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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on January 12, 2019):
OK.............first things first.
I emailed Andy at Fluance at least three times asking questions about the Fi70.
He responded within 12 hours each time and explained everything I was concerned about. He was a lot of help.
I am not using this as a blue tooth speaker. I have the Fi70 plugged into the pre-out on my home receiver.
That way I can use that for access to CD's, tapes, phono etc. We listen to classical music and slow jazz.

OK.............second things second.
Just got it up and running 30 minutes ago. It sounds great.
Crisp clear highs and excellent bass with a nice midrange
and they say it will sound better after the speakers break in.
It looks good. Unusual, but my wife and I really like it.

Third things, well, third.
I am 75 years old.
If anyone out there my age wants to buy one, hire a forklift and two professional wrestlers.
This thing is heavy. It's a bit larger than I pictured and built solidly.
Using alternative methods of lifting my wife and I got it up on it's pedestal
with not much extra effort. We just had to be careful and take our time.

We live on the west coast and it took one week to get here. I am happy with that.
It was packed very well. Double boxed and lots of foam to protect it.
It arrived in perfect condition.

So.........we are very happy with this system.
Andy was extremely patient and helpful with my inquiries.
And sounds great.