SX6 High Definition Two-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Fluance SX6 High Definition Two-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Tan Beech (SX6)

$79.99 USD


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SX6W Bookshelf Speakers with Record Player

Featuring a contemporary design and exciting audio performance, the SX6 is a flawlessly made two-way speaker system. With remarkable reproduction of even the finest details, the SX6 is a highly accurate and intensely musical system with broad frequency response and low distortion. While digital audio formats demand a new level of performance, these speakers are built for the task! With superb sound radiation and rich timbre, the SX6 is perfect for music and home theater applications. Even at high volume levels, the acoustic image remains free from cabinet vibrations and driver resonances.

SX6W Bookshelf as Main Speakers

The bookshelf design allows for multiple placement options, and in a home theater surround sound application, the SX6 speakers produce exceptional sound, and can operate as front main or rear surround speakers. Thanks to its distinct design and premium natural beech finish, this system harmonizes perfectly with modern living areas. By virtue of the tuned bass reflex cabinet, the SX6 produces an outstanding and precise performance for its compact design. Only premium components such as high-end tweeters - rare in speakers at this price - and high-performance magnets are used in this system. The result is a pure listening experience that represents a new standard in audio accuracy, craftsmanship and quality.

SX6W Bookshelf Speakers Premium Features


  • Premium components ensure serious performance, natural sound and great reliability at an exceptional value
  • Bookshelf speaker configuration for full range sound in any application
  • Designed for use as front main or home theater surround speakers
  • Engineered MDF wood construction to reduce cabinet resonance
  • Ultra high-end tweeters provide accurate high frequency response
  • Ferro-fluid cooled tweeter for longer life
  • Butyl rubber surrounds for increased durability and performance
  • Tuned bass port for controlled low frequency response and improved efficiency
  • 5-way gold plated binding post terminals for optimum conductivity
  • Banana plug and speaker wire compatible connectors on all speakers
  • Low diffraction flush fit removable front grilles for spacious imaging
  • Magnetically shielded to avoid interference with other video products
  • Premium crossovers feature Butterworth design for audio equalization
  • 18 gauge internal lead wire to reduce signal degradation
  • Premium veneer woodgrain finish to compliment any home decor.


SX6 High Definition Two-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers
Speaker Configuration 2 Way - 2 Driver Bookshelf Loudspeakers
Tweeter 1 inch Soft Dome Ferrofluid Cooled
Woofer 5 inch Polymer Treated Driver with Butyl Rubber Surround
Power Handling 30 - 100 Watts
Frequency Response 50Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 89±3dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Crossover Frequency 3500Hz PCB Phase Coherent - Mounted Circuitry Butterworth Design
Impedance 8 Ohms
Enclosure Tuned Rear Port Bass Reflex Bookshelf Design
Dimensions 13.5 x 8.3 x 9.1 inch
Speaker Weight 11.6 pounds/speaker.
Series ELITE
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Certifications CE Certified, RoHS
Frequency Response Graph

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UPC 871363003829
What's Included
  • Two Bookshelf Loudspeakers
  • Instruction Manual
  • Full Lifetime Parts and Labor Manufacturer's Direct Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    steve s February 12, 2021

    I love them I use mine for the front stage in my 5.1 surround sound I got mine for $124.00 on sale sound better than the polk speakers I had and way cheaper than the polk speakers to can't complain Amazon needs to sell the center channel speaker and the rear surround speakers

    Francous August 25, 2020

    Great sound for the size.. styled .. great for musics on my desk now with a small subwoofer and they sounds fantastic!

    Wary i August 22, 2020

    Good sound. Driven with a Pioneer VSX108 50W receiver. Used for classical, organ and rock music + TV. Goes as loud as I want in a 25x30 ft room. Bass sounds clear and all sounds no distortion to my ears.

    Mark May 6, 2017

    I purchased mine a little over two months ago, and am very impressed. For $79.97, these have to be the deal of the year. Tight, clean, crisp sound that opened up a bit during break-in. They come packed wonderfully, so no concerns needed for shipping. The other two colors of this same speaker are $149.99, which I would deem very competitive at that price-point against $150 to $200 speakers, so at $79.97, these are truly a steal. I have them playing from an older Onkyo 2 channel stereo receiver with discrete amp, along with a pair of bigger, ported 3 waves in my bedroom. Together,... they are excellent. These Fluance SX6 provide the beautiful clarity, while the 3 way ported bass reflex speakers positioned at an angle on the floor, provide the punch & bass. If you like the color, (actually matches well with my bedroom chest of drawers in which they sit on top of)... then DO NOT hesitate to grab these before they're gone.

    Ric April 1, 2017

    Sit back,enjoy,be Amazed! I gave these SX6's the 10 hrs of break in and I really didn't have too.But coming from a audiophile,I must tell you these are superb.If your on the fence....get the heck off and grab these before your too late!

