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Two-way High Performance Wood Speaker Dock Music System for iPod/iPhone

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2015):
If you look on this site, you will see this is my third review of a Fluance product. I've owned the AVHTB+, the Fluance XL7F and now I won the Fisdk500 in a design competition. I just received this in the mail. I sold my AVHTB+ to fund my purchase of the XL7F. I love this company, they got me into sound, before I started reading about and hearing good audio I thought all speakers were basically the same. You plug something in, you get sound. End of story. Well I'm a fanboy now, because everytime they've delivered something it sounds and looks well beyond what I paid. This ipod dock puts out a surprising amount of bass too. But it's designed for nearfield listening, 6 -12 feet away I'd say (though I can hear it from several rooms away), so it does go pretty loud. The bass was kind of boomy the first time I plugged it in, but when I added the metal feet (and washes to prevent scratching the boom mostly went (I think I was getting a lot of reflections and distortion from the surface it was on), I've not broken it in the 10 hours recommended yet, but with my experience of the other two systems, I know Fluance products do benefit with a good break in.. get that butyl rubber surround a little more flexible. Anyway. I'm very happy with this. It's more substantial, heavy and it sounds better than the other ipod docks I've heard, in fact it was more of these things than I thought it would be. Will it be the life and soul of the party? When you want to crank the speakers till the cops roll up? No, it won't, but it's not designed for that... If you want the cops to roll by, get the XL7Fs. The cops will roll by, but they might let you off because they like the sound.
What this ipod dock delivers is really great nearfield listening with an attractive design. The sound is almost comparable to the AVHTB+.. But actually I'd say the towers in that system do sound a bit better than the dock.
This is what people want though... a self powered dock for their ipod and it delivers what it promises. I would say though if you really care about great music reproduction get the XL7Fs, a good amp and you will have sound your friends really envy, the XL7Fs stand head and shoulders above the other products I've heard from them. If you want something for your bedroom or the office go ahead and get this, it won't disappoint at all. It's a really nice looking and sounding unit. Thumbs up to Fluance once again. A really great company who focus on their products rather than marketing or other BS.