so pleasantly surprised to find this one which is affordable, easy to set, bright, and USB plug compatible for charging a cellphone. Happy with this purchase and received as described, and fast. A+

William A June 24, 2019

Good radio. The programming the ore sets was a little clunky and the display is too bright on the lowest setting. Fortunately it was really cheap.

Allison K June 22, 2019

Display was way too bright. I returned it.

Amazon Customer June 21, 2019

it fit perfectly for what I needed

William H June 19, 2019

the clock is smaller than the photo implies... but works well, once set up

Vicki F May 27, 2019

The last digit on clock has no lights on the bottom, making you do a double take most of the time. Didn't think it would bother meb

A.D.K. May 11, 2019

A college degree is not enough to decipher the obtuse instructions, obviously written by someone with NO knowledge of English or of logical writing. HOURS (it seemed) of trying--useless. I angrily dumped it in the garbage. Don't even try. Zero stars.

tomb April 20, 2019

like.... readable white numerals am/fm reception small footprint

Nancy G February 24, 2019

The numbers are nice and big and it was a nice clock for the 6 weeks that it worked. Then it just got stuck at 9:32 and none of the buttons would do anything and unplugging it and plugging it back in did nothing it just came back to 9:32. Note that I never touched it after setting the time, it just set on my bedside table.

Judith G February 15, 2019

Love the dim option instead of seeing those lights in the middle of the night. Have tried the radio or anything but the sound of the alarm is good too

Noah M February 11, 2019

Nice clock that is simple to setup and use. Make sure to read the instructions on which button does what function. Once you do that you’re good to go. Even has a small sensor to tell you what the temperature is. Can also charge your phone but you have to have your own Cable to make it happen.

Amazon Customer February 11, 2019

Had trouble settings alarm

Shawn T February 3, 2019

Much needed upgrade from my old clock

Pat February 1, 2019

Love the size and the display is very clear. You can adjust the brightness which is helpful. Great sound for the size.

Lauralee January 27, 2019

I like the port in the back that allows me to charge my phone overnight, but I have to use my phone alarm as backup because sometimes the clock alarm doesn't go off. The instructions are ridiculous..'just push this button and this is this and that is that..' Not true. Maybe I'm an idiot, but my old school radio clock was super easy to set. The sound on this clockis tinny.

C. A January 26, 2019

I bought this alarm clock for my dad and he absolutely loved it! The color in the pictures look different but the numbers are really like a soft gray when it’s dimmed like it currently is. The sound quality is a little meh but I wasn’t expecting much on that front. It looks very nice and my dad likes that the numbers are really big so he doesn’t have to try to decipher it. It was a little bright for him so he had to turn it down a little and turn it away from his face but otherwise he really likes it. Plus, I was a little worried that it would be difficult to use based on the reviews, which I cautioned my dad about. However, my dad who’s great with electronics took that as a challenge and he was laughing like a little boy cause he was able to figure out how to use it easily on his own without the manual. According to him, how to use it is intuitive although I would imagine most users of alarm clocks aren’t as tech savvy as my dad is.

Michele S. January 5, 2019 North Carolina, United States

This clock has one feature I really wanted, beings a 5 day alarm. But I ended up not liking a couple of the other more important features. The clock is too bright, even on its dimmest setting. The lowest volume is definitely not very low. So I'll just deal with it now that it's already purchased, but maybe you will want to think twice about purchasing it.

Debra A January 2, 2019

So far so good. Daughter can sleep through the alarm, but that is her issue. I personally like the way it rings.

SD December 28, 2018

We've been searching for just the right alarm clock for my 6 year old...and thank goodness, this is it. We've gone through 3-4 and none have had all of the features we were looking for. This one is extremely easy to operate, has dual alarms (great for weekday wake-ups and weekends, too), and also has a radio. I love that the alarm is just a simply two clicks to turn it off and on. It's simple enough my daughter can operate it, and it's not loaded with features she doesn't need, so it's still at a great price point. If you're looking for a dual alarm clock with radio, I'd highly recommend this one.

Alvaro December 26, 2018

Very good product, easy to install, configure and use.Everything works according to the expected: the clock, the alarm clock, the radio (AM-FM), the USB charger, the controls, etc.I bought it to renew my old radio-alarm clock and I chose it mainly because of the possibility of programming several radio stations, in order to easily change from one to another.The sound is not of excellent quality, but if you listen in a low or medium volume (which is the usual use for this type of equipment), it does not sound bad.It is very good to have 3 or 4 predefined levels of intensity of the light of the numbers, but it would lack some level of intensity less (the minimum is still strong).If I had to propose any improvement, I would suggest:1) Add more USB plugs to charge accessories (one is fine, but usually I need one or two more).2) Add some more light intensity level of the numbers.3) Change the power supply connection, so that it is directly by cable at 110-240 VAC, without the need of a transformer.Despite these suggestions, it is a very good product. Maybe not for 5 stars, but it's more than 4 (maybe 4.5), that's why I end up giving it 5.

Amazon Customer December 26, 2018

I love how it automatically sets the current time!

Mas E December 25, 2018

Really easy to set up, contrary to some reviews. At night a little bright, but tolerable. Like the size for my night stand. Would recommend his clock.

CarolinaBlonde December 19, 2018

I don’t really use this clock for the time, just the alarm. The features that make this the best alarm clock, it starts off in a low volume and gradually increases so you’re not blasted out of bed. And the other best is the fact I can completely turn off the lighted numbers, I wish all electronics had that feature !

Robert R December 13, 2018

Decent clock/alarm, but even dim setting is too bright for sleeping and the sound quality is worse than a anything I've ever heard. It's worse than the electronic toys I had as a kid in the 80's. I had to buy a replacement.

jjloucks December 8, 2018

There is a problem with the clock as it does not show the time my phone does. It is about 3-5 minutes behind. Not sure what to do about it. Other wise the clock is ok

Discriminating s November 29, 2018

I had to replace two otherwise functional AM/FM clock radios because it was impossible to reset the time on them. What could be better than having one come preset (Eastern time - but easy to change time zone then have the correct time set itself) - and - should I need to change the time, it's simple and straightforward to do. It also takes up much less space on my nightstand, while still having a large time display. An additional nice feature is that the brightness for the display has three settings.

R. J November 28, 2018

The sound quality is so annoying that I have no choice but to get up and turn it off.

LMB100 November 27, 2018

This is as described. The only issues so far are the alarm, whihc is a chime, is not very loud and I haven't figured out a way to make the bell sound useful as an alarm, and the AM radio, which is faint but probably the fault of my location. I could figure out how to use it without referring to the instructions more than twice.

chinox November 24, 2018

Received product and product never worked. Sound quality not good. Alarm failed to go off several times. Returning this radio to Amazon.

Jesse K November 22, 2018

I don't use this alarm for an alarm or radio. I use it as a clock to see at night and a phone charger. Works great.

Rachel November 21, 2018

This is one of those clocks that uses an auto-set for the time based on your time zone. There was no way I could find to set the time manually. And it was two minutes slow (for the Eastern time zone). I would have been fine with manually adjusting the time but I couldn't see any way to do it. so annoying!

Beverly M November 20, 2018

Like the clock only problem is the lithium battery was not included. Checked the battery case and box thoroughly to no avail. Will it be replaced and mailed to me?

Amazon Customer November 16, 2018

Very disappointed - mainly because the LED numbers are so bright they light up my entire room. I literally have to cover the clock so I can sleep. I’ll be buying a different one.

Summersday November 5, 2018

Overall, crap quality. I returned it immediately.** Please use a swiss army knife Phillips ** or very similar to access to the battery backup. That worked pretty well, but nothing else would open it.This is the first time I have ever returned anything for poor quality screws before. Plastic was also very cheap.No matter what screwdriver I tried, I was unable to open the backup battery compartment. At first I thought it was me, that I had forgotten how to use a Phillips screwdriver ;) But no, it is a crap quality screw. I did not know that was possible. At the end I ended up with a screw that was nigh stripped and another triumph for my Swiss Army knife.

Robert J. November 2, 2018 New York, United States

Good radio for the price.Works pretty much as advertised. Like many other reviewers, I find the dimmest light setting too bright for a dark room. There should be a setting for just a hint of brightness.The AM antenna can be a bit difficult at times with clarity going in and out with the slightest movement of the radio. Not sure why they included a temperature setting--I would rather have a better antenna and bigger speaker.

Avit November 2, 2018 Quebec, Canada

My main purpose was that this alarm radio can be used while traveling outside North America.

Barbara Z October 29, 2018

This is my 3rd one of this clock. When your power goes out, this clock resets itself. No more running around thehouse resetting old clocks

Michael J October 25, 2018

Perfect for my bathroom vanity. Love the compact size.

Amazon Customer October 22, 2018

Item was nice and works well, all was good....

Donna D October 11, 2018 Georgia, United States

Overall, I like it. Small, cute size with large time display. Comes with instruction book. Was a bit confusing to set time and alarm, but eventually figured it out. I don't like the fact that even on the dimmest setting, it's too bright! Had I known there was one with a white LED display, I probably would have picked that one.

Donna D October 8, 2018 Georgia, United States

I like the triangular shape and small size. Fits nicely on nightstand. Numbers are large and easy to read. The only problem is even on the dimmest setting, the numbers are too bright for sleeping. But I solved that by putting some old x-ray film in front of it. Comes with instruction book so you don't have to go online to figure out how to set stuff.

Joshua September 16, 2018

recieved product and product never worked, completley defective

Steven H-T September 8, 2018 Missouri, United States

On the whole, it is a good product. It is too complicated and has 23-page instruction manual, which is absolutely needed. There is no way to figure it out on one's own. It would be nice if there were a way to set radio alarm to play more than 30 minutes. It would also be nice if the clock radio had a base that kept it from moving every time one touches it. One has to hold the clock radio with one hand as one presses buttons on the face of the clock radio.

JMW July 22, 2018

This clock is constantly five minutes fast. Does not keep correct time. I purchased two at the same time and they are both off about 5 minutes. They look nice are small exactly what I wanted IF they were accurate. - Verified Store

Sparky July 18, 2018

Great features in a small package. I especially like the auto time set feature. Also I like that the display can be set to different brightness settings. I definitely use the two alarms and was looking for this feature in a replacement alarm clock. Has everything I wanted/needed in an alarm clock. - Verified Store

Angel M July 18, 2018

This is a nice compact clock---easy to set --- and with a USB port in back. It's perfect for my nightstand. - Verified Store

Roslyn K June 26, 2018

Easy to use! - Verified Store

ELW June 26, 2018

great clock radio (AM/FM) - Verified Store

jlos June 20, 2018

Nice small compact Clock Radio! I like it and you can charge your hone with it so that's a big plus for me! The sound quality could be a lot better though. - Verified Store

Chsk June 8, 2018

works great quality product - Verified Store

Slammer June 8, 2018

Multi function buttons. Yikes. Have to refer to the instruction sheet regularly. Too loud to drift off to sleep to. Doesn't charge my tablet very well either. I wanted to like it but don't. - Verified Store

Anne C June 3, 2018

The worst alarm clock ever it went in the garbage no wonder it was so cheap - Verified Store

Jim G May 25, 2018

Hard to get the radio tuned right. Doesn't dim enough for my wife ... have lighted dial off. - Verified Store

john b May 25, 2018

Good product. Works as described very satisfied - Verified Store

Carol May 24, 2018

Well lit easy to use. - Verified Store

Karen K May 22, 2018

I was disappointed with this radio. I bought it to listen to at work and am unable to do so because the volume is too loud. I had the volume on “1” and is still too loud. - Verified Store

Susan S May 19, 2018

Great small clock does the trick! - Verified Store

zincom69 May 16, 2018

Nice item - Verified Store

T May 14, 2018

Even at dimmest setting it lights up the room. Can turn it completely off but then...what's the point? Small buttons. Snooze button is also dimmer so guess what happens. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 2, 2018

The alarm Only goes off maybe 1 time month but is a great clock - Verified Store

Carol May 1, 2018

The USB port is so weak it does not charge. - Verified Store

Robin May 1, 2018

We sent the alarm clock back it was way to bright even on the lowest setting. It appeared to have the numbers behind a clear plastic face which made the numbers difficult to read as the entire face then has a blue tint to it. We were very disappointed. - Verified Store

Muke April 22, 2018

I like it setup it's not that bad it's like a programmable thermostat you do it once and you're done. The only complaint the display isn't white as shown on the picture. More like a lite purple and not too brite as some people wrote. - Verified Store

Debbie L April 19, 2018

nice. convenient. good travel size. - Verified Store

Gail D April 17, 2018

Great fits my bedside table.lights up to see time well. - Verified Store

Amy B April 11, 2018

Finally a clock radio that comes with adequate documentation/directions and is easy to set (both alarm and radio). It's also takes less space than my old one. Very happy with this choice!! - Verified Store

B. E April 11, 2018

A little more complicated than what I need but works well. Especially nice that the display can be dimmed. - Verified Store

Lainey April 10, 2018

Editied to add: to give a better idea of teh light level when I walk by this clock in the dark with the light on the lowest setting and it actually casts a shadow in the room.
This clock radio has a few positive features but I find it too bright.
Settings are easy very intuitive without having to go back to the manual to set times alarms and radio station presets.
The radio is functional if you're someone that wants to wake to music or the news but the sound quality is just ok.
The light does have dimmable settings however I find that on the lowest setting the blue/white light given off from this clock is too bright. The light reflects off walls and surfaces. Blue light can affect sleep and melatonin production and I find the room too lit for getting to sleep.
This clock will be repurposed to a rarely used guest room. - Verified Store

Joseph April 6, 2018

If you don't like bright lights don't get this clock.
Hard to remember how adjust this clock.

Once set it keeps it time.
Lose power it still keeps its time.
The weekly 5 function is very helpful. Don't need set this clock for the weekend.

Amazon Customer April 5, 2018

It’s a great small clock for my quest room. And the built in USB ports are convenient for my guests. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 5, 2018

It’s a great small clock for my quest room. And the built in USB ports are convenient for my guests. - Verified Store

E. B April 4, 2018

I am very happy with my new alarm clock! My previous very old clock radio was no longer keeping good time and I never loved the design of it anyway. Key features I was looking for included (1) Large easy-to-read clock display for my poor eyesight (2) AM/FM radio with digital tuner (3) Decent alarm clock functionality and (4) better design aesthetics than my old unit.

It is surprising how difficult it was to find a low-cost option which met my basic requirements. So many options had FM-only radio (I need AM for the news talk station I wake to in the morning) or an old-style analog tuner (which is ridiculous in 2018) or were too big and clunky or too small and hard to see. This unit while very compact has a very BIG digital display that is easy to read even when I am half-asleep and not wearing my glasses. I like the white-on-black color of the display. It looks good from a design perspective but is also high contrast and very legible. The other option for this unit is blue-on-black which is attractive but I wasn't sure if it had as much contrast. Either choice to me is more aesthetically pleasing than the Red-on-black or green-on-black displays that are most common in other products.

A couple of points in response to some other reviews I have read. The sound quality out of the radio is pretty basic. It is clear and properly tuned but not high-end sound by any means. I think if you are looking for an alarm clock that has a radio you will be satisfied. But if you are looking for a radio that also has a clock you may be disappointed. This is definitely a clock first with a radio added on. It wakes me up nicely to the news-talk show I like in the morning but I would never use this during the day to listen to music or other content.

Second the unit has some pretty advanced features for setting dual alarms and programming them to work every day or only during the work week or on the weekends etc... I have read numerous reviews that commented on how challenging it is to use all these features. While I think after getting used to the unit that the design and use of the various buttons is actually pretty good they are definitely not intuitive. I had to read the directions closely to figure it out the first time and I have tucked the little directions booklet underneath the clock for future reference because I don't want to lose it. I would say that if you are the type of person that could never figure out how to set the time on your VCR then you will probably be frustrated trying to operate this alarm clock. But if setting the time on the VCR was not a problem for you then this won't be either. - Verified Store

Carrie P April 3, 2018

The clock was fine but the volume at 1 was still to loud. There is no volume dial just buttons. I had to return it - Verified Store

Kindle C April 3, 2018

I love this clock! I set it for 5 am for Monday through Friday and much later on the weekends and that's a great feature. It is compact enough to look great while having a large display that I can see from any part of the room. The alarm starts soft and gets louder. - Verified Store

Betz P March 31, 2018

I returned the clock was not what we expected - Verified Store

Lydia K March 28, 2018

clock is easy to see even without glasses love the 2 alarm instead of resetting it all the time - Verified Store

Tyler S March 23, 2018

The button to turn the alarm off is VERY small and second button in. It is hard to get to when half asleep. They are right the dim setting on this clock is still TOO BRIGHT! It is like a blue flare is going off in the room. I am looking for some type of screen or smoke cover to put over the clock digits to dim it.

The plug in feature is nice to charge a phone but a bit slow. I would not buy this product again - Verified Store

MattWeiler March 22, 2018

My wife loves her new alarm clock.
She can set an alarm for weekdays and another for weekends.
She also loves that she can turn the display off so that it isn't glowing all night. - Verified Store

Book L March 21, 2018

Excellent value. It was not expensive but it has everything I need. Large digital display which I can see from across the room. It helps keep me on schedule when I'm getting ready to go out. Setting the wake up time is a snap. It's extremely easy to use and takes up just a wee bit of room on my nightstand. I loved it when we went to DST and It changed itself. And when my cleaning person knocked the plug out and I didn't discover it for a few hours I didn't have to reset it - the battery kept it going even though the screen was dark!!! - Verified Store

gary w March 19, 2018

like the alarm clock works great - Verified Store

Kindle C March 19, 2018

excellent product. love the different options the clock provides. didn't have to set the time just the time zone and viola! - Verified Store

Kindle C March 19, 2018

excellent product. love the different options the clock provides. didn't have to set the time just the time zone and viola! - Verified Store

Sheryl K March 19, 2018

Great clock radio. Thank goodness there is a dimmer switch as numbers can be quite bright. Nice added feature that you can charge your phone too! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 18, 2018

very good product shipping was very fast - Verified Store

Al C March 17, 2018

Poor quality battery compartment latch screw. Very soft metal in the captive Phillips screw used to secure the back-up battery compartment. I stripped the screw head using a right-sized screwdriver. No other comments to make as I'm not going to finish setting the clock radio up for use. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 13, 2018

I loved the auto set feature but the screen does not dim enough. The lowest dim setting is still too bright next setting is off. The temperature humidity feature is nice I wish it had a continuous display for temp/humidity. Overall okay but I will be returning it because of the screen brightness. - Verified Store

maomjo March 13, 2018

Hard to setup and change settings. Clearing alarm is difficult. - Verified Store

Luis March 10, 2018

Charges my phone and bright time display - Verified Store

F. S March 9, 2018

This product was great and small enough to put in my bathroom or night stand - Verified Store

HopeThisHelps March 9, 2018

I really disliked this product. Returned right away. Purchased for clock radio function. Awful connection and sound. Huge. Screen and design are terrible. - Verified Store

Joseph A March 8, 2018

Gave up trying to figure out how to set the alarm. - Verified Store

The1storm March 2, 2018

worked great for 8 months then alarm clock #1 stop working. I have to go out and buy another alarm clock for my spouse due to we both get up at different time. this clock was a waist of money for what I payed for it. - Verified Store

giantrobot503 March 2, 2018

This one's got all the safeguards: battery backup auto time set and a USB charger. It's worth the 'investment' to still have one of these in the bedroom. Your phone's alarm clock will throw you under the bus eventually. Play it safe and get yourself one of these. My only complaint is that even it's lowest brightness setting is still fairly obtrusive. - Verified Store

lee g March 1, 2018

Has AM and FM Radio with clear reception. Easy to read display. The volume control is too loud even on the lowest setting. Only one USB port 2 would be better. - Verified Store

