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XLBP Wide Dispersion Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers (pair)

Product Review (submitted on January 30, 2017):
Fluance must be planning some upgrades because these are a steal at the sub hundred price tag... for me these serve to supplement some very high quality speakers... is there a difference between $1000 speakers and $100 speakers? Of course. The highs are higher and lows lower in more expensive ones.But these do exactly what the frequency range says they should - their sound is clear, but rich and full are really the adjectives that come to mind when listening to them as stand alones (I recommend these as a bookshelf speaker - in my case they bridge sound between two rooms sitting on a half wall) - and I haven't yet reached the break in period so the sound will be getting better.The components here are quality so you're getting a speaker that will last for awhile - and at the very least if one upgrades these will always have great value in any surround sound system.Special thanks to Fluance and all the various distributors that work with them for high quality customer service... knowing that anyone on the fence about these or Fluance should take a chance on these, or anything else the company sells. - Verified Store