    Mike March 3, 2017

    Buy these speakers and then when u upgrade buy their floorstanding speakers that's what I'm gonna do! Kiss klipsch goodbye!

    Roe February 2, 2017

    Unbelievable speakers at this price point... I must have researched these speakers for 2-3 weeks before ordering a pair. I read many reviews that these speakers had no bass and were too bright for serious listening. After a 10 hour break in period I was amazed at the fact the speakers did get better from top to bottom. For anyone that says the SX6 does not produce bass, please get your ears checked... The bass is clean, tight and phenomenal for a speaker this size. I own a sub, but I have no interest in using it at this time. I may at some point, but for now I am really enjoying the speakers with no sub added... I did add one level of bass and left the treble flat through the tone controls on a Yamaha RX775 receiver. Sound stage is front, height and width is excellent. The speakers look nice, the vinyl wrap is pretty good for this price point. Overall, I am enjoying this speaker in its 2.0 music only configuration.

    Lance January 27, 2017

    My speakers were delivered about 4 days ago. They sounded good initially, but sound even better after a four day break-in period. I bought these (cherry color) internet direct from Fluance. I was looking for smaller, rear channel speakers for a future surround system. I was curious about the Polk Audio OWM 3 wall mounted speakers. There are several, short 2 to 3 minute YouTube videos comparing the OWM 3 speakers to the SXS bookshelf speakers. The OWM 3s sounded OK, but the Fluance sounded much better, with a fuller, more robust sound. I’ve been curious about the Fluance brand for a few years and my curiosity finally got the better of me 10 days ago.

    These speakers are very detailed and do best with middle mid-range to treble. I’ve watched several movies (2.0 stereo) with them including the classic WWII film “The Great Escape.” Human voices, including whispering, is very clear and intelligible. The Great Escape music film score sounded very good and detailed.

    My major complaint is that the speaker cabinet is very large for a 5" mid-range/woofer. The energy CB-20 has about the same size, rear ported cabinet and has a 6.5" mid-range/woofer. I also have the BIC DV62SI that have a similar size cabinet and a six inch mid-range/woofer. The size of the mid-range/woofer affects performance! They would have a bigger presence and better lower mid-range and middle to upper bass with the larger speaker. A sub does help. I compensated for the lack of bass by adjusting the bass tone controls on my receiver. This helped some. Their size limits placement options. They are just about too large for placement on my bedroom computer desk (2 feet wide desk) They will fit on a 10 inch wide bookshelf. They need to be about 2 to 3 inches off the wall because of their rear port. I bought VideoSecu wall mounts for them to mount on the other side of my 120 sq foot bedroom/office.

    Overall, these speakers are a good value and will work in both home theater and stereo applications.

    Kevin Sullivan December 30, 2016

    I have spent more money than I'd like to admit over the years on big name speakers that don't always deliver. Fluance blows them all away in regards to sonic performance and value. Keep up the good work!

    james December 21, 2016

    This is a second review for me , and ( NOT a "rep-or associated with FLUANCE ) -just a audio lover . Keep in mind -they might not advertise like "the others" is FOR the consumer--US!! And when I need more speakers,higher end I WILL go to them first,as these where for my secondary tv- receiver.

    james jackson December 2, 2016

    I just hooked up my sx6 speakers and I have to say for THIS price how they make a profit !!! To me ,the best $80 I ever spent. Quality ,and beautiful cabinets. Highly recomend .And ,the warranty NO ONE can lose

    Jean Leblanc December 2, 2016

    Just bought these speakers a couple of weeks ago. I am very happy with the performance of this small speaker. The base is impressive and the high notes very clear. Thanks Fluance for making this quality speaker available at such a low price!!

    Jason August 27, 2016

    These speakers make my ears happy! :D

    Audiolad March 16, 2016

    Please don't think less of me, but I was never able to adapt to the sound of the speaker, but the boxes are well made, and cheaper to buy than blank boxes for DIY. I've since added the Hivi F5 woofer, 18db slope crossover (Eminence), Fountek NeoCD1.0 Ribbon Tweeter, new gold plated post. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm writing this, and the answer is no cutting whatsoever. Even if you buy and don't like the sound, the boxes are very well built and can be used for an audiophile speaker (similar to the Swans M1b $2200). Either way, I thinks this speaker is a bargain for a multitude of reasons.

    Mick Houston November 20, 2015

    Wow, wow. Fantastic speakers. This is the best valued purchase I have done in years: Pure, crisp, perfect sound at an incredible low price for such very high quality speakers. Thanks guys, I am just amazed. I will get more of your other speaker systems for sure.

    See all reviews 5