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XLBP Wide Dispersion Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers (pair)

Product Review (submitted on February 7, 2018):
This has been quite the substantial upgrade to my home theater setup. I've been using KLH satellite speakers for years and years that I originally had bought in high school. After taking a serious look at the speakers I currently had I wanted to make some moves and upgrade. Through lots of research on AVS forums and other online sources I ended up among these.

I currently have a two row seating situation in a finished basement setting so I wanted to accommodate for both rows. This ended up with me looking into the bipolar surround speakers. With the bipolar speakers and the wide dispersion this enabled me to be able to provide a surround sound experience in both the back and the front row.

I got the package and couldn't believe how large and decently heavy they were. The build and construction was definitely impressive right out of the box. I was excited to get these hooked up. I found the perfect area to mount given the correct measurements where you want to hang them up in your sound stage. Which during mounting I had noticed that they suggest you to hang four dry wall anchors PER speaker. I ended up just hanging two dry wall anchors on the outside holes and they've been up for months and months since then.

After hooking it all up and hanging them on the wall I've been blown away by the performance of these ever since. I had a Lord of The Rings marathon with these soon thereafter and they performed quite well in both rows. Just the other day however I tuned in my setup even more (Relying on YPAO on my Yamaha receiver wasn't cutting it well) and increased the volume levels all around on the speakers to a more matched dB level in the main listening position. I've watched a good 5-6 movies since then and WOW even more blown away than what I've been missing out on for months since installing them! Surround sound effects have been awesome.

At $199 the price point is pretty solid for this pair. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I haven't had a lot of experiences with higher quality surround sound driven speakers but they blew those dinky KLH satellites out of the water. (Picture for comparison before hooking up the new Fluance XLBP's) - Verified Store