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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on May 4, 2016):
Great BIG Bluetooth speaker that is clear and relatively loud. I expected it to be a bit louder at MAX volume for 140 2x. But it "is" loud and CLEAR! Beautiful sound. Even now that it has been playing music for about 2 hours it is starting to sound real good. It does 'take breaking-in' as many others have mentioned. But even a couple hours into it it rivals my little Bose for clarity and sound quality. She is a BEAST! I love it!! See photos.

OMG!! After a couple of weeks of listening to this BEAST, I am ADDICTED! As a lot of folks have mentioned "THIS" is the way to listen to music! My only question is why only $700 Retail. I see it going higher than a $1000 if folks KNEW the sound quality of this "piece of art"!!!

THANK YOU FLUANCE! Keep up the good work (and value)!! -Verified Store