Elaine M February 28, 2018

As advertised! - Verified Store

Laura February 28, 2018

This clock radio was exactly what I was looking for to replace an old one that died. It has every feature anyone could need at an affordable price and it arrived in record time (the next day after I ordered it). I looked and looked at every clock radio out there before I decided on this one. - Verified Store

Tracee February 28, 2018

I love that you can turn off the display completely at night. Great clock - Verified Store

justin February 27, 2018

awesome product - Verified Store

LMS February 25, 2018

Excellent clock - has all the features I want arrived on-time and is exactly as described. - Verified Store

piecka February 25, 2018

Sorry to say it was a bad experience. I bought it early as a gift. Then when i gave the gift found out it turned on and then went dead. I contacted customer service only to be told sorry too late to do anything for you. - Verified Store

Mark S February 24, 2018

Wanted a dual alarm AM/FM clock radio (most seem to be FM only). Took a chance on this one. Programming of the clock/alarms is not very intuitive and the sound quality is average. But at the price offered on Amazon it is a pretty reasonable (but obviously not high end) buy. - Verified Store

S. K February 24, 2018

I purchased two of these at the same time. They both quit working 2/24/18. Highly suspicious don't you think? If you would like a product long-term do NOT purchase this item. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 21, 2018

Happy - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 19, 2018

I returned this reception was poor I couldn't get any stations the antenna was useless. Save your money. - Verified Store

Laura A February 19, 2018

The clock is great in most regards. However one of the reasons we got it was because of the dimming options and the lowest one is just a blackout instead of very dim like in the pictures. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 18, 2018

Purchased the clock for my wife. She does not like the large display. Other than that it works fine. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 18, 2018

Purchased the clock for my wife. She does not like the large display. Other than that it works fine. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 16, 2018

Very complicated to set and unreliable I have set it correctly and double checked it and it doesn’t go off at the set time on the alarm. I have to use my cell phone as a back up so I’ve just given up on this clock. It does make a nice charging station. Very disappointed. - Verified Store

unknown February 15, 2018

Unfortunately I bought this for the clock radio to listen to at night - you do not have options for sound. It's loud or louder. There is no setting as the manufacturer made the setting and this just yells at you :( . I will probably be returning it right now it's just not worth the hassle - Verified Store

Kim & February 14, 2018

It's very bright. Even with Dim It Light Dimming Sheets over the display it bugs my wife. I wish it had an automatic adjustment for brightness. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 13, 2018

I had to return this. Sound quality was terrible there was static on every station. It was difficult to program.The blue numbers are big but hard to see clearly in the dark. There was nothing good about it. I'm glad for amazon's great return policy. - Verified Store

Kt February 11, 2018

Hard to program and now we can't set the time. Have send back to manufacturer. - Verified Store

Adam L February 10, 2018

It lasted almost 2 years and worked ok during that time. Sometimes the alarm would just not come on and then the alarm just quit working all together. I would recommend another brand. - Verified Store

owl February 10, 2018

This is a perfect clock radio for me. I particularly like the small size and shape and that the dimmable light can be turned off as well as three dimming levels. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 4, 2018

Very satisfied - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 4, 2018

Very satisfied - Verified Store

Jean-Pierre P February 2, 2018

smaller than what i thought. but good product and even charging my mini ipad. easy to setup. two alarms days and weekends ! nice - Verified Store

Adam M February 1, 2018

Had this for over 3 years now it is still working perfectly no problems. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 27, 2018

Bought this for my son and he loves it. Great quality and we love that it's also a charger - Verified Store

Steve V January 27, 2018

The radio and associated functions (station tuning volume) stopped working after 6 months of normal use. - Verified Store

Julianne N January 27, 2018

I got this clock for Christmas I went to set the alarm for the first time today and the hour on alarm 1 and on Alarm 2 will not change. I can get the minutes to change and also the days of the week. Not being able to change the hour makes for a no good clock - Verified Store

H M January 26, 2018

I love that it has 4 levels for dimming the clock including no light at all. However a tiny blue light turns on at that point which is still too bright since I want a completely dark room at night. - Verified Store

Marianne P January 26, 2018

It's perfect the radio sound whel they have a lot of option of timing! Really useful! - Verified Store

JU January 25, 2018

Electrohome Radio Alarm Clock. A good radio alarm clock alarm works even when power is out. The alarm clock is relatively easy to operate. If you like a dark room the display will have to turned off. The display has 3 levels of illumination and off even on the lowest setting it is too bright for me. Also the numbers aren't all that clear and sharp on the lowest illumination level. And Radio Station reception is barely adequate. - Verified Store

Robert January 23, 2018

great display is bright!
power works to phone as well! - Verified Store

Truevalice January 21, 2018

I like it a lot sound is good easy to use and very clear to see. But like the rest of the reviews say it can be very bright at night because it's white I'm sure the blue one is less bright. But after a week it doesn't bother me anymore. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 20, 2018

Brighter than I thought it would be - Verified Store

Stan S January 20, 2018

cheap speakers - Verified Store

Michelle S January 19, 2018

Great clock but bright even at its lowest setting. If you are sensitive to light when sleeping this is not the clock you should get. - Verified Store

WargRider January 14, 2018

As a clock goes it's okay. The automatic 'atomic' time updates don't seem to work. Perhaps this is a function of where it is placed in my home -- not sure. Bottom line though I need to adjust the time manually every so often.

On the bright side this is a nice digital clock that's easy to read. - Verified Store

Tony B January 10, 2018

Surprisingly difficult to set up and operate I was going to use it as my main clock since my Sony Dream Machine is 18 years old but it just couldn't cut the mustard. I put it on a desk on the second floor of my house. Kind of a waste but I didn't want the hassle of sending it back. I just want a relatively easy to set up Alarm Clock Radio. This one is frustratingly difficult and I consider myself pretty good with this stuff. I've looked at a whole bunch of these radios I'm not particularly enamored with any of them. Pass this one up. - Verified Store

PS January 9, 2018

They work great! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 9, 2018

It worked great for about 8 months. And I love the plug to charge my phone. But now I've had it for over a year and the time is 5 minutes fast. And there is no way to fix the time because it automatically sets on its own. For that reason I do not recommend this clock. - Verified Store

Cindy W January 8, 2018

Perfect - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 7, 2018

Way to complicated and the dim is not near dim enough. Lite up the whole room. First time using it the alarm wouldn’t go off meaning I couldn’t turn it off or cancel without unplugging it. Plug it back in and it’s still there. Taking it to the range to vent my frustration with it. Can you not get just a simple alarm clock radio? - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 7, 2018

Way to complicated and the dim is not near dim enough. Lite up the whole room. First time using it the alarm wouldn’t go off meaning I couldn’t turn it off or cancel without unplugging it. Plug it back in and it’s still there. Taking it to the range to vent my frustration with it. Can you not get just a simple alarm clock radio? - Verified Store

Leilani January 7, 2018

The light is WAY too bright. We have to turn it off to sleep which means we can't see time so it's kind of pointless as a clock - Verified Store

Matthew B January 6, 2018

Works good. - Verified Store

Matt V January 5, 2018

Clock is way too bright. Have to turn it face down otherwise it lights up the room even on the dim setting. - Verified Store

M&M January 4, 2018

I like the new clock but they could have made the buttons to shut off the two alarms after they go off a bit bigger as when one is waking up the buttons are hard to locate due to their small size. Also it would have been nice to have the temperature display showing on the screen without having to press a button to see the temp. Wife's alarm clock she can just wave her hand near the clock and the alarm(s) shut off! - Verified Store

mike n January 3, 2018

My 3 grand kids love their new alarm clock radios. - Verified Store

Pat January 2, 2018

Nice looking perfect size and sound. Love that it charges my cell phone. Dim light is a bit too bright but no problem falling asleep. Features work great. - Verified Store

cat January 1, 2018

Love the ability to turn off the display at night with touch of a button - Verified Store

Kevin C December 30, 2017

Cheap lightweight so it flips over and falls off the table hard to use the buttons to do anything hard to setup. Only good parts are the dimmable screen and urb port. - Verified Store

T J December 29, 2017

Hard to set clock - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 28, 2017

This is a great radio and charging station so convenient. The sound of the radio is excellent and the connection to local stations is awesome. I would recommend this product. - Verified Store

russ g December 28, 2017

I bought this to replace an old clock radio that changed for DST on the wrong (old) dates. It takes less space on my nightstand and is easy to read the time with choices of brightness. Radio tuning is digital instead of analog. And it even has a temperature readout and USB charging port. - Verified Store

Rocky December 27, 2017

So far so good. I like the size. Big enough to see but does not take up half my night stand. As others mentioned the dimmer does not get quite as dim as I might like and the volume is not quite right. (1 is almost silent 2 is pretty loud.) I love the usb charger--great for my fitness tracker and ipad. (only one slot but that is ok.) Love the dual alarm for weekend and weekday. Would not work if you did not have a traditional work week. It tunes well to all my favorite radio station and though a bit convoluted to program it was certainly not impossible. Just read the directions. The temp reading is fun but not very necessary. For the money this is great. - Verified Store

Bob B December 26, 2017

Returned it right away. Seemed like a nice clock but the alarm was too loud for me at the lowest setting. It would also wake my wife. No fun. My previous clock could be set quieter. - Verified Store

MizzFlorez December 24, 2017

The volume is really low. If you want to listen to the radio you have to be close by. - Verified Store

old h December 23, 2017

Like size but 2 annoying features:1) hard to program (instruction of no use) and too bright ... even at lowest brightness setting can be used as night light ! - Verified Store

Andrew S October 12, 2017

The set up was simple once I threw the complicated instruction booklet away. Simple to operate. My only complaint is that even the dimmest clock setting is still too bright at night, - Verified Store

Jose October 12, 2017

Works a charm - Verified Store

Montana G October 12, 2017

Just arrived. Easy set up. I'm a button pusher and had the time / radio stations set up quickly. Haven't read directions yet, other than a glance to see what the button functions are for. Hubby loves that he can plug his phone in next to the bed in case of an emergency. Pressing the snooze button will dim dial down 3 notches. Nice feature. - Verified Store

Brian October 11, 2017

Nicely priced, not too large, and with good features. Took off a star because its max volume is lower than expected. It works for me as in between a light/heavy sleeper. If you are a heavy sleeper, consider other options if you need a loud product. - Verified Store

Rob M October 11, 2017

The set up instructions aren't right. One can't change the time zone settings as they say. I can't use it without a time set right. More cheap junk from china. - Verified Store

Egidio B October 10, 2017

Small & Useful; see time from far - Verified Store

John K October 9, 2017

Very nice - The blue screen is great, and the cell phone charger is very nice to have built into the clock. - Verified Store

PJ October 7, 2017

My husband and I love our new bed side alarm clocks. These are stylish and the numbers are a beautiful blue and just the color I was looking for. I'm glad you can dim the light on the numbers it is very bright. There is high medium and low. Also you can turn the light completely off by tapping the snooze button. This is very simple to set up, just plug it in and it's done. Being able to charge our Iphones on the unit is great since we were getting on the floor and plugging into power strips we keep under the bed, lol I love that! The sound of the radio is pretty good considering it's not a Bose. I would definitely recommend this as a great purchase and you won't be sorry. - Verified Store

Sharon October 7, 2017

I plan on ordering another one for my husband's side of the bed. Very easy to use. Love that I can charge my phone off the clock, while I sleep. - Verified Store

Carl S October 6, 2017

This little clock is great. Loose power, it resets the time automatically, plus it has very good sound. Never have to worry about the correct time anymore. - Verified Store

Simon B October 4, 2017

Not too bright, like the angled face so can be seen when standing - Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 3, 2017

Great display and design - Verified Store

Megan W October 3, 2017

Does the job, just dreading the day the power goes out as the huroglyphoc instructions for setting it up we’re maddening. - Verified Store

PacNW October 3, 2017

Dead On Arrival. Completely dead. No clock. No radio. Sending it back. I will replace it with another brand. Seemed flimsy. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 3, 2017

I love this. Just the size and the features on this is amazing. The time shows up so perfect on the lowest setting. I can now see the time. - Verified Store

JLouis October 2, 2017

The controls and settings are difficult to figure out, even with the manual, they're not arranged very intuitively. The sound quality is very thin and tinny. But the biggest deal breaker for me was that the description for the dimming function is not accurate. I think most would expect 'high' to be just that, very bright. 'Medium' to be a normal night light type brightness. And 'low' to be a soft, gentle glow, but even the 'Low' setting lit up my whole bedroom with a bright blue tint. - Verified Store

Tony J October 2, 2017

Overly complicated to set up this two alarm clock. - Verified Store

Danny L October 1, 2017

Perfect for storage and next time without power. - Verified Store

Shepherd l October 1, 2017

So far no issues with 2 we bought. Haven’t tried the alarm features or radio as they are in spare room. Usb worked when our daughter came in for a week from out of town and used to charge her phone overnight. Simple set up with no issues - Verified Store

David M September 30, 2017

We are very happy with our purchase, all we expected and needed. - Verified Store

MickyBN September 30, 2017

My biggest complaint about this is the sound. I didn't expect much at this price but it is so tinny that I can't stand listening to it for the short time I have the radio on in the bedroom in the morning. And my second complaint is that even on the lowest setting the numbers are too bright.....they still light up the bedroom better than a night light. - Verified Store

Laura A September 28, 2017

You have to read the instructions to set this clock up. When I first plugged it in, it had a 2 on it which in the instructions references the time zone. Once I went through the steps, it was easy to set up. It had pictures of which buttons to push during the set up process. It's not a plug in and go kind of clock. Once set up, I set the alarm, tried out the radio and the indoor temperature. The three brightness levels worked fine. I left it on the brightest level and it didn't bother me. There are several options for the alarm. I set up a time Monday thru Friday and a different time for Saturday and Sundays. You can set it up to play the radio or have a beeping alarm. I chose the beeping alarm which ascends from 1 beep for several seconds to continuous. You can snooze it or turn it off. I am happy with my purchase. Hopefully, it will have a long life. - Verified Store

David K September 27, 2017

Very pleased overall with this item. It is easy to operate, is a good size and works very well. - Verified Store

DIGIPRO37 September 27, 2017

We like this clock/radio for the large numbers and did not purchase it for the radio. We have never used the radio. The one usb connection. in the back, has a rating of 1000 mamps which is a low level for fast charging of our iPhone, but that is ok for us. The unit would have been better if it had two usb ports and 2000maps per port. The manufacturer set the time when it was shipped and it has 2032 disc battery backup. Once plugged into 110V the correct time returns in large numbers. - Verified Store

LaCaya September 25, 2017

Didn't like that the alarms to set were either for days 1-5 or days 6 & 7. I only want my alarm for whatever day I choose. I don't necessarily get up everyday at the same time. Also, was very light weight and slid on the night stand if you touched it. Maybe some rubber on the bottom would be helpful. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 25, 2017

It's bright. Even on dim. And SUPER light. Like, knock it off the dresser everytime you go for the alarm light. - Verified Store

AnneMarie B September 21, 2017

Love this. The blue numbers don't bother me at all, it is compact and can charge my iPhone. - Verified Store

Jboynes September 21, 2017

Purchased this clock for the upcoming storm worked fine when it first was plugged then power went out and the back up battery never kicked in now the clock doesn't work at all. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 20, 2017

Very nice little clock. I love the USB addition. - Verified Store

David W September 19, 2017

Great little clock radio. My wife wanted a clock that would not have to reset after the power goes out. This was perfect and dose not take up much room on the bed side table. - Verified Store

Andrew C September 17, 2017

This alarm works perfectly. I have not had any issues with it. Even on the lowest setting, the numbers are still a little too bright in a completely dark room, but you do have the option of turning them off completely without disrupting the alarm. - Verified Store

Dinty September 17, 2017

I like the USB ability and the size and style of the Alarm Clock. I found the instructions for setting the alarm very confusing. Additionally, my schedule is different week to week. The day by day or week codes were not a plus for me - Verified Store

Misty R September 17, 2017

Hard to figure out the dual alarms wven with instructions lol - Verified Store

stearnshd September 16, 2017

Simple, straight forward, simple. This alarm clock had an easy to read display that is dimmable and provides a USB outlet to plug in the cord of your choice to recharge any device. Battery backup is a bonus. It's a great modern day alarm clock that serves as a backup to your cellphone alarm. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 15, 2017

Even at its dimmest, the lights are brighter than expected. Feels flimsy, moves around a lot on night stand. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 15, 2017

Would like better if it displayed the day/date along with time. Large number and nice blue color. A second USB on side would be nice. - Verified Store

Laura H September 15, 2017

The radio is, of course, small and has a somewhat tinny sound, at least in our house. Also, when the USB charger is plugged into a cell phone, it interferes with the radio signal. The dimmest setting for the time display is still too bright for my taste. - Verified Store

MsMinnetonka September 15, 2017

Not for the average person who wants a clock radio for the time and a wake up alarm over-priced and confusing! - Verified Store

Layla September 11, 2017

The dimmer. Just keeps getting brighter throughout the night and wakes me up. I start out with complete darkness when I go to sleep and by 6a it has changed to the brightest level and wakes me up

Peter S September 8, 2017

You get what you pay for, in this case an inferior product. The audio is poor and very tinny, you can't dim the display while the radio is on, and the three levels of the display are extremely bright, very bright, and bright. If I woke up during the night after my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I had to turn the display completely off or else it would keep me awake. I replaced this thing with an iHome clock radio, more expensive but a quality product. - Verified Store

cincy g September 6, 2017

Neat little thing. After reading reviews I wasn't sure I'd like it...many said it isn't user friendly or easy to program. Less than half an hour...done - Verified Store

Tk99 September 5, 2017

Hard to use - controls are not intuitive - Verified Store

Rex L September 4, 2017

Good but the display is quite bright. I had to take it out of my bedroom as it was just too much light. Works fine in the bathroom but that kind of defeats the purpose for charging my phone in my bedroom. - Verified Store

Joyce D September 3, 2017

I have been using this clock for about two weeks now. I really like it. I especially like that you can set it to alarm M-F only and not have to do anything to keep it from ringing on the weekends. The jack for the phone cord is handy as well as it frees up my other charger for my kindle. I think it could be a little bit louder, but it does wake me, so must be loud enough. - Verified Store

Curt September 2, 2017

Its ok, but a little on the cheap side. Every time I went to hit the snooze button, the clock would fly off my night stand. Maybe if it had rubber feet? On the good side, it has most options that you need. The volume does not go low enough. I live in a quiet area so when that alarm goes off at 6am on Volume level 1, it feels like I'm in a rock concert in just my - Verified Store

Deedleann September 2, 2017

Overall I have been very happy with this clock radio. I love the USB feature. Unlike a lot of reviewers I believe the lowest light setting is very dim and works well for my needs. But the radio volume needs to go down lower. I'm a pretty slight sleeper and the radio volume even on the lowest setting is too loud. I also wish the radio would have sticky feet to keep the radio in place. Its very light and with two cats it slides all over my nightstand. - Verified Store

Richard August 30, 2017

Love that you can charge your phone off the back. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 29, 2017

Good radio. Love the automatic time adjustment. Numerals are not as bright as some had complained. Nice compact size. - Verified Store

jill s August 28, 2017

A great technological update to our previous (old school) digital clock! - Verified Store

L. S August 27, 2017

This Alarm Clock Radio is fairly easy to operate and does everything it is supposed to. However, the sound quality of the radio is exceptionally poor so I wound up returning it. - Verified Store

Jennifer August 25, 2017

Great alarm clock. Has two alarms. Usb charging port works well for cell phone or tablet. Would have given five stars if the alarm volume was just a bit louder. But it does the job effectively. - Verified Store

A. ONeill August 22, 2017

The alarm does what it is supposed to do with good features (dual alarms, weekly setting, decent radio sound). On the negative side, the numbers are very bright, even on the lowest brightness setting. The bell alarm is also very loud and the volume is not adjustable.

