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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on October 22, 2022):
Ok so assembly was an ordeal, and the main post holding the unit had a small crease in it. However it took so long to arrive and was so heavy to unbox, I just made sure the crease was to the back. Somehow one of the very tiny bags with the very tiny screws got loose amongst the voluminous packaging so we had a terrifying final few minutes of the assembly. Screws finally located we finished assembly and hoisted it into its place.Out of the box it sounded great. After the burn-in period it took our socks off and folded them for us. We have about 1700 square feet of home, and at 3/4 volume you can pretty much hear it anywhere in the house. And out on the front porch. We have a dumb tv so I purchased a high quality aux cable and connected it to the headphone jack of the tv. No sound issues at all. Hooked up the radio antennas and the tuners work great. Bluetooth has no issues unless I walk with my phone to the opposite side of the house. It will not handle multiple devices attached so be prepared to have to disconnect one source before connecting another.I'm not a true audiophile but I do know what I like. And I like this unit. A lot. From classical to rap to good old 80s dance music, this system puts out music you can feel. Literally. Bass is pounding but clear. Treble is crisp but not harsh. It's loud without hurting your ears. Most likely you will never use the max volume unless you are legally deaf.As reported elsewhere you really won't use the buttons on the unit much - stick to the remote control. Mildly annoying to have to cycle through the inputs and it pauses on each one, so when going from aux back to Bluetooth you get short blasts of FM and AM. Would have been nice to have a button for each source but I'm getting picky.The sound makes you forget all about any trivial issues. Buy it. And schedule an appointment with your chiropractor a couple days after the arrival date.