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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on June 29, 2019):
So, you have been reading about how big it is? When picking this up by myself already out of the box and carrying it I was blown away at how heavy it was! Carrying it like a tire with my hands in the middle was the easiest way but unfortunately had an asthma attack and was lucky enough to have a rescue inhaler in my car! Once I got it home it was tough carrying it in but once it was plugged in it just took a few minutes to plug the antenna in and sync up the Bluetooth connection on my Apple XR. The sound is fantastic! The remote with its separate bass and treble keep my happy because of the simplistic design and ease of operation in the dark. I am constantly adjusting them due to my personal preference and the led display although seems a little outdated is big enough to read accros the room with no difficulties. The magnetic cover (mine is black ash btw) is easily removed to show the smartly placed speakers in the cabinet. I like the cover on and off! My wife has not complained although i think after all the equipment i bring in and out ofthe house she has just given up! It sound beautiful and although it wont shake the windows like some reviewers said, it is still plenty loud. I was lucky enough to purchace for just 1/2 of the retail price for only $250 and I drove from Mass to RI to pick it up. I have had it for almost 1 week and i cant stop listening to it! I just ordered Chromecast Audio as requested by others to make the sound quality enhanced via a WiFi connection. I truly cant imagine it getting better. I have currently a pair of Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1s along with a pair of Sonus Faber Concertino bookshelf speakers powered by a 250wpc Carver amp and i havent turned them on but for only a few times in the last week of owning the Fi70. I jusg recently purchased a Fluance RT81 turntable and i am going to next try feeding the turntable into the unit via the AUX input and see how it sounds. Thanks for reading this review and if you have the room, spend the $500 and buy this unit.You wont be dissapointed, that i can promise you!Thanks Dave