April P August 22, 2017

Radio alarm stopped working after 1 month. - Verified Store

ALB13 August 21, 2017

This alarm clock radio is everything I'm looking for--compact build, large blue numbers, charges my iPhone, can listen to the radio too--but there was one little problem that's a big issue for me. I want my bedroom to be as dark as possible when I sleep, so I wanted a clock that had a dimmer that included an 'off' setting. I thought this one fit the bill, but when I turned the numbers off, a small dot of light came on in their place. My clock is right by my head on my headboard, so I could easily see that little light and it definitely bothered me. I returned the clock. - Verified Store

Tzvi A August 20, 2017

The radio only supports odd FM frequencies. Apparently this is US specific. I never heard about such possibility, nor it is specified in product description. Very bad decision by Electrohome, what are you saving on by restricting the radio to odd frequencies? At least it must be specified in description, as it comes with universal 120-220V power adapter, which makes it look suitable for other countries. - Verified Store

Alan Klein August 19, 2017

one improvement I would make is that friction was only on the back two tabs. it would be more stable if on all four

Susan S August 19, 2017

Product broke in first week. The entire back caved in so it can't be plugged in. Can't get company on the phone so we have a broken clock. - Verified Store

Female / August 18, 2017

Works well and I love that it has a charger jack. I just hope I never have to reset the dates and times of the alarms. That part would be impossible without the instruction packet! You preset everything to be on a schedule using numbers to make selections (this is where the packet is important). You preset your alarm radio station using which stations you've already selected as favorites. Sounds confusing.. it is. But it also is nice to not have to worry about forgetting to hit the 'ON' button every night. The clock keeps time even when power goes out or unplugged and I don't use battery backup. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 17, 2017

hard to use - Verified Store

Michael August 17, 2017

Not loud enough to wake me up. Hard to use - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 15, 2017

Radio sound is very disappointing, AM gets lots of static no matter what I do with the antenna, visually nice. - Verified Store

Christine T August 14, 2017

This is a great alarm clock for the price. My only issue, even on the dimmest setting it was still too bright. I added a piece of gray static cling, and now it's perfect! - Verified Store

C R August 11, 2017

Very easy to set up. - Verified Store

Peter A August 11, 2017

The speaker were poor, the alarm settings did not sense - I could not set different times or deactivate one day; had to go through the entire setup. . - Verified Store

Leonard R August 10, 2017

Unable to get alarm to work properly - Verified Store

chayim August 10, 2017

Not exactly the cheapest alarm clock, so I was expecting it last more then a couple months. Luckily, I instituted a return soon after I got it, but I highly recommend you buy the insurance plan with it. - Verified Store

Karen S August 8, 2017

Great product - easy to use!! - Verified Store

Celeste August 7, 2017

It works fine for charging my phone and telling time. I had a difficult time setting the time and the alarms, and I still haven't figured out how to use the radio. The directions aren't very good. - Verified Store

BAC R August 6, 2017

Way too light. It falls off the bed stand every time I go to touch the buttons. The numbers are nice and large and I love the USB charger but this thing weighs nothing and requires two hands to shut the alarm off. - Verified Store

Mike August 5, 2017

Quick delivery and I like the options like dimming & USB charger. - Verified Store

Nancy August 4, 2017

Does what it promises - Verified Store

Cheryl H August 3, 2017

I thought this was going to be a great product, but after having it only about 6 weeks, one of the alarms stopped working and I ended up oversleeping and was VERY late for work. I gave it a second chance the next day to see if maybe I forgot to set something properly, and I overslept again because the alarm didn't go off. This wasn't a 'cheap' product, and I'm very disappointed that it stopped working already! Would never buy this brand again! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 31, 2017

Plug is huge! Also the back up battery doesn't keep it running rather it keeps your settings. So if your power comes back on it will still wake you. However if your power doesn't come on you're sol. - Verified Store

Anthony July 31, 2017

All I can say is buy it you'll love it. - Verified Store

BJones July 31, 2017

Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging for Smartphones & Tablets includes Dual Alarm, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set & 1.2' LED Display with 4 Dimming Options (EAAC470)This is a very good product for the price! I looked for a clock with a small footprint to fit on the nightstand; this meets that criterion nicely. It's an attractive modern style. The radio picks up AM and FM radio stations reasonably well. Note that you can only plug in your cell phone to charge it, not to play music from it. The temperature function was a fun surprise. My one disappointment (that other reviewers have also mentioned) is that the display is brighter than I like; I wish that the manufacturer would change the lowest brightness setting from 'totally dark' (except for one dot of light) to one that is dimly readable. The clock has a lot of capabilities to set alarms: choice of two alarms, what days, AM/FM/bell, volume.Other reviewers have questioned how to use the alarm clock as a simple, old-fashioned 'I want to turn it on at night to go off the next morning' alarm. There is a way to do this by first presetting the alarm and then by activating it when you want to use it:(1) Preset all the alarm settings. Hold the appropriate alarm button until it flashes. Set the hour and press alarm button. Set the minutes and press alarm button. MOST IMPORTANT: Select the mode to 1-7 so that the alarm can be set for ANY day of the week and press alarm button. Select the desired wake option (AM/FM/Bell) and press alarm button. If AM or FM is chosen, select radio volume and press alarm.(2) Activate or deactivate alarm when you want. Note that whenever an alarm is activated the corresponding LED is displayed. If the LED is not displayed, tap the alarm button one time to display alarm time and a second time to activate the alarm for the next day. When the alarm goes off, press the power button to turn off the alarm for the day but keep it active for the next day, or press Snooze/Sleep to stop the alarm for 9 minutes, or press the alarm button to turn off the alarm for the day and also deactivate it for the future. If the LED is displayed and you don't want the alarm active for the next day simply tap the alarm button.You can pay a lot more for an alarm clock and get many more features. But for the money this is a great little unit. - Verified Store

max m July 31, 2017

Alarm can't be set for just one day -we must indicate a number for specific day or combination of days.Radio is small, with small speaker and tinny soundIt has a battery backup, and a nice display,which are good features.The radio came in a box with no packing slip, in case I want to return it. - Verified Store

No3Putts July 31, 2017

So it is a great clock but not without some minor flaws or nuances. Today's technology makes clock's so much lighter than the days of old, not knocking it, just stating a fact based on how far we've progressed with technology. I highly recommend that you read the owner's manual to learn how to program and set the various alarms, radio station, and volume, it's not as intuitive as one would think.I really like that is a digital tuner and that it has two alarms, as well as you can adjust the level at which you want to be woken!My only two big issues are as fellow reviewers have already stated, 1) even on the dimmest setting, it's still pretty bright, so on Amazon I found 'Dim Sheets' and put a sheet over it and it worked out perfectly. The 2) As I've already stated, the clock is very light and unfortunately the front feet when you push the snooze button or a button when you're waking, the clock slides. We just found some rubber feet to attach to the front feet and now the clock stays in one place.Even though I've said there's a few minor flaws, I would still highly recommend this cock to one and all... - Verified Store

Dwight A July 27, 2017

Compact size with large letters and a adjustable brightness control. Radio has good sound for a small unit. All the features that I wanted. - Verified Store

Martha July 26, 2017

I had a hard time reading numbers in daylight and nighttime, difficult to see in all brightness levels. I do not like it, returning it. Cool looking but not practical. - Verified Store

SnOwBaLLfrOmHeLL July 25, 2017

The last alarm clock I bought was over twenty years ago. (It had a great run until I left the window open and it got rained on.... So sad). Got this as a replacement and I love it so far. I love that can program the alarm for Monday-Friday so there's no forgetting to set it. Love that you can dim the brightness. Easy to set up. Love the blue display. (Temperature function is in celsius though.) - Verified Store

Kevin M July 24, 2017

Its great. The face is pretty bright, even on low, but have gotten used to it. - Verified Store

Up a July 23, 2017

I was not able to connect my cell phone which was the primary reason for choosing this clock/radio. - Verified Store

ck i July 22, 2017

Easy set up. Nice double alarm feature with week day option. Poor radi sound quality - Verified Store

Jeanne V July 22, 2017

I just set this clock/alarm/radio up. It was very easy and just what I needed. It's the right size - small and I love that I can hook a charger up to it. - Verified Store

Mrs. L July 22, 2017

my husband got this alarm clock radio first and he loved it. I was quite impressed with the look, size and features so I ordered one too. It's great!! Charging my phone on the night table is really convenient. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 18, 2017

after 3 months the radio sound went out - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 15, 2017

Great as a nightlight and music radio for our granddaughter. - Verified Store

Greg July 14, 2017

It works. Easier to use than most. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 13, 2017

I like it. - Verified Store

G W July 13, 2017

Bought this for my wife 18 months because of the USB charger. Over the past few months the display has gone haywire such that the numbers are unreadable. Personally wouldn't buy again. - Verified Store

Southern, N July 13, 2017

Easy to program... white LED display is bright, but can be dimmed. Easy to see dispay from across the room. Set the alarm and forget about it, multiple settings. Volume on raido clock alarm is also adjustable. Lastly great for charging the phone at night, just use your phone cord. Highly recommended. - Verified Store

Frederick Volmer July 12, 2017


Beverly I July 12, 2017

So difficult to understand even using the instructions! - Verified Store

Bryan July 12, 2017

The sound on this alarm clock is very tinny. Its just not for me. I tried to like it but i cant. The dimmer needs more fine tuning. The display cover consistently falls off. - Verified Store

H.M. July 12, 2017

Read a LOT of reviews for this and other clocks before buting this one and ultimately bought this clock. GLAD I bought this clock. Bought to replace a larger clock radio with one that takes up less space. Setting the alarms is a smidge complicated but it helps to read the directions. The size is more compact, which I like and the 4 level display brightness (black-out to bright) setting is a nice feature. I like that I can set an alarm up to a week in advance or set 2 alarms as back-up, both to the radio wake-up, both to beeper alarm or one of each. The phone charging port means one less thing on my nightstand. The ONLY issue is that the radio sounds tinny but I did not expect to be enveloped in rich surround sound by a small clock radio. If you want better reception and more luxurious radio sound, you are best to stick with a larger clock radio. It works well for its purpose and the shape ensures that you won't have a problem dealing with dusty vent holes. I would buy it again. - Verified Store

Richard A July 11, 2017

Easy to understand instructions, great radio and numbers easy to read, highly recommend - Verified Store

Larry L July 8, 2017

It works as advertised! - Verified Store

BeeBee C July 7, 2017

I really like this alarm clock. It is compact, uncomplicated, and reliable. Don't be put off by reviews that complain about how hard it is to set the alarm or other functions - all you have to do is follow the instructions. The fact that it shows the correct time the first time you plug it in is indicative of the thought that went in to its design - it has many convenient and useful features. - Verified Store

Klehan July 7, 2017

I really like this radio, very easy to read, and it's accurate. I especially like that I can plug my phone in at night and in the morning we're both ready to go. - Verified Store

Thomas G July 7, 2017

EXCELLENT I charge my phone while I sleep and the light dimmer feature is great - Verified Store

Miguel B July 4, 2017

I Loved the design and looks yet it failed me as an alarm clock. First the alarm would not go off everysingle time (and I tested it when awake). The alarm radio or beeping was very quiet as you can not hear it to wake you. (I tried it when I was awake and the volume was set to high I think 15) When you had the radio play normally the sound was much louder. When set for alarm no adjustments to volume made a difference just really low and worthless. I tried to return it yet Amazon wanted me to pay to ship it back. I would rather just throw it away instead of wasting my time. - Verified Store

HappyShopper July 3, 2017

I like the blue lights and the USB charger, but the clock radio itself is super lightweight and is easily moved on my night table whenever I reach to plug my device in to charge, which can be irritating sometimes. One nice feature is the convenient Monday-Friday setting on the alarm, which allows me to not worry about turning it off on the weekends and not have to remember to turn back on Sunday night. If you need a loud noise to wake up to, though, this alarm is not for you. I have turned up the volume, but the buzzer doesn't get very loud. - Verified Store

Just m July 1, 2017

set up less than 5 minutes. works perfectly. directions on point. - Verified Store

Dennis K June 29, 2017

fast delivery and arrived undamaged - Verified Store

J. M June 29, 2017

The good thing is the easy-to-read numbers. Otherwise, the buttons on top are very small. It's difficult to differentiate them in the dark. For some reason, it kept losing the radio station. I'm not using it as an clock radio. It's being used as a clock because it keeps good time. - Verified Store

rickmc June 28, 2017

Great click at a great price! Thank - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 27, 2017

I really like the mild blue color. I am a light sleeper and it is not too bright for me to sleep. However, the numbers are large enough that I can easily see the time during the night. The charging port works great. The time is perfect. - Verified Store

Thomas L June 27, 2017

It was the right size and had all the radio product requirements that I was looking for. However, when I plugged it in it emitted an annoying hum. When I put my hand around the case the hum would stop. Obviously this radio was poorly engineered! - Verified Store

Stephen M June 24, 2017

easy to use - Verified Store

Jonny2Coronas June 22, 2017

clear numbers like the duel alarms - Verified Store

GHR June 19, 2017

Works perfectly and has all the features I want. - Verified Store

LZMBASS June 17, 2017

Good radio. Fits our lifestyle - Verified Store

Ron June 17, 2017

Nice product - lots of features and the blue LED display is a departure from most alarm clocks. Size is right - fits nicely on a nightstand. The biggest issue I have is the temperature sensor outputs in Celsius not Fahrenheit out of the box and I don't know how to change that.. I couldn't find how to change it in the instructions. - Verified Store

Jesse June 16, 2017

Brilliant product. use this everyday, love it. These are wonderful. So pretty and easy to work with. we were very pleased to have them. very pleased,great value for all you get Prompt delivery and super service. - Verified Store

Sandor K June 16, 2017

Nice clock radio and easy to set - Verified Store

Scott S June 14, 2017

Display too bright at night. Needs another dim setting that is lower. Button to turn off alarms is very hard to locate in morning. Needs to be more noticeable. - Verified Store

Shelia P June 14, 2017

love it - Verified Store

Cheri June 13, 2017

I purchased three of these clock radio's for our beach house and they are perfect. The time is correct right when I plugged them in and it's easy to charge our electronics. Perfect! - Verified Store

L. A June 12, 2017

Keeps time and has the features I wanted when I bought it (blue LED display, dimmer, USB charge, backup battery). I don't use the radio, sleep timer, or alarm). Most useful feature is the the USB charger since I don't need a separate charger cord to the power outlet. - Verified Store

Marbid3 June 12, 2017

Great alarm clock! It has 3 dim options for the reading which is perfect. Very easy setup and the clock is not too big or not too small. It also has the added feature of a USB port if you need to charge your phone. I searched and searched and am very happy with my decision with purchasing this alarm clock. - Verified Store

Sandra V June 11, 2017

The thing is smarter than I am, I didn't care for this product, will gift it. - Verified Store

Donald M June 10, 2017

This is exactly what I needed, and as a bonus it has a USB plug built in to power or charge items that use a USB wire. - Verified Store

mark s June 10, 2017

Works perfect and has a dimmer on the Blue LED Light Just love it. - Verified Store

Barry B June 10, 2017

Seems fine, but I wish the USB charging port was on the front or side of the unit instead of the back where it is buried among other cords and such. Also, I wish the unit was hard-wired instead of a wall-charger that gets plugged into--and easily pulled out--of the back of the clock. - Verified Store

Ricky L June 6, 2017

Wish it had one more dim setting before thenumbers disappear. Its a little too bright at night on the lowest setting so i have to turn it off, but then i dont know what time it is if i get up before my alarm. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 5, 2017

Worked as advertised. Went to correct time as soon as plugged in. I like the fact that I can charge my phone from the clock. Button are small and snooze and stop alarm buttons are hard to find in the dark to turn off the alarm. Alarm buttons serve as mode as well as function buttons so I have to keep referring to the manual to change an alarm setting. But the instructions are clear on how to do this. - Verified Store

js June 5, 2017

I've had this clock for about 2 - 3 weeks and so far, so good. I like that I didn't have to set the time - automatically done when you plug it in. I like that I can set my alarm for the week and not worry about whether or not I set the alarm, that's nice. However, if I don't want the alarm to go off on a particular day, I have to reset the automatic alarm mode then change it back. I love the USB port so that I can charge my phone over night or whenever. Very handy and works great. I gave this only 4 stars instead of 5 because the sound on the radio is a bit tinny, but it's a clock radio. - Verified Store

Sharon M June 2, 2017

At first, the clock was ahead by 1 minute. Now it is 3 minutes too fast!!! I don't want to do math in my head every time I glance at the clock — it is placed in a prominent area, and I am very unhappy with my purchase. THREE MINUTES TOO FAST! ⏩ ⏩⏩ - Verified Store

Carlos June 2, 2017

I haven't had the opportunity to test entirely the product, but up to now it is a very nice piece of equipment...! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 1, 2017

Easy to set up. large display. - Verified Store

B. J June 1, 2017

Sorry - I don't like it at all. Too complicated with all of the different functions that I should have known that I don't need. Even the selection of radio stations is not straight forward. I will be replacing it with a simple normal clock radio. - Verified Store

Vicky H June 1, 2017

Works great for what I needed it for - Verified Store

Francine G May 31, 2017

This clock does pretty much everything. Love the dual alarms. The LED is bright, but I just cover it with a washcloth. The built in USB is great and allows me to charge my Fitbit while I'm reading just before bed. Worth the price. - Verified Store

Sylvia E May 31, 2017

I thought it sounded perfect with a phone charger included. The problem is I can't figure out how to make the alarm clock part of the clock work. I'm giving this to the grandkids to see if they can use it. - Verified Store

Nick K May 28, 2017

The blue numbers blur, making it hard to read the time - Verified Store

M. D May 25, 2017

Very easy to setup up - - Verified Store

Scott P May 25, 2017

Works well. Blue light is cool. - Verified Store

Carlos J May 25, 2017

Never charged my cellphone - Verified Store

Crawdad May 23, 2017

I've been really impressed with this clock. Doesn't light up the room like some digital clocks do. - Verified Store

Susan B May 23, 2017

Well, despite a good deal of the negative reviews, I dismissed those & bought it anyway due to its looks & price & reported features. I get what everyone else said with it being difficult to program--it's definitely not the simplest, but I managed. It worked fine from Nov. to today, May 23rd. It just flat out stopped working. You can see the time & hear the radio, but both alarms did not function today & they are no longer able to be set/changed. The buttons simply do not work to do anything. I can't quite believe it. Sadly, my return window was the end of January. SO, I spent many minutes learning & programming a new alarm clock and wasted my money. Very disappointing! - Verified Store

Juanita R May 22, 2017

Works great for my office, easy to set up and channels come in clear. - Verified Store

Bob P May 21, 2017

I wish I found this along time ago. - Verified Store

Cindy B May 21, 2017

Full featured, but way too complicated. Volume escalated after snooze. Nice big display. - Verified Store

Jose T May 21, 2017

As of now (it's been like a week), the clock is working perfectly. Blue screen, dimmer, compact size all plus on this product. Can honestly recommend - Verified Store

S. T May 20, 2017

We got this one for my husband to try out. He is happy with it and I am ordering a second one for my side of the bed. These are replacing clock-radios that we have had for about 30 or more years...still working...but we're retired and we don't ever use the radios and this clock takes up less room on the bedside table. - Verified Store

Pat H May 20, 2017

Would like to be able to dim it at night - Verified Store

Reader1 May 17, 2017

Works great - charges fast - Verified Store

Patricia S May 17, 2017

Great click. It's very handy to charge my phone this way. - Verified Store

D. W May 14, 2017

Wanted something to put in our entertainment center since the new satellite tv box doesn't have a clock but didn't want something too bright. The blue light is very contemporary and the three levels of brightness and big numbers make it very easy to pick just the right brightness so you can see it even across the room. Sorry we are not using the alarm function just the clock so can't comment on that but setting the time was easy and for us this is a perfect fit. - Verified Store

John May 14, 2017

Battery dead on arrival. - Verified Store

martin f May 13, 2017

Volume is too loud at level 1, and led is too bright at lowest setting for using bedside. Other features are great, reception is good. - Verified Store

