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RT85 Reference High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Product Review (submitted on January 26, 2023):
Very happy with the RT85 in bamboo. The blue Orofon needle has great clarity. Plexiglass platter doesn't collect dust like the regular rubber ones so less cleaning of records is required when flipping sides. The basic assembly was quick and kinda fun in a nerdy way. I really like the auto-stop feature when the needle gets to the middle and you're not in the room (or fall asleep!). It's nice to know the needle isn't wearing out, grinding against the paper endlessly making a crackling sound. I compared the Rega P1 but the extra features at a similar price point sold me on the Fluance. And it's designed in Canada. Bonus. I use it with the Fluance pre-amp, and 3ft cable, then run a long 25ft RCA cable out of that, across the room to the A/V receiver. Works great!