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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2020):
Ten years ago, I paid almost the same price for a Harmon Kardon receiver and Mission tower speakers thinking at the time that was quality sound. At 61 years old, I am not too experienced on Bluetooth and online music apps but I will get help from my daughters. It was pure luck to stumble across the Fluance Fi70 and as I always do before spending, listened and read many reviews and all were extremely good.
Very easy for me to connect the speaker with my iPhone, but had a few problems setting the 6 FM stations (my inexperience more the reason). I like a wide range of music but have not cared for what is on FM for quite some time, thus the reason for Bluetooth. I put on Armin Van Buren, 2018 Tomorrowland live concert, in particular the first track (our origin). How pronounced can I say WOW? Sure, try to limit yourself to mid volume for the first 12 hours as per the manufacturer recommendation. Then I put some jazz on because one can hear every instrument very clearly depending on the group and soundtrack. I chose Fourplay accompanied by Chaka Kahn. This was extremely impressive. This is where a strong amplifier plays its role, the impact from each instrument on my ear was, sorry for the expression, music to my ears.
For looks, sound, ease of removing the magnetic grill and a non complicated remote, top marks. I will be spending hours in the near future listening to this speaker, hence the reason for purchasing a comfortable chair to recline back in.