Nicholas May 13, 2017

My new cable box does not have a clock so I bought a clock for my tv stand. It is compact which I like. It has big blue digital time that has auto set so I don't have to adjust time. It suits my purposes. - Verified Store

M. D May 13, 2017

Much brighter than I wanted. Even the lowest dim setting is bright. I will get some dimming tape to put over face. Radio works good. It is easy to set alarms (2) and use all the functions. Charger works fine. - Verified Store

Gerald K May 10, 2017

I've been looking for an AM/FM double alarm clock that will hold the time and alarm when the power goes out for over a year without spending a ton. Just to start out this does serve my purpose. I'm the kinda guy who pushes buttons first reads instructions later. All though setup was easy I did have to read the included instructions to set it up. The first thing is your time zone, after pushing the buttons I set it to the wrong time zone. I then followed exactly as it read in the instructions to reset to the proper time zone, date, regular or military time, alarm time, choose between Sunday-Saturday, Monday-Friday or Saturday-Sunday wake up, AM or FM /volume wake up level and 3 brightness settings. For people like me who want the alarm clock to wake you up maybe catch the news then shut it off and go about your day it's a good little clock. I do listen to an AM station in the morning and I can not get my station in clearly without static but to be fair my old clock use to get it clear but started to drift and could barely hear it so it could be some other outside interference, other AM stations do come in clear. With that said for those of you who want to use it to listen to music through out your day, forget this one. The FM channels are clear but there is absolutely no bass. This thing sounds like nothing more then an old 1970 9volt transistor radio. Other features is the ability to charge your phone (I do not know if the phone can be played through the radio or not but my phone has way better sound than this radio anyway), it has indoor temp and the date but you have to push a button to read them. The time display does light up the room even on the lowest setting, you can turn off the time for no light but you will also have no time displayed. There is an antenna wire must be for FM because it does nothing for AM. Like I said for me the alarm goes off in the morning Monday-Friday with no need to turn it off on weekends and no worry if power goes out. 3 stars is for sound quality and my AM station still has static, if you could adjust the treble/bass setting and an antenna for AM it could be a high 4 star. If you just want something reliable to wake you up in the morning the price is right. If you want something to listen to for extended period of time, get something else. Last thing is I have only had this for about 3 weeks so I don't know how the longevity of this will be. One other complaint is the plug, it is a transformer but is not that big and is also very light compared to some transformer plugs and will not obstruct the other outlet. - Verified Store

Rodney H May 10, 2017


celinette May 9, 2017

Very nice easy to conect and convenient , was a gift for an anniversary to my hubby and he love it. - Verified Store

John S May 8, 2017

Great Clock with many cool features.However, the sound from radio is horrible.Not LOUD!Sounds like it's coming from a tin can.If your a deep sleeper, don't buy this clock/radio - Verified Store

Ace O May 6, 2017

I ordered the blue LED variety.Everyone else seems to complain that blue LED clocks are brighter than their bedside lamps, saying that their room is lit up in a brilliant blue hue, but although I'm unsure whether I can contribute it to getting a newer model of the clock (hey, something like that is always possible) or whether it's always been this way, this clock isn't that bright by my standards. It has 3 brightness levels, plus a level for 'display is off.' I use the middle brightness setting when I sleep, which is about as bright as the green LED clock I was replacing. The brightest level can be nice for clarity during the day if the lights in your room are strong, or if you tend to get a lot of natural sunlight in your room during the day, making it bright. (This comes from a person who sleeps in a dark, though not totally pitch-black can't-see-anything, room; I do turn all my lights off when I sleep.)For those who complain that the clock doesn't set itself, you have to pick a time zone when you plug it in, which may be what has some of the naysayers confused. When you first plug this clock in, it starts flashing just '2,' which is one of its time zone selections (2 being EST, but you can pick any number on its list to choose your time zone as appropriate). When you confirm your time zone, the clock DOES set itself - time, date, and year - cutting down on setup time immensely.You can set this thing for 12 or 24-hour time, it's got 2 alarms, both snooze and sleep functions, can be set for radio or buzzer, and has a USB port in the rear for plugging your phone into. It comes with both a quick start-up guide and an actual instruction booklet, so although its manner of operation is a bit different from a traditional alarm clock, there's enough instructions with it that you'll be able to understand how to work it.My clock arrived well-packaged and in perfect shape.Thus far, I can find no outright faults with this clock. - Verified Store

tuckerGA May 6, 2017

Out of the box it knew the date and time!Turned on the radio and was surprised at the lack of sound quality. I didn't expect much, but didn't expect it this bad either.It'll just be my clock. - Verified Store

NTVonline May 6, 2017

I purchased this clock on March 28. It is now August 23 and the sound no longer works. I almost missed work today because the alarm did not go off. Can I get a refund? - Verified Store

V1k1 May 6, 2017

This is easy to set up as long as you have a brain to read the instructions. To turn on/off my alarm, I have to hold down the alarm button for 3 seconds. I set my phone to go off first, and I usually get up from that, so after, I have to turn off the alarm so it doesn't buzz. To do so, I have to hold the button for 3 seconds. Why? Why 3? Why can't there but a switch or a button to quickly turn on or off. My old alarm clock had switches on the side to slide up or down for on or off. It was quick, and I never accidentally pressed it on/off either.This is very tedious and I would rather have something I can be quick with. No point in wasting 3 seconds every time.THE lights are BRIGHT. even on low, it shines bright in a dark room. If this bothers you, do NOT get this product, or buy those shade sheets to put on, but then in the day it's too dark on low, but night it's perfect.USB charger works. It points downward some, at an angle, so it was kinda weird shoving the cord into the surface it sits on. Why would it not just come off straight?I'd honestly re-think this clock unless you're fine with these hiccups. - Verified Store

Joanne S May 5, 2017

Love this clock radio. Has many great features. The phone charging feature is most convenient. It was very easy to set up. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. I have used this for about a month and so far I have no complaints. Love it! - Verified Store

Tim H May 3, 2017

Great with variable dimmer - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 3, 2017

Love the dim setting. Still easy to read. Love the backup battery too. Not afraid to unplug it for a few if i have to - Verified Store

R. S May 2, 2017

The clock part is okay, I like the blue LED however even though it has 3 dim selections the lowest mode is still very bright in a dark room... I wanted something that wasn't going to blast light into my room and unfortunately this clock still does. However with that being said overall I am satisfied with the purchase and it is still my primary bedside clock.The UBS charging port is a novelty for me, it's 1A and that is okay if you want to trickle charge your phone all night... The OEM charger that came with my phone is 2.4A and it is positioned well within reach of my nightstand, so I just use that.The controls are easy to use, however I have not used the radio function as I have an Echo that I prefer to use for music... So that did not influency this buying decision... Overall not too shabby but could be dimmer! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 2, 2017

Love the docking station feature. However, the light at lowest setting is still too bright for me at night. I usually turn it off at night. - Verified Store

SusieFG May 1, 2017

I was leery after reading some other reviews but I am very pleased with this alarm clock radio. The numbers are not too bright and I love the 'gentle' waking. After having one that had a preset volume at ear shattering levels that couldn't be adjusted and just started playing at that loud level, the gradual increase in volume is great. I also love the 2 alarm feature with the option of weekdays, weekends or separate days. The complaints about the sound quality is ridiculous. It's a clock radio not a Bose. It's a great value for the price. - Verified Store

Dean S April 29, 2017

I decided to give this a try because of the positive reviews.Its an Ok Clock Radio, I did not expect great stereo, But this is very lacking in sound quality.I liked the nice big readout (Easy on the Eyes). Fairly easy to learn and setup. One thing I did notthink to look for in a new clock, The length of time that the alarm plays, this one plays for 1/2 hour.Then it is set to repeat 24 hours later. The clock I was trying replace will play for 2 hours beforeturning itself off. Working from home, I like the extended play time while I try to crawl out of bed :)Realizing the play time length is usually NOT listed in most descriptions of Clock Radios.Bottom line I returned it, And went back to using 35yr old analog Clock Radio (Still Working)While I hunt for the perfect replacement. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 28, 2017

Nice!! Love the capabilities!!!! But the lights display is just a little too bright for me : / Wish could go even dimmer--otherwise perfect!! :) - Verified Store

xcct April 28, 2017

Auto Time Set' it does not. Thought it did WWVB from the sound of it. Misleading and therefore overpriced. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 27, 2017

really like this product. I like that it has many dimming levels and a usb port - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 27, 2017

Great compact clock radio, it took a little time to learn the features, but it's worth it. - Verified Store

FKMcG April 27, 2017

Excellent! - Verified Store

Michael I April 27, 2017

Excellent - Verified Store

JB April 25, 2017

I'm very pleased with the radio. Being able to adjust the brightness of the clock assures it's not a problem in a dark room and the a.m. reception is excellent. I like the ability to check the room temperature, and of course it's also a convenient charging device - Verified Store

Dianna S April 24, 2017

It's great but wish it had an even lower light level. - Verified Store

Jay D April 22, 2017

Do not want to turn light off but too bright even on dim setting. - Verified Store

michy April 22, 2017

Exactly what I was looking for:Dimmer control with 3 settings and one where it's completely off.Clean radio sound. I need my am 710 LA! this did thatGood size and light weightThe usb charger is a plusWhen It gets unplugged from the outlet it stay on which means I don't have to reset time or my presets, and alarms.Glad I bought this ^_^b - Verified Store

Martin A April 22, 2017

Awesome product... easy to setup... fast shipping... I'm fully satisfied. - Verified Store

Ron L April 20, 2017

Nice unit. However I don't really need the second alarm feature or the date feature.The phone charging feature is nice but makes my night table too crowded. - Verified Store

J. T April 18, 2017

I like that I can charge my kindle which I read in bed. It took me a while to figure out how to set an unset the alarms but once I did it was easy to set and change. The radio is useless but I don't need it. - Verified Store

Catherine E April 18, 2017

It functions like it describes. BUT I think the low light is still too bright. I like a dark room when I sleep. Even the lowest setting for the brightness is too bright for me. - Verified Store

JTB April 14, 2017

Love the dim feature. Goes way dim for non glare sleeping. - Verified Store

C J April 14, 2017

I have 5 clock radios in our home. They are either too hard to set the alarms (similar to the one I bought) or the LED light is too bight for my husband. I love that this one has the charging port. It is so easy to set the alarms, clock etc. I love a battery back up. When you live in a rural area you never know when the power goes out. The price was reasonable and I would definitely recommend this clock. - Verified Store

Heidi B April 13, 2017

Too bad that right after the 'return window' closed, the power source cord went belly up. Now, I am stuck having to find a new power source cord. Not fun. Display is too bright no matter how low you dim it, Kind of a cheap clock really. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 13, 2017

Too bright. I bought this more expensive night clock because of the good reviews, and do like the clock. EXCEPT that the lowest dim is still too bright for me at night. I like a dark room with little light. This is like a night light. Maybe if the numbers were red, it would help. I don't know, but it is too bright for me and I have mine across the room in front of the TV so I can see the time at night and in the morning without having a lighted clock next to my face. Still too bright for me. I taped natural wax paper over it which is tinted beige. Still a bit too bright. Looking for another clock, again. I will put this one downstairs in the den to use during daytime. - Verified Store

Patricia A April 13, 2017

It was hard to set up and instructions weren't clear. USB port was not compatible with my phone. I returned the clock radio. - Verified Store

Sandra Y April 13, 2017

Returned it ... too complicated to set up! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 12, 2017

No problems - Verified Store

Angie T April 12, 2017

This is a nice small clock with a very bright bold display. My only complaint is that it is a bit too bright even though it has brightness settings. The lowest setting still lights up my bedroom. My partner loves the charging capabilities for his phone but it would be better if the plug was more accessible and not in the back. - Verified Store

Pearl April 11, 2017

Just a perfect bedside alarm, clock and charger for my iPhone while I sleep. Very happy with it. - Verified Store

Russell S April 11, 2017

This clock has a number of useful features. Each of the two alarms can be set to a different radio station or the bell for awake up. The USB charger for my phone is also a great feature. I will say that the display is somewhat bright even on the lowest setting. Also, the operation is not always intuitive. All and all I am happy with the purchase. - Verified Store

Donald G April 10, 2017

Nice large numerals and relatively easy to program. My only complaint is that, even at the dimmest setting, the numerals are a little to bright for sleeping. - Verified Store

Pam W April 5, 2017

Exactly what was needed to fit the spot. - Verified Store

Cassandra April 3, 2017

Love it. It keeps time flawlessly and has a small footprint. The USB charger is very handy. So is the dimming feature so the clock doesn't light up the bedroom at night. - Verified Store

historian April 3, 2017

I wanted a small clock radio for my kitchen, so I can listen to the news in the morning. This Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio with USB is perfect. I can put my iPad on the counter and charge it overnight, and simply press the button for news in the morning. With the display on lowest setting, the clock numbers are perfect. Personally, I'd advise the manufacturer to cut the brightest and add a lower setting. - Verified Store

R. P April 2, 2017

Love this clock radio -- everything I need right there on my nightstand. Time, temperature, sleep function, alarm, and FM radio for my favorite all-night station. Even overnight charging for my phone. Other reviewers mentioned difficulty setting up -- the only problem I had was figuring out the sleep function -- you have to turn on the radio first, then hit the sleep bar....once for 90 minutes, twice for 60 minutes, and three times for 30 minutes (my previous clock radio was exactly opposite) The sound is what you'd expect from a small unit, but the tuning is excellent, using either pre-sets or incremental 'bumps' until the sound quality suits you. Full functionality at a very very reasonable price! - Verified Store

lulubelle April 1, 2017

This is a great little clock. Nice compact size and shape, good design. Best feature is that the brightness of the numbers has three settings from very bright, to dim, dimmer, then off, so it doesn't bother you at night. Charging plug is handy, too. - Verified Store

Justin S April 1, 2017

I've had this for 2 years now. The clock and alarm are still working as advertised. Usb charging is nice. Only issues are that the display light is too bright, even on the lowest setting. I have to turn it off completely and it still has a small dot of light letting you know that it's turned off. I had to put a piece of tape over that because it was to bright too. Also the time is not accurate. When you first plug it in it will be accurate. Over time it slowly changes. Mine ended up being 9 minutes fast. I unplugged it and moved it and it ended up being nine minutes fast again. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 31, 2017

returned - Verified Store

Avid r March 31, 2017

The clock was supper easy to set up. It has bright easy to read numbers. I love this clock. - Verified Store

My r March 31, 2017

Great clock - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 31, 2017

Easy to see/read and handy for a tabletop. - Verified Store

Dakota March 30, 2017

The easiest set up I've ever experienced! - Verified Store

TDOMotFT March 30, 2017

The AM radio sound is terrible -- so much static and noise you can't hear the stations. Just to be sure, I tried another inexpensive clock radio in the same location and got much better reception. The FM sound is better, but still some noise. I returned this item. - Verified Store

william j March 29, 2017

The clock works good, I have 2 issues main issue is that even at the lowest dim setting it's still too bright for me, and the other thing is it has two cords coming out the back plus the plug in so kinda annoying on my night stand - Verified Store

Drystal March 29, 2017

buy a better clock... - Verified Store

Happy N March 28, 2017

I looked high and low for a new alarm clock because I'm super picky. I love everything about this one. My criteria was simple. Appearance, not having to reset time if power surges and dimming display were my main focus. In addition, I got other nice features like two alarms and charging capabilities. Thinking about ordering more for other rooms besides the master. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 26, 2017

light at night too brite, radio didnt come in well in my room....more than i really needed. it did set the time itself.I returned the product - Verified Store

JG March 26, 2017

Lightweight, compact, battery backup works and like that it has a USB to let me charge my phone overnight. - Verified Store

Dale M March 25, 2017

Exactly what I was looking for! - Verified Store

Ira H March 24, 2017

Did everything promised and easy to use - Verified Store

dld101 March 23, 2017

Works great very pleased with purchase. - Verified Store

J. W March 23, 2017

I really like this alarm- so much better to wake up to a chirping sound rather than the alarm I had, which knocked me out of bed with the annoying sound. Another great feature is the USB and dual alarm which is very easy to set. This gets 5 stars from me. - Verified Store

Sharon P March 23, 2017

It's a clock radio. It comes with a whole mess of features, some of which are useful (dimmer on the display; automatic DST changing), and some of which are likely useless (it tells you the temperature ... of the room you're in). It seems to work so far, but I am disappointed with it because, despite damn near every other feature being programmable at your choice, it has a soft, low alarm volume which gradually increases. I hate this. (It's an option on the alarm on my phone, but, at least on my phone, it's just the default, and you can change it.) I'm a pretty deep sleeper, and I need a loud, obnoxious noise that will jerk me into wakefulness -- not delicate tones slowly increasing. I have, in the past, slept through a clock-radio alarm -- whatever I was dreaming just incorporated the song being played, and I didn't actually get up until the DJ came on. I'm afraid that with the gradual alarm, the same thing will happen again. I imagine it would have been easy to make gradual alarm vs. loud alarm an actual SETTING, but they chose not to do that.I'm keeping it, but I'm not happy with it. - Verified Store

dale l March 23, 2017

I have 3-4 of these now. It automatically updates to DST and back. Very easy to read - I love them! - Verified Store

Roderick H March 23, 2017

Big and bright easy to work - Verified Store

J. E March 22, 2017

gift - Verified Store

CHYREE B March 21, 2017

I love this clock radio so glad that I purchased it. Is just the perfect size. I didn't need the instructions to set it up. So simple. I love the cel phone charger now I have an extra charger for my guest to happy with it..Thanks - Verified Store

pocahontas March 18, 2017

I searched long and hard for a replacement clock alarm when my last one stopped working after only a few years. This one has a small footprint and is easily dimmable and 'snoozable'. Yes the buttons are multifunction but they are mostly intuitive. I used the quick start guide upon setup and only had to consult the manual to learn how to turn off the alarm completely. Sound quality is excellent - my last one was terrible so I was glad to need to replace it. - Verified Store

Marjie55 March 17, 2017

This clock is great. You set it up the first time and that is the last time you have to. If you unplug it or lose power it comes back with the correct time. You can set the alarm to go mon-Friday or whatever days you wish so you don't have to set it every night if you don't want to. We lost power and my alarm still went off when it was supposed to. The radio works well and I can get all the local radio stations in without a problem and it's not staticky. I also charge my cell phone every night with the USB in my clock. You can also dim the time all the way down to nothing if you want. It also has the inside temperature. Very happy with this purchase. - Verified Store

John S March 15, 2017

Too many steps to program in the alarms, I've had it 2 months and am still trying to figure out how to use it - I guess you can't set alarm 2 to radio? Also the digital-only volume controls won't allow you to turn the radio down fully - even at the lowest volume setting of 1, it is still too loud to fall asleep to wtih the music on.The absolute worst part is that it shuts off the alarm after you hit snooze twice. Hit snooze 2x, and the alarm automatically turns off, so you then wake up an hour late for work.Bah.. - Verified Store

New M March 14, 2017

This clock has such a bright display that it interferes with my sleep. Am switching to a special clock with sleep modes. - Verified Store

W. G March 14, 2017

Just what I was looking for.. easy set up, good size for bedside table. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 13, 2017

Sound quality not the best but easy to use. - Verified Store

Stephen R March 12, 2017

A great clock-radio for the price. Setting up the dual alarm was a snap. It transitioned to DST as advertised. The only quibble is that the blue display is difficult to see at a distance, but that is a nit. Love the product. - Verified Store

julio March 11, 2017

The dimmer was not low enough.Thatwas the purpose of buying it. - Verified Store

Jo March 10, 2017

Mostly I really like this clock/radio. The sound quality is plenty good enough, typical of most clock/radios. The one thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to switch the temperature reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit. That's why I only gave it 4 stars. - Verified Store

