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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on May 13, 2017):
I have the unit setup in the lower level of a decently large town house with bamboo floors. Just about all speaker setups I've setup struggle with the acoustics. Even the warmest sounding speaker/amplifier combos sound more on the side of bright and 'echoy'...even with large area rugs. The Fluance Fi70 is no different, but I've come to appreciate it. It's really a beautiful looking piece of furniture. With the grill on, most people ask, 'what is that?' I custom made a laptop stand to raise up the laptop over the touch buttons.Even though this is a large unit (giggity) it doesn't really have the same spatial intrusiveness as a pair of large floor speakers, but still puts out an identical amount of output. It's confusing actually how Fluance sound engineers have managed to create such a large sound stage, and bass output, with such a compact (BUT HEAVY) system. Other reviewers who say ,'this unit lacks base' <-- notice they misspelled 'bass', must have it setup incorrectly, have a faulty unit, or have a terrible source connected to the unit. I run (2) 12' subwoofers in my daily driver so I am accustomed to heavy bass. Point being, the output, even when the bass is set at '0' (goes up to '8' I think) is too much. I often leave the bass at -2. The mid-range frequencies are going to take some time to get used to, some burn in period not only with the drivers, but with our ears learning to recognize and properly process the sound 'the burn in period'. Once some decent listening time is invested, the unit becomes alive. Mids articulate, highs are clean with plenty of sparkle. Minimal listener fatigue once broken in.Usability:Quirks: An effort needs to made to have the remote work within the appropriate range. As others have mentioned, the touch button features on top of the unit are not great. It takes learning and finesse to master the top buttons, but I still find myself disappointed with the lack of intuitiveness, HOWEVER, this unit is only $500, so it will not be perfect. Most guest estimate the unit is above $1,000. - Verified Store