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Higher Fidelity Two-way Floorstanding Pillar Speakers

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2015):
I ordered some Fluance speakers as an upgrade to my existing home theater system. I had some existing thinner gauge already but wanted good quality wire and decided to give the Fluance 12-gauge wire a try. It's heavy and feels solid, and because of the twisted braid it's very flexible. Feels like liquid metal inside a rubber sleeve. Instead of having a color coding like red for positive, it simply has printed text on only one side so you can choose a positive wire and avoid colored wire running around the room. You only see the pretty copper color and it looks good to me. I used two wire lengths for each front tower speakers, using a bi-amp feature on my receiver. Those two wires plus the one for the center channel speaker used up about 43' of a 50' purchase. When I add two Fluance surrounds in the back that will require almost 100' of wire. Bottom line: the wire looks good, is flexible and sturdy, and the sound quality from the speakers is superb! I'm very pleased with the purchase.