Pamela P March 8, 2017

Excellent find & the USB charging is a huge bonus! - Verified Store

Patricia B March 8, 2017

Very good quality - Verified Store

Stasi March 8, 2017

They send the blue one instead of the white, but nice and compact. It's hard to find radio alarm clocks that don't have the same old style from 20 yrs ago. This one looks modern. The photo does not show this, but it has a radio wire antenna AND a temperature wire coming out the back. I was hoping it wouldn't-- looks a mess with 3 cords coming out the back. - Verified Store

Dinah M March 7, 2017

This is the second Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio with USB connection that I've bought. They're dependable, easy to set, the display can be dimmed very low, and thank goodness they don't have that bright projection feature (where the time is visible on the ceiling.) - Verified Store

Chris March 7, 2017

lightweight...can't set alarm - Verified Store

mer March 5, 2017

very bright light-hard to sleep with it on - Verified Store

Jarrett D March 2, 2017

Works Great! My daughter loves this and it chargers her tablet and ipod. - Verified Store

C. C February 28, 2017

I really only got this because I wanted something small with a USB port. Also got the darkening film and that helps darken the clock numbers. - Verified Store

michael K February 28, 2017

OK for the cost,I would not recommend to anyone,radio poor,display does not dim enough to not be annoying - Verified Store

teen l February 28, 2017

Too much configurating for one clock. - Verified Store

Bruce February 27, 2017

This clock radio has a nice tuner, and seems to have a few other nice features, but it has some pretty bad annoyances:1) Blue numbers? I know that blue LEDs are very trendy, but they are a horrible idea in an alarm clock. They are hard to focus on in the dark, they mess with circadian rhythms, and even at their dimmest they are too bright in a completely dark room. Red. The numbers should be red.2) The brightness can only be changed when music is not playing. Not a big deal, but given that it is easy to accidentally change the brightness it is frustrating that fixing it is slightly tricky.3) The alarm goes off, an interesting talk-radio story comes on, and you want to turn up the volume. Easy, right? Just press the volume-up button. Nope. That button doesn't work when playing radio from the alarm setting. You have to turn off the radio, then turn it back on, and *then* you can change the volume.The volume buttons are also fairly difficult to press - you need a couple of fingers on the back of the radio before you can press them. Lighter touch buttons would be nice.So, change the color of the numbers, and make sure they can go dim enough, and allow changing the volume of the radio that wakes you up, and then you'd have a nice radio. Easy fixes. Let me know if you make them. - Verified Store

alxgit February 27, 2017

Good clock, happy with it - Verified Store

josephine o February 27, 2017

a little hard to operate and I was expecting this alarm in white but got black. but works. - Verified Store

Dr D February 23, 2017

This clock is easy to program. The only downside is the brightness of the LEDs. While the brightness is adjustable, the lowest setting is still quite bright in the dark of night. We have turned it so it is not shining directly at us which helps, but makes it hard to check the time. - Verified Store

Jimmy P February 23, 2017

A little background first. I'm a73 yo technically challenged young man. When I received the radio right on time. To me the initial zset up was a little confusing but I struggled through it without having to call my 19 to grandson. The same is true for the alarm settings. The volume was insufficient for me an the tone needed to be sharper. Now remember my opening remark, this may not be the best choice for Senior citizens it could be just fine for your less challenged customers. - Verified Store

Douglas Klimas February 22, 2017

I like this radio a lot. Comes on low and increases in volume, can adjust the brightness and controls are intuitive for the most part. Large display since my distance vision is not so good so I can see the time if I get up in the middle of the night.

Chris S February 22, 2017

Very nice alarm. Super easy setup. - Verified Store

MillieSz February 21, 2017

This clock worked well for a little while, but when our power started to go out because of weather conditions, the back-up battery feature (which is why we purchased this in the first place) completely cut out. Not only does it not work, but it sets the clock back sometimes hours! Too bad we can't return it at this point... it's a waste of money... NOT A GOOD BUY! - Verified Store

Zak Z February 21, 2017

Works but pretty junky. Cheap. - Verified Store

Brad B February 21, 2017

I would leave zero stars if possible. I really don't know how anyone could leave a favorable review. The only good thing about it and the reason I bought it was the USB port other than that it's a joke. It is difficult to use, you can't see the numbers unless the brightness is turned up high but then it's way too bright for nighttime unless you manually push the button to dim it. The alarm time is difficult to set and then hard to change times. The radio is the cheapest tinny sound you've ever heard. Waking up to it reminds me of the transistor radio I had when I was a kid. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!! - Verified Store

Dawn M February 21, 2017

The first clock that I received, it was obvious that it had been used previously just by how it was packaged in the box. When I plugged it in, it did not automatically set the time as stated in the instructions. When I turned on the radio, it was already set at the highest volume, yet there was no sound whatsoever (no static on non-stations, no music on actual stations). Obviously, someone returned it because it didn't work, yet I got stuck with it - this is poor inventory management.I decided to give it another chance since it seemed to have all the features I was looking for. The next clock came in and when I opened it, it was packaged as I would expect a brand new item. It started up as indicated and everything worked well. I have two complaints about this product: 1.)the lowest volume setting for the radio was still relatively loud - I need something that has a fairly low volume to try to keep from waking my husband since I get up so early. 2.) The sound is very poor. I understand this is just an alarm clock, but I've had a number of alarm clocks and my $10 ones sound better than this. I think I would have been fine with the sound quality if I could make the volume lower, but since I can't, I'll be returning this.If you don't need the volume really low and you don't care about sound, this has a lot of great features. But the volume issue is a dealbreaker for me. - Verified Store

DC February 21, 2017

Got some cool extra features you didn't know you wanted! USB charging for mobile phone, dimmable display (even OFF), and M-F alarm, so you don't have to rise early on the weekend! Also has a temp sensor and small footprint with big display. The brand is a well-established N American company (Canada), so keeping it close to home. This clock is pretty versatile for such a small package. - Verified Store

Mike B February 21, 2017

very clear and large clock readout. - Verified Store

Shafaat February 20, 2017

Thumps Up - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 18, 2017

Too complicated to set up and use. An alarm clock radio should be a fairly simple set up. Went to print a return label and learned I missed the return date by 1 day. - Verified Store

Dmh529 February 18, 2017

bright white LED ( not LCD ) which I like, with a tinge of purple, which i personally think looks very nice. What I don't like is the SMALL snooze button, and the fact that AFTER 30 minutes, the SNOOZES TURN OFF BY THEMSELVES, and you could end up not waking up. - Verified Store

MiDi February 18, 2017

Pros: This is a very nice clock radio. It's packed with all of the features I need in a clock radio. Two alarms, battery backup, M-F setting, DST, etc. The dimmer is a three step switch which makes it dim enough at night. The buzzer is rather pleasant and is not annoying. The radio has good reception. Easy to read. Good instructions.Cons: 1) The power cord is actually an AC/DC adapter which is hardwired into the radio; it won't fit through the hole provided for electrical cords in my headboard. 2) To shut the alarm off, you press the larger button on the front of the radio. It takes slight effort to depress the switch and with the radio being so lightweight, you have to hold the radio still while you press the button. If you don't you will just push it around until it hits something. The rear feet have rubber pads, the front do not. I will remedy this issue with additional rubber, but until then it's a bit of an inconvenience. 3) An automatic dimmer would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. - Verified Store

cptdiver February 17, 2017

Although the radio is good, the alarm is not. First setting of the alarm(s) is much more complicated than it needs to be, probably because it has too many options to be useful. But, once you get past learning how to set the alarm(s), you have the problem of them working. For the music, I have to set the alarm to blaring to wake me up, But, again once you learn to set the volume control, you run into the buzzer setting. It does NOT work. I can't find any solution for this. I've tried the buzzer on Alarm 1 and then on Alarm 2. I can't get it to work. I've missed two wake-up so far. Hopefully I can get Amazon to accept a return. - Verified Store

Karl M February 16, 2017

Loving it so far. I think it is the best looking alarm clock with USB in this price range. The indoor temperature feature is great and replaces the separate thing I had for that. The display has 3 brightness setting with the lowest setting perfect for nighttime. The USB was the main reason I bought it and that works fine. I don't use the radio but it sounds ok, but the speakers are not much so don't expect great sound from them. If I have any problems with it I will update this review. - Verified Store

A. L February 15, 2017

Bought to replace DVR clock. I like the size of the characters and the brightness. I got a new dvr (DirecTV) and it didn't have a clock on it. I'm so used to having the clock there & this fits the bill. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 14, 2017

We wanted a simple clock radio without all the gadgets. It works well, easy to read across the room, and love the fact you can dim it while sleeping. Plus if unplugged, or you lose your electric, it reverts to the same time without having to reset the whole clock. Happy with our purchase. - Verified Store

Debra M February 14, 2017

This alarm clock radio is just as advertised. I like how small it is so it doesn't take up a lot of room on my night stand, and of course I can plug in my kindle or phone via the usb port. The only complaints I have is I ordered the illumination in white, but received blue instead and I just didn't want to bother to return it and the blue is not so bad, also I consider myself to be of average intelligence but I have to take out the manual every time I need to change or add a time, it is too many buttons with multiple uses. - Verified Store

Real f February 14, 2017

Not too bright at night and love that I can charge my phone overnight! - Verified Store

Jeeter February 12, 2017

Great radio. Very nice to have a handy place to charge your phone. - Verified Store

Patricia S February 12, 2017

This is a great bedside clock. It's small so doesn't take up a lot of room. Works great and the illumination (very bright) can be dimmed if you wish. Would give it a 5 if there was a slot or area on which to insert the iPhone instead of having to lay it on the table. Good product for a great price - Verified Store

Michael R February 12, 2017

Just what I wanted! Display is perfect, not too bright like some. - Verified Store

Bob M February 10, 2017

Nice unit. You need to read the manual, but it all works. Nice that sound comes on low and then gets louder. 3 levels of brightness. good digital select stations - Verified Store

Julie A February 10, 2017

Bought 3 of these, one for ourselves and the other two as Christmas gifts. We love this little convenient clock, radio and charging station! What a genius idea! Takes up little space, it's sharp-looking and the LED is easy to read from across the room! The radio works great too. What a find! - Verified Store

Susan B February 10, 2017

Very very complicated to use. - Verified Store

thaliap February 10, 2017

I purchased for the guest room. It was easy to set up and works like advertised. - Verified Store

DL February 8, 2017

I returned it. The clock seemed alright but the numbers were difficult to read. There is something about the blue leds that they use (and others use as well) that makes the segments fade out towards the ends causing a blurring effect. I bought a couple of other clocks with blue leds and they too are difficult to read from more than a few feet. The company excepted the return and refunded my payment promptly. I would recommend the company but not the clock. - Verified Store

JG February 4, 2017

Works great. - Verified Store

julie February 3, 2017

Fine in all aspects but sound, which was awful. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer February 1, 2017

I love all of the features of this clock except the brightness at night even on the dimmest setting. If not for that I would have given it a 5 star. All the other features make up for it though. It's easy to set up, find the buttons and all the added features. I'm keeping it and getting used to the soft blue glow in the dark. Thanks for a great product. - Verified Store

Kindle C February 1, 2017

Very handy. We love it. - Verified Store

A. D January 31, 2017

Short snooze time and once only.! - Verified Store

JB January 30, 2017

If you're looking for great sound quality, buy a Bose. Otherwise this is a good little clock radio. Perfect for my teens small night table. Love being able to use charging cord through back. Also, the alarms have setting for more needing to remember to turn in alarms Sunday night! And my boys like the slim design. - Verified Store

Andrew L January 30, 2017

This is an excellent clock radio. Large digital display of time AND radio stations, good reception, good amplifier, 2 alarms and, a USB port. It is compact and far better than the Sony I purchased and threw out. There are 2 unexplained wires attached to the radio. One is probably an antenna, the other a mystery. They are a bit of a nuisance. Otherwise, excellent. - Verified Store

Herb B January 30, 2017

As reported in other reviews the instructions are sparse and unclear. I still can't figure out if I can set the alarm to wake with the radio instead of a beep. Looks good and the numbers are clear, but the sound is very tinny. I am already shopping around to replace it. - Verified Store

Josephine R January 29, 2017

Radio great. - Verified Store

Cynthia H January 28, 2017

Love it! Bought one and then another a month later. I recommend! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 27, 2017

This seems to work just fine, but was somewhat difficult to get set up. Am looking forward to the DST auto set feature. - Verified Store

Owlie January 27, 2017

This alarm clock does not keep time correctly. When it arrived about three weeks ago, I set it using the time on my phone. I noticed about a week later that it was a couple minutes fast; I didn't reset it then as 2-3 minutes difference isn't problematic for me. However, I noticed this morning that it is nearly 10 minutes off. This is not acceptable in a clock. - Verified Store

Daniel F January 26, 2017

As advertised. - Verified Store

Glynn January 25, 2017

I love this alarm. It has everything I wanted, dual alarm (weekday, weekend, or individual days), plus buzzer or radio. I love waking up to the radio, personally. It has date and temperature display. And the entire display has 4 settings of brightness. Also, while I'm sleeping I can charge my cell phone with the USB port. So many features and that was exactly what I wanted in an alarm. Definitely a great purchase and well worth the money. - Verified Store

dale l January 24, 2017

excellent clock for the price.Love the temp sensor - Verified Store

Junebugg61 January 23, 2017

It is very hard to understand how to set this up. The instructions make no sense to me.If I didn't throw the box out before I tried to set it up. I would have definitely returned it. - Verified Store

F. B January 22, 2017

Alarm buttons are small and hard to find in the dark, but the biggest drawback is the brightness of the numbers. Even on dimmest setting it lights up the room. I put dark window tint on the face which helped, but still too bright. I'll try a 2nd layer of window tint, but I'll likely junk this one and buy another clock. - Verified Store

Tarrene Y January 22, 2017

Works great. Love that I can charge my phone and blue tooth speakers through clock without using another plug. - Verified Store

Johnny January 21, 2017

Love it - Verified Store

Michele G January 21, 2017

I have only had this for a few days, but so far I LOVE IT! I love that I can turn off the display at night, and that it has the room temperature. I love that you can set the alarm for just the days you want it without messing with it daily.Yes, you have to read the instructions to operate it. Get over that, as this is the best alarm clock ever IMHO! - Verified Store

judy w January 20, 2017

This might have been a good radio, but it arrived broken and has been returned. - Verified Store

CYNTHIA D January 19, 2017

I wish it had a brightness control - Verified Store

pbbelly January 18, 2017

The pros:I like that I can set it to only go off on workdays. The eliminates the possibility of me forgetting to turn my alarm on on Sunday nights.The USB port is great for charging my phone, but has a part in one of this thing's major flaws.The his-and-hers alarms are nice.The Cons:I specifically chose this clock because I could supposedly turn of fthe display so it would not illuminate my bedroom. That is true to a point. Even though the display can be turned of, there's a small, blue pilot light that remains on. I have an absolutely dark bedroom (by design) With this pilot light glowing I can easily navigate my way to the bathroom. I have covered the area over the light with black tape, which helps, but light is still refracted out the edges of the clock face.Another, major con is that this thing is incredibly light. It weighs almost nothing. Subsequently, even with the limberest cable I have found, it is extremely easy to scoot the clock right off of my night stand just by picking up my phone. I absolutely cannot use my preferred, very heavy, somewhat stiff USB cable. The last time I flipped it off the nightstand, the radio ceased working. Fortunately the tone alarm still works.My third con is that the thing is a pain to reset or disable. The button icons are not easy for my old eyes to see when I don't have my bifocals on. The sequence of button pushing isn't very intuitive either. Perhaps if I had to do these things more often it might not be so bad, but doin it once every six months or so makes it an absolute pain.Fourth (and final, I think) gripe: It is way too easy to inadvertently turn on a nap alarm. More than once I have apparently done this because the alarm has gone off just after I have gotten soundly asleep.Fifth gripe: The thing loses time! This is the only digital clock I've ever owned that gradually loses time. I am talking 7 or 8 minutes over a year's time. - Verified Store

L. S January 18, 2017

I purchased this clock to use in the bathroom on a small shelf. It's lightweight and fits perfectly for the space. The radio is adequate; remember it's a clock radio, not a sound system. The temperature is a nice feature, I've found myself checking it often. The wall plug is giant and a bit of an eye sore but you can plug a USB in to charge a phone or tablet so you're actually eliminating the need for an outlet.When I plugged the clock in, the time set itself 8 minutes slow. I didn't care to read the manual and see if there was a switch or something I needed to change so I just manually adjusted the time. Hopefully it stays accurate. - Verified Store

Eddie E January 17, 2017

I purchased this clock last July. The last couple of months the alarm clocks drops the time back one hour for no apparent reason. It has done it several times. It's not a DST issue because it did it again today January 17. I also have DST adjustment turned off. There are other shortcomings but I really only need it to keep time, so the other stuff like the radio didn't matter. But if it keeps changing the time back one hour it's no good for me. I contacted Electrohome and await their response. - Verified Store

Chicago ' January 16, 2017

Love it! So lightweight you would think it's cheap. Charges a tablet just fine and also has many options. Read the description of the product and you'll want to purchase this for all it does. The brightness of the time has 4 settings, including 'off.' Not sure why people complain about the brightness. It's as bright as any other clock. The light is white LED so it has a blue tint and looks very nice. The alarm is gradual from slow/softer to fast/louder. The radio sounds nice too but you can't expect a stereo sound from an alarm clock like this. All the buttons are easy to use; just read the directions. - Verified Store

heather m January 15, 2017

Love it - Verified Store

Krista C January 15, 2017

The dim setting is great, I can see the white LED just fine without my glasses and on its lowest setting its easy to sleep at night. It seems bright but its dim enough that when you close your eyes you can't see it. The alarm wakes me every time and I love the day setting for them. The port in the back makes more room for my outlet so its Perfect!When I opened the box I thought the item would be bigger but its a perfect size. The indoor thermometer is great too, although I know I wont use it much. - Verified Store

heather January 14, 2017

I do not recommend this product. Bought for my 13 year old. It lasted 2 weeks and after falling off the side table once the screen display quit working. Don't waste your money. - Verified Store

Marcia H January 14, 2017

I could not figure out how to use this product. I put it in my garage and brought back my old radio alarm clock. - Verified Store

tal January 14, 2017

Its cute and works great. - Verified Store

suzy f January 13, 2017

Great price. Has a dimmer. Convenient charger outlet! Would buy again. Thank you. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 12, 2017

I hate this alarm clock! I can't get the alarms to shut off. Already quit using it, and ordered a different one. Loved that I could charge my phone from it, but on Saturday morning when the alarm kept going off, and I couldn't get it to stop, I finally had had enough! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 11, 2017

I'm never late! - Verified Store

Jody D January 11, 2017

I purchased this alarm clock radio for my Mom who is 77 years old. It is quite the update from her old big clock radio. She just loves it! It is stylish and works great. She wakes up to music playing for a length of time then it stops. Great purchase! - Verified Store

Jimmy C January 11, 2017

Though I've not tried the charging capability, this radio has great sound, keeps the time, and is compact enough and sleep enough for my bathroom sink. Would recommend anyone to pick this up. - Verified Store

M. G January 10, 2017

Serves its purpose and easy to set up! - Verified Store

dean m January 10, 2017

The alarm is very difficult to use. I have set it several times and it isn't going off in the morning. Very frustrating. I have had several alarm clocks and never had this issue. I do like everything else but I may have to return this if I can't get the alarm to work:-( - Verified Store

Sonia January 9, 2017

nice radio, price was good. love that you can charge iPhone on it - Verified Store

vegas January 8, 2017

It tells time and charges a iphone. - Verified Store

mike l January 7, 2017

After spending time looking at many different options and reading reviews I decided to try this one. Glad I did. So far this does live up to its high rating. AM as well as FM radio, USB charging port, dual alarm. My biggest concern was having a clock that was not too bright as I kep this on my night stand. The settings this has works perfectly. Highly recommend.As far as complaints about the instructions. The clock & radio aren't that hard to use. I figured out most of it without reading the instructions. With the instructions it took 10 min to fully setup the clock & radio to what I wanted.Finally, the buttons are a bit small and don't always make contact when I hit them early in the morning but that is a minor fault of a good value clock radio. - Verified Store

Roy R January 7, 2017

If you're really tired when your going to bed, it's gonna be a pain to set it the way you want it.I read the manual, I'm pretty tech savvy but it still was way too complicated for an alarm clock radio. Plus the clock I have now is sometimes a bit much for my wife to figure out so I was looking for something a bit simpler, but with a few cool features.I guess it might be a great clock for a rocket surgeon. :) - Verified Store

CT January 6, 2017

works as it should, just a little small. - Verified Store

bubbajax January 5, 2017

Takes a day to recharge my pad with the USB connection. Everything else is OK. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 5, 2017

Works as specifies. Nice little clock. - Verified Store

Krista C January 5, 2017

Had to return. Alarm failed to go off several times and it is very difficult to program. Smaller than expected and very light weight. - Verified Store

Catalina R January 4, 2017

Love the USB phone charging feature - Verified Store

Julie K January 3, 2017

Hard to program and the sound is not loud enough. - Verified Store

Steve January 3, 2017

Just TOO bright of a display. Even though it has 3 brightness settings, the darkest is still way too bright in a darkened room. Makes it difficult to keep in the bedroom, I'll have to find another room to put it in.... - Verified Store

z j January 3, 2017

It has been a few months since I've been using it. Love it! I really like dual alarm setting and the charging station. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer January 2, 2017

I read a lot of reviews complaining that the light was very bright even at the lowest setting. I took the risk and purchased it anyway. I would say that it's not really that the light is bright, I think it's because it's blue (I don't know what the white version is like). The blue display definitely leaves the bedroom with a faint blue glow, and in a way serves as sort of a nightlight. When I look over to the other nightstand where we have a second clock with a red display, the blue numbers don't really seem 'brighter' than the red, the different wavelength of the blue just seems to fill the room more greatly than the red. This may be why so many digital bed-side clocks have been red for so long. If you like your room totally blacked out at night, this is not the clock for you. If you don't mind a soft amount of light that still leaves the room sleepable, you may like this clock. - Verified Store

patti January 2, 2017

Very clear and charges phones.. - Verified Store

Jana Borgemenke January 1, 2017

Great alarm clock, especially to use on a bedside table. Nice size, look, and love the USB charging feature. The projecting digital time display is easy to read. Would highly recommend!

