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Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging

Product Review (submitted on April 15, 2021):
I purchased the CR63 version of the alarm clock with the black background.Mangnasonic claims the clock has automatic time set - it does not. It is set from the factory to something close to the correct time, but not the actual correct time. I assume in China they use the 'the sun is approx. overhead, so it must be noon' time standard. There is no automatic time setting feature.Frustration-free operation - Not even close. You must make sure you watch the display when turning on the alarm. It is way too easy for the slide button that turns on the alarm to go too far and go into set mode. Set mode should have been the first click on the slide button not the last.Ideal visibility - Nope, they fail on this one too. The display is tilted back. If you look at the display at an angle perpendicular to the display or above it appears okay. But when lying in bed and because the display is tilted back, the display appears to be blank.The alarm is stupid. Instead of having an assenting volume alarm, the start with a beep followed by a longer pause. About 10 seconds later it turns to beep beep followed by a shorter pause. They keep adding a beep unit there is no pause. The volume of the alarm stays constant. The alarm disable button is on top with the snooze button, so it is easy to disable the alarm instead of snooze. When setting the alarm, it defaults to M-F instead of everyday. If you aren’t paying attention when setting an alarm, you may wake up late on a weekend.Radio reception is poor even with the wire antenna stretched out.The only thing I like about this alarm clock is way the information is displayed. I really like seeing the time the alarm is set without having to push a button.With so many bad decisions in the design of this alarm clock and the dishonest claims, I would recommend never buying anything with the Mangnasonic name on it.