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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on December 18, 2018):
Here's my story with this thing:Fluance was brave and tried something most haven't, push the envelope and be the biggest bluetooth speaker ever. When I first got the speaker, I struggled getting it out of the box, plus its slippery covered in plastic, i almost hurt my back lifting this thing. Its very large and heavy, too large to ever have the desire to move it again after placement. As soon as i got it out, i found multiple cracks in the wood finish (i got the white version), as much as that was disappointing to see i almost didn't care since i was more excited to see how loud it could get. Then I turned it on, connected easily, and turned it up about 75%. Seemed loud, went up some more, was loud but it didnt really sounnd like I expected. Then i realized half the speakers were defective, i was only getting sound out of 3 of the 6. To be fair, only those 3 were really loud, so i imagine a normal working unit would really BANG..... so i had to send it back for a refund, lift the heavy speaker back into the box and ..... well its just such a headache and bad experience....So in conclusion, is it loud YES, but its just not practical at all. At this weight and size, you really are better off either getting a full home stereo system, or a bluetooth speakers easier to lift, move, and settle into place in your home. The fluance is so big its hard to find a proper place for it.So save yourself the headache, and pick one of the other top 3 speakers on your list instead. take care.