Amazon Customer December 31, 2016

Buttons are too small fo bigger fingers; otherwise, it works well. Will move to guest room and get something else for my husband. - Verified Store

BDBallay December 30, 2016

Easy to use. Display dimmer is great, because the normal setting is a very bright blue. Perfect size (not huge) for my nightstand. Not easy to find an alarm clock/radio combo with a USB port these days, so this was a great find. Only wish the USB port was in the front, not the back. - Verified Store

Jeff December 30, 2016

Even on the lowest setting, the light is bright. In a totally dark room, it feels like laser beams being pointed at your eyes. Don't know how it does it, but the clock sets its own time. Plugged it in and it was spot on with my cell phone. - Verified Store

BEV 9 December 29, 2016

As a few others mentioned, the numeric display light is bright, even on the dimmest setting. However all in all, it's a great clock radio and I love being able to plug my phone into the USB port to charge at night. - Verified Store

Lisa R December 28, 2016

This clock lights up the whole room. If that's what you like, it's great. Button settings aren't real user friendly. - Verified Store

NCMountainGirls December 28, 2016

Gift for my mother. It's so simple to use and a great size. - Verified Store

JSH December 27, 2016

Very basic. Poor sound quality. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 27, 2016

Very complicated set of instructions buttons not in the normal position what's on most alarm clocks nice features but very hard to program - Verified Store

maryam December 23, 2016


reader December 22, 2016

This looked like it had all the features I wanted and they do all seem to work, but even at it's lowest volume, it is WAY TOO LOUD and even on it's dimmest setting, it is is WAY TOO BRIGHT ! - Verified Store

Diedra December 21, 2016

Great size, doesn't take up too much room, but does every thing I need - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 19, 2016

Great product. Dimmer and gradual increasing alarm are great features. - Verified Store

twetz December 19, 2016

Just the right size with an alarm that hasn't let me down. - Verified Store

Kindle C December 17, 2016

This class o c'mon did not reset for Sat n card time, I threw it away, don't buy it - Verified Store

Alfred B December 16, 2016

Big and bright indicators make it very easy to see at night or if you don't like that, just a few pushes of a button and its totally shut off. Nice to have another USB charger even though I have plenty of them in the house. Other than that it works as expected. - Verified Store

Radop December 16, 2016

This is a flimsy, difficult to program clock. The USB charging is fine. - Verified Store

William E December 15, 2016

Clock and night light all in one and charge your phone too. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 14, 2016

I purchased 2 units. Dual alarm, size of item, along with built in charging, all as advertised. I would purchase again if another alarm clock radio + USB was needed. Radio sound is also good. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 14, 2016

Very bright, but can be adjusted if you can figure out how to do it! It's a nice clock once you figure it out. I don't think an alarm clock should be this difficult to operate. - Verified Store

Steve P December 11, 2016

Ordered White and receive Black. - Verified Store

Sarah A December 10, 2016

Very happy with this simple alarm clock that also has a charging port. I like that the brightness of the display is adjustable and the numbers are large and easy to read. Very handy to have my phone charging right on my nightstand every night. Would recommend. - Verified Store

lisa December 9, 2016

love it!! - Verified Store

TerryWelch December 9, 2016

It was just what I expected. The dial is easy to see and it has many features that I like. - Verified Store

nyebaby December 6, 2016

very good product for the money, wished the radio went just a little lower. perfect size. - Verified Store

Philip J December 6, 2016

Horrible sound.Hard to program - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 5, 2016

The alarm portion of this clock stopped working after 2 months. Since that was the whole point of getting this clock, it was a waste of money. - Verified Store

Ted December 5, 2016

good stuff - Verified Store

Lisa J December 5, 2016

It is hard to understand the directions. Should have went with another brand. - Verified Store

MIK62 December 5, 2016

Works great and is simple to use! - Verified Store

Etta R December 4, 2016

I like it, services well - Verified Store

Susan W December 4, 2016

These weren't what I thought they'd be...only one USB port for charging. I needed 2 or 3. I returned them. - Verified Store

Dave T December 4, 2016

I looked a long time for the 'perfect' alarm clock. I like the large numbers and I like having an extra charging station. I read the negative reviews but thought I'd make my own decision. I read that it was extremely difficult to program but I am very technology savvy so thought I would be fine. Ha, was I wrong! I had to read the instructions multiple times and followed them step-by-step and it took me an incredible amount of time to set up. (At least the instructions are accurate). I have just never had to read instructions to set an alarm clock before. :) Needless to say, I just kept the instructions in a drawer near the clock in the event I ever need to program it again. The other thing I read on the reviews that even on the lowest setting of illumination, it was still too bright and that too they were correct about. I wish I had gone with the red light clock; I had to turn it on the lowest setting and still turn the clock away from me (doesn't that defeat the purpose of needing to know the time when you roll over at night? Anyway this feature would work great if the clock was across the room but mine is on the night stand SO I fixed the problem by placing 'taillight tape' across the numbers. Problem solved! Should you decide to do this, just know that the numbers are slightly distorted and are not 'crisp' like the white ones but I would rather this than be distracted at night by the strong white glow. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer December 3, 2016

Not worth the money. Cheap buttons tin sound. Yuck. - Verified Store

Jajam December 3, 2016

I've had this clock radio for a month and it's my primary bedside device. I like the size, the features (am/fm, snooze, timed listening, temperature, display dimmer), and USB port. It's pretty light weight and moves around a little too easily when I hit a control -feels a little cheap, doesn't feel solid. The control buttons have a low profile so when I'm fumbling in the night or upon awakening, I can't always immediately find the right button. I like it but don't love it. - Verified Store

Peter December 3, 2016

perfect - Verified Store

J W December 2, 2016

This clock is easy to use but the brightness cannot be adjusted down enough. The lowest setting functions almost like a night light. Too bright for our preference. - Verified Store

Jim December 2, 2016

Great, works well. - Verified Store

N. C December 2, 2016

Great! Husband loves it. He can read it clearly. It doesn't take up a lot of table space. He can charge his phone through the usb port. Arrived quickly. - Verified Store

Saved December 2, 2016

Bought this clock for work. I really like the shape and display. Everything works as it should. Nice product. Glad I purchased. - Verified Store

CJM December 1, 2016

I bought this to put in my boys' room to help school mornings go more smoothly. The clock is easy to set up & works great. My son can charge his iPod in it which is a bonus. They love waking up to music and I like how it plays for 30 minutes & then shuts off automatically. They know when the music stops, they have to be downstairs and ready. It arrived on time. The quality of the music is much like any other clock radio (not fabulous), which is why I didn't give it 5 stars. But it works as promised/expected for a reasonable price. I'd recommend it. - Verified Store

David S November 29, 2016

It is difficult to follow the instructions to set it up. - Verified Store

Just m November 28, 2016

I bought this as a gift and the individual loves it. It's small enough to fit anywhere and there's no issue charging your phone it, whether you have a droid or iphone. Plus, for its size, the speakers actually get pretty loud. I was surprised there. The sound quality is clear. Overall, this was a great buy and worth the money. - Verified Store

sripps November 28, 2016

Exactly what I wanted--simple, no extraneous features, perfect size. - Verified Store

Donna M November 26, 2016

Great item. Love that I can plug my phone in and the fact that you can dim the display. I guess my only suggestion for improving it would be to allow one more dimmer click before turning it off completely. It's still pretty bright on the lowest setting. Otherwise it's great! - Verified Store

JEN P November 26, 2016

too bright even on dim setting, too many wires (temp wire and radio wire) - Verified Store

harpo November 26, 2016

I like everything about it -- function, size and appearance, performance -- except the controls. The multiple-use, small buttons are not intuitive, and you have to have the instructions open in front of you to do just about anything. - Verified Store

José B November 26, 2016

excellent - Verified Store

Angela November 25, 2016

Perfect for my son! He loves it. - Verified Store

Maria November 25, 2016

It's a pretty good alarm clock for the price. - Verified Store

RockN November 25, 2016

great - Verified Store

Chris November 24, 2016

Item is good but sound is tinny... - Verified Store

Jeffrey C November 24, 2016

The wake to buzzer option is not loud enough to wake me. If there is a way to adjust its volume, I couldn't find it. - Verified Store

Tim H November 24, 2016

Speak and slim and totally easy to use - Verified Store

Tom C November 23, 2016

Nice , I like that you can dim or turn off the # - Verified Store

shabzman November 23, 2016

This is a very nice clock!! - Verified Store

Momof3boys November 22, 2016

So far so good. We got this because our last clock kept loosing time. I love that the lights are dimmable so it's not so bright at night. - Verified Store

Daddy B November 21, 2016

Works as advertised. Convenient and display that's dimmable at night. - Verified Store

Deliaria November 21, 2016

Great alarm clock. love the multiple settings and that i can charge my tablet and phone on it. and that i can unplug it an move it around without losing my settings or have to reset it. would def suggest. - Verified Store

Louise November 21, 2016

Nice clock radio but a little complicated to use. - Verified Store

Holly51 November 21, 2016

I absolutely love this alarm clock! I plugged it into the wall and selected the time zone and it knew what time it was. I was looking for an alarm clock with USB charger and decided on this one for the price. I love that you have the option to set two different alarms, you can also chose what day of the week each alarm applies to. The display can be dimmed to 3 different levels or turned off completely if you like complete darkness. The alarm still works with the display dimmed to off!I highly recommend this alarm clock! - Verified Store

Lori November 19, 2016

Love the convenience of the different alarm settings and the auto daylight savings time change. I would have given it 5 stars if they would have mentioned the extra wires that just hang out the back. - Verified Store

Nathalie G November 19, 2016

Best bedside alarm I've had. - Verified Store

Thirsty d November 17, 2016

good - Verified Store

Reverand D November 17, 2016


Dan W November 16, 2016

Easy to operate, easy to read, and the USB port is perfect for charging your phone while you sleep - Verified Store

Opus M November 16, 2016

I like the compact design and the ability to charge my phone. I wish the display could be a little dimmer at night. It seems to keep time well. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 15, 2016

Love this alarm clock. Auto set feature is great. Love the fact that it gives me room temperature.I own two of them. Great purchase. - Verified Store

HHT November 15, 2016

It has an atomic clock so keeps perfect time. The dim light is somewhat bright but doesn't bother me at night and I can read the time in the dark. . Being myopic I would have appreciated slightly larger numbers. The radio plays well and has good acoustics. All in all it is a good product. - Verified Store

KD-Tri November 15, 2016

This is a decent clock-radio-alarm with a small profile. It fits nicely on the nightstand beside the bed and is very easy to set up. It automatically synchronizes with the atomic clock to get the local date and time. The micro-USB charging is very handy, though its is really only set up to charge one device. The radio is digitally tuned for accuracy. The display is nice and large for easy reading and it comes with battery backup in case of power failure. On the whole I would recommend this clock radio though there are a couple of things I didn't like. There are no rubber feet on the bottom so it slides around easily when reaching to turn off the alarm. The buttons are relatively small and positioned at the top and back making it hard to find the snooze button by feel. You can adjust the brightness of the display although the dimmest setting is still pretty bright in a dark room, but there is an option to turn off the time display except for a tiny dot of light. I'm a light-sensitive sleeper and find even the tiny dot a bit too bright on its dimmest setting. I've covered it with a piece of tape. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 14, 2016

worked for 5m then display went out can not get it back on - Verified Store

Scott November 14, 2016

Many customizable features. I like it. - Verified Store

Stephanie November 11, 2016

wonderful fo my college room !! - Verified Store

Teefabulous November 11, 2016

Kind of small. Doesn't have a way to play your phone through the radio. I like that it has 10 preset buttons but you can't move back and forth through them so it's kind of a pain. Easy to program and it automatically updates with the time zone. - Verified Store

tony c November 11, 2016

Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging for Smartphones & Tablets includes Dual Alarm, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set & 1.2' LED Display with 4 Dimming Options (EAAC470)Love, 'em. Both of 'em. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 10, 2016

Love it - Verified Store

ANAND P November 10, 2016

The clock has great adjustable display and also various custom features. I found the overall features easy to operate - Verified Store

W D November 9, 2016

Sound Quality is poor, but like the charging function - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 8, 2016

Very nice, great for bedroom. Just amazing seeing the time in those pretty blue lights on a sleepless night....all while the phone charges. - Verified Store

David R November 7, 2016

Great product with great features such as dimmable display, dual alarms and a USB port to charge you phone with while you sleep. Is smaller than our old alarm clock but easy to read display. Would recommend to anyone. - Verified Store

Sammie B November 6, 2016

It's a great little clock. Everything you need for an alarm or am/fm bathroom clock. One thing to note is the plug takes up more space than your average plug. I normally keep three things plugged up side by side in the bathroom. Now I can only use two at a time. But no worries. I'm still very happy with the purchase - Verified Store

Aylin November 5, 2016

Great alarm clock ! Easy to operate, good radio, and love that you can plug in a usb cord in the back where i can charge my phone and love that you can turn off the display time to sleep in the dark- overall, great buy ! - Verified Store

Capt'n G November 5, 2016

It is a good product with many options. My only complaint is the alarm button is too small to find at 5:00AM - Verified Store

Guitar m November 5, 2016

Clock is working fine and I like the USB charger. - Verified Store

Tim G November 4, 2016

Easy to work - Verified Store

Eric P November 2, 2016

An excellent clock. I like the features: USB charging port, dual-alarms and being able to brighten/dim/shut off the display. I definitely recommend this product.Transaction with the seller was perfect, the clock even showed up several days earlier than expected! - Verified Store

Gwyn W November 2, 2016

So Far we LOVE IT!!! No complaints whatsoever! - Verified Store

Kyle W November 2, 2016

This alarm clock is wonderful. Would you believe that I used it to replace an old Bose, and that I'm pleased that I did?! It has a much smaller footprint and it sounds great, plus it has the USB adapter for my iPhone with a cord that isn't too long. - Verified Store

Ron S November 2, 2016

I really like this alarm clock. It is not hard to set if you read the manual. It is a bit bright even at the low setting but I just stopped by an auto tint shop and they gave me a few scraps of tint. I put a couple layers over the display and problem solved. - Verified Store

Walter A November 2, 2016

This is a near-perfect alarm clock. It's only real drawback is that, due to its small size, the radio sounds pretty bad. It replaced a much bigger, much more expensive clock radio with speakers three times the size so of course it can't compare. On the other hand, it is LOADED with features. I love the fact that it set the correct time automatically at the press of one button. I also love that there are so many alarm day choices: 7 days a week, Mon-Fri, weekends, any individual day. The USB port on the back gives us a handy place to charge one of our phones overnight. It's light and a bit cheap feeling and I've only had it a couple weeks, so I can't comment on its durability. If it lasts two years I'll consider it money well spent. - Verified Store

GonzalezG November 2, 2016

Very useful. As expected. - Verified Store

RW October 30, 2016

Nice clock
- Verified Store

Vaness M October 29, 2016

Works well; charger very convenient.
- Verified Store

Matt F October 27, 2016

I mean, great clock, definitely tells time. Not the blue color I asked for, so l, WATCH out for that.
- Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 26, 2016

Easy to set up, charges my I Pad as well!
- Verified Store

K H October 25, 2016

Easy to use. Exactly as advertised.
- Verified Store

MamaTamas October 24, 2016

I just got my clock about a week ago and so far I really like it. The clock has a radio, USB plug in the back so I can charge my phone over night, and 2 alarms. When I opened the box and programmed my alarms, I was thrilled to find out I could turn off the day light savings feature because my last clock (which I had for many years before it died) couldn't so twice a year I had to change the time. I was also pleasantly surprised that it allows you to set alarm options like every day, weekdays, etc. There's a set list of options, so you can't customize it but I just need it to ring on weekdays and selected that option. I also like how I can turn off the clock lights. If you click the dimmer button there are 3 brightness options in addition to the lights turning completely off. I am overall very happy with the clock so far. It's only been a couple of weeks, though, so the true test will be how long the clock lasts. I definitely recommend this clock to whomever is looking for the features above. - Verified Store

C. H October 24, 2016

Had for a couple of weeks and so far so good. I love that the alarm can be set to only go off M-F and that it sets automatically and works through DST. The USB port is nice and the alarm clock functions well. The only complaints are minor, the display could use another level of dim and it would be nice if the temperature probe was long enough to tell outside temperature - Verified Store

wolfepack October 24, 2016

It felt cheap and the display was WAY too bright. i had to flip it upside down during the night or it would wake me up when I rolled over. I did like the charging aspect option.
- Verified Store

Andrea D October 24, 2016

I never thought I would go back to a traditional alarm clock but I'm glad I did. My cell phone has ended up under my pillow far too many times and I've overslept. This clock works great! I especially like the blue lighting as it helps me nursing my little one without turning on any lights.
- Verified Store

JamesR October 22, 2016

Does a lot for the price. Prompt shipping. Had it for a couple of months now no trouble. I recommend it
- Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 21, 2016

I wish there was a way to stop the clock from rotating betw time, temp, and date.
- Verified Store

HBLC October 21, 2016

Works great, no complaints!
- Verified Store

BillG October 21, 2016

All functions work well.
Dimmer seems to have been improved compared to older reviews.
- Verified Store

LDC October 19, 2016

The clock is small enough for my nightstand and I can plug in my phone or ipod. The radio has a good sound and it was pretty easy to setup. The alarm is great. I like the dimming feature very much. I also purchased one for my husband and he likes his very much. So far so good.
- Verified Store

Tinkertoy October 19, 2016

The alarm was weak at best and was insufficient to wake me. The power cord is hard wired to the unit and ends in a transformer (adapter brick). This prevented it from being routed through a desk grommet to the outlet below without being modified. The controls were far from intuitive and were almost inoperable while in a half awake state. The design from an aesthetic standpoint is nice and the construction is passable.
- Verified Store

Miller October 18, 2016

I really like all of the features of this small radio but I wish the sound quality was a little better. Considering the price, I think it is a great bargain.
- Verified Store

Michael Mills October 17, 2016

Delivered with lightening speed and includes the advertised features.
Before ordering, I received some answers to my questions, via I wanted the alarm off button to be silent. Instead, it has an audible click, though it is relatively quiet.
The volume is adjusted at discrete levels. Volume 1 is louder than I prefer. I awake easily in the mornings and it takes very little sound to awake. I like to keep things quiet in the morning so my wife can keep sleeping.
As things have worked out, I am keeping my old Emerson and my wife is using the new clock with its many features.

