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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on September 13, 2017):
Hate to be the first to not rate the Fi70 5 stars, but I have had my speaker for about 20 days now and here are my thoughts.

It is for the most part a great product. The delivery was about 3 business days and it actually arrived on a Saturday. It is a beautiful product. The lows on this speaker blow you away. Almost overwhelming the mids and highs. The clarity however is excellent.

I have two issues, one is very minor and one is a concern. The remote is very basic and I think should have a mute button. Again, very minor.

My issue with the speaker is the bluetooth volume. After my research and reading lots of reviews I figured I would not be close to hitting the max volume while listening. Unfortunately using my bluetooth the volume is not much louder than my samsung airtrack speaker bar that I was replacing with the Fi70. In bluetooth mode off of my phone, reaching 20 on the volume feels like it is just coming on. It was to the point that I have tried to download volume booster apps for my phone to get me more volume.

I have found out that this speaker actually meets my volume expectations if I cast my spotify to my television and play music via the tv and optical audio connection. The volume difference is easily 10% more, but closer to 15% to 20% louder. A major difference. This is sold as a bluetooth speaker, that volume difference is disappointing.

If there is some way that I can get my bluetooth (my preferred way to listen to music) connection volume to be as robust as the optical connection I would be a very happy customer. Right now I am disappointed. Yes, I made sure my phone and spotify app volume was maxed out. I also connected my phone via the Aux cable and the volume was the same as with bluetooth.

If anyone from Fluance has any suggestions please contact me.