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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on March 27, 2019):
If you want a full on stereo system instead of just Bluetooth speakers, but you don't want to buy the components, this is what you want. I was considering getting two Bluetooth speakers for my living room but I miss having big ol' speakers that you can watch fill the room with sound. I want something to rock out or dance in front of. :)This delivers what I want. I haven't even turned it up to full volume because I'm afraid I'll disturb the neighbors and I live in a house. It gets loud. It will vibrate my hardwood floors and still sound crystal clear. Love it and it's easy to use.I would highly, highly recommend getting Chromecast Audio for this system. It works fine off Bluetooth, but Chromecast let's it stream from WiFi. This difference between the two is very substantial. You just plug it in the back and set it up once. Then you can use it with any streaming service or device and it blows doors.I had to give it a 1 on portability because it weighs 82 pounds. You won't be moving it from room to room. You can hear it from another room, but you won't be moving it. :)