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Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

Product Review (submitted on December 1, 2022):
I have watched this product for a few years now and it came time to go through and consolidate/update our home audio equipment and check out the latest technologies. This unit is MASSIVE and heavy ... all of which can be seen in the manual, but seriously, have two strong people ready to unpack and move this thing into place.Why we did not give it a 5-star rating?- No pre-drilled holes or riv nuts on the bottom for mounting to the provided stand. You have to drill into a perfectly finished base to mount it to the provided stand. Did you get this measured out and centered properly??? I would expect a better mounting solution at this price point.- The provided stand was too low for our listening room (main bedroom). A Monolith stand from Monoprice, filled with sand, worked perfect and greatly enhanced the soundstage by allowing this to come up to ear level.- Onboard BT technology is older. We purchased a more modern version of a BT receiver from Monoprice and that has worked fantastic, sounds better, and has more consistent connectivity that the built-in BT.- The menu switching is laggy and the FM tuner is slow, but it works.- You can get some rear port noise at higher volume, or with more bass-heavy tracks. We eneded up having to move our unit further from the back wall to reduce this noise.- Immaging might be better if the unit had the L/R speaker arrays further apart. That is just a theory and would need to be validated.What we found impressive about the unit.- It is a stunning powered speaker system, and well built. We ordered the bamboo/white unit (which is more expen$ive now at $749) and the finish is excellent. We eventually placed a small plant inside the center hole and that adds to the aesthetics.- Using an HD streaming service (we use Amazon Music) with an external DAC and a 3.5mm stereo cable into the Aux input allows the playback quality to shine. We tested with a AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt and the Emotiva Big Ego+ ... both attach directly to our phones via the USB port and performed exceptionally well. We ended up sticking with the Big Ego+ from Emotiva as it is 1/3 the price of the Cobalt. Neither my wife or myself could distinguish a sound quality difference between the two and the Big Ego+ is a headphone pre-amp and has a line-level 3.5mm line level output as well (the Cobalt does not).- Bass response is remarkable ... actually setting up three of these for your front three home theater speakers would be a stellar implementation and would likely warrant not needing a separate home theater subwoofer as these things start to roll off at around ~40Hz according to their published frequency response chart, and that sounds apprioriate based on our experience. You would need to figure out the cable adapters to send a mono signal to the stereo input for each speaker source.- It cames packed very well in a large box with extensive foam around it.Our remote appears to be a more updated model that includes a mute button, which we used plenty while swapping DACs during our testing. If this is intended for a smaller room, you will likely need to trim the bass down a notch or two. This thing will easily fill a medium to large room with plenty of high-quality sound.If you are looking for a less is more approach to a higher end audio experience then this is your ticket. No fiddling with separate components, cable lengths, figuring out speaker placement to optimize for your room accoustics, adding a separate subwoofer to get the full frequency range, etc. Just stream your preferred High Definition audio service to an updated external BT unit (with BT 5.0 or higher) and this will sound great. Adding a $80 external DAC turns this into a phenomenal sounding unit that few will be able to compare to at that collective price ($870).