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Ai81 Elite Powered Floorstanding Tower Speakers   

Product Review (submitted on September 28, 2022):
Let me start by saying that I have a very critical hearing. I can't stand non-natural-sounding speakers. There isn't a soundbar, HTIB, or any shelf system that even comes close to the sound quality, staging, and mid-bass response of this system. Pair this with any 150+W subwoofer and you a 2.1 system that will rival systems costing $2-3k.

How do I know? My main 7.1 HT system has $1500 each main front speakers and $500 surround speakers matched to a 1000W dual 12" sub all powered by top-of-the-line Marantz AVR.

And for stereo content at moderate volume; I can hear very subtle differences between both setups. I honestly cannot justify the difference between both setups given the cost. And these towers do get plenty loud to fill most living rooms so the output is not an issue and they don't distort either.

Lastly, the customer service by Fluance has been top-notch; Julie in particular has been very understanding and patient and resolved all my concerns (small shipping damage; damaged leg --> send a new one-- no questions asked)