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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on April 28, 2019):
Ive had a lot of sound systems & home theater systems in my day. I was already familiar with the fluance sound as for I use their bookshelf speakers for my in home DJ set up.Tired of all the wires from a home theater system. I decided to downsize and grab this. I will tell you $500 may seem steep, but I haven't looked back after owning six months now. Worth every penny.The sound quality is utterly immaculate! We tested it out over a party with our DJ controller connected to it to try to push it to it's limits and we were unable to hear any distortion at 75-85%. I will note... It's not for apartments. It shaked the entire house when we fully tested it. In our apartment me have it tuned way down out of courtesy to our neighbors.Portability is terrible! It's super heavy! So if you're trying to take this thing everywhere frequently I highly advise against.Design is very modern you'll either love it or hate it. It absolutely suites my decor.Bluetooth is acceptable there is a slight delay and quality/static is not near as good as other inputs. I rarely use Bluetooth on it and have everything hardwired in via aux or optial. I advise a dual shielded aux cable. It'll eliminate all interference.Cons: Touch capacitive buttons on top are garbage. I've resorted to sliding my finger across them to ensure it registers the touch. Aside from power... I just don't use them anymore.All in all, after the speakers are broken in... By far the best speaker investment I've ever purchases. Once we move to our house next year I will be buying a second on to pair!