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Ai61 Powered 6.5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Product Review (submitted on October 22, 2022):
Almost immediately I experienced some crosstalk issues when connecting to both RCA and USB inputs. Wasn't a huge dealbreaker because the quality of the speakers and sound was excellent for the cost, so I would simply manually unplug the inputs to avoid this issue. After a couple of months I experienced more serious issues but was beyond the Amazon return period, so I reached out to Fluance customer support. The process starts with run-of-the-mill tips (unplug everything, switch cables, etc). After about 6 to 7 interactions where I posted videos and emails to support, I was issued a RMA to resend the speakers for a refund.Unfortunately you must pay for the packing and freight to return the product, but MORE IMPORTANTLY Fluance will decide what to do when they receive the return. So the final decision rests on them to either provide you with a new product or return the defective one right back to you.Because of their terms and conditions, I opted to throw them out. I had already invested 3 to 4 hours of time back and forth with their customer service team, purchase $30 to $40 of different cables, but I was not going to invest another $60 to ship these back to them only to have them "potentially" replace their defective product. I purchased another powered speaker system instead.