Alyssa G October 17, 2016

Small and compact. Great way to charge your phone!
- Verified Store

ddatre October 17, 2016

The product works perfectly, and everything is as described. My only complaint is that the numbers are bright, even at the lowest dimming setting. I got used to it within a couple of nights, but I know it's best for your body to sleep in complete darkness so it worries me a little bit
- Verified Store

Rhonda D October 17, 2016

radio alarm only stays on 30 minutes - very hard to set
- Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 17, 2016

This clock has not rung once at the appointed time. It is difficult to set, if not impossible. I wanted to like it, but I just wanted an alarm I can set occasionally. I don't need a technically challenging clock. Sent it back.
- Verified Store

Roger S October 16, 2016

I bought the blue LED version. Despite what some people say
about setting the clock/alarm, it is easy. I figured it out by just
pushing buttons.
- Verified Store

Jessica H October 14, 2016

we just started using it and so far I like it. My only complaint is that you cant set the alarms to play a different radio station than the one the clock is set to.
- Verified Store

Daksha D October 13, 2016

Radio sound is terrible. Also difficult to set station on radio.
- Verified Store

D_W October 12, 2016

Love the features like setting alarm just M-F. I no longer forget setting it back on Sunday nights. Great setup with the alarm off button being easily distinguishable by touch when that dark and early alarm goes off. Sound is fair to average for a clock radio in this price range. If you are using the sound just to wakeup in the morning it is more than adequate, but if you want jam to you favorite music while studying, doing chores, or whatever - put on some headsets instead. Charger works will and easily charges my iPhone in a few hours.
- Verified Store

Corine T October 12, 2016

super - Verified Store

BB M October 11, 2016

I really like the features that this clock has including the USB port, AM/FM radio, dual alarm and small size. The only problem that I have with this product is how bright the numbers are (even on the lowest brightness setting). I am hoping to find some type of filter lens to put over the display since I don't want to turn the clock display off completely.
- Verified Store

Ashley October 8, 2016

Great - Verified Store

Aquisitive1 October 7, 2016

Seems to work fine, but it is very bright if you're sensitive to the light.
- Verified Store

Simon D October 7, 2016

So far, so good.
- Verified Store

Amazon Customer October 6, 2016

A good clock I don't have to worry about showing the right time. Auto time set from National time source. Also nice to have a place to charge the Cell Phone without having to run another "Wall Wart" charger.
- Verified Store

Stephen October 6, 2016

Good stuff
- Verified Store

SemperFi0505 October 6, 2016

I love this clock. Buttons are in the perfect spot and easily identifiable in the morning haze. And having the USB on the back to charge you phone with, is just an awesome bonus!
- Verified Store

Michael Mills October 5, 2016

Delivered with the speed of lightening. Nice features, everything as advertised. Thank you.
As a mail order, I missed the opportunity to feel and touch. Two things I needed and did not get, though I thought I received an answer from a question at
I wake easily in the morning and do not require very much noise. I like for my wife to continue sleeping. The volume for the radio is adjusted by clicks of the volume button, and it does not go low enough to suit me. The alarm off-button clicks, it is a low sound, but the click is still audible.
My old Emerson clock radio had buttons that were completely silent, unlike all of the other clock radios I have looked at, and the volume could get really low.

Jill H October 5, 2016

i gave this to my kids for chrstimas last year and they love them. I am giving this to my mom this year
- Verified Store

Peggy October 5, 2016

I wanted a clock radio (didn't care about the alarm and USB ports). The clock is good -- nice display of numbers. I'm surprised at all the reviews that say the radio had a good sound quality, given its small size. I wasn't too concerned about the sound quality because I basically wanted it for the news while I was getting ready in the morning. However, it has unlistenable static. I tried several outlets in several rooms of our house and they all produced very loud static.
Thanks to Amazon's great service, I am able to return it for a refund!
- Verified Store

Janet R October 4, 2016

Once I read the instructions (it took several tries), I plugged it in and it was fine. I thought I had ordered an atomic clock, however, which is not what came. When I looked up the model numbers, the one I thought I had ordered and the one I got were the same number. So, be careful.
- Verified Store

robin October 3, 2016

The item was exactly like it was posted on the site. It works great and I would recommend it to anyone.
- Verified Store

Mason September 30, 2016

Sound quality is "eh", but other than that I like the low profile clock and its features. I like I can plug a USB into it to charge my phone instead of reaching behind my nightstand - Verified Store

Gimmedap September 30, 2016

Not quite up to Par! This small clock radio was purchases mainly for waking us up in the morning and for the fact that the phone can plug into in right on our bedside. However, the alarm function is virtually useless unless you are a light sleeper as it is so soft I can hardly hear it. Waking up to the radio is a little better. It is a multi-functional piece and perhaps I'll grow to love it more in the future. However right now I'm just lukewarm on this purchase. - Verified Store

B M September 29, 2016

Couldnt be happier. Nice clear display that doesnt light up the entire room at night. Simple controls. I LOVE that I dont have to set the time, it does that automatically. - Verified Store

Sak September 29, 2016

Very useful alarm clock. . Love the big display. . Bought one for the kids too. - Verified Store

D F September 29, 2016

The perfect size alarm clock radio for night stand and love the opportunity to be able to charge my electronic devices - Verified Store

cap September 29, 2016

Works better than advertised - Verified Store

DeorajS September 29, 2016

I ordered the Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging but it did not have the Quick Start Guide or Manual in the box, therefore I do not know how to set it up and it is now useless to me. - Verified Store

Tim B September 29, 2016

My old alarm clock worked for years, but the buttons started to wear out and wouldn't work anymore. I wanted a clock that had 2 alarms, automatic time setting, and a clear display. The Electrohome fit the bill, plus the added features of the temperature and USB port are nice. Overall, the clock is easy to setup and program, but you may need to review the guide to get it right the first time. I keep my radio on the same station, so I haven't tried setting stations. Also, the display is bright and can be adjusted. The clear white numbers are easy to read from across the room at the lowest setting. I'm giving the clock 4 stars instead of 5 due to the small learning curve of programming and all the wires coming out the back that have to be hidden away somehow. - Verified Store

J. F September 28, 2016

Very nice. Numbers are easy to read and do not blind you. - Verified Store

Doug S September 27, 2016

My wife loves the clock radio and the programmable features. She did say that the sound quality was disappointing. - Verified Store

Patty September 27, 2016

I was not sure abut spending this much on an alarm clock that I couldn't see in person but what was described was everything I wanted. I was not disappointed. The best feature for me is the dim button. I can turn the light completely off and the alarm clock still works. I love that because I do not like a lit up room when sleeping. It has 4 settings for the dimmer which is perfect. The only drawback is the radio reception but I can live with that easily. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 25, 2016

A bit disappointed with this clock radio as I was replacing my old one which was 20 years old and the sound quality is worse than my old one. The photo does not show that there are 2 wires (antenna) coming out of the radio that have to hang off of it and the dimmest setting is still too bright. Will be returning this item unfortunately. - Verified Store

AJ September 25, 2016

NO VOLUME!! Won't wake anyone!! Buttons don't work! Not returnable!! Beware! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 24, 2016

The display is really, really bright; I will need to buy a dimmer sheet to place over the display screen at night, even when it's set at the dimmest setting. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 24, 2016

ok - Verified Store

DELTA September 24, 2016

It's exactly what I wanted and it arrived immediately. The lights are can be set at three levels, which I appreciate - Verified Store

ANU September 24, 2016

Item is looking good. Alarm and radio are working fine. Gave a 4 only because it is not heavy and very easy to slip from the table. Also the numbers doesnt look the way they r shown in the picture. They look like the ones shown in the pictures shared by some of the other customers. To change the battery you need to open the slot using a screw driver, which is annoying for me. Rest all is good and working fine - Verified Store

Amber L September 23, 2016

Love that it has a USB port. It seems as though there's a lot of buttons to press to set an alarm, but it's not too difficult to do. Overall the quality of the alarm clock is very good and I would buy it again or recommend it to someone else. - Verified Store

Purple s September 22, 2016

Good points: small footprint, large bright display
Bad points: radio too quiet to hear, very hard to set , hard to find radio stations - Verified Store

Susan A September 22, 2016

Hard to program. Hard to read (I'll never choose blue display again). Does not work properly. You can supposedly set the volume on the alarm, but no matter what level I choose for wake to radio, the volume is so low I can barely hear it right by my head. Have had it 1 week and the buzzer alarm has started going off randomly even when both alarms are OFF. - Verified Store

james September 22, 2016

This alarm clock is a piece of junk don't waste your money. After 2 weeks of use when I turn the alarm on it shuts itself right back off, it won't stay on no matter what I do, It's going in the trash. - Verified Store

D. M September 20, 2016

Very good value for the money. I really value the ability to charge my phone without having another power cord, and I like the small form factor. The reason I gave it four instead of five stars is that I would prefer a continuously adjustable dimmer, including a setting a little dimmer than the dimmest. - Verified Store

Karen H September 19, 2016

Great addition to the master bedroom. Only complaint is that the dimmer is not really dim enough. Would have liked it to be a little less bright. All that said, great to be able to charge my iphone with a simple plug in! - Verified Store

Ellen September 18, 2016

Too many buttons make this complicated--but I am mastering it?? - Verified Store

D. E September 15, 2016

Dual alarms very nice. I really like how when using the radio function for alarm it gradually gets louder. I would prefer if the clock was a bit heavier as it tends to slide when anything touches it. - Verified Store

Mary O September 15, 2016

I still can't figure out how to set am/pm when I set the alarm. It just seemed a little too hard to program and I still don't have it all figured out :( - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 13, 2016

This device is way too quiet to wake anyone. When the alarm is set to buzzer mode, it is no louder than an iPhone at 1/10th the volume. The maximum radio volume is equivalent to an iPhone at 1/3 volume. - Verified Store

Joseph M September 13, 2016

Love that the clock was already set to the proper time right out of the box. No problems connecting and using the clock and everything seems to work fine. - Verified Store

John R September 12, 2016

I've used this alarm clock for a couple of weeks now and like it a lot! It replaced an old GE clock I had for about 25 years. It has some nice features such as setting the alarm to sound only on weekdays The numbers on the display are large and bright, and I can easily read them without my eyeglasses, but at the same time the unit is lightweight and has a small footprint that doesn't take much room on my already crowded nightstand. The USB port is also a nice feature and one of the main reasons I chose this model as it allows me to charge my phone and keep it on my nightstand near me in case my kids should call during the night.
Some of the other reviewers complained about the difficulty of setting it up. I will admit I did find the user manual a little daunting and overly complicated, and I finally just put it down. I basically set it the alarm and set the time without using the manual at all, and only referenced it for a couple of things, such as setting the alarm to sound only on weekdays. So far, it's been a solid purchase and I hope it lasts 25 years also. - Verified Store

Woodman September 12, 2016

Very Nice. Small size and nice features make this a very good clock radio. - Verified Store

Jeff T September 12, 2016

Works great so far!
I've had this product for a couple of weeks and it has been working just as advertised. The USB charger has been putting up fantastically with my iPhone and chargers it just as quickly as a wall charger. The functionality is intuitive and the display is large and clear.

My only complaint is the brightness. I have taken it down to the dimmest setting and it's still creating a little bit of light in my completely dark room. If there was one more setting if dimness below the current lowest one I would have absolutely no complaints. - Verified Store

ngbstl September 12, 2016

Dual alarm presets allows you to have week and weekend times. Easy to edit, activate alarms. It has 3 brightness settings, screen color is chill. Also USB slot for charging devices. Buzzer sound works well to awake you, has customizable radio that I don't use but it's there. And lithium battery so no worries if power goes out. - Verified Store

Eric S September 11, 2016

I was looking for a clock that could do more than one alarm, without too many other extras. Most of the other alarm clocks I looked at only provided a second alarm in addition to the first alarm, on the same day (every day). This feature is for couples I presume, where one gets up earlier than the other. This clock allows you to set two completely independent alarms. So I can set one on the weekday for an earlier time, and one on the weekend or even just Sunday, for a later time. I really like this feature a lot. I also wanted battery backup in case the power went out, but I didn't care about the USB charger capabilities - I don't want portable electronics in my room, I leave them to charge on my desk in my office. PROS:
- Display can be turned all the way off. If you don't care about the time, not having any light at all is nice, though there is still one small LED that shines fairly brightly for how small it is.
- Dual alarms. I set one for weekdays and one for Sunday. Saturday I don't have to worry about an alarm usually ;-)
- Clock auto-sets and has a coin-battery for battery backup. It doesn't keep the clock on if there is a power outage, it just keeps all of your settings until the power comes on. I prefer the wall-plug plus battery backup setup so that I don't have to worry about changing batteries, even if this means if the power goes out, I may not have an alarm go off. (If the power goes out I probably won't be making it out the door on time any way, no matter when I wake up.)

- BRIGHT DISPLAY. I cannot believe how bright this is even on the dimmest setting. I thought other reviewers were exaggerating and they were not. I have yet to get some sort of film I can apply to darken things more. I got the blue LED thinking it would be less bright than the white, and it did not help.
- Buzzer volume is not adjustable. You can only adjust the alarm volume if you select radio. Also, the volume settings are digital, so you can't go quieter than the quietest setting of "1", which is still a little louder than I'd like (I try to keep it as low as possible to not wake my wife).
- You can't turn the alarm off when the display is not showing. So if it is early in the morning and you happen to wake up before the alarm, you have to turn the display on (which we've already said is blinding) before you can turn off the alarm so it won't trip at it's normal time.

I wavered between a 3 and 4 star review and ultimately settled on 4 because it did have the dual alarm feature that is hard to find. The brightness is something that can be fixed, albeit at an additional small cost. The digital volume control is the major ding, if that were analog I could give this clock 5 stars. Also, I have seen other reviews complain about how difficult it is to set the alarm, but if you read the instructions the first time, you should not have any problem setting it in the future, unless you can't remember what number is what day of the week - Verified Store

J. M September 10, 2016

Nice clock and charger. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 9, 2016

Best feature is the bright display and M-F alarm setting - Verified Store

PAUL C September 7, 2016

Great compact design that takes up little space on my night stand, but has big readable numbers at night. Alarm starts faintly and goes progressively louder. Alarm is quite easy to set. The USB port is great for charging my iPod at night. I only use it on one station, so I haven't experimented with setting many stations, yet. For my use, namely listening to radio at bedtime, telling me the time at night, and waking me up in the morning, it is perfect. - Verified Store

Tara K September 7, 2016

At first I thought this was perfect, 4 dimmer settings, lightweight and compact. Then, I went to listen to radio. The lowest volume setting is deafening. I listen in morning and need 2 pillows over radio to try and muffle the sound. I will be shopping for another clock radio. - Verified Store

Beverly B September 7, 2016

A little hard to maneuver even with instructions - Verified Store

Ariella L September 5, 2016

I like the size of the clock as well as the usb port in the back of the clock - Verified Store

Shastar September 5, 2016

Did not wake up my son. Returned. - Verified Store

Rogers H September 3, 2016

Good price for a clock radio that has all the features I needed, 2 separate and continuous alarms, large numbers that can be dimmed, an attached USB line plus its compact size fits on my night stand - Verified Store

Kathy P September 3, 2016

can not turn sound down enough to use in office. - Verified Store

Victoria H September 2, 2016

I bought the clock when my other one broke while moving. I was drawn to this because it had USB charging ports, the clock time could dim to black, and it could connect to the radio. It does the job, but I wish I had paid a bit more money for something a little nicer. The light dims, but if the alarm is on there is still a little blue light that shines brightly. The speaker are not that great either. Overall it's functional and it works. - Verified Store

Elizabeth L September 1, 2016

Nice alarm clock. Easy to use. Love the convenience of the usb port. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer September 1, 2016

We bought the mostly for the clock and the USB connection and they both work great! - Verified Store

Ed J August 30, 2016

Even on the lowest brightness setting, it's still too bright for me. The radio volume on it's lowest setting is pretty loud when it is used as an alarm. - Verified Store

Joanne August 30, 2016

Works great, love the usb port! - Verified Store

James L August 26, 2016

I decided I was going to use the smartphone for my alarm, so I needed a new clock that has a USB port. The alarm clock is perfect. It has a large display, but the overall size of the device is small. I purchased the blue LED display and the display on the last level of dimming is perfect for sleeping. Contrary to other reviews, it's not too bright. It looks great and very easy to program. - Verified Store

Sheri R August 26, 2016

This is the 2nd one I purchased. Each of my kids has one now, and they are great. - Verified Store

Lise August 22, 2016

Very bright even with adjustable dimmer. Useful - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 20, 2016

The clock works well, the multiple dimmer levels makes it easy to select the intensity that you desire. My only gripe would be that the sensor for the thermometer is just on the end of a short wire and it gets in the way sitting on the nightstand. - Verified Store

Carlos A August 19, 2016

I love this product, it covered my expectations completely. However, I believe two things that can be improved: the display light is REALLY bright even at its lowest level, also, the radio volume is also very high even at number 1 (lowest level). I would recommend it without doubt - Verified Store

Amber August 18, 2016

This product is great. I love the added feature of the USB outlet, I am able to charge my device and leave the other wall plug open. The dimmer feature is perfect for different times of day. It actually helps to read the directions too - Verified Store

Brittany August 17, 2016

Pretty impressed! I like how time/date/temp automatically sets. The alarms, radio etc do take some reading, but if you just read and follow directions, it's not bad. You can change the brightness at night if it's too bright for you. My only complaint is that I wish the beep for the alarm was louder.

