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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on February 4, 2019):
I purchased this primarily to replace a Bose Wave Radio/CD that I have been using as a sound bar for my TV.I would first like to comment on the UPS delivery. When the truck stopped in front of my house, I watched the delivery guy remove it from the back; it was upside down! In all fairness to UPS, the box has no 'This End Up' arrows. Is was concerned that the speaker would be damaged. However, when I opened the box, I noticed the packing material was about the same on top and bottom.Now for my first impression: I was initially disappointed by the volume level. I had read a few negative reviews saying the sound level was way less than they expected. I was feeling the same way. I played my two favorite bass & sound level YouTube videos: Britney Spears - Big Fat Bass and Katy Perry - Dark Horse. Even at the maximum 40 sound level, the volume was not much more than the dual 3' Bose Wave Radio sound system.Now I was hoping the sound would improve some after 10 hours of break in, but given the out-of-box sound level, I was not expecting much.Well, like I do every day, I left the TV on at a low level for my pets. I figured the low-volume on time would not contribute to the break in period. However, when I came home from work (10+ hours later) and started the real break-in, I was shocked by how suddenly the sound level had jumped. I could barely stand the pain from the heavy bass from those two videos at volume level 30. I didn't even bother to go any higher, as I was afraid something would vibrate off the walls or book shelf and crash to the floor; not to mention what effect it would have on the pets. In comparison to the Bose Wave Radio, the bass of the Fi70 was over the top (even at the 0 setting). And finally I could hear the high frequencies that the Bose radio lacked.I'm beginning to believe one of the reviewers who thinks the speaker system has a built in ten-hour timer. It seems like the volume and bass are scaled back until the 10 hour timer has expired.So with ~ 30 minutes of real break in sound levels and 10 hours of just being on, I can say that these speakers exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday the speaker grill pops off while playing Britney’s Big Fat Bass; lol.So my advice is hold off on your judgement and writing reviews until after ten hours of use. You won't be disappointed.