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ARIES Pro Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver

Product Review (submitted on September 3, 2022):
Units had major difficulties linking at 10m apart with an open doorway between them. Switching between video streams (eg 1080p/50 to/fr 1080p/60) was a painfully long wait and most often the link was lost. I've used 2.4Ghz AV w/o issue (except no HDMI and static from m-w oven & a noisey iphone). Intent was to replace a 5.8Ghz Digitech that worked fine until sender went supernova one week after the warranty expired. Thought I'd been hard done by but it turns out I was lucky -> there are/were worse electronics out there. The Nyrius and also a Hagibis that had the same problems in addition to getting very hot very fast.