Steve I August 17, 2016

It was a sad day for me when my alarm clock radio (with tape deck) from 1986 broke. This was what I ultimately chose as it's replacement. It's not the same, but it's been good to me so far. We'll see if it sticks around for 30 years - Verified Store

bob c August 16, 2016

It is just what I wanted and works will - Verified Store

valene August 16, 2016

looks sharp, had to re-read the instructions a bunch just to reset the alarm but it has a ton of features i dont need and it looks nice. bought the amazon warehouse deal so i got it a little cheaper but it acts and looks new - Verified Store

Lisa T August 14, 2016

Simple alarm clock with the bonus of being able to charge you smartphone. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 9, 2016

Great size for all that it does. Really like the blue LED, and it dims quite low if you like it that way. Makes for great sleep.Some of the buttons don't easily identify what they do, but once you get accustomed to them, it's fairly simple to navigate. - Verified Store

Kevin K August 9, 2016

Its kind of hard to screw up an alarm clock but the one I purchased before this sure tried hard. This keeps time well. Its not too bright for those who require darkness to sleep. The USB port on the back is super convenient. Doesn't pump out a lot of Amps; however, gets the job done charging overnight. Alarm is loud and there are two of them. Pretty standard but quality product. Would buy again. - Verified Store

mth August 9, 2016

Works great. Actually haven't used the charger part yet. It is a good size for me to see in the middle of the night while I am feeding my baby but not too bright that it bothers us - Verified Store

Jane August 8, 2016

We needed two different alarm for different days. The radio provided manual, Mon-Fri and Weekend options, which made life simpler. The manual is very easy to do as well. There's an added feature of showing the temperature. The challenge was understanding the instructions on how to set everything up, not terribly intuitive.
Radio reception is mediocre, but we didn't get it for that purpose. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 6, 2016

Easy to set up and like that I can st it for Monday through Friday and not have to turn it off for the weekend - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 2, 2016

Really enjoying my new Electrohome alarm clock. I am a heavy sleeper and so i need a dependable alarm to help me get up early in the morning. This alarm is dependable and easy to use. I like the dual alarm settings and the ergonomic design. The dimmable display is very nice as well. I havnt used the usb charger yet but i know i will be soon. Thanks for a great product! - Verified Store

Janice C July 30, 2016

I love my new alarm clock. My vision is not good and the display is large and easy to read. It even provides indoor temperature, which I was not expecting. The USB feature is very handy. I don't really use it for the alarm feature, but it looks straightforward. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 29, 2016

After digging through all the available options in a clock radio, I thought this one would work for me, but I was mistaken by what could probably be taken for false advertising. The marketing material and even the box itself says that the clock has "Advanced SelfSet technology." I'm no expert on "SelfSet" technology, much less Advanced SelfSet technology, but one would believe that this clock will pull down an atomic clock signal in the same manner that self setting clocks have for more than a decade. I'm not sure what is self setting about this clock since you have to set the time, date, and time zone. The only redeeming factor is that it will do automatic daylight savings time adjustments (based on the time zone you set). For $30 this alarm clock does not live up to its claims and should be placed squarely in the $15-20 market. It has a decent interface and is bright, but self-setting is not in its bag of tricks. - Verified Store

Katz July 29, 2016

I was disappointed in the radio not being very clear sound. I move it and messed with the antenna and could find a clear channel. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 27, 2016

I like that I can charge my phone on this device but, it's a little hard to try to figure everything out. Other than that all around great. - Verified Store

Michael G July 26, 2016

Very nice looking and user friendly. conveniently located charging port. Has many options included including calendar, thermometer, dimmer for night time. - Verified Store

kelli b July 25, 2016

I bought this alarm clock for my son's room. I really like the size and look of it, it takes some getting used to on learning all of the controls but not too bad. I also like the fact that you can charge your phone on it, that is 1 less thing to plug in. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 22, 2016

So far is doing a good job ! - Verified Store

Janill G July 21, 2016

Amazing little clock radio with more features than I will ever use, but it's nice that they are there. Love the adjustable blue light. Made by our neighbors to the North since 1907. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 21, 2016

I just use it as a clock, and it does that job well. Not too bright in the night, easy to read and go back to sleep. - Verified Store

Jennifer G July 21, 2016

I'm in love with Alexa! Our relationship is still young however we are becoming fast friends. The device is amazing, you'll wonder how you ever lived without her.My entire family enjoys the device and honestly we watch tv less and enjoy listening to books and music more. The most difficultly you'll have is deciding where to put it. My husband is considering buying another one for the bedroom! - Verified Store

Mark K July 20, 2016

- 24-hour mode
- Thermometer (supports Celsius)
- Display is easy to read
- Dual alarms
- Alarms have settings for which days of the week to repeat on
- Attractive design
- Slightly angled display. Easier to read if placed on a lower surface yet not really any worse when placed on a slightly higher surface.
- Takes power from the wall. Why use batteries that need replacing when I never plan to move the clock?

- Alarm has occasionally gone off even when no alarm is set. This has happened in the middle of the night and during the day. The only way to turn it off is to unplug the clock from the wall. This is by far the biggest flaw.
- Display is too bright! Even on the lowest setting, it's too much for a completely dark room. And if the display is turned off, a small indicator dot on the display turns on at full brightness and can still be bothersome, especially if sleeping close to the clock. The bright settings are useful during daylight, but there just needs to be a settings that's less bright than even the lowest one.
- The layout of the buttons is poor. Though it doesn't take too long to get used to, it'd have been nice if the buttons which will be used more often (toggling alarms, setting alarm time forward/back) were placed or shaped in a way that would make them easier to distinguish from the rest.
- Setting and reconfiguring the alarms is too long of a process. Some may not require constantly changing the times, but I do. I frequently need to reconfigure the alarms to different times and I still have to go through the day of the week and buzzer/radio settings.
- Buttons need to be long-pressed to toggle the alarms. This is especially annoying when waking up; I want the alarm to stop as soon as possible. If I use snooze, I sometimes forget to properly turn it off.
- The thermometer and radio antenna cables are a bit annoying and ugly, but I bundled them up in the back and it's not a huge deal.

Other thoughts:
I bought this mainly because it supported 24-hour format. To my surprise, an alarm clock that supports this is incredibly hard to find on-line in the US. I'm not happy with the price, but I really needed a 24-hour clock. For the features that I use, this clock isn't worth $30; I don't care for the USB charging or the radio. - Verified Store

Wesley M July 19, 2016

Very nice radio/alarm. I recommend it to anybody. - Verified Store

Rhea D July 17, 2016

Perfect for the bedside - tells the temp, time, and charges my iPhone... really everything I need. - Verified Store

Segisfredo P July 17, 2016

Good little click looks nice it's just what we needed - Verified Store

CopleyCarol July 16, 2016

I've owned this 3 months and Alarm #1 no longer works. Sadly I only had a month to be able to return it. It had good sound, having two alarms works well with our jobs and even place to recharge the tablet that I read with. But will have to replace it with something else as no alarm isn't good. Sad that it only last 3 months. - Verified Store

Mark W July 16, 2016

Clocks are a bit bright to have in a bedroom. - Verified Store

Mo H July 14, 2016

The alarm clock works perfectly and the USB port is a real plus. I like the soft blue readout. It is easy to ready yet isn't overpowering in the dark. Quick painless set up too. - Verified Store

Me July 14, 2016

Junk... didn't work. - Verified Store

ckherman July 14, 2016

I love that it has four different light levels! Works great so far. Thanks - Verified Store

Fuller July 14, 2016

I have no complaints about the product - Verified Store

Solo July 11, 2016

I ordered this alarm on February. My daughter mentioned that it was defective. I was not realized until now. I set up the alarm at 6:30AM, the alarm turns on at might night. I am disappointed - Verified Store

Scott L July 7, 2016

Very good sound and the alarm is just annoying enough to get me out of bed! - Verified Store

Catherine S July 4, 2016

This item only good for alarm clock
The problem is the radio can not get good reception for the AM station. - Verified Store

sport July 4, 2016

great compact radio and the best the clock adjust itself. fast shipping. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 3, 2016

Quite visible; good controls although they take a bit of getting used to. - Verified Store

Triple A June 30, 2016

It's a great clock - Verified Store

Trish June 30, 2016

Easy to see, compact size, excellent dimmable display. A bit complicated to set up with all the available choices, but once set, product use is simple. Perhaps someone could rewrite the directions in an easier to understand format. The clock radio itself though is very good and I recommend it. - Verified Store

Ebert H June 28, 2016

Setting it up is tricky but doable at last. The one it replaces was a bear to keep on time. This new one appears to have much better system. - Verified Store

JACKS June 26, 2016

DUGHTER LOVE IT - Verified Store

fergie June 26, 2016

Nice product. Just as expected. - Verified Store

Jona J June 26, 2016

I love the dim feature so I am not blinded in the middle of the night. The numbers are nice and big so I can read them when I am half asleep or don't have my glasses on, and the triangular shape means my cat doesn't sit on top of it. - Verified Store

Carrie June 26, 2016

It's bright. Great features. Speaker is average and wish it played from USB and not just charged. - Verified Store

jwoods1768 June 26, 2016

Like some things about this clock, including being able to dim the lighted numbers and the USB charging. However, programming is too difficult. - Verified Store

MixedupGirl June 24, 2016

Only alarm clock I've ever actually needed to read the manual for... Works great, the USB ports are super handy, as is the dimming option for the numbers on the clock. I'm very happy with it. - Verified Store

Levi G June 24, 2016

Nice alarm, if a bit complicated to program and set. But it's accurate and I love the dimmer feature. Also, the seller I purchased this from was very good. - Verified Store

GG June 24, 2016

materials looks a bit cheap, but works ok - Verified Store

Alan Y June 24, 2016

good product ! - Verified Store

R. R June 23, 2016

Buttons can be a bit confusing, but experimentation and digesting what the instructions are meant to say rendered a usable product.
We like the accuracy feature and the friendly blue display. One thing I have issues with is that although the display has several brightness settings, including off, the lowest is still too bright and lights the room up. Our previous one had a less bright display - Verified Store

Joyce C June 23, 2016

Love it! You can set the alarm to go off Mon - Fri and not have to remember to turn it on every night, its automatically set. - Verified Store

AH June 23, 2016

Horrible! So complicated a MIT graduate student failed to make it function correctly. Do not buy. - Verified Store

J.S. June 22, 2016

This is a great clock! I have it by my computer desk for easy phone charging and it looks great. Definitely worth it. The time set itself once plugged in. I haven't used the other features as I don't need them since I sleep in a different room so no need for alarm, but the automatic DST settings are also nice - Verified Store

Lynn C June 19, 2016

I love everything (multiple alarm options, charging port, blue-lit rather than harsh red) except the "night light" that you can almost read by once your eyes have adjusted to the dark. So I can't use it during the night without channeling through all the brightness settings and blinding myself. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 19, 2016

I love it!! I never thought a clock radio could be so cool! - Verified Store

acarolinea June 19, 2016

This clock is perfect for 2 people who get up at 2 different times Monday through Friday. No resetting it every day, or turning it off on Fridays and then back on again on Sunday nights. And I love the automatic daylight saving function-no more having to "fall back" or "spring ahead", it does that too! 10 pre-set stations, a USB charging dock on the back: it's a game changer! It even came with the battery installed, so the time and zone were all set! - Verified Store

Janice June 19, 2016

Easy to set up. The size is perfect for a side table. - Verified Store

Gordon T June 19, 2016

If the instructions were in English instead of Chinglish there would be no problem. After one hour of unsuccessfully trying to set the clock, I had enough. After 30 years of computer work , including writing instructions, it's easy to see many mistakes.
I feel sorry for all the Americans who grow up never seeing proper English language instructions. Good luck to all.
I am throwing it in the dumpster rather than return it to prevent someone else from getting screwed. - Verified Store

RICHARD J June 19, 2016

Great clock...small in size but big numbers...great option to turn down the brightness. Wishing it had two USB ports for charging...falls short for me with just one. It isn't will need to read the book on this one! - Verified Store

Jane R June 19, 2016

Nice clock. It has a small footprint with big, easy to read numbers and adjustable brightness. USB port lets me charge my phone right next to the bed where I can get to it. Other cool features, too. - Verified Store

Marco M June 18, 2016

Nice little subtle black clock for a small nightstand, love how the light brightness is easily adjusted and accessible. Seems like some of the light is faded depending on what time it's showing but it's still plenty bright and clear. The white light is nice and doesn't disturb. Especially when dimmed. Alarm is plenty loud! Not bad for the price. - Verified Store

MCS June 17, 2016

It does everything...stuff I need and stuff I don't need. I found the directions okay, not great, but there are so many buttons to push to set up all sorts of features on the clock that I can NEVER loose those instructions.Think twice if you just want to 'plug and play' - Verified Store

Justin W June 17, 2016

I'd give it 5 stars, but the time is off by 3 minutes. I've tried unplugging and letting it set again, and still the same. Weird. Every thing else seems to work correctly. - Verified Store

J. M June 17, 2016

This device Is as advertised. It's automatic time set feature takes away the annoying problem of resetting the clock twice a year for daylight savings time, very nice. - Verified Store

Emily A June 16, 2016

Too bright and too loud. The lowest possible volume setting is very loud. I'm a light sleeper and don't need much to wake me up. Numbers are also way too bright. - Verified Store

Anastaso June 16, 2016

I really like this product. It is small but has many functions. The only downside really has to do with the complexity of figuring out how to utilize them! However, this does not take away from the alarm clock radio. The light has four settings; however, it would be nice if there were a dimmer setting between the dimmest and "off". It is priced well and even has the USB port. - Verified Store

Terry J June 16, 2016

Everything worked as advertised. But, the blue display was too bright, even on dim. Also the tuner is not real strong on fm. Will not receive stations that the equivalent Sony product will. - Verified Store

SavedByGrace June 15, 2016

I personally don't care for this clock. It keeps time just fine, is small, and sets itself, but there is more I don't like about it than I do like. I got the blue digit clock and it's bright, even on it's dimmest setting. I tried dimming it down by taping plastic from a binder folder over the display but it still lights up our entire room even with several layers of the colored folder plastic. There is a setting that turns the display off completely but in my opinion that totally defeats the purpose of having a digital alarm clock...I want to be able to read it at night. I also don't like how the alarm sets. Maybe I am spoiled after my last clock which was dual alarm, auto-set, and super simple to operate, but this one is more complicated than I care to have, and I am by no means technology illiterate. But, I have to dig out the booklet each time because I can't remember which button to push in which order and what each "code" means...or however it's suppose to work. The time I get up varies from day to day so this is a very large pain. I have now resorted to plugging my cell phone in to charge on my nightstand and using the alarm on it. Unfortunately, I will be taking this clock to the dump and looking for a more user friendly one. - Verified Store

Bryan June 14, 2016

Dimming options are great - Verified Store

J. C June 14, 2016

This is a great clock! It had the right time set already when I first plugged it in and I like that it will automatically adjust for DST too. The dimmer feature for the digits is another awesome feature along with the battery back-up in case the power goes out. This is exactly what I was looking for! - Verified Store

nicholas s June 13, 2016

Too complicated for the over sixty crowd - Verified Store

avid r June 13, 2016

We followed the instructions and could never get the clock to set properly. We had boxed it up to send back. Then i decided to change the battery. After doing so, it was easy to set and has worked well - Verified Store

Willie D June 11, 2016

works as advertised and is very handy having a clock and charging port all in one - Verified Store

Myshiloh June 10, 2016

This is for a guest room in my house. I love the blue and I love that you can dim it some too. I have it set but I haven't figured out how to set alarms yet. That was confusing and since I didn't need to, I just didn't bother at the time I first plugged this in. Hopefully I will find the papers again when I'm ready to use it as an alarm. - Verified Store

Rick W June 10, 2016

This had all the things that I was looking for in a clock radio/alarm. The back light has a dimmer (3 brightness's), It has a battery backup (If the power goes out the time and settings stay, but I understand that it will not alarm if the power is out a the time that is set to wake), It has a large button to hit to turn off the alarm each morning, and I like that you can set a wake time for Monday through Friday and no alarm or a different time for the alarm on Saturday and Sunday. The only reason that I dropped a star is because even with the backlight dimmed, it still is a bit too bright for me. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 9, 2016

Wakes me up on time every morning! Easy to set and operate. Nice - Verified Store

William J June 8, 2016

Junk. Had it only a couple of months and the radio function quit working. Also programming is waaaaaaay to complicated. - Verified Store

mavis June 8, 2016

I had high hopes for this clock, but it I decided it wasn't for me.
Good things: large numbers, really good radio reception for the couple of stations I tried, the dimmer was easy to operate and had 4 settings (high, med, low, off), the size was fine for my nightstand.
Not-so-good-things: the numbers are light blue color and lit up my bedroom even on the low setting, setting up the clock (other than the dimmer control) was confusing and complicated because each control was multi-functional. I went through the owner manual which made trying to set the clock even more frustrating. I think it should take less than 5 minutes to set a clock and this one didn't pass the test. Eventually, I wasn't able to set the clock. Unfortunately, I have returned the product.
Its possible to search the web and locate the user guide prior to buying so you can decide for yourself. - Verified Store

Nathaniel S June 8, 2016

Good product for a great price - Verified Store

Linda W June 7, 2016

Great features, and it doesn't take up a lot of space. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 5, 2016

Have to read the directions on how to set the clock/alarm. Took me a while to program and making sure I save the directions. I do like the clock/alarm. Not too big or small on my night stand. - Verified Store

TexasHockeyFan June 4, 2016

First unit delivered had a non-functioning radio. Replacement OK.

Pros: Attractive styling, has both AM and FM bands, good sound for a clock radio, charging port for cell phones (important for a guest bedroom).

Cons: Very confusing set-up, way too many multifunctional buttons, questionable quality control (see above) - Verified Store

OCD June 4, 2016

Sound is very tinny and loud - even on the very lowest setting. - Verified Store

J B June 4, 2016

Basically good. Pros: 1) does not take up much room, 2) can dim the display and turn it off (best thing!). Even the lightest dim setting is still too bright for me. 3) Good radio reception 4) seems to work well

Cons 1) cannot change the alarm volume! Big problem since it is too loud for me. I ended up putting tape over the speaker. 2) the settings are not easy to understand. Too many functions and not enough buttons. You will need the directions. Still, it took only about 10 minutes to figure out, but it is not instant.

I have not used the charger function so do not know how that works. Basically a good smaller alarm clock. - Verified Store

William V June 4, 2016

This was better than I expected. I sleep more comfortably and wake up more refreshed.
Bill Ring - Verified Store

Is q June 3, 2016

I use this ONLY as an alarm clock I place across the room (so I HAVE to get up, turn it off, get going in the morning) and don't use it as a clock or a radio.

- Alarms (there are 2 of them that can be set for different days of the week) can be set for nearly any combination you can think of). I set one alarm for M-F so I don't have to turn the alarm on during the week or off come Friday.
- The lit display can be turned off easily by tapping a button. I leave the display off because I want the total darkness while sleeping. A VERY small dot remains lit so you know the device has power, but this isn't bright enough to keep me awake.
- Battery backup does its job.

- There are a LOT of features and buttons and the screen abbreviates words telling you about the function you're working on. I was able to configure everything without looking at the instruction booklet in about 3-4 minutes. I'm 34 and feel like it was easy enough to figure out, but this might not be the clock for you if you aren't good at intuiting electronics with many buttons that have multiple functions per button with a screen that aims for brevity on anything it displays (e.g., when setting the alarm for M-F it is referred to on the screen as 1-5, as in assigning numeric values to the days of the week)
- There are 3 wires that stick out the back of this: (1) power cord, (2) radio antenna, and (3) thermostat cord. I set the clock on a piece of furniture that easily allows me to run the cords off the back so they're effectively hidden. Just be warned that the item is not as clean as the pictures indicate because of the wires sticking out the back. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 2, 2016

This is an alright alarm clock if you miss the feel of alarm clocks from 1994. The buttons on the top of the panel are not easy to press, as though they are stiff or stuck. Because of the triangular design, getting a button to push down usually results in the clock being moved or flipped. Something that should have been mentioned in the product description is that the AM/FM antenna is NOT BUILT-IN. There is a separate cable on the alarm clock that you have to somehow maneuver to and fix to your window to receive any sort of signal. Color also does not match the photos very well; it looks like a light blue instead of white. I was very disappointed and had to return it. - Verified Store

happy c June 1, 2016

Great product, I don't use it as an alarm clock, but the radio is good, especially for the price. - Verified Store

jmgadmin May 31, 2016

I wish the face was squared off instead of tilted back - it's hard to read because I have a shelf headboard - Verified Store

Lori D May 31, 2016

This clock works fine, but it is so complicated you can't do anything without the instruction book which is needed for every function except the on/off button. I'm trying to get used to it, because it does have many nice features, and it is small and good looking. It's a trade off though - nice but not user friendly. - Verified Store

Joseph B April 29, 2016

Works Great! The light is not too bright. It doesn't light up the room too much at night time. I love the ability to plug your phone into it! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer April 29, 2016

The clock came as ordered. When I opened the box and looked at the instructions I Was very nervous I had gotten too much. IT looked very confusing. However, I plugged it in to give it the old college try. After I set the time zone, everything else was already on the correct time and date. So set up went pretty easy. I have used it for about 2 weeks now, and so far am happy with it - Verified Store

James W April 29, 2016

Unit preforms nicely but the radio has preset levels. Softest level was still too loud. - Verified Store

Allan D April 25, 2016<